Thursday, June 17, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, June 17, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 17, 1834, London, Middlesex Paris, Junr i%. HEY write from Naplr* of the jitt jtall, that General k u\fti, wgciiier with the whole: Remain of the Imperial ArtffyV~fave been tiS.tdc I'tifonat of War j and that the j^^en�nj.hj*jng.. requclled Leave el the Count de \lon temar to fend a Mcflengtr to Vier-.nj to [^inform the Emperor thereof, hi* Excellency readily compt)'d. The Count de Vifconti, the late Vicrt^y of Naples, Htjr'4toBrtodififome Days beibrethe Battk of Biiomo. and Sjttk'donboard afmall Sloop7 for Pcfcara, where there is 431 a Ccn^aoTGwnfon i and 'twas thought the Count would Z&lnMi theiice intolfieEcclcfiartical Territories : it behov'd btiwever, to ufeDirpatch^Tfor a Detachmentwa�irnrne-Kjrf'fcirt to Pcfcara to take Pofleflion of that Place, The ft*K deMooteinar is returnM to Naples from hi*late Rxpedi-S^finiTWGcrftuiai, and warreceiv'di bothtbjrKmg^ni^ faSei, with the utmoft Acknowledgment and Marks at Joy. mtPrince dc <Vf'"', the PopA Nephew, is rnadc Counfelior 'if State to his Neapolitan Majefly. The lajt Inters Irom our Army in Italy advife, that the AUk* have thrown a new Bridge over.the Parma, to facilitate Stir Paffage in cafe the Enemy fhould croll theLtnaa, and gnke any farther Attempt to~pcnerrate into the Parmesan. fft-Imperialilh arc atGuaftalla, and have fortify"tHhat Placet Xbe two Regiments which they have fo long expefted froth QttBany are at lull arriv'd at, their Camp, as is likewitc J Coigny, as Marfluls of Prance, The Duke de Richlieu is ordcr'd, with his Regiment o! foof, Wrteve^he Arfliy -on-thc Rhineand repair---to that to Ml- We have reCiiv'd Advice from Nants, that two Ships arc ar-w'dat Port Orient, from 1'dndicherry and Bengal, on Account door Eaft-lnuia Company, and that four others are tfco.-tly cpeSed. *Tis added, that the (aid Comparryare preparing to juke this Year, for the full time, a Sale of their Mcrchan,- The Report of dwMalc&tati �dkrCo�lr0iHiaMlia Newgate, wltt be nude to bis Majrtty on Tborvhy watt- Vellerday * Fr&ermao, hts Wifr add rw floy* drownodt the Man and Boys iota* Wan. mA'^Mi' dead in the Boat, near the Main blingissg to S�aei?�-Hodfe. On WcdfteHay laft there was a great Crkkct Match opoo Dart'-' n-:- *---------- �-��* * - *' --- ' fcrfit, Ju>x iy Mcff.Sulfcowffcy and Cetner, and Cor. Pfcoj, with an Engineer and fcveral l'erfons for the Service of the Artillery, pali'd thro' this Town on the nth Infant, in tkeir my from Drcfden to the Mufcovitc Camp before Dant-ckk; aedfmee then, fome of the Domeilicks of the Ehrclor c( Saxony having follow*d them, it is fuppos'd that Prince de-{graaitVto be there fcon in 1'erlon. Letters from the Uullian Ca�0adv'i{e7 that M. Tarlo, and other Poh(h Chiefs, had alBBbltd a very conftderahle Body together, and were conic fen the Neighbourhood of Daotzick. ~ IW, j~t i S- Vellerday the Lovely Mary. Carrol, fail'd fcrrbffikorgh. This Morning his Majelly's Ships Princcfs " ��folineai)XKinMc faiTtl to the Weftward. Arriv'd, Truro, Frauds, forTalmouth; and his Majelly's Ship the Pha-nix, who remain, with the Britannia, Fdihburg,^Namur, Grafton, CWbid, Princefs Amelia, Captain, Mainpton-Court. Kent, HM?*?. But ford, Dreadnought, .'Sunderland, Swallow, Ar- !til, Norfolk, Buckingham, Berwick, nnd York Men of V�r; the Pool, GritTin, and Bridgewnter Pirefhips; ihd the Sedwitk, Harman, for the Ealt. Wind S. VV. _______________ l o n d o n;....... Yrfteidsy Morning aboui 11 o' Clock, his Ma jolly's Yachts tatCatticrine and FubSs fail'd from Grccmwch tor HolLind, Bbring over her'Royal Highnefs the Princels of Orange, who iexpected ai this Court in ten Days time. Mr. Moirtlon, Cjakof the Board of Green-Cloth, and Mr. Carey, Clerk ol the Kitchen, are" gone on board the laid Yacht, wuh proper On Saturday laft theiFMajefties, the Prince of Wales, the bike, and all the Princcftro, came from fvenftngton to the Theatre Royal in LmcolnY Inn-Kit-Ids, and litw the Opera of lftcr which il�ey rttuiirdtb Kenrtngton. iikMajefty lias beeii plca�'d to prorogue the Convocations �f Cawtbury and York, which were appointed to meet on Fndiythe zi it of this lnllant, to Friday the i>jdi ofjuly. -1 ThjsDaythe Right Hon. the Paris of Cuwlurd, Atliol. Daamore, Orkney, and lHay, arc expected in Town lrom Stsdand. .Tomorrow 60 Men but of each Troop of the Life Guard*, laojdib trie Hcrf? Grenadier^,, art- tu perform a thorough Ewrcifc in Hyde-Park, before their Oilicers, it beat laft before the General Review �r-^ajarHanbuiy dajieerous'"iliritt~^ Houfe in Privy.' Gvpfl, Whitehall. 1 The Uoufe of hii-Excellency M. Chavigny at, 'I'wick "^atn, out of. which lie waburnt on '.Fhurlidiiy Night lall, \ ... 'partof thel'reeholJ Ellateof Sir GeorgeSkipwirh, Bart, who Rramtda Leafe of i; forB'I'erni of Years (now near expir'ii) Wtfce Lady Mary Wortley Montygu, who lett the RenumKier wtbeiame to the Karl of Denbigh, which noble Lord, during JwAbfence in the Country, was pleafed to accommodate M. de Uavigny with tr.e Ufe of it. Amongr! the rich Thing* burnt �m M are twu fmall Pidurct, valwd at 5001. each, the w��ty 01 ^"^h11 '1 15 Thought his moft Chnltun iS^c^l tt^*a ,1>e wfi0^c 'Jatn;lBc' wl�c/. is comjjuted at  ^fterday being the firil Sunday in Term, the Right Hon. ~*. �*4 Hardwick, Lord Chief Jullice of the Kii>/i liench, ^T*'la'wher of the Judges, went to hear Divine Service S *au'** Cathedral, and afterward: proceeded to Cooper's 1 p{ *'*re *n elegant Eniertaitumrnt was provided for them -rvJ!" Lambert� �ne �� the Sherili. of this City. *nc Arches of Fleet Ditch, thro' which the TiA and ^>�l are to pjfj, *iU be fimQi'd bv WedriL-fday Night i. ^kmcn will proceed immcdiaiely after to nil m �t�GiOund to the Level of the Sue: ' %l~*tt Satardaiy Mr. Samuel M.n.waiing, the blind Youth, ^^""^a'tdunJcr Mr. ULlam Mere, Org.u�iit of St ^S/*^�d*ka Bt-nnondley, w;u 1 l.i.'niOrguniil of Si Maiy jJT*�Pfl. in the room or Mr <J''.�i� Sluiilewoi ih, cn- WKS ord Crimp, between Lo^<xi and Keet. �fakh �xr tty the former, tho* there was fix lobar laid agarcfl IjOwSob iu the middle of the Came. It is tS&ecg!:: t5�e w cpiard* of tww hundred Pounds (aid in By* Bets of tfce next M�it*. whicn is to play'd in the Antlkry-Grooad Wedneiday the 19th Inftant. Th�e wiS be a Line tocad the Ground, ai-uhjal*. all Peffom bat tht GaJ&ett<^� are drhf4'to keep without fide of the fame; aS Perfects are dcfii'J lifccwiic to keep ofT the Walls. The Wkfcrts are tu be pweft'd by oro o'Clock, .upon the forfeit ol live Pound*. 3 A N K R U P T S. Compter; Mont?, bte of St. AtbaaVSuret, ta tie Coccty of Mkldlcfcx, Linncrtdraper and Cc^ioatt. ' ' . .. Iliac Levy, of Ingram.Cciut is FeoJBacVSsreet, Loo-don, Merchant. John Browne and Jofeph. Browne, of St. Johns SacA***. in the County of Surty, Salsfinen, OapBcn, atad.Paruxrs. John Gilbert, of Wantage, ia the County of Beskr, I�-hoider. Merchant and Chapman. ..........* Robert Clapp. of tlx PariJk of Sc. Am wiAim tht Lfcerty of Weftminiler, in the Couaty of XlkMkscx, SLlraliausi* as4 Chapman. - Saturday. Bank Stock w� 158. ladia 148. Sootb^c* Trading Stock Si t 4th. t)Id AbwmSks 10j 1 4A. Dj�o New Annuities 106. Th�� per Crar.- Anwaiiy 94 1 bait-Million Bank Voy. Attiaazz. York-BaiJdujp z j 41**^ Royal AlTurance 93. Loadoa AiXBraaor 11 3 -sJl*. * 1:. New Bank Circulaticji 61. 1 ;s. Prcra. SooUi^a Ki**H :L 6s. Prem. India ditto 2!. 15s. a 3I. Preaa. Three pet Co�. ditto il. 6s. a 8s. Prem. fiagltih Copper iL 14*. W�U) ditto Books (hut. A Common-Couxcii., ho!Jm in tlic Bitters, ? Chamber of the GniM3dI of the Qgj vt Lco-Majfot. 5 don, on Thuriaay tixe ijchDay cf lew. in the Year of our Lord 1734. and im the Eigkifa Year of the Retga erf oer Sovereign Lad GeorgetheSecooxL Ku^^GreatBriepn. &c. TV is agreed and order*d ly (bis Court% Ibjl if any Per Jin tile tai l/tnt avruaaicJ Sltrif, im far&amfr *f an A3 cf Comwsm-CtMjsih tv* zzJDft qfCfcJj&r, tj^i* /ball) on or tfjere SaturZ-fs tbr tvctttf-jKmi 0*j tj~ leu lijfmmt Month%f'Jiuu, fay into thi C&u�tr */ Lmhm3 J� the U& if thh City, tlx Sum of fiar kwcjtd Pmtads, fwrjhm* t* tit fimi Act, and alj'o twrsif Maris nxe, tneard* iht J^far�a�<� v� the Q$te *f ** jEJermsm tf lid) City, he pail 6r tteble to fcEledtJ imti tktfmtJ O&e, -tf tbit Older bad never been M&Ji. � .T\ ^.....JACK.SON. Hawkers-Office,, Juirtis, -�7|f-tT%Hl% isjo grve Notice, tbat iesrij Iktnjn, as beMrvi J "Junt nextt and duilj AtUaSwcee uXptjlvtth �>za* (HtlsJL-p exytpttd) font 9 in the Mtrwimr mafil 1^, .�n>ijfa� a *� the Ajh*n<nn until $ ; tlirrtfixt^ail Perfiityc*eCiTxJ mr*M?.fcd*�~ apply ta the faid OJue ak*ve-xert~zz:'d jyr Uxxfti. etd mz..n defend in tbt unartain Mtttiwg ucztb tbc Sar^tpt** t^cit1Z�stSr%3 ivbit Au-ve Jlrui Orders that ta JjfrtiitaJ, Ami pn-jum* lUiftTtbe utmeji Rigour, all jpcb 1 *s rir� ft^i tU x*f time of tbt Year fid traJi^WS&ms LuWjSi. Htgh \Va�* at rxwrJoaPrfdge this Day, at 34 Mtnumt after 11 rn tSe Morning. To ihc Worthy Liverymen df the City, of Lotuioti. , C Mnnitii J*H�RE fring a Vac&tn fw 4 Briitn-Md/litti, *� lyfh Death btr. Jons W+an, / lv*bt) rtptpt tt* Stem U f*xt% and htrvt let* ft* tit Uttrf �/tt*nrV tf - iron; /-at fwi^ met mVf) prat Loffii iy Sta indZem, M ks*e fir ydf iittdlmdiJgfiiet, �t htii^ft gtid "tu hiffttmr tmfy ��tit ti*U m *tid)m*�vr~D*j next, t* ^fetvom d* Wfet JMP fiter, *Hth�orJi#grmttfidijacimivlaftdfyi ^ Gcntkmen. ' Ytmr mtji tttditnt bamiit Servtntti �~ WILLIAM DAVBtf, up Y0.U R yote~IntereH and'/>&?, ere b&, defir'd fur RALPH TOO NE, ^Citizen and Cl^^Uisritr 1/T.0 sDojj ft bt nvief tit Bridge-StTaftrt if t&it Oa. � tiit max if Jlfr. yah: Tl'rftb, ilictaid; Aavag 'term a Ls^t^ms% i^csi-jrj rfr 'l-tveutj i'fiirt, bid great I**1!**. aMdHa^t^mlxi^tf^n^, Iw.-rr' a ll'tf't and Children nrp-r-uLtl />. T.ric Flection will be on Midiujnmrr D�y, as�J I beg iae Fayop pf my Friends to b> early to the ffiaflL AT the King's Theatre ia the H^M^rkct, Tuuiorri**, bcnn rbei*ej> -d J� e, �tii be fmcrtaij PASTOR F ID O. An OPERA, compcbM by Mr. H A -\ D E L. Intermix'd *tr'/i- t^'aj-a^l*. The Scenery after a pary.,h.r esaarer. I'ir �rid B.nej. .la tc (Ml t '^itSc/. ut& -o ritllo* t� br � ��! rii-kctt. whitfi will be aLtl- i*�r. ms. etc u*..f. f ciu Marker. �tT,alt 4 t;aio�i e�a. C* �*j \*~ By Hij M � j i i r r / Ds>W, No (ViCn� *ii.�C!.c�. Ci be ixhaJ Ox lutj�*. Tu begin at half an Hour anxr 6 o C3c*5s_ | At jthe particular Deflre of Icver^l Perfons of ~ Dittinclbrt. By s-Gutf*Hy- of Comedians from M thi Theatres, 7", �.. At the New Theatre in the Flay-Market, ���*t>�K beirf tbe iyih ofjaoc. will bit prt/Wd^tht TmMti Hif?wy , - - G EG RGE BAR NWfeLL. Go*** fc�m*�ll, Mn. Chirkt; MiUwcod. Mr*. Robtrn i 1 horo*� good, Vie. IUt"�.o ; Trunin, Mr.AWoodtrtidi Matin t*H� llttlt iatu T��^" i Vvm, Ktr. tltlUm-, witb ihc Orig>al Cpilogut by Mt�. Brett. *h;t>i will bc-^ld�,1. The MOCK D OCTOR. or, The Dumv Lady Cu r'd. The Mock \>j(kw,Mt*. Cbuke : Darets, Mis. Robert! \ (it Ja(p�t� Mr. Mwoi�ri; rKarUte, Aiili r.r�tt i Leaner, Mr Cfle. Was �m Nymph like Rof�mtx�j, luojl by'MilV Jones. And UawOojt by Milt Bieit. To begin cxaAly at h4f in Hour after Six o'ClotlN. v Boxet+t. Pit*i. 6J. Gallety li." No Money to be rctaruM after tna Cuiiain ia draws Up. ' .. Jt Air. sfdKESVy^i/^fY, la IJlington- Road, ON Wednefday the 19th Inftant� luch of th�Nob>iitf *tA ueetrjr -�hw wilt b�r>l��feJ 10 booonr the *irh their Pr*&(Ke, �rii�w$t wttlt ao Af\erooouM)i�eiGc� in ~ Ac N^Mc Scwkc of Ucfcace, httwcta^Mr. Robert Carter,..�ho htt tai ihc Honour ioHr�c4bree k*u fou?hi a blwir l�trt� en the 90ih of M�y, �i(b HdiriabMi, bnib Dnog crju�l to Valour aW JadtaMArt 'tvib roqai: the Stage wiiboot luring a >u, erivxjty but theQiuliiy ac*<kjum bwr* fairfka, tfrfirV irintgt.i isr4e�r**d t^rtaf ibo<ci*ra " IMr. ttra and iher* to eitpura rhiir u�|Urfhip ibf wfjolt Hc*6, ami tht. beft Mtftcr of itte toiWwiog We,<voo�, three bout* ** i*t* s�0i�J. at Svord'tittt tufijer, throratrSwwd aad liwkitr. �4tytx�iQ},tmstti(.;,~: . / aarear<, ih�l<rctit A en enr (era in twgtiptf, ami �p.����e w^lres arc ia be ftco any titpa ol the Day t)r*tirf *lfi� mW b<* 6� Miuretof Delcuca. . m�. Sj^Ac f**�reAed � oew $t��e tor four Mea to eat two Oalloat : ol tlafly i'uJiioio *dFleet laitf, � ttisD'aj, bet** the i ?lb Jnjfant, ivill he a great Daft Sftrt, viz. -____ -T ift. A Dog and a Bitcli to fight ten Let-goes a-^ : f�ecc, forths'l and fairctl in, lor a Cuiaea path, iirilia imti BBfiiatvrf'* *'*�� ; �w die ��oted Kiich from Wbi cuoMrett, �rt tit Ji!*n i*�tv>i*dUogfrom liubliain IrcUn^ 2J�-__A tVft and Jrhiti to bght iMHto fut t*�-jj" rnr Two Onio�i� cku >i tbt I- BuilttfKtt't Wi jlc; Bull 1 the tirll �hai*� trill'd WtBrli" a��yl f.thtMooer iouc tiuiuotad l-allow Birch bufy from Vimm. r las - aid il* mhet rba FaUua; Dog Lyon from Whi'ecbapcfr jaiy; rtc f "W*s i>o t�� great Bear^Dafei ta6j;hr t��4ie(-gget Ibf3" 0*< nfc 10 t:.e Gao^olacc r*o or iftrro alter bias. A'it#. /f*r< wrfl fv talr-antBeat-bdltlfg i*try U��da,, Ibfmttf, *x *ri�'d trtjm IHrt/i "Sw�i|bt�. trfarra be i�a�fAcn opao an ia.i3-� the fe*i-� hirodrta teagoeitrofla'tauj, toaing bur- IA.j5 �*m.b �*fl> 'fbftli* ibrp'a 4-rew, �>d cigh^rr*Biir�JLh�cai but *e�cbt. pe^tttMppine tiarrcit saaVa-balt- ot oil. 7ft* Maty dt iL* i� Colour, have |it(n rba...... a'cliirir ^aiiiUAioa (u ihc GAirkmen a"J Ladici wan have already 'fees j.jsu bit Aitxtl ia Sfljl^'d. luting giuwn bayorvi Hi. pcfltuv^. Omixi {j.t*> iBUlei m iikirgbirn) hat t*eti OfcligVlto *��*eC*fce, wfilJi i� ica Fuot ftju*�c. awl (otlruflg aiid jawi* �5i*� *Cuji�ay *pja��ifi�. , _ . be teca �r.f iMir of the Day wubout ioit of Tint. RoviJ-|Exchangc Afluranre-O/nce, '14 June, 1734. fllE CORPORATION if tht ROYAL EXCHANGE-ASSURANCE do hereby givt * .\jtne, that fir the greater Em:*^**."* ,r f4.:caj AJbrug ^tb tit Jmid CORPORATION, have ULDUCfiD tbtir Puoiium of FIRL-A5SLKANCK5. **d deir ytJM Horn �*/ ai fsdhu, viz. Timber Boilc'rtg), or Goodj therein, at 61. f*f Ann. Sums AtTuied. Any Sum not exceeding 200L 1 -a.?*" I- ?oo vCOO J s ) 2CO f '5 ) ICC 1 IOGO /*r^ i^2v! 4tn�Jw IkJLLx^k, tx Otajd* tlSacseia. � at 4 J. per A-ax t d- a 6>  03 pa Cm fa Atx^ pr Cent, per Ann. Hawrdouj Ccodi, in Tim* ber or '1 Utch*d Houfea, at to %. per Ann. �� d. \ 6}p�Cent.p^^i$.;. J A\i i?-*t tlty SHILLINGS ;Vr /> S�.VLN YKAKS, *s arn B'~i ar liuid.Kr. 5*� a*/ /xindxr-jf 10C0/. yir T .r C�r- �i /*' �j ZvaooJ jaa- i'OL'ki'LLN iHiLLlNCS prr i it/iy CttUi or V.iKt> tbutzrj iJ mjkt giod Li�ii. PrtXfjJi s3 Lujjt titer, vz r,� -1 i.r N. H All, aistxdj A�lt>td iy th fitd&rf.t&xm jhjil It i-*J-.d m tun JtsSmt I'ujimnti, iu.*'di*f to l- it l-.d �v .' it Qf-t l>� tbt A.t f*tlr. rJ"'"% til abj: t rut �; .'<.� d.

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