Saturday, June 5, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Saturday, June 5, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 5, 1834, London, Middlesex ft ...-----------i "j" --^ - j...-.-  � -,.1L.------- �  � -j.^,- ......^..... W ED ISTfe 8 D A T, jbNi j, 173^ Ml 'ts ., Wije* - jgfcr^re "arr&i- * ASmU from HoUwa*. Naples, May 18. HB Com Kemld�iEjrprt6 ooSbik <Jay tail from the Gnaw, ue Mceasernar, CmattanaV in Chief of IDie Sptnifh Troops adetaag, that tbc fatd General having join'dtbe DcaKhDststtof 8000 MMfemmpatttkofthekwrViuroy, was tto<i aatchins to atack the 6000 Germanspolled on the acfcof Gravina: But we tela by anodm tixprcfs which ^T^moprf toft^ibr4h Gualdr j wheuupon the Spa-XtViii'Hc to xbek Anns, obLgVl the Hner�f BJcta* wkh Siiiof fa Mrn. The Troopswhkhfbrta thesttxkade JJjp, ^ Jikwifc dm of Gam, Km hero fiute ItlufticM ^iHwe Krgifunus newly arriv'd from l>gbora. T�be tjjjl gjy^nr'of Rfyirhnn h� hrm order'J hither finrh Btya. jlgfe to be near the Person of tbc aew King, and to fenre �art of JatGhajdV Slenafe hard at work to repair,tho jump dtte to the three- Catties of this City during the Ute �ai to make feme tygr Additions to (itcirl:orti�caoonx ^y^lfigitz. Mr. Ratti, theSpanuli Mtaiftcr,has rrotirj'd �^e�ortairf�t^r<lp^veC dfar fiane time the Care of the Again of Spain, wad wki�i*o>*d himielf  uketfifiiias yctll as an affidoous So(-innriathB Canfe of Don Carlos is aproimed ArchfaUhop of Tckda, HijEaunence has likewifc one other proper Qualifi-, aaJD^I^tr)^ Cu^ch.Majefiy de- k^te Seoesce for hi&ycongeft Son, the Cardinal beiag be-tmioaad �o Years of Ager- Jfcut, Mayzz. Ia cheT^eht.oT tStc, 19th" Inflant, a la^^rcncaTrotm attempted to iarprize the MiJls of Lu-�B\ �|kh air gnawed by inperalifls; but being difeorer'd, wt^Mroretire, after en^asgjaga tew Shot. Tbelm-nhlAiaiy hatoag beta raiaibre'dby � Body of tkO/i 15000 Tnops, coofifts at prefcnt of near 50CcoI!c��. They have fi^fca Train of 50 Kecesc^DrdbaiKe, and are adually ia Mtjatojaoetrate into the Parmezan. Advice is this Mo-aat athi'd, that a Dctachsneat of thcCud Ttonps had already w�rt m Duichy 1 and that the Maroak de Cadriao, Iieu-aaaa-ikaeral, who had thrown himiclt into Pamu, had laid *iktkigLbaQrhoodo� that Cky under Waitr. bdUm.UmfZt. After iheufialCercmqniH, theNobi-irj yaiendcd the 17th to the Choke of a hhufhal, which Ml �yj^ Charles EmUlcJ^xohaopt. This Monung his _ ggMajtlj in his Robes, the Senators ia their Habit*, j On^aMftnntacMeprocec^ | eflhisThjw^thilHetia^ laVeKjag ^CTbtJC^ictnoay, to which all the Forciga MiniSen. wav wcatdtag to Cuoom, invited. hmdilmjt^Cmmf mtSarUt, Mmjii. On the 20th Waa oar Army pa&'d the River Ixntta, and imnaadiatelr *m, Priaa Lewi, of Wirtcobcrg detach'd a Party of Hof-�a^itcoiBMatre the French, who are intrench'd at Colorno jye Nasnhrr or-n6-^tttldita&, Jucrfccgimanrs of Dragonnv Maaa Bwades of Carabineers. Thefc Hntlara on their nWattackfd 100 of the Enemy's CaTalry snd kili'd feve-W* Tatjr took abcut zo PnlbneTs, and bnanthtosTa neat fearHorfa ---..v...-.'-......:..... -'�� a*aaav 3% 26; The French who were in the Maatnan �tab Sail the Po and the Oglib, have jodg'd proper to re-P�daft Rivers, but thU keep up their Bridges. Tbc King^ �S�riaaaMatBozzolor whichcomiaues to be the bead Qipr--** Aniy aftjhe Allies : That of the Emperor is upon ^j*�cm>Ky of Parma, at iome Diitance ffc� Cd-rio. Ncw *^aWeatt arme here daily fiem Germany, as likewifc pro* d^Swa'fctkeoia. 7**^. Jum 6. The French Army btfiegmg Philipf. Ealready dtain'd two very fignil Advantagesi~ui' � by takbg . Kcdoubr. which the Cbevalia oellarcieux nrdtheactliot klk Mooth; and the other, in taking the J� renewing the Affiutlt a third Pj*}' t�� Iwaerjaiiih thought proper to retire into the Fortrels, �iraw^amd mcaru to cany oft all their AniUwy, aKccpt a "*ml Ihis Action lattcd feveral Hour*, and the Men on each fide was great. Both the ASaikn and beWd with much Bravery: and 'tis finprUing that r could tcfift fi> loag againft iucha Sopcrionty of Nuuv Lri ^-^f^^ � ^ ^ oiks of the B Garrifiar wtil be tWtfy angmeatea1 with haadttd Men. tTm!$&'*tii*.ymi4 The Duke of Benvick hat made feveral >lotiuB with hb Army, and k advaacM atatcf' the Rhmei He hat feet his heayy Baggage on the odkr Cde rhet River; mlOftwiK a large Patty orHorfe, toeatnptba Fowge, which abounds there. Price Eugene, a about to leave HaJlbroD, and poft hioifatf betwam\Va�iptca and Lia-Denberg, on the other fide theNeeken. tTbeleftCbhrrim of Prufuans are to join him a� tbi} ITay. Tlieiolhwuag is-a LmV of the Troops which compofe the imperial Attay* Via, , -  * BamW rona-1 f t--- SeaadrOM: Savoy Bathiani Wntisiberc . Cara& TrcnpaofPAfEa Troor^ of Hannover Savcy-Xanthieri Saxe-Gotha Ferdaahd of Bavaria Philippi Wirteaberg Dragoons Bardth__  J Bibra 5 WixtaibergoftheCiK.4. Fugiar ------------- 4 Circle ofUpper Rhine 1 Weinsar- '  " 7 Lobkowitz 7 KrvrnrmlkT 7 Total 134 1 jotai 77, �� We are aflar^d, tfaattke Prince of HoheBzollern is marching withe Body of �a or a hl�W| pan tagular Troopa, and Kn theMfliriaofthe a1ack�Forcll� iaonkr t� raife Contritions in AUaee, whkh fectn do without Dificulty, onac-oftheDulaiw.cCtheyieacbAmy. _ OW Wirtenbtrg 4 Rurapf , y Bambot^ -.; it OldSaaa>Gotba t TroopsotHefle � Troop of Ppjfla to. Tmops of Hannover 6 Circkof iheUp.Rrune j Young Saxt-Gtaba 3 Weimar � z. WeUede 3 MaralB , /:..:.. 1 Badcn-B%deh 3" �iknach r a Hcred.P.ce'Wirteoberg s Ckcle ot Francodia 4 CtrdeofSaabia 7 Frederick of Wirtcnb 3 Wutesberg a Wdfenbnttle 3 Murning 3 TotaT"* StranraVcr. Cto SaftjroW lafrSir Wulitm Wyadham, Bait wet taatrkd. ftoibe Matchioatfs of Blaalted, at bet"Saat �*atWbajfar\ W they both are prepairag, together with Madam Vreatette. coftitnonly calTd VikoBBtea BaURftetaV* to fa oat for Holland. ' - *^v-' UaMooday twoManlaaiagWoaisataPrf^* gthe Mint, Soothwark, went into St George's Fkk!stoBoa> when one had the MUfomsBt t�be WU'doo |b#Spal 1 andthf other being carried liefern Sir John tada, waa by him �oej. mined to niioo, ;  . ,:��(pv Jlfrv %x. Yfifeday casM j*a Sontja* ior that County. *hea Job* Jeffcey., fi% haviH a Majorkyof 41, was mara'd acoardjaajry* 'Atfeid tatumoai to brtxge ix on the otner fuk w�h aU fajflible A4�mm��tavcetbeB^n^RetrenchiMmU, bothadbcenre* puls'd wkh theLoJeof aboht roq>! ftvTs Blupi Pium^ Caro^ Captain, Kent and Burfordi au the^ttu\aemain^.with the Crocodile, Aubin. for Africa ; BedweB, Sacket, Fax, Ware, for Cadhu Induflrious Bar, Burford, Boulter, Lyoa, for Lii-bon: Francis and Mary, . 1 �, Gr^hound. Spanton, for Portfinouth t Sedgwick, Herman, for the Eaft. ArnvM, Betfey, Ball, from Gaily poly. LONDON. Yeterday hkEiroriVBcy the Count de Monttjo. theSpanifh Aaabaflador, recrjv'd an enraordinafy Courier from N aple*. wkh Advice that the Coem de Monarraar, at the Hcjid of 9ooo of b� Catholic* Majrii/.Tioups, atmck'd Coast Vi�-coeti, the late Vicamy ot that Kingdom, oa the a5thoi May at Buooxo near Taiaato, where he lay eotrench'd w^th 7000 Foot, having S400 Horfc to fupport his lnfaMry,-and that after a bloody Fngaymrrr, LueSpuuauL had hwe'd the G�-mam out of their Trjeacaes, aad taken jooo Frifcoers, Count 7 Vifcouti haviog very narrowly c&ap'd wkh a (null Party of j Hortv, bat was (o c(o/�ly p urfud, toat tneNcu> of his being * atom war hourly exprAed. Jlat Loktnfram'4 by theSp** aiawkin fk�Eu|aa�a>ttit ajattety amaaftkwblag aad that the; GemamcouUisBtteexaaiy comta^ wIm� theOavsarwal dupatchU The latter kft aU di^ a^g^ Arolary aad AaMnaaitaax ....... ^ Tr�Coa^h.i likewifc raeaaht taaam fra* t^Frto^ CampatPoaaOlo, itap��tina> thmtae ImjansalAtmy having attmnted.haiittiHtaKiiit^^ tick'J by MonCdeCoigny otarOokeacs wh^ Engagemear, the Gertnaas having therein loft i�oo Mmtfmt-^atomrWwitbPx^a^tarion. VVlweoM lua ttoafaky tl*Spania ArnbaiBador, mamG�^Th�aiomvt%ckAl�rtBi of happy socteft, c-w'd &mU&ag Yte^any.ia hie ' Chapefat rWii-lWe, wd wiat armrwaros tbIUchaW tcj . ommonicatethe fatd News to thaCoan> ' * ' We have aHo an Account, that feveta] Shlpa.oa bcaniof wluch.were Count Vifcontt'a Family andTr^bue, ondcrtha CoeducV of a BiflKiphis Relation, vwre taken at Uiey itiTA f>om'tiie:CtB�of'NaKpa _ Laic lart Night amVd the Mtil from France, whkh bringt Advkevrthat the moft Cbriftiao King having rccetVd Advka of the J>a*h o� the Priace de U�a, who was lollVIby � Cannaa Ball ia the Trtncho before PaiUpmurg whea h* wea^ acmaJly.upoono Comanand, had tketeapaa stXu'AaaChriaaaaiiai,^ fbrba^mgaU Officers of what C^irkAorQgthty never, ah', beprefeat ataay Attaxkratuefacoannaoeed therowa, .- They write from Calais, thatfix^Men of Wax aad feveial Tianfpora having_taktB oa board there three French HqpV Imeno, (etfcUfor Danj^theaihlatVam, N.S. 1 OnXfooday Motniogdladof the SmaU I>n, iothe ninth Yearof his Age, at hit Father'. Houfe ifl ^.^rcw-Sojoare, � the Lord Tukoif, cldatt Son of thelUgSt Hon. UackviCe, I Earl of Thaaet. '-vc � . Fuhm*^ E%a Rthtion of Sir Harry Famefir, Bart, hath teaaa'd the Uavetnment of Wahnrr CaAIc in K�ar, which Placeis in the Gift of hkG.ace the Duke of Dot**; ^Oa Sftttttlaa Se'rmrght the Hon. WiBiam Dabyavok, of Gektimure. IJiu BratSet to the Right Han, theF^ofStair. was cIccWrorir-BorouehiofWtMown. Ne^Galkiway, aad High Waaar at leeaae Bra�t �hk Pay, a il.T4a: Welft&Baiamfkaf. N.B. Theabovel^ketammlaidoat. SoutJ�-S�-Hmifet U�don, llbtir Htmjf UlhtHfiattdUflrttl, aw\ nutt, ml tievm im lit Ftmmm, tit ,U Eliait, Uli tfSir Umtirt "ant t/tf '"gas? ktiwttm ____. JxJt-tt* "tciJwwafae, Um-" ' SmAvmd ^mJSwfy, ��'WihmrlSiB&tf lSw^~^aAarTs�07 tit Am*. �-> "� attaint, imibtOKm^^LOM, t4l'44U*$WmiMttmt^M' uf *fmt %a Jkiu tf Anlk Undt and 110 Jtrti tfWmd Urn/, ti* Tiiikf *W tbtrtt*-j*lkU mt �Amt tutooL Ttmrntfi m thi *f W,jli*m im ate /kidOmit, AmM foj SctikSta Wuji, frmA 46 tfjm mM t$ lit Ttm tf Salt. > N.B. Particulars of thtBIata, calfd AbborVWoomv aaef be had J> the Ceuntry, at Mr. Robert Berry's, at Ctae*�a� near Rrwiinr, and at Mr Thomat Wooe/s, at SheahetwV Aituan-riofufe, 5 June, 1734; TWS is to xtieNptic** tianh* Ryaljfriem I s;*fU*rTt4tk, OldPf*trr ft**Bra/,, \ did Tint IQU Hnrtrt, Si*trdit Mvcrtifetftenh in this Payer of a moderate Length are taken in at '/uc $ killings cab.

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