Thursday, June 3, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, June 3, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 3, 1834, London, Middlesex The Daily Advcttifcf. M OND AY, June 3, 1734 Qi Saturday loft arnv'J c Mail from Ihliv-J. Hague, June 8. IE have certain Advice that the French -SucctHirs- which arriv'd at VVethfcU-frn.nJe the zb:\i of May, have fad an Engagement with the Kuinan Troops ; tut our Letters ftcm Dancr-ck, and tho'c from Co-.:nt Musk'/i Camp, di<Ti'iing in tunc Particulars of the Action, we (hall tnmi'aioc their Te-fpsclivc Accounts. Dan.'zid, Ma? zy. " Oti the 26th Infract at Ten in the Morning, the French J'ictt which � Jad" arriv'd foine Pays before in the Road, tail'd up to Fort TTi^cteltfTrandj^imd-dropt Anchor there. The Traopt-'-J  u~ ('..Hon nf VVWhlVIlrhunde were twite dif- ' vm.' The Cannon of Wcchfellmundc were twite dif-*<Wd during the landing of the Trcops, as a Signal to 4' ttehJantzick-.-rs of their Arrival. His Excellence Count . Ccaat Clelo, wto ha4 the Miifortune to be mot into the Thigh. The " Ruffians had 400 Men kill'd, beiides a great many "twpded." ' , Tnmtlt RjijjtunCamp btfort Dextxirf, zq. " On the *' 27th Inft. the French Tioopa lately amv'd endeavour'd to "j�ce our Lines in the Ncighbcurkced of Wechtillmunde, i'Wwtre immediately beaten off, and put to Sight. We " puriu'd them io the very Cannon of the Fcit, ted tack k-" W�l_Ptifoncrsf as well Ofiicers as others. Their Lofi mcli *' aoootit to 300 Men ; Two Knightsaf St. Le#ts, acd the " Bedy of a Nobleman, (aid to be the Count de Flelo, base J-bttn found amonglt the Slain. Amongii the Vri'.orxis ate " Several young Gentlemen who fen"d as Vo'unteexs. We "badabout 4,0Men kill'd, and tome wourded." y>'tm inform'd by fcveral Advices hem FruiEa, that during tit Tune thai the French Forces were engag'd with the Rufc-au, the Fleet of the former iail*d fevcral times paii the Kedoubu Which tbe latter have run up on the other tide the Viftula, and pre them fuch Bioadiidcs, that the-Dbtm^^tcau^.ifecitby *iU not be eafily repaifd. The French gi�e out, (lut tlwy tsuld cot have latl'd in their Attempt upon tl>e Rujkan lbtictu.h ftentj if they had c��plo) 'J theii wjioL Foro:, hut that gicai ran �as obligM to remain on board the Jihips upon A*u^uc fiat the Ruffian St]uadton had appeat'd uS I'oit Piliau, cruwd-w|all imaginable bail toi Damzicfc. 'Fwas atlui'J at the Fell tHKeofStolpcn upon coming away of the Letter* on joih ult. that the French and Ruluan Squaon ns hud actually met, ^ were then in a tot Engagement;--� bet this tnui! wait tsoiraution. The Duke de Saxe WcitHfRfell!, wiih "Subas, arrriv'd ai ihe Ruffian Camp ou the j,;h oi l*ti Month. On the ^4th, a* General Muiiicli wi, uskrsga Vt�.w ^ ttjp Approaches carrying on bttore, tre r.Otmy.tiU upon htm, and ktll'd im Itoit? uviici him, txa "ithlJjndiRg the Crii'Miort of Arm* was tr.rn'wbJfeTisg'^^rUy �ri:e ficm Danunk, that King Sm�.iLu.s tnjo>> pc-'ftct ihiiih j tiis"Maje(ly i, rtaiai'i! iuto lume Apanasob be-to M. Oitilinlkr, Great Tsraiuici of the Cuavm, whitb �� thought to be ou; hips remain, "fcsrae dmvn and remain, Bedwell, Sacket, for Cadi'/.; InJulVnctii Bee, Burford, for Lifbon ; Greyhound, Spanton, and Francis ar.d Ma;y, Hodgfoo, for 'Patxm>SlJuh. Arriv'd Ytu^day, L� V. ay jjthcr. We hear that .the Riwrrt Hon. the Earl of Salifbury, and lie Right Hen. Wuiip Earl Stanhope, now ca.. their 1 ravcb in Foreign l'atts, are fisonly expected heme. - Tte R.ijiu Hon. the Counsels of Cuvvstry is very tU at lath I'hii Dav tlx Coipfe of the Right Hon ^he Lord Vane u to i>e itrxu'J at t!.�iijnd-Place cf his Anceilors in Kent: The Funeral is intended to be very loleran at.d gr^tid ; aiul we hear ttat a gnat part of the fjcjn^^cn^'ircliili'aic iia iud to sill at tt. 0:\ Saturday arriv" -^gf.:cr, upon au Infoimati(.<i & their bring Cotur., �ji-A si-t icijching tl�cir Loigtisg-Room fuuiid fomt ker>>ers in that To*n. Vc.ieiiay siiej i .'^.-in.; i'.id.ut, iii^cnakct. near AU-fci'c. J v. ... tcsoo 1. On Saturday Night !aft one Mr. Clark, �.Watch.Sprinjj* Nf \kcr, in Flett-lanc, hp;ingAt^�rrelwtha) Coobet in Shoe-, lane, rccciv'd a Blow with fuch Violence that it lard himrdta ' Clock, Mr. Clark, a Grocer ih Gtolvenor ilrett, going imp Hvdr>Park tt>tike tkeAu> was robb'd by four Eoot-pwU bf hhWa^ch md Money., OnSatutday Uitnear 200 Flaynwkttaappca�'d atthcRoyil J-;schai!g� to alk Relief*, they not Ixiug able to get Work oii OccAticn of the wet Wcjkther. , On Saturday the Seffiows ended tt, the OleUa^y, wlifn Kn Pcii'otis were try'd, four of whom wire cMlfbx TranffOrtu^ and fix acquitted. . ' .,. ,J ' ThcfivePetibosforrnctlycapitally convifled, rtceiv'dat tk# fame time Sentence olf-Dca�hV~viar~WillknVli(ty^^ Murder qI'his Wifet Roger Bo\v the Wa�tmin� (or theMoT> dcr of Thoiitas Field, a Butcher, in Hungetlbrd-Nlafkct i Thomas Taverner, for robbiiig the Lady of Sainuci RuiTcl!k Efijn on the Highway i Joleph Hart, fee fobbing Mrs. Fktt in.Great James:rtrcet, of Money and lannent and Stltauct Walker, lor robbing Mr. Jof. Hague, of Caih aud Bills to A confidctablc Value. BAN R U P T 3.  Ttahcrhc Browne, of Chipping Ongat, in the? Cbonly of EiTe.\, lnnholder, VWiualler and Chapman. John Gyles, �f theParilh of.St 3 1 4th, 104* 103 3 Uths, 103 1 Half. Three per Cent, Annuity 9a. Million Bank 105 1 half. African 21. York-Buildings 3. Royal AiTurancc 91 1 half, a 3. London AtTurancj) it 3 8th?. New Bank Circulation 61. 5 s. I'rem. Soutb-Siat Bonds 30s. Prcm. India ditto 45s. a 46s. Three.per Cent, ditto 20s. Prcm. Engliih Copper il. 149. Welih ditto Books Putt, _ ' -AT the King's -Theatre- in the Hny-M arkec, Tijinoir�w* Htnj d� 4�h oj*J�sne, jpln he_pc.rr(jfBi'd .- An . . ...... eerraftu\ P A ST OR FI DO. OPER A. compos'd by Mr. H AN D E L; intermixa 'voUb0Kr\iWti. -- The Scenery after a parUCAUar manner. -----rit and Doio to be put tui'.tthef, and no refloat tu be admitted wiihjui TicVcU, *l)icli witl be dclivcr'd XHy, at the Offitcilk the itay�M�tk�t, athstf a nuiiieacstu. Oalkiy 91. By Hi' M. a j I 1 t v'r. Ctmmani, Nw> Pejf J. - � .. 1 relets will bedeli*ccM U iho UeiilWd-MttdTamo In lowhsrnp. ton llrcet, at Wbitc'� C'lixol�tclioult in St. Janwi'sllrcet, and K UW OlUcc, ncit Door tu the fcmrantc on ih� Stage, tt.i� Day and Tomofro** 'i'o begin exadlly at half an Hour pail Six 0' Clock. - Nn I'crfJn wtuusverttrta admitted bcliioil the Sccen. py particular DellrtN By a Company of Comedians from both tbe Theatres, ~~ - AT the New Theatre in the Hay-Market, . ?EJ*^[lMlaJO^._lb�t�ig the id of^ubc, ,'.pwf f her ptrfo'riling it 1 Fully, Mrs. Hnt-erri. from CtxU-m*u'$-Ficliij ; Luvy. Mjli Junci, tk-ing MX fi.ff vine vt ixr Atjirij^t Mr., I'tJtliuin, ktifi Sliirtburo ; Lmkn, Kit, i'urUutt i Piftfi, MificT An.e , Mr�. SlammeJiin, Mr Jamfi. To which 'will te added a Pawi bttye "0, cill'j_________ Tit IJumoun of Sir John FALsTArr, "Jujim Shallow ana AttciEHT Pisroi,. Pift'i1,~K4fr;Cftirke ; Mr John KaKUlf, Xir. rurbutr, Jmdia Shal-\nm, M, J�mc� ; Bardilph, Mr. Juries, P*�ble, M*. Teiitfii tbituti, Mri. MQi,l�f>; l>rflf, Mfn-T*tec�i and die rvll of tlw f�ri,�ruittetKlt -Mi Hve CharaAers in the Opera to t* pfiy'J in Romtp pftOej. ................. AJX'i}I'�'Ie..tu.In.ivakcu.U)(.Mr�.-dufhe*--"--..... X� ^'fc'" at a" ^0ul *^ct Six o'clock. f Min'iy to bit icium'd alter n.rCurui 1 <i diavn up. Basil A i- Bit zt. bJ. 'luj it, T�\s Coinl>i'ir "til petf'iiin twjee � We;k duiia^ ikn iumtrvei S*�r;^�r ' Uofjii oiUr*d at Beu.iizt' to Run tins f)ay J the j�/ of June for the Ten Pound Plate. MR. Vincent's Chdhut Horic, Smiling III t> H 1 v*'1 }��.! f 1 '.i 1 1 luy sim, fiiiky Jciiny. ;.ir. whut.'% It'iite, N tvt 1 I .itn �tly. V.i. lf>'0;'� Mwc, Sa� it I tan. 1 ..iiii-s'd 10 run tun^rru* the 4'hfcr 'fe Five found Hate. 1 �. i ; aiV;cr. s'.vti'l'iil Miir, Kim ui tei *ie . f>:r. >tn.i t ,i.i, hcc'. Ii./ iifc, Willing Biily, llJ..r1\ U�y Horfc. Oi.* J*ik. i. ii .I il.iio iy HuiiMu\) �./n i'lVint ilv,ilt 1I141 Uuu *l Wh.titcu Ull. Mr t';�l�'�l�il�� l�if I'' U J. lJu.11.15 itw Ktct* thcit bi toufuk i,i tiic tof�.Rsoa� (ot Cauriii)-Ui'.vio(5. ... P. cf if m: dcr ate Length art taken it: at Tuv Shillings

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