Friday, May 28, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Friday, May 28, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 28, 1834, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertlifcr. tV ES 0 AY, Mxt a9% 1734. �C� XSt  * Xflj? iVt�& arrWda Mail from HfUarJi-Milan* May 21. H E Marflral de ViTuri cot-'iaw m difpo6*d; - *m faki chit tii thixdet lies in his Head. Tbcy w.-ice frcsn Naples, that the BI00J cr J?: fisrasria* being preferred before the liniof that Saint, on OccaEcn cf I>it Csiias"* Entry into Napk** tte lime Ixjatt'd in a trtorter Space than which has put the ctrrwrl Spirkj sr.:o {jic'fttfrAans or Spin, as an Omen that pcrteali tfcen aS tJjeSuecefs they can defire. Wc learn from Rear. tJbst Deo XeW, hi* Catholick Majesty's TOungnl Sen. and ihc Sccced irfcttfwftnt Queen, was to be created a Cardtna!, asd sad: Archbubcp of Toledo The Imperu.1 \tntiiler at the G;irJ P . : ~? - l----~.^J, A,. ,f rv� iperar t\ ^11 rfr'W ili.^ �gjt| n order to form one there; and haricg brfi&rs em'd a great Number of Waggons to be brcx^h: to ibiir Camp for teoioving the heavy Baggage ; "os bk doc&crd ba: tfay intend to enter the Parmezan. Tfte French Us tdrrooVd behind the River Lenza, and have planted Carson arcsrg tie Jinkvat proper Diitances, to hinder tit--- Imperial Assay fiom attempting to crofi it. Fntt tbe Jmprrial Camp at St. Bir?3itts. May 16- Oct Traops have poflefs'd themteives of one of tbe Foray's Btjdgej neat Colorno. Our Army b on the I'oiai of htrakrc^ op"rbcir Camp; Tis thought we (Kill mirth tutsz ana ibt _ Moakwis. in order to penEtrate intoihe IXittay of Faima. HtiAfccfc^Atay zi). The_Head, Qnartm"of tfce Array which forms thVSkge of Philjpfliurg, a.tA wfuch are Cud to cpnlift ofaboat xcoo^Mcn, are 6xt at Oberfcaatim. Tfre Frcpdi have btgun to turn off tnesKivcr Setza, which �2to> tbcMArCass Wore Philipfciirg ; they nave fikewife cut ksenl Treacacs* in order to drain them, and hare thrown a �aJ9 Nessbrr cf PiftiDes into them, to make th(Sr Appccuctjfs pricixai-3r. The Marfiial de Bemick ij eitdirn^d epc& tfcc K�h of betwten iNufiock and WtficeK> Frtnij'cr/, jl/ay 30. The Pr.t5.ins hanre^u^ tfce Mains, JBtbcu way to tae Imperial taaip. Tt* Ijssaxif t_i�*aiEs-nlhtionnear Philiplburg, are Jar a Jvacc'd, ax�! fjiw&dss ttf KOberhaufen, which ij incWd ly^aeaj. ^Fhe-VvtadtBaaf** thcnfelvesthat they fhali csrry tn^ r'^iiii 1>ajs ticra Opening the Trenches. " AMJkrdtiitt, June 4. They witeiroin Veecca, ti-t Com Konigftgg is appointed by the Emperor to GnssKiiKii tie Ar-tay in Italy. We learn rrctn the Camp be&ac DaKsudc. by ~~hosm oated the 25th u!e. tf-st 5 Fsctcb Metc^ W^i, zsi fcwal Tranfports srriv'd the "Day before la zhzz Rcyii, ssd *oe then making Prepararicm for IaEJing-di�irT��tfjai; t&ai the PruiCart Minitter went intctDanudek tie 241a, aBdicaasU the next Day, bat his Errand tema^'d a i�oit; .USat.tbs t>ittt7,ickff� were determin'd to held to tLe lafi Ejcroca:? ; aid that the Dokc de WeiiTcntcIs wuuLl ceitaxiy asrhe by tut 16th with the Saxon Army. � fiatifa, i^rzi. Toefday laft the Braid Wsiier* roleffla tumultuan manner, and going to a few Wrof kB-4feres� SStcfa, fttt'danil'tore(bmeEngtmi (Lloehi they mure writ -^wital - Who heard of thei/ coming, fcut cp tJicn Sccj*. �JiI> rat Mob brolte open; but the Siteri& and a GsardLsai' Sefcbm (flB^;oU%m'd .thejn,. (alter ..a |rio5�t:e ^ 'Grace iw tjld E^p EJiatufb, May zi. VcSerday Ms Grzse tie Die cf wgvllamv'd here from London. fc f �ihisGnjce the Duke of Bucckvgb ea*m"J� ka tie f��e � Dalkeith, four MuY* hence. v Pff �\ Wajr *6, Wioa S- W- TLc thwc Adiafcili *i�> il� *IeetflQl temiin. The Ana and, \* feaar. far B:e-mcD' M'd this Morning Remains, Acetu. F�a��r, fc�r Be-,1* Yelkrday aniv'd, Indu^ricwa, Kr.cis.ka. tjaaa iJsIiga. mMorningairiv'd, Warmaduke, Ej*.bsic, txeaaOfareo. "J L O N DO S. >'C Members cho&n for tfce enSung Py'tTTj MpMCiti. J Sir Abraham EW  Tzcc^Cc^t, E%. *w^i>/. j Watkujs VVaiaw Wjeoc, t%; * Sir George Wynne, Bart, -..""frt. Carwu^//: l bu Wiliiaia Ucnkc J Has. Thomas Herbert, Eicy tuAnlfoirt. x John Campbell. Rip % Sir Humphry HowartB. Bait  _ Sbiru in Xuto-Btit*-*. � M^Wr, or ^fr^.  Lord vVi^iam Hasslaca, Btodcr * ni4 Vjrace the Duke of Hamiiron. wxh&ji 1 *-^;-F' Dmmfiir^ J Charles Erefltin, of Buriage. Ef^t SolHciwt-Gmeral fcr Scotland. itvtrrtjs. 1 j~Sir James Grant. Fi^2rr, r<rrA. DnJrr. &c. J John Dromond, of Quarrel, one of the Briujh CommiiTanes for fettling the Spanill� Dejrmiatiom. t*u�*xCitr. Cornet Cimpbell, Ffq; UtdiixgUm, Jwl^/fa,  James Fall, Efqt �� the rocsi of Sir James Dairy mplc, related to the F.arl of Stait, /wiirior, Stirfag% &c.  Peter Halkctt, of Pitferrcht) intl�roomofThorna�Ex(kin. Efq; Laft Night the Coroners Inquell lat on the Remains ol the late Mr Cantiilon, whkh had been brought on Saturday laft to Exeter Change in the Strand, and alter examuiiiig fcxeral W'itoeflcfi, acfjoamUto Friday next for further Enquiry^ \Ve bear thatt^cba very great Sufpicion. that the taldGentie-man was marder'd bv a Perfcn w);6 had liv'd with him as his Cook, and was difmitVd b� Service about \tn-Day* .betot�4 tbeljidPeKon comisig, during the time that Mr. CantiHon's Hoai wasos Fi;r, to a Brandy-(hop in St. Giles's* and defined to leave ti�re a Portmanteau which leem'd very heavy,, and which by eojeavocring to lift, one of his Breeches Pockets rxrrj;, wherein was a Urge Quantity of Guineas. It appears 24artriie, that he fctcVd the raid Poitinantcau away on Wcd-csilay Morr.irg early, and took a Hackney Coach to an Inn in Gnoxhcrc.-i.iireet. from whence he todePoft to Harwich, tfe i� foppos'd to have got into the Houtc by rocawa ol a Ladder, which feme of the Witncffds arc (aid to have pcrcciv'd fiandb^ againil the back Windows, and that after'murdering the Gen^anin, be rifled his Clo!ct, and, then ice the Houfc on Fire. His Majefly has been plea^d to appoint the Rev. Mr llcnry Hawes so be Chapho to his own Royal Regiment of Horfe, cosomanied by the RigLt Hon. the Earl ol Pembroke, in the room of the Rev. Mr Rand, deceas'd. Tbe Rei-. ju..n Bunce, jun. L. L. B. is prcfented by the Rev. the Archdeacon et Canterbury to the Vicarage of Hackington, aJtas St. Siqahsa's, next Canterbury, void by the Removal ol Mr. Bunocihaw to Brookland. A few Day? Jincc died the Rev. Mr. John Crane, Vicar of Story, which Living is in the G-ift of -ki* Mrace jhe Arch-bfflsop of Canrerbury. Oa VVednetday laft died Capt. Duncorob Drake, Commander of his Jklajrii'y'sSbip the Argyll, now lying in the Downs as part of Sir (dm Neurit** Squadron. " ' Veflerday being the laft Day of the Term, fevcral Pcrfons a?pea/d in the Court of King's Bench, upon thcit Recdgni-�^naes, &c And the (aid Court granted a Rule againil the uer of orar_of the Daily Papers of the fame Day, for a !ib C5y Jail a Qoaml aroio between the Englifli and Irab HayniaktK. at work near Hollorfay, which not being ea�iy decid.J betweni People who underllood little of each cabers Lar^�ageiut OaUu.and Reproaches, a furipus Battle cr:iiUwillsth-ir Rakcsi^Pitchforks, whereby feveralwwe das^erotnlynounded. TnePi^t lafled fill theConltables of liingMn iatTTpoi'd, and feiz'd fcrasd of thcCombntunts, who ivac aiterwanL carried before Juilice Baqth of that Town, and by iaso asnxnmcd to Newgate and othe.rPqlbns. Dtriy. Mcf 23. On Monday hit in the Uvenmg ended the Pdl tea Meaatsii, to reprdent this County, when tk; N um bt rs sltod thus, \ Fcg-Lord Charts CavcdWh 2081 \ Sir Nathaniel Cu. >on 204 j lienry ila: nrT Eiq; �? AaJ Hie tco jVil"havii-g a Majority, were rctum'd auording'y. Aiur vh)ci� an outiagcous Mob aflrmbled bctore the CcuiUy-IHbH. is order tt? cr^rU'e the Lord Charles Cavtndifh from being CJa-irtl, whriefry, a great deal of Mn^'ief enfiTd, fcvc�al beiag ��=sdtd ca boih fide?, a great nun; VVmdows broktn, and cue Man endcavouiing to prevent lU lliid Mob enuring the Gaic��rfiEe.Jia!l-yar<). iiad a'Siick (iuppoi'd to he fharp at case End) dtuili with fucii Force nrar one of his Ey�� into his Hod, that he died Ycilerday about 11 o'Clock, of 1 lit laid no: jri gives in their Verdift, fiaving aiijourn'd to '1'omoriow F.viajJBg ia a further Enquiry, 'ihc two MtmOcrs were not Cijur'd aill Tueioay at 11 o* Gock.____ -T- Ditto ruuup ic half, Vilitl.s. Ti.rct per Cent, fstmt-Million Bankti 1 half. Alncan 22. YiH - ft*Aftcr.iiuiii........... Ydierriay Bank Stock wa� 1^3 J 4�h, 1^3 3 4tha. India 141, 1405 4thi. Scute-Sea Trading titocli 75 3 4ths, 75 1 Judf, a 5 Sriis. Old Anruutioi 102 r 4th, a 3 8th�. Ncv Annohses 102 1 iry 91 1 islf. Brakfcjgs 3. Royal AtTursitM 92. Lonclnn Allurjiice 11 j| Fuji. -3>scw Bank CncujbdiY^f51._ jjk _ Prein."" Somh^bra �oeus 1 l^.froa. India dTrto il- 17s. PreHi. Tr>iec per Ocot. ortatt i�s. Fran. Engjijb Copper 11. j 5?. VY^lih ditw Ikicfc: tout. ' _�;_ ______ , ,,t for OS TEND land U RUGR S~ The RtriiAKi) Mti Elizabeth, Richard &i-adjl>r)li~ Commander, SAiLSr on Friday tiexr, now lying at S: Ciibm c'\ t take ia <in�d� �ua liCcfC's, *od mi| (jijkc with ctcry U*y on the Do'.ih m fcitiiangc liac, at the Rtd-Lyaq . in Switt.1'1 <llry, 4 d ^, *t Mlthfttl blir*'-. *l U'.c l'yrcr at l�wci tKnit, J;t 1: Hcs<y Ol<*c('i, *t the t*u UaicJi iuun u it. KalUcifat)',. John fvkfp^n for [be Majler. For ~Q~~\ (SL A I S, The Catherine Sloopt John Cljrabut, Commander, SAILS on Suurday next, now l)i..|i <i . jwer Vkli l, to ttk '� *\W.f. or Ki -iii!�cJ Kkud',, �[ ii,c T>v. j(ffift*nt$ of -tm tttrat Cmrt ./ tb* JkiJ Ct*$*W) trill h M (by Adtofctune**) Thmr/iay �4At, tbt yatb at tbrirjkqi i* Whthtfhr Stmt, �/im' CM in tbt F*rtmm, on fpteial Aftafti; ^ >* Charitable-Corporation'MoUfe.-:iii Spriftjr,-' Garden, May 14, 1734. . ! � fUE Court ol CommUtteof tb*faid&$#k* *� r/�i ri*w Kolinr, tfat thtr tit-// $t M fyjMit* mt fictV Hi*fi **LAvrt�fP mount t to a very largt Sum inCafb,and dbvtrt ttbtr Eftthif m anftderabh Valut, in Order to be dbvidtd anmgfl tbt rnftitUri, in Pr0fwticnto_tbrfr rtfttMvt Sbttrtr. ..... AT the King's; Theatre lii^ the Hay-Markef, thu D*y, twin* �h� a�t'i Day of M��, *Hl be ntrsona'A, P A ST OR F I DO. An 0 P & K Ai waptii Wrn&tiV'B.L; tnttrmix'd iw'/A Qbernffct. The Scenery after a particular oiuacr. Pit and Uoie� to he put c�gcikcr, �c4 ti> Jftr&M~j� bttetnitlti tviduiut Tickets, whUh will be dtlmr'd (lis l>�y, at tb* Oficau tho i'ta|..VUtl(�, at hill*  Gtfinea��ih. G�VVet| **! * Bjt Hit M a j b s t y*i Cmmmmt, -~~ No rcifoo* whoever tr�. ba tJauitcd D*hiad tb� faatt* To begin at half antiour alter 60Clock. - > B� 04 the Ull time of performing till after the Holfday. T^the Theatre Royal in XuKolnVlnti- KiclJi, thu Cay tfeu 38th of. M�J. will ba futfarniM  N�w O^hlU, �jU'd B N E A S. Tht Cbaracfer^ art all avw drtjtd. Tbe Pit ami Boxes an jut t^etbtr at /falf M GmsmMti FirjMJaltoy 4*. Ufftr Gallery ih <*-/ Tkkcu will bed;Wt�d n| tUB��1oid-riwdi�^"al<^ie�(W too tuccr. ju whicc'.Cli <vl*iel'-'ufc msu Jinxri"* flatet, aoaat ts* Oirict, 10 il'f Wmtmcr r.n the SU(*.ib'� Da|. To begin exactly at half tin Hour pail Six o* Clock. JJj I'trfim whatcdtr to he �<fmitte Wt( fill "Jf pi.creiucii � Comedy, tall'tl The COMMITTEE; Witb F.nUrtaiiiniiits if Daucivv, fltetfttjurlp Ha<f of MX I. I ix llUck 3,10 . h:;-i_y,k / * l->-'t �b4 *�fO i.nd (il t\H I v. Tlie Whim br Mr. J *J>.tri W Mill Mat fciwlot tfeif U> r -jUjeKaviw^wb/'Kr^tU.-i �^ A44tV J.a *ia�h-Ai-�i| tw a>Xtii � Hut, Cjli'd The L Q T T K R Y. Jatitmix'd'J Sn (Li, aliit 1 ,iJ lati. Mf Cuter*. ken t� . , fte.igo-A&. iViw f% Pit \i>. FirjlGSttzi. Utfte Gdlt: %�. � Tkkeii.iiiil VUiaio&hM �'. h^%i*i� Ci VV ta1d>el'2i/baal�" " '"'t�fr.,�, --r-r: To br�in exactly it Six o'C'ock. ^""Z t"f1''"' ^ '"I1 T'r*f "ttl: SUTTOK, ; Ha.nma, $ ^"""J1 \ \o,trn foMMsOit; iiu. Ui�i\ a duwblc bi-.u.-, �:-�� by i-m if tlx pruciful ftaltof, Cunfcl (>U> nu by opt. vine?*)'! Comjpacf, ta4 Bosk* off aa lint-')ill.miii ' <U" tiiuoim, t jd.vot illicM�ii.i�eoiiU li^Maisti* m �, *"i'h <�' e< i^�-t�eco a Wo* m4ii chaio'd down q>� a Tib;e. lurj)M�'d its' CiriuUcion of (tic tlvoJ ii vatit vifi&ie hio" CUfi Vtti* ��4 r:�iWO Ttie Ciftulitioo i> �tll> l�3 from the  �.���.r t tin Cfciid. as* tioaa'. 1 he CliilJ |t> Ojs Mot'icf i v. ith die li!(�.ivk .r.' . ,!i Uu<k�i.E tie Mean, �iid ilic i.lui � lui)g�. At H..I, I'lUKnin (dlj gethar *ii .� �rcp�t*tio..>. U u>c j tka'i^ , cifiWd in Fn-litti �r l,��tch, by %�-� l� i.hir. ^.||e1 a Cu; ;tle�oio� tofxti� t|�ait�|'j � J-'icuJ ibt tjJif*. ^j;  MaerSiJBuus in ibu Papr cf a moderate Lttigtb #rc tekenjn^^

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