Monday, May 17, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, May 17, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 17, 1834, London, Middlesex C SM � � r Deal, May 15 HE m Admvn&a nmaim with h�� Majefiy'e Ships, Briom, Nov, Edliobaxgb, PrinceACwrefire; Prinxfi Amelia, Grafton, Ortrrd, xiampcan-Cbttt, Norfolk, Cap&Ie. fiemdc, Borford, Tort�j, Ifcndsioogrit, So-dcrfand, York, Btfckmghwn. Exeter, Arevll, Grcybotfid. kodSack, and the Hawk Slwsx Fool. Grifia. and Bndgwatcr FirtfB^ps; Anar, AiflteD, faMabpt the Ear^*� Watfco� ** Liao0- Wiad L O N 1> O N. f Mtmfxrs of the tott PorBamtmt. I Mrmbtri rttltkn mt the fame Plan. * AVu> Mtmbtn. "tSmk\cS*- t John Banks; K% Denoa Bend, EJq; ^2^,. f Edward LHLy E% mVl \ lord Harry fetter t The other Candidates wet, '.ik'Y  Sir Simeon Steward 257} �� Antony Chute; Efq; _  X491 % Sir John Aftky. Bart. { Corbett Ky- 257S <ItSr Kftjeftfes haw desJar'd their Jatradces of itsuotiag tea gkhttoad to Kenfingron, do Tctftay the 11 th of June. MkUakdy has been pkav*d to appoiar-BiuiiafjUMi Goldf-J&Jfa Ne|iew w SirCharfa Wager, and Wslbam 'laW Eiq: ooe<)f tbeCbwauffionmaf the ViQstdSo*, MfaeCaaffliffioners of the Starnp-Office. A�QttWifc Stephen Bifle and Fnaas_Eyles. Mcsnfaert tdtflcwfiruancnt for the Devixoand Fort ol New Roea-'aW, to be Commiffioners .of the VifbtaOing-OCce. *We hear that a Treaty of Marriage it rraxioAd betweess InGoos the Puke of Portland, and the Lady Margaret (hrlrr^fcie Daughter of the Right Hon. the Earl of Oxford, itctttifttl |omg lisdy. ;*nd efieem'd the graced Fcroaae in Cgehat, besNE pr*fumpri*e Heirefs of her Mother, who ins ieW DtagMcr and Hdie&of John Ca�en�fh lIcZEt, bse flfrrf Ne&taftk. The Efiate depeading an Lady Mar-iwn 14000L per Aim. ^ftfSvbdbrydkd at her Hcxde st Jtkmnrxsd. in the Scab WR'af her Age, Mrs. Waller, a Widow GendcMsan, by ittfe Death an Eflate of 700L per Abbbbi &lls co her Kahm Opt-' Walkr, who is abroad in the King rfhifi���Seivice. - let Totflay Feter LrigMrjo, of Ibtenamcton in the Cooaty tfSorrf, Elip Brother to late Sir Hafld Ldgkteo of Chd-bfMn Staftordflure, was married to Mis Cox, Snoghter nGtorpCJoxof Barnes, E(q; A few Days'ago pan of the Books of the Bank wen Miw'dtO Ue New Bank inThrwdwcnBr-fcrn ; aadsext Week the GdhwiQ begin to be rcaWdi timber. Yolttdfty KtorniDgdiedof aConfiizaprjcn, MlulodgiBCs fcr^R-|0�eI, Clpt Riehard Haiwy, famciiy Cnwinrahdrr ofarShrp m theEatt-IndiaConapany's Sminei He died very rtjdvsadkftfcverallfgacics todmiobfc U Yeftttdsy at a Court of the Gornnors of BniewcB and 'MddtemHoTpMals, hetd at Bridewefl, Homphry Parens, E^Prefi*�;^the Choke of Art-\ta3ers, the feBowing wic cio(e%--�ix. loha Fletcher, Fianx-woak-kBitaer ; and tittm Sharp, Needle-maker. Lift Week the Lord Chancellor presented "tie Her. Mr. rkafy C00VM, A. to the Urctery of UEagnn in the Wittfc of Cailifle, void by the Ikash of Use Ker. Mr. hm.- ~ - - ........... Wekor thaAefine Eo^uefimn Statae of Kieg WiQixns lit Thud, made by Mrs. Noft, by Older cf jaaes Macrae, E% b� Gotemor ot \ladri6, was bxil Week pes an board a&ip fix GUjzow, Mr. Macrae kavtcg asade x Pcdcnt of it toftfffJUy, which is^h^aoeptabte m il"rhr Inbilhiririri ^YetedayN8 50934 was dnwna Prize of 500 L '*688.59643. and^c;,. each rgo L .yettn^f ttui Stock w Sc^^aTraiugStock;, Atmmici 101. Ditto Ncw-Aaanson toi i 4th. Tarcc Aamty_9i, Mahon Bank ic+ **4�h. Atritn 2z. .Y�k-BuMng� 2. Royal AfTutmnce Loodoa Af-J�*SR1t-$:8tht New Bank CiradariiQO. 6L 5s. Presn, fcqutftjja Boais 2M. Prenu lerfatfeo :-t_l'resn- Ttaee rtrMBrijI, Pirn, llnglnl* Coeper iL 14s. Wd& jj^Baabfliut. Lottery Tkk*B tt Sk _ aootbaTiprnn. ^l�y� �734-�vf . mdUU OMars, llilfm Qfctr* ami Frtw* Rtpgca. JfrfyfmJK*i?tt is tkagl! �^>j^ ttiStft $ Wk* Mi Tnub. to imfvm tie Pui^zk. dot tUF>tmb msj , Vfttljpthr ammnfitJ t* mctrt tistx �ur�Prw, W��e* 1tj***rt Mn V m&pendiMt Fat*s*s, sJbi*c* taelltrt *m tttttt, �xd rated at i^trtd tLShmi. H* mat item iCMw: *0�� CujlfK-fuaji Cj^nir, sbt i* tit Gmxtrf. did � i imtttr rt>C IntraMr ou the Stage, tbia D�y and Tnno�ow, To begin enSly at half an Hoar pall Si^ o' Clock. K. B. The rickets of foclr&Bfcriberi who have W >ci paid (he lafi Call will �*x be adsmncd. \ No T*jCm whaicver to he admiucd behind (he Scerei. For the BituriT of Mr; PAOET; By bis Majeftfs Comfany tt Cottuditiful , AT the Theatre Royal ii^'efuty - I4hcV thli Dif tht 17th InltaM, bt fxjin ed the Irft hh�i # ^Viiifc.tiBN&r It Fourth;. Wiib tbt Huomrt ifJSir fS^M Pavst.***. Writttn by SHAllirtaS. . . Hotfjwr, Mr. Mil*atdt tfctiiay, Mr. NMi�ih� K'Wi j** MtUtt Sir John Falttiff� Mr.Va�*t J Mr. mmtty i teiswsji ' Mr.Crors tha i� , Mr.MalhjS�t wy j Conft.blei, Beadlci, Ac by tbeConwdkeat ! Cmw�0�*\ W** Lall*. fee. tht Hungarian*, Mr. Lally, \ta. aad Mn. Wahtr i*0 FlngaUara, Mr. t>avt�p�rt and Mrs. D'Lormt; Pooch, Mh ti laaabS (Serroi, Mr. tire Mtiettn, Mr. Uith ; latest ot Wta|�*t� Mrs. M�  rUcei to bt ttkea at the wi-L o*r ditto nB.d,  three ditto ourkM I.S. about tWrtT*�wpJ*�*��J* *� roatk'd. leetral & nets, a blot CambUc Rid�a*rw Pair of Pumptmt'kd Richard Wood, |ew�l�aira Dotcn *nd thrtt rewter Plaits ourk'd I. *. and*> if otfee'd to be pawn'd or IbW prat Hop thtw* or or laid, yooi M'xwtt a��i". Wfc�l'0>w�d . aaathM M.Oi C� roatk'd. leetral S.�W a" bla� C�mbi�rRId^h^ a MftUitl -- ^ ...... (Pair of tt .London, (hall rKtifetiwOointab Reward for tfj�#�ta�,asw^ a fir the Seal: tad any Vetltot to whiin thsy wo �f�tM tor 5ah\ ara dcfi.M to iiopthem, and tfift Notice to either of ibe atoftiiaw Vcrfcaw, 1 wrweter brtcfS-Uja laid King 10.Mr.Daoiet Limy -ia-Tri'n I.'!!"- "* ^r.*NmhtmTntraa. arfhlii>tirifnffsttMalC tiij>w4i>g Bicbanfe, offdr'd to At the particular Dcfire of lcvcral Pcrfons o7 Di(tiri�tion. For the Benefit of Mr. R o b erts, Box-keeper. AT the New-Theatre in Goodman's-Fitlds, **� (bis Oar t� 7ib1nlla�. tnll-r^ttefen.ed a Cwntdyi call'd The WONDER: A Woman keeps a Secret. C4lrit�. Mr. Oelanc v Don Mix. Mr. OitTard ; Frederick, Mr. Bards; t-St'en, Mr. ^cnkehmaB ; P90 Leper, Mr. H fo; P m Pe-4rj,Uf M*1*f-; algaziW. Mr.Pearor s Gibby.Mn Lyon; VioUme. tlMeti ; Fl .ra, Mra. Boberu } llabcUa, Mri. Huugiitou ; lm,, Moouft. _______ Ti (by Dcfire) will be sdded a Dal(t40pera, call'd PHEBE ; or, the BeocarVWkddino. Uu&icr, M>*. Kbbcna; Ch�nter. Mr. HOlett; Pfiehr, Milt Cm raid, With feitraj Bntcnaiommu of Dancing, 9a. aA I. a l>��. Call'd Tlie to�ph�rga!t, (alter the maoacr of 1 he Court!re) br  Ge�tkrotK, at th� Rcqueltal hit Fneoji. . attlt. The Wfeiaa by .Mi&wtettif and Mfo ksndbao. Artl'l. A. Taoibboonc by Mi'f.Whenit. Ait IV. 4 sion Uaaw by Mri. Bullvtk, AA V. Tt* t>u ch ?kpper hy Moof. VaUo-S and MM. KuU(i*k Boxes,Stage andfialcoaies, 4s. Pit 2�. 6d. Gal. is. Nor, ca Mom/ay will be pnfenttd The Stratagem, fir tbt _Bemtfj of Mr. jG4bfaa, Pitktiptr. _ For the Bent fit of Mr. Mines, M^Gallant, Mr. Nayler and others. By the Company of Comedians * AT the Theatre Royal in Covcnt Garden, cli� Day tlie <7*1j"Sf4l will �# prrfemed a Travrdy, �'II d The MOURNING BRIDE. The Kinf. Mr. Wa'.kci i O uiyo, Ur, Ryan; dinxaki, Mr. io; Guui, Mr Ctatxn^i Aiurzo Mr. Alloa . H�li, Mr Hate , Caret. }.:r. L^iy ; ^cl�m,Mr. *i�ne:>; Aloxiir, Mn. Buchanan i Zara, Mil H*lUn<; lc oue^a, M<* iurcov Hub federalEmttrtainmenti tf Dancing, particularly A Taraboor oc b, Milt Roger*. Tbe Swecilh Ual Kul by Mr. Uctigardc and Mn. Ogjen. And a aalt nance. caltM Lc Mirrt. toattudiag with aMinoet by Mr. Ciutcr and Miu Kogcra 1 Battel 5*. Pit 1%. Flrfi Gail. z% Vfftr Gall. It. Aad c Orphan, with tbs Peri) to fay. but she fcoaat of Mr. ftpthalti. , Ihell have Five OulneaiJewarJ, and aoOjMlioSwasVf il baptwo'dorf*,, prayltopit. twdaiecNotkaaaaa^ - � N B- No abater Menard will btogtrV. LOsr at the Election at Chelmsford in .J o"',.h!'fb ,n,Unt>  *,��***�. *l* Cbeeaaal **'*th. W*y ol aSktle T from a Nobleman's Houfe in Siv , , Heno�er.fij�Srt Pjirilh (IbppoaM to oi IrolaoKof thff latl'f^-Paiitry abonr tea Day* Out) amota orhtr Tbisets, a lilttrv H,!'r^� KwitbelonuiefroaSct. tht Hardle fc^oart, with a Crew and Bar�v'� f^oMi irnfraVd^^^ If lay aswlr^g driver �lt*erj�n w|,0 Ho't rlie fame, ihey (halt mcivaTwo OOiiUaa Reward lor iherlnlbrmaiioo 1 And �r�ut*trjjfiftt-it ro Mr.farty, ycllo-Ctcrk ol the fri* I>ari0>. at hisHoaft in Ciew^e��1re�r, fhvlt recriec half a Omnee Rewa'U for the farat, If tr._ J.OST on Wednelday Night laft. between _jrath-ftretr, Oray'n.inn-laoe, anTfoint �r-roU�h Gray's-L�u iar� Holborn, and trom 1 hence tiy-k. a H^eknty Coach t<� il* i'elt-le� in Sr. Jam��*� rt�y-tn�rker, a P.cket Book rnadeo?oltck Uubcr, aaiiisd ' Situ if, ha�(ng Ie� oie, onoN" u inTaQi Hm^ Or�y^.|i^la�r.|Jb(fbv*�r " half a Gui>ca Reward, and noQuriliotu �tk*d. ho graiier lawttet will hee"�e". hrttre nf~tm \}ft buttu the Owner. I 6St laitWainclSfay about two o^stbek, between rirentforH and-Taitbaas'litre , a larul --f rVrlaaair > Writing Med up. in a bins �a4 �'biie HsniArrcliiel. Ww&f to Mr;' Moni'n"f ol' Walihamiluw; whoever bas rakrn tr*a� op, �a* w4l "nriny. ilem to Mr. Caitem., at iba niblt in popcV Mta-^-allcy, fttll have huit a Guinea Meward,jhcyJ*j|igi^ or, ftrayM from ih^^houi^'iif ... . m at Sonrli-Umbcih, a ffty Mare. * Uttkvpaatha R .au. m Hand*'hifh. �� Years old thii Cr,fr^(fir!t Janwoat tha oif ItM brh'nd. Any I e> Ion brifi^i.-.g her ro * a'mer Ouaraas afore* .Jai4�J�Jw!rl''Cir' Cty�r i>> Lorif-i*n?. wjeL.Sasj|fc iu. pajl^tteCharfV f Q S T from the upper End of Hedge-lane, 41 1 he S>t;n ol �he N<a*t He�i. on WedoefJiy th�9<b iaAaet., a.. yellow and wl.iic I'og ol tbe Hoiuiii  � l�pp*��'d 10 have dipt hi* Collar. N. 0- N<� �re�er Wenatd will be otfer'd. he brief eery old, . O S T between Turnham-Green and Ken- fcoatQti, an Oval StmS'bvt, top tad bottom tach a SsallopaatM-is ivory, �"d ilvcr If brotftu 10 Mr. Vaaahaa's asCoraa. .^..nraet, flttll h�ve y �.<  Reward.  , "V^Pcrfon who hath been us'J to the Bufindi i\ of a ^shjot, and can vritt afairRos�4 Hand, auf BwWaf �a* Gocft, by leaving a Ipceitaen of his wrinHI.'and tlato of (*~*-fu\i op, f�r A. B. at the Apollo Cofftet.oofe, aeil.yaid, Te * HEREAS there w a Pcrfon aHout to lcvcral Trxlclioeo and other*, co _haf )QobiJk tat M rtht'Mizc 00 Credit, at'd takes 00nim (he NirM gf alfo lay* he keep* an OflWe at B�ker'� Coffethuufe iu ei^OMm1oim$tnf winch plaa he lend* for a That after: Tbervlare �hi� i%^0>iU� Keeis*, to whom it may cootcru. 'Lai the laid Hcndnkv, wbrfaamrlw at (he Place abovemcucion'd, it ao entire Siraritcr to�t,/th#f rha�ai**> he uauUied by the F� a^claid, and that it i�doe� wit* t'taify;, to Impgle and defr#ud Inn- �at rcrfoce 1 I ibrvk it  Uuty �aawatwae' 00 ok, ai wad to.tletr at to prtveat onv>ary f^rft���aeeaaaiaf ,S imMt'dwai Wiiatti my Hand �, �'iili/' 1 - i STOLN" r�Uner Ougram at. w Harman

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