Sunday, May 16, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Sunday, May 16, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 16, 1834, London, Middlesex Frankfort, May 15. I HE Towns which the French Army hate already bid under Camributiom in the Neighbourhood of the Rhine, the Moselle, and the Nccker, are a-22 in Number, bat the Villages that have undergone that Fate, inou-�re of the CaiHelanrys and Lordfhips, atnocn: to near 500. The Method taken to levy thoie Contributions is executed writh great Tendernrb and Civility ; ttr. Frrdrtaode-Broo, who it appointed Commiflary for that Fatwfe. frt**1 pot hts circular Letters to foch Places as are Jfc&ONbie of nsntfliing either Moivy or Necefiaries; they ~^^t�w this Ef** ; " That it is v.ith the utmofl Re-* r� the French Army tees kfclf oblig'd to become charge, gyfrm the Sibftcls of the. Empire j bat as it cannot be ex-~^agafffeft fogfrar an Army as that of his mod Chrirtian - iliftf am be u&tilcdwitBSit their contributing, 'us hop'd ~m �a,imp�e �U to tbe Neceffiry of Afiairs. 'That the ^QaesldeiVrrs to be thought moderate in bis Impofhicns, * sjltnthasT Regard to all Places that are really incapable ?d aliasing ha Demands.* The Time is tsextfix'd for jtsyaiiirii r of Deputies to agree upon the Sam, and the ffcadTdefray their Expences during tneir Stay at the Army. jJm sub 1 it craned upon the faalkft Application, and if ^ jK drfir'cT in ccotral Countries, fucav as the Palatinate, je, tmry fabmi rJtan&vcs ; but Win tbe Enemy's Country, gc rtoxcVd are cblig'd to pay them. The City of Aix la (taele hat paid 25060 Crowns to tbe French Army, and ^lapscbtsd with h the Promise of an Exemption from aO itffcrCtargBOB tbe Part of the French Troops for the Reunite d\ tbe Carapain. That City, 'tis highly probable, 0UJ �Wr Cafe would bare rrtjar'd abetter Secunty for ib oaodcabkaSom, bat the Presence of the French Army infpires slFbos wab a woialerfal Readinefs to oblige them. Tbe Go-;ttn of tbe Idee Socorfs with the Summons be laoctocxaaComriborions in his Neighbourhood, the la-Umuss sjkdgjng, that they are cotnpriz'din the Neutrality rfrac Aastrian Nctsserlaads. At Argenteau, a little Territory to the Marquis of Lasmu, the Peafants have actually M to defend themfehnrsagainllany Perfon who fball i Coousbuaons of "em. Ttoey write fr�m Manheim, iattkDakeof KcMiea, the Prince of Conti, and the Count �Cknnoat, baring been, fist by the Doke of Berwick to turn a C'onsmtgton with the Better Pakune, thofe Princes iitssfteJ theadelra on Horseback before the Gate of that -fctjr, atttaded by * great Number of Officer;, and with ib Hamas a Redone, that the Officer who was upon Guard date, did not think proper to admit them, but order'd tbe ItaaSh down, and then demanded to know their Names sai lafcaets. Their Battnels it teems they defir'd to tell the JUnrsisnelf, bat their N�mes were fent by a MeAcnger to fcHktotn, what they waited on tbe other Side the Gate : " tat ueSnr, however, focn order'd them Admiifion, and dedt'dtkCsp^^ the Safpkioru be had conceiv'd. Their Inaad was, to get Leave for throwing a Bridge oyer the JtfiSaw^ in order to cot off the -Paluge of tbe nauiiilili Croatia; .Nccker ; and xdly, to obtain Permiffioo =-� tad their Skk into the Hofpitals at Manhein : But his tkfioal Highness anfwcx'd. That he was icchn'd to do any Rafstto the French Troops, which fbould not be judg'd oM^oabRetokticnof Neutrality; that he apprehended totiwRecpr&wereliabk and there- fear excas'd hunielf from complying (herewith; whereupon DC Dske and his Com parkins, after a grand Entertainment ika^he Elaffar made for teem and their Attendants, rc- lv�i�iaeAn*y....... ."��**� May 8. An Older is gone to Berlin for Count l�keodorit his lmpmal Majefty'j Ambaffarlorat the Pruflian Coat, co irpair immcdsately Co Prince Eugene's Army near ttrJUiae. ^^14. Wind S. W. Tbe two Admirals, with his j'iSasps, and the Ann, ACiell. far Malaga, remain. L ON DON. - �f MtmbfTi ef tbe lot* Parliamemt. X Slenbrn nehofem at tit fa rat Plan. * Ar�o lUmbiri. Mrdbrn chofeo far ijhe crxluing Parliament, t ThtBon.John King, Li^i 746 * Thocus Balle. Efq; 703 A|M f Mr. Scrjeani BcUeild 511 * - Upcct, Etqt 567 ^eflt Adsice frtxn the Mediterranean, that hivMajefty'* I^f^SaSiibjjy, who has been sometime cruificg upon the ^S^*"* Has had the good Fortune to run down one ot-them �Tcx�deable Force, - t*w Crew whereof were all drowned ; "Bitesaother of tbe Rovers has akes a Britifh Ship of 16 *^hoaodwh Stores to Gifealrar, and having ^ikewife ^hMratsfo Ofaccrs.a?rd �6 private Men, belonging to the *5^nBm*3srrilbn^i tbe faid Place, all of whom were Can* bf Turk* Saiice' t0Kctlie' w�i Sn*P ^ Ha Majefly has beat pJcai'd to appoint the -Hon. James 4�"*y.Et4; Brattcr to theRt. Hon. the Earl of S*rborough, ^T^ftaa. ��i Cark �!a.-i!ul to hi� Majd�v ; and the Hon. ir1.^:. B.cscct to the tar! of Berkley, firtt tquerry ? UXfJH- Cclanri cf the Second Troop of Horie Grenadier ?*fy> �td Graticnun of the Horfc to bis Majelty, to ad j ^oiaufcao, as Maiiej of the Horte to his Maidiy, in the ��Oo�ibeEa:l of Scarborough. *e.tear that ti� Grace the Duke of Rutland is appointed **^aof tht tlitJ d GetKlemen fcnuoncrS. tn tt�c room * _ Rig^t Hoa. the Earl cf Buriins>ton. who lomc time TietWj. lb t5rr * Difpesfktka psiVJ the Se^Is to enable the Rev. 2-*��*d, hi. A. Ci^pLiia to hisGiacc the Duke ol St. to tcij tic \ icirage of Ttciav, iu the County of J*?*�ll and D*c*i~ u Excn. togrtaer wit S^alJttca. M. a ^� "thetbuKv *�*iththeRt �ocefc afoeUMJ ^��pltL^r"4,7142, "94'^ yS^t and 2473o, were rioci cl icoi. each. of togrtaer wv.ti iuz Rcitu/y y and D:ccc'.c afcef&id. fifi'd the to ci.-b!e th� Rrv Mr. to i a�ti \':carag<'. o: Kir^on and 0} SaUcx arul Uj-ccfc of London, toge-j.y ci Si. Jo^ �; Lewis, in ti�e Cinujty and �titrkSday; Mxf 1^.^734. 1__.....� ... .. .... .._......_________._____ Veflerday the new born Son of the Hon. Stephen Poyitrt;" Efi); Governor to His Highnefi the Duke, was baptia'd by the Name of WilUam, at ho Apartment in St. JsmesVHoufei her Majefty was Godmother, his Htghncfs the Duke, and the Right Hon. the Earl of Peterborough, Godfathers j the Ce� rcmony being prcform'd by the Rev. Dr. Madooc The Countefs 6f Albemarle Hood Proxy tor her Majcily, the Lord Harrington for the Earl of Peterborough, and the Duke (rood in Perfon. Crvrntry, H/*jr 14. Yeflerday a very great Number of the Freemen of this City waited on Mr. Bromley at Baggington, and rctum'd him their Thanks in the molt obligineNlanner far his Services in Parliament, and the particular Regard he bad always (hewn the City. They affur'd him in behalf of themfelves and many hundred others, their fellow Citizens, that they were, and ever would be, entirely devoted to his Intereft; and exprrtVd great Omcern that his Declaration was fb late, many ot them on that Account being unhappily pre-engsg'd ; and having cnter'd into Meafures they could not well depart from, tho* they were defirous within themfelves to give him the Preference, they hop'd he would not, for Realons they then offcr'd him, difapprore the Schemes they hadenter'd into, without having Time or Opportunity pre-viouily to confult him, and atlur'd him theylhould elleem k the htgheft Obligations if he would favour them with his Affilbnceto fupport them., Mr. Bromley made his Acknowledgments for their Favours to him, afliir d them he Wo�d by nor Means difconcert thew Seheme, which hr had no Objedibn to, but would to the utmoft of bis Power fupport it, and that as it was the Advice of his Friends, he would defilt. Had Mr. Bromley declar'd ten Days earlier, he tnufl have carried it by a great Majority ; and had he flood the Poll at this Time, he would have had (even hundred Votes. Anflcrdam, May 22. Whilft the Prince and Princefs of Orange were on Board their Yacht in the Canal caU'd the Cinglc, within this City, -Capt. John Bray, Commander of the St. Leager, lately arriv'd from Marfeillcs, went on Board, and defir'd an Englifb Gentleman of their Attendance tountro-duce him to kifstha Prince and Princefs's Hand : The Gentleman hefitated at no fuch Reo^uell had been made by any Perfon flhee their Arrival on this ftde, bat faid he would acquaint their Highnefles therewith, which he did, and the Captain had the Honour of kuTing both their Hand; which when he had done, he laid; Long livt my Mejltr King Gt$rgt, tbt Prince and Primafi of Oraagt. This Captain has ferv'd about zo Years in the Englifh Fleet, and was twice made Lieutenant, but never had that Pott or Conuniflion conhrm'd by the Admi-�Ity-OfBce. _ High Water at London-Bridge this Day, at 4a Minutes after 8 in the Morning s and 13 after 9 at Night. Yertenlay Bank Stock was 132 3 athj. India 138 1 half, Sooth-Sea Trading Stock 75. Old Annuities 101 1 half. Ditto New Annuities 101 3 4ths. Three per Cent. Annuity 91. Million Bank 104 1 4th. African 21. York-Buildings a t 8th. Royal AfTorance 91 { London Aflurance 11 3 8ths. New Bank Circulation 6(. js. Prem. South-Sea Bonds 22s. Prem. India ditto 36s. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto its. Prem. Englifh Copper il. 141 Welfh ditto Books (hut. Lottery T ickets 7I. ics. a 81. 8*. -May tsj ,1734. 'T'H E Chamberlain of the City of London gives Natia, that hit Offit* tuill hi oftnJ for tbt Rtctift ami Papntnt tf Monty, and fur At Diffatch if etbtr Bufintft, on Monday tbt ZOlb Inflant, and J* tntitm* tvtry Day, at u/ital. Holidayi txctfttd. ' - ....... *Ail'fi�ry. 1734. To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County ol Bucks. fZf.H ERE AS a Fail was this Morning (un- Efj; and it naxu tarrying on, I big all tbo/t Gtniltmtn, uihe intend to favour mr with tbtir Fe/et and JnltrtJI, nuiJJlt fa good at to afptar at Aylfhitry at Jem at foffibU, tmbtcb ivilJ itrj miub oblige, ~~ Gentlemen, Y�*r mpfl obedient bumble Servant, 1 W. STANHOPE. N. B. The Freeholders of the faid County, -refuting in or near London, who are in my Intereft, and cannot fupply themfelves with Conveuiencies for their going to Aylefbury, on fb fhort Notice, are defir'd to apply to Mi. Samjpfon, at his Coffechoufe in Bury-Street, SC "James's, where Coaches and Saddle- HorfeswilT be provided (OJcarry them to the Place of Election and back again. Charitable-Corporaoon-Houle in Spring-Garden, May 14, 1734. T*// E Court^ of Committee of the faid Corpora- nenrivt Net til, that tben will be fold by Anil ion, at tbtir Hou/e on Lastrtntt-PonntneyHiU, on luejdty^ tht zitb Infant, at ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. 4 targe Quantity of Cambritkt, and 7 8tbs Gar licit, Hoi-la'uh, ftrip'dandplain Calimancaet, Bom&aztnti, Canada'in, H'oollinUotbiTbiuknuaUr'd.'[abbittfor Hat Limn; i, nau.itet'J feur'd ditto, plain Mantuai, black rtfoet. Silk Hife, a l.pfje Quantity of Piatt, Gold Watcbii and looft Diamondt, IVainfcot Efcruiores, a large Parte/ofCompttrt, Prtjjtt, D'Jti, Wainfitt and Dial Cbtftt, &t. Nott, The Goods to be fern from Tuefday the 2ill Inilant to the Time of Sale, from 9 in the Morning 'nil 7 at Night. Catahguei to be bad at tbe Piatt of Salt, and at tbtir ILuft in Spring-Garden. _<_ 11/ H E Rh/lS tbe Court of jfffijlants of the ' Artiller) Company are come to a Rejilntion'to build a new Armoury in.the A< tillery-Ground, fuch Perfon er Ptrfom <vjn art drfroui 13 undertake tbt fame, may bai/e a Vitvi of tbt Plan and ef tuil.tliig, ngttber lutb a Difrittion of tbt Scant-Lngi, at Mr. fol'n Blacbxultt, Clerk to tbt Company, at Lit tlonft in Will court in $uttn Jlrtet, and leave tbtir Profofuli iiritb him fcaPd up ; or bring tbem to tbe Court of Ajftjlantt, at Guildhall, on lIbur (day tbt 6tb Day vf 'June, by 4 �'CL(k if the Afternoan, at luhuli time tbe (aid Ciurt ll mat It rtctme tbt jame. jl T the. king*s Theatre in the H.iy*^1atkt;, on Untity IK It, btmg tht it h tHy of Mty, *lti I* r*r-,d PASTOR flrJU. Ah OPERA, r*nWd by Mr. H A N D fe tj Intermix'* \Kttb Ctmwgjh* Tht jJcencry after a particular taaJfnW. ( i( > Tit *nd SVW� ro ht put eo^eiHfr*-. �oJ no rvrfoo* to t4 sJjgluitt wtthoet Tickets, whith will b� <kl<t�r"d that Pay, at the OBWC if tht iity-Maikcii at hall' aGniiirs. Ca'-Vry.'$�" By Hit M a ) t stt'i CmMmm/, No PttfCios whtttver o bt * aiittrtt behind the nieSC ^ To begin at half ah Hoar after 6 o'clock. AT the Theatre Royal in LincolnVInri-^ Fiel<<�. on Saturday,, brief tht iSth of May, wfU bt Swsarl*)'4� New OrMU, t*1\'d . Jf IE N k A S. ^ ................... Wi Cfaraffert"mri" aft �artw drejTJ. ' ; ' Tbe Pit andBMcti are put ttgetfer at 'Half' a Grinia. FirJtGatim 4r. UfferGsHer, tt. 6/ . ticket* will betfdOctU �t iht Ktdtci � Snjt.T w�<Ho*' and Saint'tv.. To begin exaclly at half an Hour paft Six o* Clock. N. B. The Tickets ot Tuch Subfcribtts who have 00c )t#�i4 (Ml Call will not be admitted. No PerlT whatever to he admitted Iwhiod tht $t�rt�. � Alhii tit the particular Dffire of jevtrai Per/hns tf ~ Quality. For tkcJaenCiit oF Mr. Ayris, Mh Dovt�, Mr. Nichols and Mr. World. _.~ i9y tbe Company of Comedians* the New Theatre in GoodmanV Field** this Day ihc itf h oI'Mij, �il)beprc)^cvnia � -arJnuXM The TENDER H U SBAJHD i 0*. The Accomplish*!) Clctimoor, (en. Mr. Dclau�i Capt. C(ct1k��t. Mr. Gtfard 1 �Mt Tipkio, M�a. Oiff ti. To w Inch will bt ad Jr<t a Ballad Optra. caU'd.. The DEVI L to P A Y i o a, * . .. The Wives Mb tamorfh o %* d� - Jobfiw, Mr. Hulctt; N�!�, Mrs, Rottrti; Sir J0t.1tLuaonst. ___ Mi. Nkhul*. ' With feveral Entertainmccts of Singing and Dancing, rfla, % Bod.o|' A tt SaadbtflS. Atk V. The Du:th Sklppar bv Moo)'..?atloisatv4 Mrs. lalMottr. Baxti, Stttgi and Bafconiet, ar. P tt. (M. GaUiry O. ^ For the Benefit of Mr, Aston, Mr. Thomson* and a Gentleman under Misfortuneh AT the Theatre Royal in CovcnrGariJctli X* this Day tbe idtb Inlt will bt anfeittd tht Traawal HiOorr �<* King RICHARD the Thjrd. ' _ Conrainiu^, The DitlrcHfs of Ki�g MetircVt. ib*artfafa oaafl Kiac �dwa>4' V. aod bit nroibei io the lower, tte landing of cfct Ear 1 of Hits* rounj, aod tbt OeaUi ot Kioj: Hkiiard tu rn� astmoraMt Pattlt of ��.fwonli Field. Btiofi ilia la(t that �a� fuvaht betwitoi'tM Hoefcsef Yurh tod Lancader. W ub oijoy other tiat Hiflwitai ^flafitt.. . To wbicii will beaddevf. aTr�gi-Coir.i-raic�*l UaUld-Ooera* Call The S T R O L LE R S. With (i fetal Baitrtaiamentt ot Dancing, pirtioitarly. a Tanbcomt bi Mif* Huierr; * Saraband by Mil', little. ; the Ih UA%�ll bf Mr. Pelafiarde and Ma Ogdcn , � oke�and MrssHatloai Btxii cr. Pit Jt. FufGeultr, zt. VpprGaUcrj tn " To begin ejudly at 6ix oXlock. ------------ - And 'tomorrow auU/ be prtfonttd The Mourning Bride, ft}> tbe Benefit of Mr. Mines, Afr. Naytor, andathrrn At tlie particular Dcfirc c� fcvtral Pcrfbns ofl Quality and Ditlinreion. For the Benefit of Mr. and Mrs. Da ire WPORt* a9y his Mayfly's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre Royal "in Drory ianfj this U�y the tdibut,� nl tc P'ci,-�e# t CocccJy,wU'd The MISER. * - Lovefotd, Mr.Onfiin; Frederick. Mr. Bridgwater; Clrdriffeoor, Mfi -w. Mills; tUmilic, Mt in ; Jao�tfc u*. nuiu�t; wj"*��'( Mrw Hrfjn . tlarria:, Mr�. OutUr ; Lapt>d, kin.Ci,**', Mis. Wiieir, Mri. Crate) Abccd^e, Mi& Al*w:. . AuJan--* Comic-\ edity-0�er;o-e rom^ni'd bfU:. taapav With Entertainment} tf Darning, pjrtkg}jil) A Comic Daocc by Mallei Oi'C. ao( Oito, bosh SthoUrl t$ Ml. l>a*Cl:^ tt. -. A Scxa UlfXtb) M'. and Ml). DaftaOorr: A DnQtcby Mr. Il(>;< an) tilll Uih.  � ' And lh* fieio-j by Mr. T�phun aod Mr. U*�rPBort, T wbkh will 4)1 a CcJ a K</cr. ta'i' JTUIGUTNG CFTAMBERMAl0r li:t<�ll),l'J wjtfi -^M- Cbimbcrawid, M'*.CJ cl tijt, �.��. t-.aUlit. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firll Gallery it. Upper Gallery |SV_ 'To begin ut 6 o'CfaH. Tomorrow will h� C'elc !� IV. v>*blbe Homoudol Si' J Jho talft .ff. T� Met. will be addtJ Tb� Ha/Uu'd hrojp.iel. flu fur ihe luorfii ot Mr. f�(t t tefceri dcirer'd 01 hi lhc Mrr>r Witaacf wiatfor, Ac. �tJ ba taken ni; *"'� '*�rir> iv . . . � �  -n - , . For the Benefit of Mn H A YD O CK. a By bis Majejly*s Company of ComeiidMjt A T the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's - Inn * K>e!d>. chit U.y 1 he '6 k i-itat, wilt UprcfeottdaPriaMrJi , 0peT�i'd ISLAND PRINCESS: on. |Mcb*d tntii�a>cargCl&' N>* TiUci. rube bud at Mr.H�|4ocfe tdcat Htlw.u iteaUodaatf Ji^i C^.m^li(\tulttlrV{rd tM fee tbe id of Hey mij be ttSJm igaj Def. \ ' .111...... - " -> *r M'Mbmttiti in this Paper */ * mtdetMtt Length M taW iH at t%* Mltlillgt t*k(

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