Saturday, May 15, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Saturday, May 15, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 15, 1834, London, Middlesex THE fiaiif JiavcrBfef. tf-f-.V- ft si. 1 fifterdfy err.'.: c .VjL />st iS N:�-� bctw*r� &s tifth apj 151b InSara, ir. E^prcS arriv'd from M. Brar-::, L:* Prcian Majeih's Mi crrer at tic M-xc�::� Camp before Daacz^ck, �tw brings sn Account, ths: ca tlrc^c. in :r-e tcctasgi Count M.'rucb the romheu-'api 00 ths Kilts calio Sivv Jrtr^jcig and EiOjcps-berg. wkca oacr.inari tbe Twn, ta be Bwa'd fcr a vrrj great Deiac.hmem �f the K�&n Army, bejeg � be able w cany theft Work? c^iaH>i�d 5 th�s tbe- Ad&o itilei ftcsn its at N.gV.t till iatfce Monaag. warn Use ReuLia* wre fcrt'd rx retire, tjtag toco Men ttcad cn tre amc^gi wr&sa wae a �tot�ft*ey Cficers of Rank a�J LV.rncbcr.. y^b^t a wty good Appaeance, and Tobcmw theywill Imfc up and aisarcb to tbe Wagrafcic, in orilsr to be imbarked ^poj JCatcber cf Veflcfj, wskn arr to mopon thcra crofs jk rtfo fr** Elackecdc to the Knsas on the ofpdtu Lie, jfoaf, 1% 21- Toe b& Lexers fassi tie Imperial Army ajtofthe t4th, at which tirae Prwoc Kugrnc remiin'd riw ^jiBc'J at Kxrbtsii. zed the -reudi Ahriy was at Baeh&l. tejbcg bt the JanEboo cf tie Fences ss>ia th: Command of H. Bttiale thai woe Uany oa the Katik. It is fiid that the I00CO Pretties woe caarcL'd ro pin Preset fccgrot, but it - tot; b� known bow 6r tixj aaf advastM. Toe lail Letters : fcco ItJy of tee |Jtb tay, tfca: tbe Ftrxh Army is e&carop'd fc.>u.^l toe Leczaaod the Oglic, bj wiakh cicirs they cov<.r ate Uihoefr ct t&e Gsmass wfeo are at Lszara, aad as focn as Count 'Here? Call be ftfft-'caly f�ra�h"d �ita joaic. Piwifions he tiiasti, H B t�J be �i3 math dixivy ;a:c2 the twrmy. caj eaiea�0Br to bhog them to .Ai5acc; t&n the News of a Jttrfe tiftziiy czpcttrJ fean tfcese Parrs. f A*A 1 J- Wsad N. W. N. Tbe Rocbcckxajne ts, aai renuics *tfh the reit cf hi: Msjritj's Ships, in. all -3 " fits. Tte ojt*ard Scaeal, as H�S^c*3^fflcr�Say; are tul'd. Ctcae d�a FozeBoon xad ikiT^ Hippy George, Round-fcfeii, �r Eircekoa; Mary, Bowes, tor Cadiz. Arn�'d, fctbfnntai. j�Jua� ani Trsegtiilkj. !>emeUc, rroo Opoto^ \ teg/, , , 1 ^fcua&u CUal^>ati>. , Ji' LONDON. a* XT..- ,1 re. crrdily I^'brta'd, tLi: la Exjprctl arriT'd 'S few Diy s ' j; Kciuacai rtuta t�� Impenal Caiup isGemuny, wjth iplpr-�irFrace Eobbc to his Ua'jssiy, to acqoainr him TKj*"'-� tv'^nrfibciwer i� Pain tot any Attack from tbe �*'-';: of R-rwiefc, tacnriihiinicg ibe |nrqaalky of their I�.^ci^v� t\::zjn, ard Utu fce expedfti dtuly ia be tetofoxe'd fty thr aaxtlarjr Troop. 4 u*^Tie Ctr.p - f"-1 r~ Fin Fry 1 � 1T1111 - 1 aiiJ. 't&KO&Jr. aai �ii tbr 6me that 1'rinor Lewh �n h? aefcztSai hisaidi (oca Months Hi. .31 jA ^ a ricad^Annj cf toococ Men wilba Number much  fcitiur. ------------------ ^ ' The.\T�3 wttci arrty'J !ile h": Night froai France bring! ~* tbfct* fett.tisAliifJHt, c> \ riiirj �*s winiij w�h great lapaK:^ f ,..............*. TfesiPt^cr E^eae es �iad fej bt tvitn nil Army tote* U!ft, lipcaibr py^s'-g -And that the Duke of JSenkkKii tixvcupoo etser'd iat� a* l>2Txhy of Woitczn-  ftfesdj^ JMafcrtgaroce half xc Hear after throe o*. Clock, lkeK�fec{ Mr. CandiJao sa A^emaik-Street was perceiv'd toEe'oa finr, ted �!i�Sdoak ant? Sa thtr br.133 traced to the Garjcscaa's BdkStfsiws', iersisu �*li*d ;s. and Sound iWtJtfafiqp aoacrs cajtieJ eSL.JB^s is.'nae jcwdL and a few *w Tixap of Vibe &f"d: fc-x che FlaaWi were :o violent Oa? tise K^"��rKS5TBEr*Tt tr- tV <ircq.'r^, a� wai Wocwikr cf tti K�. Mt' Pcs-rd. Braiw to: * Earl of � g<uout, fie Led VSb&re Sr. Jdtti'j, mi rwo o:h� liuu'ci adjMrat   Ito a ganssEy Csai iavs-beee occafipn'd'-by-Ilr. Caacastfa ebm^ 1a BtfC. aaei ul^in* 2ll.-rp wnh n ^ag. heer? trurdrr'd, and  Htm thumttii Ma&is* W dse Aflafl**. ^It.Caaflaa �at Sarasaly a U+ Ba^ifinr ei \itx� Oauuu, oar o* the licbfll Mrr-- ^W^&^rwd kklifSia� to the LwdClare. an Iriib Nafclesaz. wie fcil�\i sise late to �t. CJermaua. �f=* Ti=^. aai F*pb-.*^ - lie a Lac. '. t�s Mr. Ouaui�j� fcad Money and other Lifcih ....."^^'"sSr&x^Y^tx^-^cccxizi- - � - - ^aS*^ Js^eBiC^dv �*k *mlkioai�tCB2dhall into rfti*c ff3' !:t.=: Eeccoolen or. Account ^iAfe&fcarr, iirkuj.^w goGooo lb. cf beail��'��- rV-jrii�: iiooa� t.'.e fartaadarfwticrc. .. TaeLiftj a .. fcrcotjii ja'lol u F�3uif. 1 ' totWRediir> i C. "C/ the tad ItioiEiact'. -i-t Tcthara ua> lately a iic, t_. li-e |_rtat jo� cf thit noble � r?akt*i � p-efit: tis Rei-.Dr Moflbrn -��� -i. iic�*uj, by Uie Death i� v'-_'.f*J to prefent the iJ.r K.c�iu:j of Wantage __if w--- �JQOOh^>er ltes.- ~:.z.Tiri-Diaon. .ii. vj! an Luate WE DNE^ D Jr\ Y, Hay i|, t734- I^�[r Week di^ at hi1! Hoaft at Higli^tti Mr. Themis Clarke, formerly one of the Filalers for Norfolk ;' bet he had difpes'd of that Place fume time brtore his Drath. Yertetday- No. rj e, 455 was drawn a Prize of' 3000 1. and No. ]iSt$ utroru of different Faftioas, a Solitarc of Diamonds, with a coldui'd Drop and middle Stone, a fine laage Gold Medal of Frederick III. (he Reverie a Ship; with Variety of Snuff-boxes, Buc&ks, Spun, Watch Chains, Medals, Corals, Cafes of Inflroments, Pocket-Books, &x. Tis thought the Rogues went ioiaSt, Dunftan's Church in Prayer-Time, and there lav conceard, and about one_in the Motning goj out at. the Church Window upon the Leads over the Shop, cot away the Lead, faw'd the Joices and Rafters, and fo drepr down into the Shop. It is i&agin'd to have been done by forric that were well acquainted therewith ; for they rifled not cnty the Shcw-GlalTes, but all the Drawers, &c. After they had committed the Robbery, they went oat at the Church Door, for that was found open between three and four in the Morning. We are in'orm'd, that �bfr Accounts inferred in the Papers relating to Mr. Foxc** Election at Shaftibury was a Miftake. Jacob Banks and Philip Bcontt, Lfqrs. being chofen and re-turn'd tor that Borough. For the Town of Huntingdon read alfo, Col. Roger HanJa-fyd and td*ard Monugu, Eiqj not Edward Woitky Mon-ugu. as by a like MillaTtc was rocntion'4 in all the Papers. l"he Poll for the Election of Members to reprefent the UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE flood as follows : For The Hon. Tho. Townlhend, Efq; The Hon. Edw. Finch, Efqj Goodrfck, Efq: The Hon. Dixie Windfor, Efq; 23* 209 17*  37 BANKRUPTS. John Ewer, late of Pall-mall, in the Pariffi of St. Jama, in the Coftaty of Middlefcx, Goldfmith and Hanker. Rah am Rcepe, of Bow-lane, Loudon, Cutler and Merchant. ---,- � - 'i- - High Water at LbrJorwDndge this Day. at 42 Minutes *("J 7 io ihejVoiniw^�-�4 < �. ft^w 8 at N ight. To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County of Kent. J*HE EteShm of Knights of tbe Sbire for tbe �* Cmntfcf Kfcfi T Itim /x'tl ftr ibu Dai, tbe 15/* Iitfiasi, at MaUltoae, cur beftlbat fucb of tit Elt.'fat to iubci* itiibave sol affiled by Letttr or othtfutift, wall bt f/tat'J to exMJt the jane, and imputi tbt Omijfiun tit Aiiidtutt en tbrft Oetafims una-vtiJubl.-, ami that they tvili, atctp tbii gtnetel Rrqutli if t'utir Atttarakit in our Favour at tbt Eitdna, Wt are. Gentlemen, 7'aur mojl buttklt StiA/anti, MIPDXESEX, G. OX EN DEN. Lf/HEREJS the Court of JtfJianU cf tkt ' � jirtilUry Gom$-auj art tome to a RefilutMt to build a grtu Artr.Ttoyiti tbe ArtilL-ry-Grtund, J* !f!.i logtttbtr tuitb a Df/iriitio* cf tlx Sittnt-lixgi, at Mr. John ifiaclruxU'i, Cltrk to the Corrtfar^, at bU Houfe in tVelltourt in Quttn ftrtet, and If&ve tbeir P>ofe/.ib ^itjtbimJtaPdu^} or brgg^tbem to tbi Court of Attain, at GutUlallt on 7far/day tbe^th Day of "Jtent% by + a'CLck in the Afternoon, at "which timt tbe faid Court -willmeet u reui-^e t'v fame. : �- .. 1 �--' ' � � a 1 AT the King*$ Tficatre jn the Hay-Market, or> Siltud*/ o�n, hap( the jgtii l>4/ v( .sur, wtii u prfaiui'd PA S TO R FIDO. An O P E R A, compok'd by Mr. 11 ANDEL. Intermit.'} tu'/b C.hvtjfii. The Scenery afltr a particular manner. fit an J tv*'�tfl In t>c put tUtSfrC. and ixj I'�*Loj 13 be �Jmm cli will (St d.iiyer*ii (t.*i Daf. ^r tbe trtfccc u 1 D1) Hit M � 1 c i t y't Co'JuutHd, ' t�oi J'ctfjni uti^rcver f) be  "mn'cd txhiud ih� iMacs. To U-vln at half ah Hour alter 6 o'Clock. AT the Theatre Hoyal in Lir.colnVInn-Kiflj-. �... Siu.i, 4), Uiogtrc itihuf May, wdi U pcifortn'd a Nn* Oi'tltA, �.�� 'J K N E A S. Tc Chatasttrt art till new dre/Pd. Th Pit a~.J fhxn art fut together at Half a Cuixta. Fujt C...'.iy 41 Uf^tr Gallery Zi. t d. ^ ic.f i w.i . c J  iti'u ^r l'�J.'J-i �.*J I j�ttJ u. S u.1' atip in (.��.<. .ir All < j h tJ.�icli-uic iu ii. J.ruc. �. t! jor r. r t.!.ir*ricci..i itic jct�:a ' r. i ud4|j cud v.iu:dj;. Jo bfjytiexjc,ij>- at iulf ;iu Huui Six o Lis.-, k. K. b He f illicit 4 Ji;�l, SubKdUU* whj bivc u-: )ti,aij .t.z tall C.U. wil ' ' (c .junket!. Ni> ftrlun wt.* lobe admitted bdrini il ; Steccs. > m , YeftrrAiy Pi*)V Stock rras tt? t h�'f.' fodrtJLJL^ J 4ti% 1 :j3 j 4tha. Saut.^Va Trading stocl 5 5 4th�, a t 4th. | Old Amiuitiet t^i 3 Sths. Ditto S�w Annuiun ; 8tha� Thrt� per Cent. Arnti'tQi. X'dlwn BanW-.tCki^ 1 4 al ARVtf*p�Ji. Lm� don Aituranct ri J $thi. .New Fank CtxtiUtiwn 61. t�, 6dt> Prera. wttvSa ikwds Prem. India di�o.J i Jtir rviAe^f CtomtV. M . M*tAi&ti \ �rtwM�* ' M'�.Tt�arn��Wi i . ��!*� itaxxts Ml*. il>>b�rt*a bebg ihe 'li tioae u* her trpeat^ng m iH� Ch�t�CUr. To �^Kh t�til le t&iiJ, i The CONTRIVANCES. Intrrmii'.l *i'h Srrp. in ihs CbiraAert o!�ttl �r>d Ant:bu!a� Rowtcli, �t. Herl; Aitthul'n, Mf�. Mohani. ....... Wua fcveral Enternmmron of Dancing, via. A Stmt IHrtt bt Mti't Wll.irit. The ncrcfi Sktfptr Pr^rsf- Vj!,et��u4 Mrs. tillodt. j. Bftweeo ihj J'Ut ar^tbt�*t(c pttt:�o'at U U-f) will bt pel*. f�md 1 rur'.cSjoe Ti�{it St toe, wlj'i iutu� t^ttiiuu*. b� Mi. Pta� a be ha tf�:?i"�.ie it theOtMt ^^BWet T-motrow be jwwttntud T*� lettttr�Ri>, or lH.**�U>m* p tth'i tool*, (m tbcBcixri: ot Mr. A�ne*, Mt. i>jnt, Mr. Nichol��n4 Mr.W-jiM. ~- Fer 4be Benefit tf Af*-. G Wi H-H 1 a*&-\ Mr. JAR VIS, fhupieepen AT the Theatre Royal in Covcnt Garden^ | TIM ON of ATIi-EiLS.i , o a, ..... Tbt Man - Hater* - Timor, ^r. Wttkcr; A'oiiiio, vsr. H�.o , Apftniotot, Mf.Q^�| ton. Mr. CriaiKnin ; F�ii>d<�. \tt* ita^tm; Mt!i(T., M��. BvK'.aitM. With Emttrt&xiseKti of S:*rif and Dentil^, fartk%Iartf *y. t. d'l AH I. A Tjiu^jik br Mi<�S (ir.�, . ,1 IS xf cf *'X It St-f- g br if. 1 , lc� Atnaot CiMi'<^iin;i,n,i the Q��t.iHf % 1 ithiiojct aud ti.� i�f�, bjrMt iXkc  J Mil�Ui'f�. W�h i� airj Uatti.aibtiti^ aooip-sd ��4 tfe-Urnmf dibj U*i b� Mr,&et�,J**k�r, , v j�f ^ Btxrt $t. Pit j/.. Fuji Gallery Jr. Utter GeUtrrf ^ To begin cxnUiy at Six o'Clock. 'limmrrwu  Ben,fit tf Mr, Ailon. For the Benefit of Mr, C H ET Vf O.OFO^,^ J5>- A/i Majefiys Company cf Comedians, JL T the Thcitre Royal in Drury ^ Lane* ^ Open, taii'd _ The T E M P,E ST s o a. The Inch anted I*iakd. - IPitb nr:i-Deureis.m, Strgt end Paitti. pmfpero mi. m �Jo, Mr. J^b I,., r\^.i^. kU, HtULf, kVastel W Mr. rcftutt . Co:*d-. Mr. , �tSl*.�iaL-�/. lt�fHl�V"j Vcnl'fs Mr. Wl" . **'^***��"�. Mr. J-. /-*.�>, Ac. '.j..-i.t'j. Mi ' lft.!ly�l�> | Hi.iJ*. Uf> kV�j.�f . �.ti,ncf arr*, �k>i r; < S'n*� ufnf iu :b� S<--#^� |/r| fcarttj S^.tr. \f.. Uj!rt. .he Wf-tf , t, 5>uA' . lV;t�r, . S UI./, l>jv.-. i ' . T'T^aaa �H .11 ; .Watirib~>, fc| sU'tXf. MuU* *��* *c >.� iu i'��rt u illl *>� i' rl Lt fu . 7i ilmw' i: aided, ajhjtmxlic Maffv*. C li P H A L U S and \� i: * l'a 1 rijji.n' |:i:ertnSc t��'d II A RLE ^;i�� , fi^s-tK mm. Cnw ; Aurora, Mtfc "o begm cxaitliy at hix o'Citxk. S mu^'At fref.nted A'i^ Riciard 111. ^ ff Ulon^^gjV. jn^mfon^^dMr.Satnbrc. ^.^"m r^ Etjn� , Ntpju'^ *ir Ij.bau ; �t� *y a^fl l�li�,r *co.�a4-|u.. True:,., by Vtff IctAl;. 0.111.? rt. � <-ii. �jj lufrfiaa. ;.aVi�4b tC t.n. Ailing tji) OcJ fine. Mt*^Ci�jx^jj( �� �� Mffl ^rf^fe^TJ NVU Vcrc�ia3, � r. A. Hatijiu i C�.i �tuc. s���i(rr ; l>*tia� �lij.., in ! j�|<r , . i-jr Tt(i'.*i., nu afu.m G Hft, Icfju^,, Vf-"."CiEb�f. i!t ^iro b. Htfl. r.-It. 4c�.. a24 j-ua. Xufttto. a.33~te.t�l . C^ioc'.t Gu�'dt, t>, M.4 J Iturr*-. vir/h', tciiui j Oa-exr^Ji Aid ii r Winci, by M> I tlj |vj-. T ^ I ���oprfi. asd <ttt lVl^ota. - 5.. Pit ^1. Fit ji Gallery ij. L'ffirGaL'er, It. To begio ax S�* v'tJotk. JJriaj *r�:r of ye*forming tit PUy and Emltrttimment ihtT State, I For the Benefit of Kfrj HA YD OCK. By bis Mjjejift Ccmfany pf C(?^7^fl*� ~ AT the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's - Inn -1 tic^i; Tjiifcw ih� r a.'^rj a Faur, itil'J The LOT T E R T. A:.J fc�ci� Rcxrt*t�,yg#o',s ��^-^' K-eio-1 n.ite (trat Bllit. i>*.t, , �: |U< ataakti^r la Cbtnrrrr ttnr. or4'""'"- ,V /Kr.-Jl eV.�.-r*��H i'.r l/v iJ J/" A* 7 t^f* t^tt^q -.- ' - * �

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