Thursday, May 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, May 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 13, 1834, London, Middlesex IViGN DAY, May 13.1734. TeJerJay.earrttfdfa Mail from Frame. Bruftis* May 13. HKY writelrtw�C�J*�. that din* Men of War, baring cn board z^coMcn, bad put in there front Brcit, and let fail again the 7th Irulant, in order to proceed to Panuick. Utnsht, May ir. Several NcWc-mtn and other Foreigners of Di&incbcn have paiVd lately' this 1'iaec in their Way to thr Rhine, to fenre there as in the French and impe (UtAttain.aiBOiigA whom are theLordCharlailas, Brother to jjT&^rauaof 1 wtdale, and Capt. Cumkv, wfceare going, �- �--'- k> make a Cam pain under ray. riounick MajdtysLcavc, 1 ___. . The Duke cf Berwick, aSer baring -^VFoMfofiteoff rewards Fhi>;pfl>arg> tum'd im March ^ty- Kwafds the -Imperial Camp at Hciibtco: He has l^^jrfd by the Duke de Nooillev the Count dc Bellifle, fgH tbtfivy" 3* "Atfeidt. wrtb their rc^wftive Forces-and i bow �fSin"-h�in�� within Sight of Fnnce Eugene. The pjaaarf tte King's Hoafhoid which were cn their March to u^tCand Army, have had Orders to repair thither with 5"pefiblr Diligence. ^ facy write from Italy, that the Impejiali(ls have icirench'd l}j|Bfe}to-b;twccn-Suzora and LuZara. and thu the Marbal it Villm has fent Oideis,ror the coming op of ail the French ui e�diniin Trcop?, and even to draught Men out frcra all tie Carrions cf the Mikn�e, in, order to render hi* Arms r*'d____ jag of iOO GetBWrs, Friioncrs ; 1 hey are to be forthwith cnxttf'l to Spain, together with 360 others, which were food at Bays when that Fcrrrefc furrcntlrrd at Ditcreucn. The City of Baiktta having declar'd for Den Carlos, the, tec Viceroy, had fled thither in Hvpes of finding an /fybm, was obbg'd to retire towards OtrentQMGihbria.where pW Sparjfll Detachment came up with a Part of hb Guard} -ifti de&ad them, killing and takiag Fntojeri 3ktaic iba. of than; an3 � was not coubu-d but that the \ icerey himf-lf - wddfall neat into their Hand*. V btal, Mirtxo. Wind S. The Cniizer. Otter and Spy Sloejs i'au'd Weft. "The two Admiral!, with his Majrfty"* Slaps, ruoain as in Yeilerdays Lift., Came down, Yeamans. TSfiis fcr Antigua. Ydlciday fail'd, Suiadmb, Carey, lor Jior.EwIand. D.J, May 11. Wind S. S. W. Yelleniay his Majrfly'* Slip rne'Kituaie and nve_afoops iail'd WrttwarJ. Remain the two Admiral;, wi;h his Majefty s Ships the Namur, Edin-UsAf Princess Caroline, Prircek Amelia, Grafton, Kcrtcdk, Ottatd, Captain, Torbay, Bastard, BiK'-cinglaih, Exeter, DrnJnought, Sundtiiand, Hampton-Court. Berwick, and Yak; Poo!, Grims. anijihdgwater Firdhipe ; wan Vea-' fOBSf Partis, for Antigua ; Ccetfcr Frigate, blanker, far Uctlrijt. Amv'd this .vioming, H-^Ki^sren, Jenkins, front Elilodia; and Judith, Brsd/haw, trcan (>por:a LONDON Thar Royal andjkrrnc HighnefTes the Prince and PtirceL etOfacge having embark'd on board their Yacht* at Amilcr ^am. on Saturday Fortnight in the Lvenicg, in o.-der to pafe the-ZavirSea to Fiieiland, wetgb'd Anchor ibou after with a tii Wind, and made the Port of Hariingen in Friiiland by it on Jmndjy Morning. Their H^hnefi'es landed under a triple Difciarge of the ArtiJlery oi the Place, and u�c re-�i*'d with all poffible-Maiks of joy atd Rcipul. 'Ihey pio-HtBcddBCctly . HI. The Prince's Li^c Guards. �4V. Col. S�ii�un on llorieback. fdlow'd b Toaraen, each IcaeUng a lompter H * AKrtdeD/am and ten I - y twenty-two urtr. Ifcsd of fiX the Depjaa W. T*o RuRiiifig t"<-ctnt:ii *a tue Habits-VII. Tbotfcoie and two Gen:lc�ncn on tiortcfcasL, diet d in my rkbCkotb. VIU. dpt. Carpectrr on Hcrlcbacl:. zx the Ccachts, du�n by four tioifcs titi., bad of lixPrerircejod the M�gxiirai�^ �'* th� City, IX. The Bimn D'Aylva, Maiter vt ttreifcrte to the Firmer, Hones in mago&criu Furuiture. . X. Four Paga drcfc'd ia Habits of Cloe Ve'vtriicrd uisb Grit. ' _ Xl.'The Prince i� Orangf. �*Coachof Statr, Sia ^ kailct Uuaii^ utnuu'd Wi^Goid. .*HI. 1 be LidM �r.~ Prir.crfi Dowigir. iWtkiMur.bcr, her o5nc;: tte -. ine Ladittfit ti:e Princes Rcyai' -. -XIV. Thmjr-fcv�nCoacLe�; Horlotacb, belors- U.^ u� the Nobility arui Gcat' v of ti.e C�y Ail their fegijariLe Gentiemen. Otccers and D^nuntu*-. �tie b tpleaba Hjb;t�; as swre Lktw.te theU e iy4n d*ir jufiir.^ t.y .U T. �� theu aligLtingat 1'aUce. v* People. ^nOccabai' Milkia mace a Ucx -J ct"? in arnv'o wtthm tne Cuy t,iC 0 " tjietry. 3"-d re|^-x:cU l&c - kf.rt :.--�:d time Tt-c AcciiiuiiionsarJ � __. _ t-r ��JeKe-^rnci ine Pr�^e fc-* �rth haCcnfoet, v.^.. ttw giw^d t-v: c�a be unajjtx. J. At Nigbt the *Jwk Lay wis liiarnirated, aci at M a r-e 'uwork wa� pLa�d tff, v.t.scn i~ s teen prcpar'd a; a jritit*-P**"^! and waa cjttc�i:t>i With ci.^ iuccru. of oJ i rk>~Wool-flapler Jeremiah Surtnan, of Yoikjlreet, near Cr.vent Cardtn, in the Ccucty cf Middlesex, Cabinet inalur and C'liapnun. Henry Tilfley; of Newgate itrcet, I omlon, Linnrn-draper. Richard Yousjf, cf Thetford, in the County of Norfolk, D^per, Meiccr and Chapman. Itcsmas Wjl:on, of the City of Y�ik, Mariner and Dealer :n L'w!j,__ iLijfc Wntr at LTadun bridge tfci; i>ay, �at z Minuics a,?!�-r 6 in the Moiiiiug ; ai>J alter (> in ihc^rtilcrnoun. ^j^nuj .BanM.^ttirk was t-M..;.a^4d^A,t Aajf. India i�X Scai^-Sea Trading stock 75 3 atiii, 76. O1J 3 athf, a 7 eJtis. Drito New 1 cjuf._i; Annuities ici 5 Sshi, 101 Aor:-^5:ie5"~ioi 7 Sti.s, 10z- |"��r�:e per Cent Ai;nuityr)|. "Hulkm Bank ic-a-j-^ths. African zz Viiflr-Buildirig* z. Rc\i! Atlurasce � Lalf. London AiTuiance it 3 tft.V. Nrw Bank CircuUtjort 61. i'rem. Soiith-hea Bends m Prein. Irda ditto Prcm. Tn'irec pei C��t. ditto 1 Pr�u�. " tlih d:tto Boolvs lliUt. Luicry Fcgl:ib Co-per ii i+v WeJfl; Ticket* 61. 1 2i 61. 16s. a iSi. �fit To the Gcntlcnu-n, Ctrrgy and � iTcehoKlcrs o!  the County ot Ker.t. T* //� ElcZicn 0; topgl'.'i of tbc Shire for I he nf K E N I" ilfii'JiJ ti it Ml ./ -e � ;.f /lit L.,JL V A N E, a a v ?Jr I I) W A R D I) h R I N G, r..i,t \4rt J.ji-'j !, tr iK T.lVirn in l.^r'nlljl, ;r tht Ci^-.ilJ 'L..<''f -n Ss#!m.,,J-i, Sl'tlx.-jJaa Mwnrtfc a! 6 .'C: lu.4y alilz.:. .tC-i i' ic*i�Ciii//ft ii arc l�ul |>liHidcd, ara! lu-y i*e tr�j .v.;-.;.. . ": :heir Names at tpc&iily as pL-fiil. , to ill. j a: i;�c --v,;r. liveru u�Cum.ill; or Mr, LUwaid -|tci( ii ux Ciuuo lave;u in Soad.waik. ' M#>9, mi* '~- To the Gchtlcrticfti Clergy arid Freehotdcn W the County of Kent. '  THE Eleaicn cf Kn\ghli of tbtSblnfot tU * c:��rs#/' K E N'T /*V fir U'tJ�t0*j tttjtti Injlm* */ Sfaiifffinf, tm t&i fiAqftbt �/vrf* tiwSm wkav* i#t Affjitd bj Ltttrrtr ttttnu/t, *att in tar Fttvw M th , ** tit *rt, J.............. ..........,,,,,,. � V:''.;.*Vvj. Gehdemch, " i MIDDLESEX, ~"'" G. OXENO^K. N. B. The Freeholders of the faid County rcfidinf hk about London, WelAminilcr and Southstatk, whoareiatM -Imereit--df'-'*nrfatnK^ "'PP^f ll�ClB<U<<� with Co��nienvirt for^ thcTr going tpMaidftone on foibott Notice, arc dctiiM to lend'in their Nan Tutly tlrey can, vj Mr; amrj, as loon as cotmni-Fotes, at the White Uon^ tomb�hr|: Mr. Smith, at the BelI3av�ge Inn, Ludgnte-Hill i or Mr. (solding, at th i Saddle Horl'es will bo ready at 6 o' Clock in the Morning of the Dav of ElccUon, and luch of the Freeh'oKlen whochoofil to go by Water, arc dclirM to be at Mr. Bland's, at the Tyger� at Tower-Dock, at 7 o'Clock of the fame Motnlnc, ani fuitable Conveyances will be provided to carry them toGravdh . t\ end, and Irom thence to the Place of Election nhd back^again. ..J tl/ Ii E R E/iS rirHourt of Jj/ijiants ef tlx V* Artilltry C�mf>�iti art ftm to a Ktfilulio* f� tnili m I _ mt>� _ t__ _ Armatny in tbt Artt tit >y(iround, ]u<km*Jm tr Ptrjmi tufct mrt Jrfireui tt Mitotakt tht fame, may tavt a Fitw tf tht Pltttttatd Munntr of Building, tcgttbtr ivitb a Dtferittit* tf tt* Scawt- . hngt, at Mr. John lUiKkivtlfi, Cltri tt tit Ctmfn*f, ttt hit . Hiuft m H'tllttwrt ih Quetn-ftrttt, ami' Jtavt tttir Prtftjab w'ti bim feafd up ; 01 brit^ tbtm to tbt Court ef AJJiJianti, ttt.' Guildhall, m TfmrfJaytbt %tb Day efjukt, bf ^M^Clsbi*  tbt Aflermott, at wbitb time tbt fajtd Cturi mttt tt rtttrot tbt Jamt. _ ... .' South-Sea-Houle�London. M*y 9� �?$- - --_.. fllE Court ofD'treflors of lb* Seatb-Sea-Com* fanyglvt A �.'/<� S| "XT the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's-Inn- J ritU�, Tomorrow, briu( ilic iaiIiof May, willb* pacfotaVt J New OPtiKA, c.ll'd 4 JE N E A S. . - ; The Cbaraiim art all nrw Jrrjtd. * Tbt Pit and Baxtrurt put tegetber at Half a Gmua. '  FhJlG-ifirry \t Ufjvr Ga!lt.ry aj. (id. 1itki*t� will W;deli��rM at' il.c ru-dtc)J-,u jd XaWM� io SoMhtBHKi  tnn (it,,t, at Wbite't Ctv�ul�ctlii>ule i� St. JtinotVllrcct. and at �� OMi^r, nen t>h Ijnif tnccoo dieSUfe.thit flay tod TootorttrW* To begin exadUy at half an Hour part Six 0* Clock. N. H The rickcti ol luch Subfcrilwu who have nut yet paid tbt ' CdH will iim be admti'ed. _; No Per I'm wh�re�er cn he niimiited biliind th* SteneC a for the Entertainment of the foreign Mimjlers, '.' For the Benefit of Mr. E VERS M AN�~ lirfl Violin. - -1 By tbt Company of Comedians, ' AT the New 7'heatre in Goodman's-Fields, 1 " tliii 0i> the 13 h of May. t* jirtfentrd aCwiw avi:-�ir>, Mr�. Hobtlii-, i<i|it^ \ Mti. itxiniltun. , " ~ '"_1 Tn wliidi �4ll-bc-addeiL ..........TZ1 The D E VII to PAY: I OR, .......______________ -| The Wives M r t a m o r p ii o s* o� -~\ And F.ntti tainmtnti of Dancing, particularly j Afl tl. The Ticrruit by m�h|. Valloi/anJ Wr DtUgsrdc, j Kt\ III. Ttia C'utkow Ciotcico b) Mr. Pvcrftmn. Alt Iv A Hnru^.iJH' rcfli.rni'il li�  D�ail three Kuot lii(b, lately at* oc ivr'tl uui lor I i �r ih� ichU will ba rakrn ikk Day j ' 'I'tiV't'tdtliter'. (>y �'r. j.1"f� i� ^>,IJ^8 'f *ic" *' 'hi�.W*|r�__-j By particular "Dcfire. .. --------- For the Bt-netk of Mrs. C H ARKE. I By bis �Majellyh^ompHny-of?me4uiHSKi^^i AT the Theatre Royal in Drury - Lanc�~" iln U.) it>c 1 )ih S May, will bt vrelerred a Tragedy, sail'd-^> OTTI E l*I.O, Moor of Venice. j Oihcllo (')y p�i'�r Dcfirc) m r<c 4/i ltd by M( Cibbtr} ? (Jct'.ruicr.ii, Mit. v.iiva; hnnli,, %lr-. , U(ij Mr. A. HaltaSB k I K jiiir , \n>.ChaiLc; '.'.ill.., .'.k.Meu.i e, till. Cioj^j, t�-d,v.u ., Mr Tu bud ; ttr-abaaiiu, Mr. Bouwu , MOotaaa, fclr. It.,- t ; (lulu o, \\l- ' it itb t\intty of hnttr tuinmtntt of Singing ami Dmuitg, tarlitulurly PnJ t Aft i. A Tc.icri *ff elx> inj MiU >f�a�. - ~~ lui ol .\t\ |V.' AmiUu vfi>(% wbt*, fw,g by Mr*. Cibbar. tul il.c 1 lay, A new Mvouiitc li^iao i*juh b| Mrs. Baibkt* 'u*�Licr> Ib^itli-c) v. ill bev'ded a Kirce, tall'ti The INTRIGUING CHAMBERMAID. li.ttrinuM uith Sunt*. m t'lumt:rccMJ, Mm.time; Valenn;<r. Mr, SupptUtr. tuksclBial. 1 M�. '� acklin. Mihrc� Cfrnic \-t'.'xf-Oicv. -ic tumpot'd bf Mr. Cbarke. bud . t 'i i- uic. He lif. lit MagjO by k.11. s tally and Mrs. Wahcfa I itlc , < "t;<"- e V .*.'�, ^ws*liccp�t> io ir.s fla>bci4c-�>af> Tifc tt H\ Tik^ -M �f'.i '<� ty Mri.Chufce. Mm flmy, kf tft Padt* ir-j �2a Mll - 1 �" "">J':�t. da*c. .irnl sh� a jib aaJMay^i* 2i�t v ^c "'>c^ 'I'" J,' J> Hug by Mr*. Cibber ml J JJHAU 5�. li- Fi'jlGj.'lrt zi. L] UtfttGuiitrr

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