Friday, April 30, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Friday, April 30, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 30, 1834, London, Middlesex Daily Advcrfelfch Numb. tc*4 TUES DAY, April 3d, 1734, Dublin? April'23. N Sunday Iaft died at hl� Hoafe in Dawfon-ilrcct, the Lord VifcouctChlr-Icrhount. Thurfday lad was tntcn'd in St: fort, late Cxmimaudenof his Majefty's Yacht the Dublin. Jfeeil. April 28. Wind S. by W. His Majclly's Ship the Caroline and Argyll are iaii'd Wcftward i the reft of |~iir*f*jeftj*s andtheOutwwd-bound, as mention'd in my fet, remain. Came down fince and remain, Eleanor and Efaafeetb. Land, tor Newfoundland ; Katbcrine. Drayton, fa (Vpe, Arriv'd, Expedition, Jarrofd, from Venice ; UmpoolMerchant, Andell, from Virginia; Neptune, God-li ha* Bofphorus, Richardfont from Smyrna. ' L O N D O N. ' -J Memheri of tbe late Parliament. X-Member $ rrebo/rn at the /am* Place. ." ' * " **Kt*u Members. Ileabers fir the enfuing Parliament chofen laft Thurfday. Lt&w, J Hcruy Arthur Herbert, Efq; J Richard Hcr- tot, Efq; -------- 1; ; Members chofen on Friday* Dtntub, % Sir George Downing, Knight of the Batb. *S�OrUndo Bridgman, Bart. tefGritftad, * Earl of Middlefex.  Edward Conyen.Efqs QxiUJe, t Sir Thomas Reade, Bart. Clerk of the Board of Green Cloth,  William Goreof Tring, Efq; , Againft * Lord Tullamore, .S6 100 Efq;1 318 .333 100 Sir William Fe&rknogb, * Edward Wortley Montagu, J._ \ Annfted Parker, Efq; AgainA Robert Tunnereau Stmhrmgh, X Sir William Strickland, Bart Secreury at 1'*, J William Tbomfon, Efq; Beserby,  El Inker Bradwaw, Efq; 680 JIZ J Sir Charles Hotham, Bart. Groom of the  ' Bedchamber to his Majefty 604 Againft Charles Pelham, Efq; " 1*0 Denises. * Sir Jofeph Eyles. J Francis Eyles, Efq; Graff**, X Lord Vifcoaht Tyrconnell, and J Sir Michael JN^Xeighra of the Bath. ' Xi^^^Peierl]ie^i~E<q; J Governor Boone. k Againft f Borhce Webb, Efq; mdtad, X Francis Whitworth, FJq; Kunrryor of hi* Uijeftv's Woods % Alexander Lnttercll, Efq; :~tkm$m,Wfflnurr Ceurtenay, Efq; jun. ^Tsqp, one of the Lords of the Treafury. Members chofen on Saturday. *W�J5ir William Keyte, William Bromley, Efq; ^7 ; - Oppos'd by f Thomas Archer, Efq; Hcniy Archer. Efq; fo*�; f Francis Fane, Efq; * Henry William Port- - Pe*� BarJmrft, Efq; * Henry Hoare, Efq; &vfet in the. Ifle of Wight, \ Willia"1 Fortefcue, Efq; A*n*y General to his Royal Highnefs. t George Huxley, MaSer-Maflcr General. - t Sir Chailes Wfllsr Knight ot the Bath. Colonel -rfiieirfi Kiguoent of Foot Guard*. &c * Jof. Danveis, Efq; Vtuiefti, X GeorgefBiidges, Efq;  Pawlet St.John, Elq ^^JzL^g^oOrX 'Mr.4�awl� pi Chibollon. Sa$Jt. X CoL-liumley . Parker 190. Dolphin 77. Foley Chttwynd g8c\ ; The Objections were not only rejected, but the V*�et of manf BurgeiTcs who had an undoubted Right (anJl were poWd by Mr. Parker am) Mr. Dolphin) were relirt'rf t*> be taktM by the Nlayor, andthofebeing added,'"tlic'Poll (lands tow,  Parker 299. Dol^hih 117. Foley t^i- ChrtWynd tRg. ~Ti* to be oblerv'd, Mr. l^oiphm otl^r J ; ;>rticir a U�odid�tC onTuefday laft, and nor before, had he done it jEboWn tnariy of the Burgeflcs who vot d for the other Cniaidateawvuld have voted for him. How the Returning Officer Will aniWrr hit Behaviour anil Return he beft knows Yeitetday Bank Stock was 136 t 41b. a i ruff. IndiiTj 1 half. South'-Sea Trading Stock 74 | 4th?. 75 | 8th. * t 4�h. Annuities tco, with the Dividend. , Ditto Mew A% nutties iooxh�lf- Three per Cent. Annuity t lib. Million Bank 106 1 half. African aft. Ywk - Budding* i. RcyaJ Affurance od 14th. London AiTurance ill- 4th New Bank Circulation 51. 1 is, Prera. South-Sea Bonds ill. Prtnu India ditto tj�. Prem. TKeeprir Cent, 'ditias fcV Prem, Englifh Copper tl. 1 js. Wdftitlato Booksfhdt. Lottrry Tickets 5I. tt%--: s IR. London, April $0, "�7J�. <Y*OUR Vote* Inlerejl, and PoU(jfju*dfui) art AUerman JB A r B E r,, J^lJmj UrJMapr, , To be One ef tbe ReprtftntatHtt tf ibh Chi in the en'-'u:^ Pai To the W6rthy Liverymen of tac City of LonrJoti. .Z_ "--Gir-NTLBMCN, pi N DING I bat my former Adverufement Mt �* met tvitba kind Acceptance tr^m m^nry emm!^ri~j;ifcjji--t~-take the Liberty, nitfJ""Wiat "Swmijjiiw, t� ejfer m-flf at ef ', Candidate to refrefint tbit Hsemrable C 1 1 � in . e tsw%~-Parliament, being xtahejlraffeiiedto Hi '^^^^.tjc-'r^e ~ and tbe Royal Fai;si!>, our bappi Citjiitmicnfin Clbrcliams/Si'/'e, the Civil and Reltiiwt Sijbti cf my Fellf^ Ci/izttii, and^ball uluiip (xerl mjftif to promote tbe Trade and NtevfgaUui ofttiit- Citf,' T tSerefife rnojrbSin'Sly difif* tbe �av(^ of yw^ k^me and laterejt, itbich fball nlvntye ir^ralrfklly *ikrufu.ltdgd, by Gentlemi n, --^ Tiur faithful and obeMent Ivmtle Seiiunt,-------- __ J O S E P HT� 1TTY. To the Worthy Liverymen of the City pf .............._____________London. ";v" Gentlemen, rfi E EUclion of Mimbgritst reprtfent tbnCiij in Parliament being appointed fir tf>tt Oar, an/ fxjing (nptuithftanjinf my �nfoe3waLJt&MfU&^l'xtJiM&.4fjh***~ lion, and otheruije to addrefi yoa by Cir.idjr Let ten J liat I Jball not be able fully I) comply iiirb my life*!:-<n .-id Vuiy herein, I hope your Goodntp <v.ill excuj'e any Omif/ien ia theft Attjjpjlt, and-atctpt of tbit General Reqnejl for yanr P"vtet and tnterejf. 1 take this Ofpurtunitt of gratefnlly ailnsu.ledriKg tbe kind At-crptante tcbttfreht ptAlirk-4)fftr- of my Str:i:e balit.n/readt nut with, and to beg four jfftaranct for me at dullJt all thu Day % uffuring you, if I flail have the ILmur of being tme �t~your Re-prefentativet in Parliament, that I Jball jikJinjly eadtavomr thi Ptefervathn of our bafpy ConfUtntian, of all emr inualuablg Re-ligiout and Righlt and Liberliei, and to promote tie Emfi, Welfare, and �xU*Jt}t <f tbe 'Trade and Nafigattoa tftbit great City. 1 am, Gentlemen, }~6W me/f obedient, and luitiful; Str~<arj, RtJli WILLI MOT.

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