Thursday, April 22, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, April 22, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 22, 1834, London, Middlesex The tobHi>Ay, AWiili, 1734- jffierJaj arrived a Mail front France. . ., P/Jrx/, April 2$. HEY write from Calais, that the two Regiments of Foot which were ordet'd to embark there (or Dantzick. fct fail the 14th InlUnt for that Place, under the Convoy of two Men of War. The Troops embarking at Dunkirk and other Ports for tfu liunc Service, will follow as fall as pcfliblc. Wind N. E. Ycrtcrday in ihc Afternoon y^Mjiirify'sShip the Argyll fcil'd Weltwjrd with the Kiiza-y^&nish, fot Biibadtxs. The other Ships 0! Wai rc- ~ ****** L O N D O N. Ujj Excellency the Count de Monti jo the Spanifh Ariibaf-fcJor, ha* tecciv'd an l'.:*frffs from Italy, with an Account of the great Progrefs Don Carlos has made in the Reduction �f the kingdom cf Naples.. When his Royal Highncls was trrfr'd within a few Miles of Naples, he was met by four De-Mics with the Keys of that City, into which he made his �acy the lame Day, with the loaded Acclamations of the fecrie and was pleas'd to confirm all their Liberties and Prinks v The Cities of Gacta and Capua ate the only Places tfcit have not readily open'd their Gates to him, and thefeare Htck'd op, the former both by Sea and Land, io that a Cs-pilijiririn ir foon expecled. A Party of Spanifh Troops have fan* 1 nr*t! Bfneoumer with another of Germans, commanded bf the Count de Tiiaun, and fbre'd them to their Heels, fcgnag behind about eight kilfd and 17 wounded. The ffapT de Mootemar having been inform'd that the Imperial Viceroy was retir'd towards Manfredonia, order'J a Dctach- -jaeBtof zooo HoHe, with each a Grenadier behind him, to pinPurioitofhim, but no Account was arrived of the Suc-�6 of the ITxMdition when the Courier came away. v 'The Kingdom of Naples has been polTeG'd in turn by the Goths, Lombards, Greeks, Saracens, French, Spaniards, lafl ttjtO, the Impcrialifts, and now the Spaniards again. The ' Rcrane wa� ufually reckon'd at three Million of Ducats per Aaaon. TheCheifeft of its fortify'd Places are Gaeta and Capooa; the former by Nature and Art a Place of Strength, . bat4be.htter inno Condition to futlaiu a Siege. The Royal Yachts having fall'n down tL> jLtiwr, in order to deceive the Princefs ft->yat and his Highncis the Prince of Orange on board at < ; the Duke of Gtoucciter On Saturday one Hrath, a Barber at Puddle-Dock, having fine Words witlt his Wife, and 111 hi> PalHon broke her Head, *tOe ihc went to a Surgeon to get a Philter, he hung himtelf in his Shop. Lafl Saturday No. C473; was drawn a Prize of icoo l. as yasNq. iij^;lt , ict;tji, and 2441" of icq 1 rach. B A �\ K. K U P IS. WuTiaai Gearing, of Storrington, in th: County of SulTcx, Chapmao. Wiflttn, Barnfiial . of the City of Eriilo!, Merchant and Brewer. are credibly'inform'ibat i^reeable to ^ *vb*t 11x1, n:L'K!,l.,l'J in ibt Daily 'Jcumul if tit zotb *,iMJ, a ttry tirttJaifos Kumbir tj' tmintnt Sit' Uuict't and Mr. ROBERT WILLYMOTT. Modavt] Cinj-Jaus at tbt tafuiut lUclt'jn fir tin iii.jjrabit lUxf* % in a!.'B,u,:.k, of frujt, bo:b fl 9*a�, (.J iibiib at fre/cnt hi 11 one of d . bt hat tin, unJtr hun "j - f.. . - - - /  v-------And'tt is to kt l^,J,tvui rogeri) and tlt uwittjlablt l>i*cfi S^r" tUrulni^ and AMititi thin ^��ar#� aw, eftbi fJ ,ftBl Cattdidata. Saturday Baru\ Stock was t jo T half. India 136. South-S�� Trading Stock 74 3 4th*. Anrunties tot 1 Sth a t 4th. Ditto New Annuities i6b i Sth a 1 4th. Three per Cent. Annuity ?9. Million Bank 106 1 half. African *j. York-BmMingt z. Royal A durance 90 1 half. London ArTuranct 11 t half. New Bank Circulation 5I. 10s Prem. South-Sea Bonds t zs. Prcm. tntjiaditto 2is. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 9s. Prem. Knglifh Copper tl. ija. Welih ditto +L nit* -Lot-tery Tickets 4I. Tot. _ _ ^ ^____ die Worthy Liverymen of -the City London. GtsTitfus, AS I b&vc ttr higbtft Senfe of the kind Tnvitji- tijn ft mdvtrfa.'Ji tnadi rat hf my Ftlltw Citixxrt, ivbi(b it t!ty jiff Indrtttrtnrt tt ojftr nj S/nviet en tbh 0 I tntirf/f rtly mpar Affifht* and G*rd-H~iU, and thtttfert immfrty ixtrtat tht Ftevtur rfytnr Fetes and tnttttfi, teat I may l>t ett cfyexr Rrfrtftntativts in thr titjiaitg Pa*liamt*i; %vhick, at t jzt*i!l fftrrtn it my bigltfl', ft it /bail it itt Study if Ktj Lift ta tttdttrvcar to dtjirr.t. I am. Gentlemen, April 1S, Tear tkifl aiSr'd awj 1734. MoA tbtiitnt Servant, . . _._ JOHN BARBF.R._ To the Worthy Liverymen ot* the City of  London. Gentlemen, T T is in compliance with tbe Eamejl Reauejis of �* grid! Numbert tf rear Wtrthy Livery, that I tmktmt pmbh.k Opportunity of offering my Jilf to bt On: of jour Rtp ejintativtt in the enfiung Pariiamatt. J am too fnfible ivlrat great Abitititt an mttttjarf fir. tbt d*t difibarge offi important dftruft, andbrji much int^ual lata t* tt i but if a ftKctrt% imiilabt*. and jUady Attachment 13 tit IJirttiet,' as reel/ as lnttrept of my FilUiu Cttsztns, can male any Amends, I bumbty beff, tbt err/Jan/ Rtadimefi I ba-xn aliLayj endt&vcard ta jbeukJmk* $er<w* of thii Citt, ivilf f%**e ycur Votes and lnttrefit at tbt apprcailing ElecJif, Jar Gentlemen, ---------------- VjaVlmptbti�df tsbtdifnt Servant, _ _________GEO. CHAM PIOFT To the Worthy Liverymen of the City ot 'London. G e ktle men," *T*H E great and generous Encouragement I have rtceJ-Jdfrom mary eminent Citizens, occafLni mt to take tit Libtfty if making yoa this fmbli:i Offer tf my Service, to bt one of yaur at tltt afpmicbing Ele&taa of Rfe/eberi tj ferve thit City in Porliomtfct. As 1 bavt tbe bigbfji Jtnfc of tbt great Honour yvu eenfer on tbojt ivbom ysa deem ivertby Ij pJact tbh difiingtujtii^ Mark of jwa/- Confidence in, jo ym may defend on my tanvtaritd Endeavcam to aeqmt rnyfclf in the rtojf exatf andfaithful manner of this important Trujf, if I fhu/d bait tbt Happinefs ef mettirg fair Approbation : I therefore no/i humbly hope for \cur Votes and In-ttrtfl, ixbub 1 Jball ever /99k npon at the greatrjl llsnour i:t.nb fan be dgsu ta Gentlemen, Your mo/} obedient, and ileji faithful bumble Seri-aet, _ Robert Gqdschall. To "the Worthy,Liverymen of the City of London. G e ITlBUESi, ALT HQ* many Eminent Merchants and Citt- zeni have frrqutnth Jtfu'd me to offer myfelfas aCanididate to represent this Hammrable C I f^Y in lit tmjiusm PaKLIA-METt-r, the Diffidence I ba-jt tf my Wmfbiatli tf ft peat an Hinour, and Abilities t� difthargt Jm important a Tmjt, indue d use. ta wait ikf.IJfut. *f a General Meeting tf fie Cithunj on this Qccafssn i but as my Silence bath beta deem d aslpable by many of my F'tends, in furfuanct of their repeated Advice, and the En-ca�ra�(ment they ba'-.e gtnexsafly gruas me, I frtfune f entreat tbe Favour of year Votes and Intaeft at tbe approaching EkiHes, affunng \cu, if I Jball have tbt Htmeter tt be ebejtn tne of your Reprefentatiies, that / fhall fiuditufy tndttnimtr the Prtferva-tion ofo^r my)} happy Cinfiitutitn in Church and St*(f, and of all our twsliuibU Religious amd CittI Rights, and Libesius, assJ_jt prsimiU tbe 'Eafe, IVelfart, and Exttnfism tf tbt 'Lade and Navigation of this great CITY. 1 asm, .......... Gentleman, Tottr mail obedient and faithful bumble F-rrtant, _RO BERT W I I. LI M UfT. BiJhopfgatc-Ward, April 22, 17^4, Waailead, April id. iffo ?F that J de.i'.SJfltndxrfir tb* Ctmx+i 1/ESSEX, /tbini myftlf tbligd, that fittb Ji^jsmatim'mat s*f MwUfi* the Prtjadi. t if tt\ fntrtfjf,' ett etlh in OatitaJt h thtff i Ftf*Jj. tvh di* mt tiy Favtttr'tf tKtmmtmSnf m tttj Mt w tbt Candida^ for tie foid-Coa*tr% tt m*** tbii ptf^MUk B*H cltratt$f, that / em rejitVd tt tjfir mjitf est tbt MShS tii�. . ^ Threfort tale tlit OjftTtintiy ft* FeH/otrtfrnm eitd lr.:c-,jf, iwib Ijhillahvetyt a.^vlr^et tp*SP/f*&^ bertnu ti hit M^jefty, lb*' LaUl, Libatitt, ettfCs�jtitmm ny i'.nicntry. I am, Gemlcinrn, _ � * CASTLE MAI To the Gentfemen, Clergy, and Frceholc of liie (bounty of Bedford. rll E Etetiion for ibefaidVoHHly coming m tlx Tf+n Sthtmu, T LEIGH, ,4_ Si a. Southwark, April ti, 17)4* rUUR Vote and Intcrefl are defied[\ GEORGE H E ATHCOTti> Kjn fm*� [\ diefag fo nuirth a Refitt'tututiu, mt S I R,-- /tl tbe Requejl of the Deputies, Common-Council^ and frveral of lie wrthy Liverymen, year Czmpetry is Je-Ji*d at Leatbtrftllert Hall tathin BtfbtPjfcaie�, 011 IrtJuy tbe ifiib ~Jn^anT,~'ai~Y~'oCliiet'''in the Evem^ ta tcsstert p'uptr Meafwes to fottcrt tbt Into eft of ROBERT GODSCH ALL, Ffq: Alderman ?f this IVard, tt bt one of the ReptefeUuU^iet tf tin Cut ta the eefierKg Parliament A Very confnlerable Number of the ll'urtby J.i- vetyatnaf this City bavin* rtfj-vd in the mill jliei^u.ut manner, to jitpport and promote tbt Intnejl c/ tbt foll-sf.i*g Ciu tit men at Candidates, at the apf rifling EtiiliiSt aj bUrr.beis ti Jti-~e this City in Pailiament, ,:z. Humphrey Parfom. Euj; and Aid Sir John Barnard, fine and Aid. Micajati Perry, Efty and AM. Robert Gudkhall, Elui and Aid. It is lip'J tbii Lift will meit a general A}p'that>;n, reitdy{t'.u:curTCntt itn'/ be jbt jli in tie Chuue of J.u Integrity and Capacity Jit tbe d'Jiharge of tin inpstaitt \fiuji war be t'ull, relied en "T* II E Majlers of all tbe regular 'Ledges cj lh; .Ivtitnt and tlv^U'abU Si.:ety 3/' fret ard A.icpttJ Maf.m, are J'jii'd Ij meet the >eji of lit Members iU.j eim^ft tie C.2. miltee, tar l)i aitfol Sen/* Itetmim tlnwrnftmlmi tit FavMr of your Vote i atd fntertfl at ttu tnfuhg BmNm, I 'hall ftudy'to Jt/eme, by m fttady /UktrrKe HtimifuTl. ej my Country, an inviJable Attachment tt bit Ma/tfo Geo kci, and tbt pre/tut bafpj E/iabli&ment. I Jiur wftobligd, and j Devoted bumble Strvamt, * t 3 THE Gentlemen vibo are pleajtd Set faVimt X Mr. Seln,iu vilb tbtir kind AJifamt tt delta FhlfC F under any tf tbe Di/aualifeatiemt mentioned mt tbt Hemd Lift ef theft poltd for Mr. Btfwortb, art deJtYd, ett f***i be, tt txamtne tbe faid Lift, and tegive Netitt tlstrtwimWr tt Mr. Sehviut Scrutineers at Merttr^Hull \ in ntAUh tbtf kefirdtt takefesrticuleuCarTitiln^ttbtftUmium^i ' 'lit Neupetffo^ml/rtMn; "' :'"r" ' am Tbt Company to nZltitb tbty beltm*. �. _ -;:a Tbt Particulars of their DifqMalifoatWtU TbtNtvmttrffisthWitsuffetateemJnr^^ And Mr. Setudn fisrtbtr ntutfttallbit frtemtt, nuit mrtfo~kvm\ to give him any Jiicb lnttUigtnee, mt tt forget tt �r*nr-JtWt tbth Dirteiiansnxhtrt bt map apply tt tbemtuOecmfm. ~_~ ~~ South-Se^Hoiife, London, 8 March, 1733-4 CourTof JXrWrn ^ ibe Souib-Sea Com{ parry do hereby givt Nttitt, thml tbty vdll put up to PubSd Sale, at tbtir llcmfe in Thrtadnerdle ftrtet, in H'eJmjden tmj ttb-ef May next, at nine in tbt Ftrtaoon, tbtfollsuinf fjWifl viz. ' v .'^'"15 900 Serins of Cochineal, ~" - lie Boxes 0/ CuhintqlD uft, '-=�� J 10 Sttoni of~GranesuSU-ve/trtt >| 700 Serous cf Iiulsgs, and 1 J B'igi if I Iuv anah-^nuff. Bugs of Hav. For~VOT T The Prince of and lint a Id' Gt'-llemett R D A M, O RANGE $2oOpj>~ Thomas DvjliH, Commander, SAILS on Wednefday ncix tow lying <t tJI-I kJ. �od VALngttt, Mt.4 mtsy he Ipokr virfcl tic D'!tcti-�iik m Eitiunge-timt. tbe Ibrdktn O>trcchoufk or ut .h� KcdLioaaa in v- i hin'�-illcy. wtU >� tr the Koytl Cscb �t M;ch�el li.-irj't. it ihc Ijger i�r Tu ? -� il �t T:-n *> t.jUim, (Uic.Mtlttfi t itic l>"lphi. ilaaf) tt Cotiiaa'i'Cutfothoultm y. K*iic;i*ie'i-ii�u.�>: Of, rfd� Tubman for tlie Matter. A, Offci- "i thr: TFicatrc Royal in LincolnVin !>. r-ttxr.tew, Uiofite 3ji of April, will tvpnfantAtl "'a R I AD N E. ri j! 10 l-cpcrf i'ra'J by il.c 't'.brtteit^TKtuCvXXtmU^J; v t- n |-j!t ar'i%'d Ir m !:�!> it't>m4 "etlih 1*1 T'-e f �' l. � d B:sii are put i-.gelier eit Half a Cusmtm. Fi-ftGallft'4> Upper GnlUry is. 6d. i-, l(:ttf. * '<*� fe"� < li*::�t^l. iuii. m �{. J,o�<f'� ��*�, M4 � .1%'' o'i.if 1*** l*x.r t Tomcttoue. ' To bs&in cxMlt *t half an Hour paO^j

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