Tuesday, April 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, April 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 13, 1834, London, Middlesex SATURDAY, A*ml 13. 1734- Veal, April 11. HE King's Ship; it�cn;ion'd in my U(l llfll remain, and fince tame in his Ma-j*fty'�$hipLynn and .Thimdrx Bomb , altt Bo'irdsanx Merchant, a Tender with Men For the Ships at. BUck-ikkes; Henrietta. Biggs, an3 Bdh-rivcr Merchant. Read, fix Virginia. Since catnc down and remain, Duck, Drake, for Leghorn j holy, Nor-ccmb, for Liibon ; Elizabeth, Ducc, fatBsrbidnc*; Deaerin, Taylor, for Dublin. Ariivd John lal Efc=**th� Srenccr^ f'om S: eigJ-ts; , Martin, Trom Irehom; Charming Sally, imc, from Virginia; Maty, fccrteoc, aiK* s*'fr� Cornby, from Oporto. Wind S. W. We &w three Ship this 'Mcmirtg.going on the back of the Sjfld. which \ve Judge arc wo large Mcn.of War of the Brcil CMB^ron, and the other a Storcfl�ip or Tr-mfpcrt. * xJorAlcn.ct* War in the Downs are tnttlly vrtlu^ird with Frdh Pr*vifion=, to prdhve the Mens Health", attd f3vc the l Regimen: of Horfc, cornroanded by the Right -He*MheJE^flol Pembroke. Oo Toefflay^lafl died Mr. Felton, Store-keeper of bU MajeSyV Ordian^cNLnd Royal Fcundery � � WooJwich ; and Yefterday hit Grace tnXpokeof Argyll, Marter-Gctaeral of the Ordnaccs, was piras'd to appoiDt Mr. George Campbell. Store-keeper of the Nkgaane"�{ Powder at Upnor-Caftle, to faiceed Mr. Felton � VVoolwkrhY.and Mr. Baker, Clerk of the Cheqae at Woolwich, to fucceecM^lr. Campbell as Storekeeper �t ITrnor^Caflle. \_ Edmund I.echmore, of Henley-CafMe, Elq; bath dedar'd kinfelf a Gasdi&te at the next EkAion for the County of Wcecefler. s. Lift Monday William Strphenfon, of Holley-Port near _____.Wi&dfcr, �fq; ag<d near So Years, was married at Wiuifirr Church W Aliii Nelfoo, a young Ladyof abcut-r7-.------- Lift Week the Rev. Mr. Jackfoo, .M. A. was induSed into the Recrory of Botlcy in the County of Southampton, tpid by the Death of the laft Incumbent, to which he was W&f preSrSed by his Grace the Duke of Beaufort. We are affur'd that a very confidcrable Number of Citizens tire agreed Qr*nuoufly Co promote the Intcreft of the following wcrtby Aldcnnrn, viz. Sir John Barnard, Km. Miciijah Perry, Efq; Humphrey Paribus. Elq; And Robert GoJfchall, Efq;',' At theapproachlDg Eieclion of Members to represent this City ia Parliament. OnTue&ay thecrth Inflant, Dr. A�d�fon, Anthor of the Itoyil6e|iealcg!e�, was intrcducM by Mr. Lecke to her Royal Highoefi the Princefs of Orange, with the Genealogical Tabic _j^,hrr ;Hcmind_^^Bm-Charl ir Clement Ctttcrel to his moll Serene Highnds the Prince of Orange Nifbo, who alfo gracrouflyncceptcd of the Table,-, as an |n-iance of Zeal for l^u Family. Jit Plajtf Tamerlane, mhicb was tt have tent afltd at the Hutnt Ratal en Muttlai nrxt, it �deftrfd fat a fiw Pap, at tit particular dijire tj facie Perms of DifllnSian, <tvhiare to be - f*fi* at the Ptrfirlnar-re thereof -when p/aja"; and The Silent Woman, ixritten Ben johnlon, it to be perform'd iajlead of Tamerha, <uitl ihi ru^EiUmaiimat�fJL&$v& and Pfyche: Or, rolombine Courttzan, at the Dtfirt cf feveral Ladies of /Qfiedirt,. April j. AD the Prifoners from PJacrntia in -KewfecfclJacd, fent overto rake theifTri-ds at Exeter- Affizes, boag acquitted, are retailing bark to that Garrifon, by order 'oFCSt Ciedhill, LiturjfriSnt-Govvrnor. Errata. /* tbe laflArtUUtf. Yefterduys Pafer, fir Vote read Vol. W ftr PoJil.'e read Cadille.___ Vcjknlay Bsnkitock wui 13c 1 41ft a i hail, witbout the Ditidend. India 156 t hall a 1 41b. South Sea Trading Sarft 74 5 Sihs. AnEttities 101 a 1 8tb. Dkto New Aft-�niriejoj 7 8ihs a 100. Three per Cent. Annuity 38 1 4th\ M3�tmBank 106 1 half. African 23. York JBoiLiings z-Rnyal AiTurancc 01. London AiTt ranee 11 1 half. New B�nk Circulation 5L cs.Trem. South-Sea Bonds 195. Prem. �dia dicn 29s. j'icm. Three per Cent, ditto 143: Prem. Englilh Copper i\. ijs. Welfij duto �1. 10s. Lottery Ddeax^L 2a. .......... 1 . Soatlrasrle, April 6, 1754 1 To tin Eltffors cf the Bcrotgb cf Scutfasark, GSKTISMEU, ' , E Honour 1 haxi rectrtfi in being mmu _ mated a Candidate tfrefrtfettt tbit Buremgb in Parliament, ibiiges net t* detlerr the fr�tefnl Senfi t ntain ttemf\ antf t* beg tbe fWtvar ofxtnr fetet and InStttft at the trifling Elt3'nmy txbich I (ball fad/tideterge, bf a ftadf AJbtrtntt to the tn* Iiderejt tf *sj Caak'rt, at itrtitlable Attachment to bis Maj*fy *"S GloacE, ipid tlx pte'txt bap^'EfiabS&mtnt. I mm. Tour tiift tbligd, and Divntidhamble Servant, _RrcHJ�np Shi r r* an CrowriTavern behind the Exchange, April 2. 1754-To tbe Cenilemn, Clergy, and T'reebotders of tbe Ccumycf Kent. TT baving been artfully and mlujlrioufh re- farted, intritir� to.damp anddifmnite onrTriiKdtrandl.iifba Fieufi if fifftble, i� defeat tbe great PobaUtttj there is of ear Sueieji_ai\ the aextEU^ien, teat thtrt h a DJftrrttMest.tr Difiinhn fob/fting between us, at if eitber'nuits a3i*$ for bim: ft(f 'ftfarateh, ir wanting in bis btjt EaJ&tvtnrs U afjijl tUt odir iiitb all hit Powr and Interefi i and as netbing can tend n-re to ear rxatual Difervict and Dijcredit, than the jxtfcrittg fatb ArtiJLtt and Mtjrtfrejentatiams to go thro tbe County an-artradiBcd and undettettdi U't think it nteeffUfiU irxumbtiet npsn us to snake tbit pmblick Dedanatkn, at nxtll to faihfi cur Friends, ay to do onrfives JufHce, that tve will' jTrtnaenJly empire oar mijf ejfrrfual Services and Jjjijiance fir t$? promoting the Interef, and proenring the Soxttjivf each ether-; wbieh, at tee bat* jf'iTu cur Herds of Honor, before a /ar^e Btd* of Citizens, ajfembltd here this E*stnrng, p**3uaUy and faith' fully to ptrjar?n, a� tept our Friends every v:bere <�"// to-pftratt ivitb us upon the 'fame Foundation, etnd favottr betb Kvito their joint fetes and Inttrtf, tvlen tbe <fime comes. MIDDLESEX, GEO. OXEN DEN. AT a late Meeting of a confiderable Number of " the Inhabitants of tbe Botvttgb of Souttnvari, Aaa aHaM Sua an, Ejf. *u�u in nomination as a Candidate to rtpre/tnt tbe faid Borszgb at tbe enfting Ete�tien i "uticb be dtclin d, and returnd them bis Tianii far their sXindnef, in a very obliging man. K�r- ' * . AjOrruardj they unantmeuflj agreed ft nominate &i Brother IsaAC^Pacatus Shard: But be alfo retnrfCd tbem Thanh for their Favours, and fbomld bave been wilfirg tf bavt Jerstd them, but biiitvd it /uxnli be novo too tale. Bat the faM inhabitants knowing bim to be a Gentleman of txtravrdinarygaod k\trtsr and every icay qualified fit J? great a frufi, (bei^f^rurfy^inxnjsaination for the Jaid Bereft on bis Return from bis Travel*<)^diagainreqneft the Favour that be vmJd o&lige as to fond, tb^tatf, fir tbe faid Btnugb, t^ 'T*HE Gentlement CUrgy, ami FreebplJcrs of tbe Canty ef Hot fir J, refit: ^ :t and r.ear Lisdjn and H'ejl-mtnfier, urt dtfi''d t� tBtst i>:r Thomas S � b r ! c 11 T and VlllIAH Pli/utt, Efq; c: It 'edtrfday the I -J to Infant, *t the'^tSnpi At a 7L-;.i� in St. PuuTl Cinr^i 'gh'ofSouth\va'rk,L Ayi'd 8, 1734- To the Worthy li L E � T P R S. Gt J T- ii uitb tbe Atlvid' and Le,:r.'\ Jj-prclation 0/ ^ G'5JJ/. ar.d k:i ill*jhitu% Fatnil,, ^ iujl and uealiiiable (Usctrn fir the R,!tp*us axd Ct\il 'Rutland Lihtrtiti -f mj Ftllw Sub->-*i. JhmJl be thetnty hini-ves >f or, CnduJ. At.d if I La-.e trt hfttfiftfit t) be tlifiu ;.ur X'<*sbsr, it JLJlbe my ttnfiamt Endt+i.uu- to fremttt the -bade, Navr/at:*?, ami P.'*fi*ity tf tbu CeutB^iigh Ziith all im^ir-tl!; l)ilt^r.u a-j rifihty. i tSnefkre entreat the hai.u, of y*r t'.Ui a-.J lr:U,.J. A-J (itifLiMtr., tija tt'.Jt fi::'-f:l jr.!:l /-.V./.v f Chamberlain, nvbicb Gentlemen are defi'd to .e x.m'ntsizth Care and Exaffnefs, and to bring or find to Mr. Setwin'j Scrutineers, atMtrotrt bail in Chtajfide; or to lit limfe ia^Bai^rtnMtr-RawitoB in QtrnbiBj George's Ceffet-bonfi vueragainfl the End of the Tfay-marttt i or Cnil-Street Csffee-bmfe ottr-agaiujl Cecil SIrat hi the Strand { to Mr. Getrgr IFoodrtfjVs at tie Rofe and Crann in She-Jane j or PowelFt Coffee-bomj'e in Sptttlefi/di, as fen eet t-Jfible, Accounts of all fiteb Perjent at they find nam'd in fat fiudlJfi, utofi rotes are by A3 of Parliament er a/bemdfi v:id. Of fucb as hove not Ptird themftli/ts fir Air. Boiwortb, but have bttn ferfinated bj others. Of tkafe alia who bave not'been tocelye Kalittdcr Months en tbe hivrry- Of th-ift ivio have not paid, their Li-vety Fines ; or nvbo bave receivd tbe famt, or any part of their faid Liver) Fines back; again., . ..________________..... ^ . Of tbe/e wl*bave ecu[been du^trajr/!ated io'the'Cjmpa^Tn ivbicb they are pcitd. -- Of ttafe who have rtfuefiedf be, and bave accordingly been dijebargd fi'M pa}ingan* of the Rates er Taxes, tg iibieb tbe Citizens of Ltudc* inbapTtthg therein, are or lave been liable LLithin the Spi>e of iivoYeari before the /aid FJefticn. Of fitch <u.ho within the faid Space of t<wo tiats b*~e rectiv"d any Aims vJtarficver. And of fitcb ixbo tbd Liverymen s&r mt free of this CftjfT""""T" In order tojdeted falft PoUtrs, tbatjufiice may take place, and to prejer-j* "tin fJtigbsi and Privileges of the Liverymen of the' Qity of LsrJan. N-B- In fiver at oftbe lift of tbe Ptdltrs fir Mr. Bafi nxarw, ate tpt fiU^vcimiMijIaiis. In tbe Brewers Company. Diie 3 Pere Jamas, Rather hub, vubopeWd for Mr Srliuu. v In tbe Grocers. Dele Pew George, <ubo folTdon Apothecary. � AM z Peace Robert, hemd�m$tsme�:--:~r-------- In the Habcrdaflters. Add z Fox Charles, Cbtutmbt.Nsitkamp:vfiift. 1 Potion Rcgtr, CheapfiJt. , In the Jcynerj. DA: Reynolds George, rs.fi psl?d jo* Mr Silvin, In the Leathtrfellcfs. Add t Stevens Richard, ,N�'�gateJf*eet. In the Nccdlenokert. c./- DeanMauhcw, Sboridtt.b, : � a=.i:t ikm. t:paclh Lcr.hci *unafobnxl Sboci, light *>F *u4 MtUn SciAk, btioj; found 4**6 fu Smw-Uiil a(i TtiuiH�r S,t'>i. bct�c.-n it and ia o'Ciock, may be fees at St. ScpakWc'* W..tkli^(c 1.1 Cl,i�,t- *rx.________ 'thii h to give Notice, THAT Attendance will be given at the ltn:iv ft Li^>l>'k toe-KitUisthisl>*y tac *}-.!�. hlui- H..- 1� a: j Tucfeay 16th lottMt, la recite ihc hit Ctll ct" I t>�c u;n)i, ibe suticiipiico lor carr|Mgua iheOperas. ni>f ibu. ItacUwiUbOi Tt> ths Grcnthrmcn, Clergy, and Frttbokkll , of the County ot EflcX. ---------. AT a Meeting of Grand Jity, Ge*tle**n% Cltttf, and FrttimUmif rf� C , Brm$, fft, J a {.tree J^antiti ef Mest and Itamens AffaHt, Fthet Stavfi, Htedi,Lai� and lacedH*adetetkt*Ta$M*me*,&k**uGMmml Silver rhh embntder'd H^thm^fi* Prima* Linnemt, Stnfi, tiff of Silver L^e,wrongit Ptatr/Sihvr ShtamlKmt-Satmla, Sto.iBurii/i, fJjin Gdl Ringt, Stmt RtagH Garnet Xingt, Diamtd Rings, and Diamond Bmt&i i a Diammd Stdlat*, Peail Ntdtacts, axd ii large &*autity tf Geld ami Sihtr* Wattbat, &e. N. B. The Gjodt to bVwtiJd jtoTnefiljytkt t6& t�lh Time of Sale. - . Samuel Edwards tf Norfdk-Strcetn _ Broker etnd AuHkneet.  AT the King> Theatre in the H�y>M�rl cn Tv�Puy mst, btinf the l$lh �f Afail, �iU btfcwit' t*g tb* City. ......S:jW Hb firtl Interview with britannia. itte wbokcMclftgaf wkh Jk Tit SoLEMMIZATIOK of tit NorTIALS in tit WMtMM ii y men.__ tor J ft*kc, Mr. Hulerr i Q�8t. B*Uy, Mi__- -. -, --��.� Tfirf t'� if* ti<�j laOjVrrwga farriy ayoaAi'dat tbeTlwarra m 1 DrurvLiicc-, Ci^taa, Mr. ty^~atiVTb>pp�Uw, Mr. HatMa, Mb., Es�ll,&c. V � * i The Hcufo will be j*�m d with iba^omaa* of it* lUfsJfasrfjwl /LcCfca'ts M�uuts^NaactocMr p��jf tK�a� aatiwlf mm* j Oo which the Uitn htm WeMtm � t*� St*a* mwm f'tvl do his then ��/ fu3 Ttic* mUtUtakyu darf* the time of tVrJIitptyL* rt*ut foe the foxes ult titja at rittimftttfttbmftt " i fxU j|Mt���. Mt*. **im< hi. . To wti*ii �iU be *4*c4 an kauttuomohx Wltousf ta Cm Cfcsra&if, �*<�* if. v.i:lt�p��tr-tcJ�Otae^jr, The SILENT woman. To which will be'added i'wtwIili^i^Sifi- cupid and psyche- 1 ....................... o ----------..............-....... Co LO M C 1 K � Cotl RTEZASi JPtrb ntu> Habits, Seeneif Macbinet andjtber Dettridtm,} For tlie Benefit of a young A i/T h o By bis Majeilfs Company cf Comedians* AT the Theatre Royal ia Lincoln's It! The o k p"h a n ; , � �� ^ ' -1 The Usiui'py Marki aoi.| of Irtcr^iKrijc> JQju^ij) tecWiofC�Ualjo�tt4Us aAaiftn Gc^'l^flUa- ~ ' "�' " And tit Part of Pclydore b* 3Jr. VtcjTfl perfi'm'd b'fir*. A new Prologue to be i^ke by a Gentleman A�d a netv Efifa-M by Mrs. H o To begin at Six o'Cfcxkf; *�'. B. Taken to, be hil � 'Ke *J,� C" y. k\Jj, 0-4 tisihcali rsiUec. v�t�� K' 4* lot C* BSK\'' �I i

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