Monday, March 29, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, March 29, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 29, 1834, London, Middlesex The Daily Advctrtifer. NunJb. jpS?; � R I D AY, March ijfc 1734. t," El r Brufels, March 29. HE extraordinary Subfidy which his Imperial Majefty demands of the Au. flrian Netherlands towards thcExpence of the prcfentWar, amounts to 1400000 Florins, of which Brabant and Flanders are to furnilh each 400000, and the other Provinces the reft. . The feveral Garrtfons of Mans, Atb, and Charleroy, I are ftoring with fuch large Supplies of _______Provilion and Ammunition, that it is the Government do not expea that War will be long Mat fiom hcrold Seat. If the Lift which appears here is the tewiae State of his Imperial Majefty's Forces, we cannot but Ekban � Match for his Adraiaries: It runs to this Effea; � AeMantoan, under the Command of tbe Vddt-Madbal Coot At Munich, or on their March in order to advanca thi-fet. 68 Battalion* of Foot, 40 Companies of Grenadiers, 11 ImmcnBof Horfe, and 2 of Huflars, in all 65700 Meni Jtlbp^apd Sicily, 27 Battalions 14 Companies of Grtna-�n, ttd 1 Regiment of Huflars, nuking together 21900 yoj � the Hhirif, 'tu (aid that the Army wjU oonnft of KiOoFoK of the Emperor's Troops,, or at leaft tbafe in his ftr, of 7000 Pniffians, 6000 Danes, 5000 Heffians, and WHaooverians, together 70100 Men, besides the Cavalry, vtikh � expetuxho exceed 36000 Men. -fmtf,i hiertb to. They write from Cooitantinople, that rJ^Minukrof a certain maritime Power, at the Requeft of ik Grand Signior, has laid before this Forte an impartial Attaint of the Situation of Affairs in Europe) and that his Endleacy taking an Opportunity at (the fiune Time to offer ,tke Medjaiioa of the {aid Power, in order to put an End to the Wit with the Perfians, the Grand Voir thank'd him, but KflyM, helook'd upon Uiat Affair as aliawSy condaded. Dtal, March 27. Wind North-Weft: Remain, his Ma-Atys Ships Edinburgh, Dreadnought, Sunderland, York and Strain*; likewife all the outward-bound. Since Writing the Wind h come Northerly, and the outward-bound air preparing to Sail Arriv'd fince laft Foil, Friendlhip, Matters, to {freights for Holland, - LONDON. Tat following Peribns are appointed to preach the Lent-Sonera this Day. Dr. AUix before the King. Dr. Hcylin, Jtt Whitehmll-Chapd. Dr. Ley bourn, at St. JLatherine Crnc-Church. Dr. Crowe, at St. Anne Alderfgate. Dr.Stebbing, at St. Dunflan in the Weft, DrSetker, at St. Paul Covent Garden. , Mr. Bullock, at St. Saviour's, Southwark. Mr. Nicholfon, at St. Katherinc by the Tower: * Mr. Abbot, at Clerkenwcll,, - ....... ' TIkqt*mte4rom Uibop, that the grand Fleet from the Bay rf AU-Siinu, conulling of 47 Merchant Ships, very richly bdra, arriv'd ia that Port on the 6tb, 7th, and 8th Inftant, M.S. ^~ - '. ' :Y(ierday his Majefty was pleas'd to declare his Intention of """"^110,0 St. James's to Richmond on Wednelday the i7t�bTApriI, where their Majetlies propofe to ftay about a Wonts, then go to Hampton-Court for two Months, and after-*^�k> Windfor for the Remainder of the Sealbn. Her Majetty was taken ill the (ante Day of the Gout *eneruay his Royal Higbnefc the Prince of Wales and his nyiKb the Prince of Orange, walk'd Ifot fame time in St. Jim�Park. TkeHbwing Gentlemen have offer'dthemfclves Candidates TO* BO'.t Elt*on IT St- Alban's, via. thcRight Hon. the "flGrimftoo, the prefent Member j George Aftdcy and i*g?*Bj*�>. Efqrs. and Sir Thomas Aflon, Bart. Mem-Parliament for Liverpool, ftands on the Intcrcft of the ^JA? Spencer, Efqs Capt. The. Invalids, to be -. --. w _ Troon in Brigadier General Churchill's of Dragoons. J^oday Major Wywfll kit'd the King's Hand on being fr**?1 *�heUeutenant-eotonel of the Royal Regim ol JWe-Guardi, blue, commanded by his Grace the Duke of Mj^Capt.E^ake, on his being appointed to fiioceed as fcJ(vt,d�ythe Lady of William Vernon, of Sudbury inStaf-r^e, Eiqjyoongeft Daughter of Thomas, late Lord How- � Of t&ogham, �nd Sifter to Sir William Young's Lady. I wl? ' m " Houfc � Grolvenor-Street. kmL ^tbc ^ Chjurl� Caveodiih, and Sir Nathaniel wul be chofen Knights of the Shire for the County of V^*'V w0*** ElesSlion, without Oppofiiion. UuTwF MorninJ5 dlcJ at his Houfc at Keafington. Charles CiZ' ?i,a Gc"�nun ppftefi'd of a plcnuMEftate in the or Vork. K^*wk ^ Majefty was pleas'd to appoint �Captain Lieutenant in a Company of In  Ueuteat-Cokwel of a Troon in Brigadier Genen On Tuesday laft his Grace the Duke of Marlborough*. Vacbt was Iaonch'd at Deptfixd: her Head, Stem and upper Works are very eurioufly adorn'd wjlh carv'd Work, after the manner of the Royal Yachts. Ycflcrday No. 26918 was drawn  Prize of 5001. and No. 30340 one of .too L Tomorrow the Horie Races begin at Newrnarket, and this Day tneralNobleniaandGcnr&ricnictoat in order tb_be_ present at the fame. YeOerday the Afisao ended on^he Crown fide at Kingfton, when fix reoeiVd Sentence of Death, via. one. tor Murder, three tor Felony and Burglary, one for forging a Note of Hand, and one tor picking a Gentleman's Pocket in Court fince the Affixes began: the three tor Felony and Burglary were reprieVd for Tranfjsortation, the pretended blind Beggar, was burnt in the Hand, eight were ordex'd for Tranfportaoon, and twenty-two acqxitted. __ The Right Hon. the Urds ClommrtBontrs of the Admiralty di&pprovipg of the Infuk committnd tome Dap ago in the Houfc of Ssgoorlrnberti, Minifter and Rcfidcnt from t'.: moft serene Rcpublick of Venicr, by an Officer of the Prefe-gang. who attempted to force away same Venetian Seamen that took Refuge mtJie {aid Miiuller's Houfc, have obliged the Otncer to alk hn Excellency's Pardon, whkit hcdklwitbprcMrSubmif-fion} and it is thctlupun thought that the tan Miniller will intercede tor him. OrfSmMdaj mtxt tm* Cimrily Strmtm <wi8 it frtmtb'i at lit Pari/bChmrcb if St. Btutbdmrva wmr tit Rsral Exchmgt, fir lb* Btm&tfttofcrCbiUrnrfBniJJtrttt-WaTJi tbmt im til Htrmx6ytl*Ry*R*o. ftAtrimGmt, Rtkrt Ltd Bijb* / Kmvatbt amitbmt imtbt Afixrwmm if tit Rrv. Dr. Stdk%i Prttuhtr & tit Hm. Stcittj if Grmji-Im*. On Smmdmf mtxt titrt naM it turn Cimitf Strmtm jnstV/dt tit Parifb Ctmtb tf St. SwtbmJJLmdm Shf, far tit Brnr fit tf tit Oaritf ChiUrtnifSt. Gtwfr lor Mmrtjr im Smtb-wcri ; fhmt im tit Mmmim by tit RAtt Av. Fmtbtr im G*Jt Rubor d LtrdBifiitftf UttbfiM*mdC*%x*tryt^lb*timtb*JfaTm�on bjtbt Reo. Mr.Wbmttcmd, Uamrtr f St. Strfbtm CtLman-Strttt. ^s$$&V. wttfrtfrnrdbftt C#w*f/V/r/" V ^ r^^rff c:wy^^ ctmfifmtmth tmgbf utMw mtrt at Ittari ttt tnitryt tity iwm, grtat Btdui, than that tf tkt EaJi-IiiJia Omf^*n *%<l<i V/i bcfd<wiUfmltbtm mftm ibHrGtard^kj tmliit* UH*:4tfip^Mik-r-Prtftitttn Lift, opted tt at a Gtntral Ktt.'inr at thrStvmm Tavern Ctrmbill, tbt t $tb Imftamt, (im wf<i*i�a tf ftVsVi given fir that end tbt fix mtxt frrttdimg Daft la tbt P�*//V �VJ fen) veitb mt ttbtr riew tbam to frtfrrut tbtir Prtftrliti. ami to frtmati tbt trmt tutrtfitf tbt Eajt-Itdia-VoMfay. AT. B. Moft of the Gentlemen who made, what was lad Year calTd the Houfe Lift, are of the Ctpwn Committee, and the Committee at the Swan was for the matt part fchofen fiorft among the Gentkmrn who propos'dVthe Proprietors Lift at the laft Ekaion, to which the Stockholders then thought fit to give tlse Preference. , -.i Crown Tavern, March 22, 1733=4*-: High Water at Lorjdon-Bhdge tfus Day. at 53 Minuses after 5 in the Moraing i and 23 after 6at Night. Yefterday Bank Stock was 133. India 136, 13$ 1 4th, 136 1 naif. Sooth-Sea Trading Stock 7$, 74 5 8tbs, 7$ Ainuatics 100 3 4tha. Dkto Me* Asinjavks 99 3 Atht. Three per Qrasv Aaaarity 90. Milion Bank to6 1 bat?: African at> York-Buidings a t halt Royal A durance 91. LonoWAflurance 11 1 half. New Bank Circulation 4L 1 os. Prem. South-Sea Bonds 19s. Prem. India ditto iL 19s. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto iL is. Engl Copper sL is�. Wehh ditto iL 10s. Lottery Tickets 3I �3�- _ � 1 - * -- :: - � _ - Report fit___________________ t Pf/em ttbt fut im fftmimatitm fir UireHtrt tf'tbt Baft-Imdim Cffamj fir tbt enfuing Year, and tht Lift being read I ofiasW^rdfworthJrn. EC JoftasWoTdiwofthJim.J Abraham Adams, E/ti 5/rW.Billers, Kt LdMayv, Charles Boone, Eft, Dodding Bmddyl. John Cook, �Jfi Sir Franca Child, Kt. Aid. Dr. Caleb Cotefworth. Chalks Colbome, Efp Mr. John Ecckfton, Samuel Fcakr, Efp Mr, lohn Freame, Wilbam Goflelin, Eftp -------r _ ... Adas tbt Day efEleSiem is affointid ft fitnm Wtdnifttaim idtfjfril mtmt, itdt dtftrd tbe Prtfritttrfudli exert-tbemfiivtl > in firvomr tf tbt above mentkn'd Lift. N. B. Thofe nurk'd with a Star are not in the prefent Lift of Directors. TH E Managers ef tbe Temple-Mills Brafi- Z.W*rb give AW, tbat tbty vdii pay tbt 3 /. per Start, ordered to be paid at tbt loft General Meeting, at Mr. Ram/hire'1 im St. Thaauu Jptjftlti, mtar Qmum-frtet, Lsarfw, �r Tuejday, ITedmtfday, and Friday im every Week, firm ztob dCLck la lit Jfitrmttm, iopmmingmt zdef Aprilnext. London,' Marcfi ic, 1733. jft a General Meeting of tbe Proprietors of tbe Eaft'India-CtmpaMf tbit Day, at tbt S+uam Taverm im' Ctrmbill, (im etnftfmtmtt tftfttictgrvem fir tbat end tbt fix mtxt preceding Day im At pmbluk Paper 1) a Ctmmtitt wwu appointed to rtttTnTbamh to tbeGentlemum im tbtprtfimt DirtRum, fir tbtir gtedSermutm tbt expiring Year j todejtre tbat many tf them a* tbe Bye La^ did n� �j^fi, r.Cakb Cotefwortb, John Drmmmoad, EJfc Mr. John Ecddton, Vamuel Feake, Efp loan Gould. >*�. Efp William Goflelin, Efp Robert Hudfoa. iS. B. Tbt ftar loft on ntt'im tbt prefent DirtOitm, bat art prepaid to fipf*) tbe Placet ef Mr. Ricbard Blemm, Copt. Henry Gtmgb, JJm Gould, Efp and Bemaaun Letbieuttier, Eji vibt baving jerv'dfinr Tear* fiamfiuefy, art tbtrtby dijp]alifid fir tit mtxt EkSitm. t AST Ntgbt tbe Poll for Chamberlain jiotd tbtu: ~~" ......... - . ..........."f�Mr^Brfmmb,��^-3187.------------- Mr. Sttwiie, --- 3199. To the Worthy Liverymen of the City of^ London. GfNTLEMt*, tJAVING tbe tnofi grateful Senfe ef jeur im!unnn and uncontrolled Ai on my Behalf, fit Ctntimmamtt lubitb nuill ever be eft tared at tbt grtattft ijpp<arancc Common Holland on tbe Poll, I beg tbt Ctntimmamtt voluntary bath at tbt Com tf year Favour, Obligation, by Tmtr moft obedient and fuitlful bumble Strvaxt, _ John BoswoarH. ^ ~-~---- To the Worthy Liverymen of the City of London. GsNTLeUEN. ffO UR ' Poll and Interefl are humbly deftrfd JC)HN BOS WORTH. Tobacconiff, Citizen and Muucun, (Who <wai declard at tbe Hall ta have tbe Majority tf HanJi j To be Chamberlain of tbti Citj, in the room of Samuel Robinjom, Eft} dtceatd : Who 11 xfidomfly offered to hi, Majefty King George, and our bafpy Ctufttint ion in Church an J State { bmt mtumm been on Ajfeiter of the Liberty of the SubjeS, tbt Rigbtt and Privilege 1 of bit Fellow Citixxm ; and aftrenmmtQffitJer of tbt Exciie Scheme. ??riy � N. B. Tbe Poll will end this Day, at 4 lof' %" fFUE Worlby liverymen of tbe C\ *~ are dtfi'd' to meet; Mr. Alderman Champ] eminent Cttituru, tiit Day, at GtUfmitht Hall at 10, 1 a. and 2 0 Qlack, im order It proceed tt Poll fir Mr. John Bo a wo am. � dfdvertifementt in this Paper of a moderate Length art taken in at Two Shillings each.

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