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Publication: London Daily Advertiser March 28, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 28, 1834, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifcr. THURSDAY March a8, I7J4- ^A\'-'^'^| (cctificnal Thoughts concerting *tbe Bill to 1 Prtvent Stock - jobbing. 'HERE the Iiappinefs and Grandeur of a Nation depends on Publick Credit, any thing that is barely fufpc&ed to interfere rterewith, or the moft minutely to affcfi it, fhould be cxamin'd with the utmoft Caution, and every Circum-Rance thoroughly confident. All human things arc fubjeft to Imperfection, and therefore 1 think it.has nlways bern a Rule with Lcgiflators, to Ufa the Ieffer Inconvenicncy for the greater Conventency, othcrwife it'i difficult to conceive how any Government could ?*y Eva 1 *�< \Vhw the Publick Funds were firft cftablifh'd, or more pro-fierl? the National Debt firft contracted, the Government muft art bern (con fcnfible of the Abufes that mightjje pra&ifcd _ ftadttJoy Jobbing, and fince that time; many Years Expe-j^iaufunWemiy appSIed themI thereof; yet it has been gfcrtd to continue, which muft certainly aritc from thefe Q^fideratioos; that the Advantages accruing to the whole , vtfjoo, were infinitely more confiderable than- the Inconvcni-that the very Nature of the Conftitution expofed them -il^fc Impeifeftions, and no Debts tnuft have beep contracl-|l or thefe iubrriitted to. For, If Mi If the Creditors of the Government are not allowed as 'pfrwiwd a Circulation and uncontrouled Difpofal of their Pro--gfa u in other Cafes, it will always prevent People from yiog, awl difcourage them from fupporttng it in any Erne*:- ^ajjjoillf, To prevent a Proprietor of the Government Seen-infare his Property at pleasure, is a Hardfhip and Rtfntitthat is perceivable in no cafe, other Traders having g�yt that unlimited Privilege, and without it I apprehend fc#inal

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Publication: London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 28, 1734