Wednesday, March 24, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Wednesday, March 24, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 24, 1834, London, Middlesex jt The Dafly Advertifet. r l MONDAY, Mmc b 14.; i>j4. Numb. iaj$� It,?.* /M5v , E M A I N. Royal OA. Portland, Surling-Caflle, and Windsor* with Hooghtoo, Hancock, for Lifbea ; King George, Ay ret, for Carolina; Tring Galley, Dunford, for Oporto ; Nonpareil, Wooding, for St. Chrifto-phers. .Arrived, ftafiaa, Laurence, from St. Ubes. Wind N. E. Dial, Martb 22. Wind N. W. _ Came down and remain*, his Msjefty's �;, taeSheerrds, wilh ibe four of hi* Majefty's as rnentiotfd ^^ftTCwnc down, fince and remain, Prince of Orange, Growcodc, for NewEngland; Sarah, Clark, for Jamaica j Amelia. Dittm, tot Virginia. __that a new Honfe of Commons will be built J7hb SwnttMT in the following manner: I Houfcs between the Court ol Rccraeft and Pabce-1 be poirddovv and a large Portico creeled where with convenient Coffee-Rooms on each fide, and a i?ltgbt of Steps between, leading to the middle of the raurit, oppofUe to which will be openM a Door into Jallery, which is at prcfent the Commonication e Houfe of Lords and Commons, and will be the of the new Honfe, being large enough to contain with the greateO Majority opon a Dmfion, and from thence Slntry into the new Honfe, whkh wiU be bnilt in the Gar-Sat where the Cotton-Honfe now ftaods, either m an owl Sammlar Form, fufficient to contain, without crowdings 480 sVbmber*, brfidts a Gallery for Strangers ; (the whole to be Muitf the Dirtflion of Rkhard Anmdel, Efq; and the other Sfimof ,he Co,nl rf�Wo,k*- BrtbhPtao� *" Cfcmmttee-Roonu will ferve again t and when the new Home  hnaVd ami fit to be ded, the old Honfe may be nude a cntiyenhnt Receptacle for the CbnonUbrary. and a proper IlaceJor the Lords and Commons to meet at a Conference, and rl new Hoofc of Lords added afterwards. ( The Mail which arrivM on Saturday fnm Flanders, and : Oat Ycflerday from Erance, brooght very btde News. -- The Poles, under the Command of Count Task*, were in. fteh aSmtatioaby the laft Advices from Silcfia. that it was aw known what ^^^^^t^K^^jjtj^^^ **j t^mttrnUigihe Way they came. The Troop*of Saxony the Prontirrs of the Bkcloratc by fitch a Manner, as to aatke k difficoh y bis Majetly will go the Houfe ofPeers, to the land Tat,* and the Mutiny and Dtfenioa Bills, and fjch ,, nbat, as are rcsdy for the Royil Afient. T^rdajr the Lord Bifhop of St. Afaph prcachM before their Weftka; the Prittce. and the two eWefl PrincdTcs. in the Rwal Chapel <u St. James's j and the Right Hon. the Lord Betbren carried the Sword of Stater iSt. Oglethoipe is talk'd of to be made on: of the Lords Cwnmiffiwjers 01 Trade and Plantations, in the room 01 Mr. JOocminJque.--.^____ .. Williuo Wodeloufe, Efq; Knight of the Shirs for Norfolk,, _J"fflof Jthc Small-Pox at bb Houiein Lesccfter-ftrect, but has a&NtirableSort. defcended m a direct ttne from William d* Hawkfworth, who coming into. England with William the Oonoucror, fettled at Hswkfworth, where his Family have cceitimrd cm fince. The late deceas'd Baronet was the only Son of Sir Walter Hawkf-worth, die firft Baronet of the Family, by Anoe the Daughter of Sir Robert Markam, of Sedgebrook in Lrncolnihire, Bart. The late Sir Walter married Judith, ekWfl Daughter and Coheir of Sir William Ayfcodgb, of Ofgoodby, Knt. by whom be had I flue feven Children, but twoDanghten only now fur-vive, viz. Frances, marry'd to Thomas Ramfden of Crawfton, Efq; and Judith unmarried, fo that the Tide is extinct, there being no 1 Sue Male, and the Eftate goes between the two Cobeiri afbrtmention'd. 1 * A few Days ago, died at his Seat in Devonfltirty William Northmore;. Efq; Member in the present and two laft Parlia* carats for Oakhampton in that County. ,. On Thurfday laft died Mr. Hugh Reafon, an Officer to the Shciiffs of Middlefex, at his Houfe near Middle-row in Hotbotn. He was tried fbme Years ago for the Murder of Capt Lutte-rdl. with one Tranter who was then hb Follower, at the Bar of the Court of King's Bench at Weftminfler, and after a Trial that lafled feveral Hours, was acquitted. They write from Scarborough, that on the 16th Inftant, Capt. William P^^Ans. Commander of the Strickland-Sloop, brought into that Harbour a French Smuggler belonging to Cabas, having on board t$6 Half-Anchors of Brandy 1 which b the third Smuggler he has taken within thrceMonths belong* ing to the fame Place; two of which are now in the Harbour, and will be burnt, being lander 40 Tuns. AUb the tame Week be took two Smugglers," belonging to one Konink of Rotterdam, one with 430. and the other with 400 Half-Anchors of Brandy on board. I John Berldhire, one of the Criminals in Newgate, who received to .Majefty's moft gracious Reprieve for a Fortnight, is repriev'd, in order for Tranfportation for fourteen Years. Laft Week*, at the Affixes held at EaftOrmftead for the County of SufTex, George Whitfield and Mary Lee receiv'd Sentence of Death; but before the Judge left the Town, he was pleafcd to repritve them for Tiwportaum for 14 Yean. Eight were caft for Tranfpcmrion, and feveral acqoitted. = On Saturday laft in the Evening the Affixes on the Crown fide began it Kingflon, where eight Prifcners bad been tried, one whereof was capitally conviaed, vix * Mills, who was brought by' Habeas Corpus from Winchefter Goal, (in Company of jlohn Lyndoo, fufpefied to be Samuel Gregory, who robb'd Mr. Lawrence, and ravHh'd the Maid) for a Bar* glary committed by hiro in the County of Sorry. Two were caft for Traiifportaiion. We areinform'd the Affixes win not cadtift Wedriefilay next. "� On Saturday the Commiffiorien-fartegnbbHig the Court of Chancery, and enquiring into the Fees, tec met at their Houfe in Arundel-ftrect in the Strand, when the Jury of eminent Attomies and ScjUidton, of which Mr. Dixon of Lincoln's Inn was the Foreman, deliver'd in to the Cbmmif&onera a long Prefentmcnt upon Oath, relating to the Matters in. Chancery, the A'ccomptant-General in Chancery, and the Office of Rrgifter of the Affidavits in Chancery ; and the (aid Jury was then difcharg'd, after Sir John Gordon, the firft Cbmmifuoncr nam'din theCommiffion, had retum'dThanks for Use great Care and Pains they hadiaken in their Enquiries: After which the Cbrnmifuoners dtn'd together at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, the Comer of Arundel-ftrect in the Strand, and adjourn'd till tbb Day Five o'Clork, at their Houfe in Arondel'flrect, when the other two Juries are to' attend with tbrir Prefcntmcnts, relating to the 19 Offices more of the Chancery! Tfab Evanbg will be fterfbrm'd, At, the FaeKCH Tmxatrb in the Hav-Markbt, ARLEQUIN ASTROLOGUE, cVc. . At t.�e Tu s a tii Royal in J) a v ay -La n g, The CONSCIOUS LOVERS, with lb* Old Ma*t*�lt mjJm. - . . ; . r . At the Thsatri Rotal in Covert-Garden, The BUSY BODY, with the Toy-Sbop. ' A% the NiBw Tueatkc in Gooduan's-FiBLds, The ROYAL MERCHANT, with Damon and Phil- lida. Saturday Bank Stock was 141, for the Opening. India 149 1 4th, for" the Opening. South-Sea Trading Stock 82 5 8tha. Old Annuities 107 1 4th, for the Opening. Ditto New Anna ties 106 3 8ths, a 1 half. Three per Cent. Annuity 93 3 4ths. Million Bank 109. African zo. York Buildings 4. Royal Aflurance 97. London Aff-irance it 5 8ib�, tor the Opening. New 8ank Circulaticn 61. 10s. Prcm. bouth pe> zl. Wclfb ditto Rink� <W S*'t Tallies 5 per Cent. Pr�n. On Monday Lsfl died at hb Lodgings in the City of York, Stf Walter Hawkfwwib, of Hawkiworth mYorkfture, Bait, ' outh-Sca-Houlc, Londoiv .21 March, 1734-5. 'pHE Court of Directors of the Soutb-Sca-Com- . fatyg'v* Ncthe, that a Gtntral Court of iht faid Ccmfanj Ma^l.Ctapaiaa;; � *\ Vork-BuiltTings-'ttouVe, iti! Match, 1734. rIB Governor ami Ctwrt of' yffiijlants of tbi V*kBuilJiMiC*mf**jd�b*Tttjgi iVI#S>r- ' cbifitrfirttt en Mm/ttj mtxt, tbt 241b I*/t*m. *t ibnt tCfrtt in tbt Afthmxn ; it t *tt tbt BjtLtruu, tml *ljb �t Special Aftaits, mubtn mil tbt FrV pritttrsc*. dtfrJfmttnd. �i.-.-,.,s ..-, aW- y.f "; Chariublc - Corporation * Hoatc� r Spring-Garden, ai March,- 1734. fffB Charitable-Corporation for .Relief of Ttidu* *� Jlrimi Ptor, &t. art t* bold a Gtntrml Cmrt at tbt ftmA abevefaidt* Friday *txt% tbt a8f* t^flan^ at tfait* j� tbt> Fttttm*. em ffttial Affairu \ C.. . - umm. ma.o^fig% ' fiftE Direttors of the Union Society> fir i** /vii%Gkdta*dMinb**di%tftTljfihFirt.^ titt, Tbat tbt Hatf-jeart) Gnvral Mttltq #h #ii Stritfr and en fitrtal Afftirt, VfiH it bttd at tbtir Ogttt ikGmtttr-mt'' � e� H'tdMJdaj tb*zbtblnfla*tt at ftrtt itl tbt A/htraeem,nJJM^ all tube art i�f*rdi* tlx JUidOfiaandtJi/dttbtfftJim. x :-';'v�,';,' < I. 1. httffi Rebtrttand Gifyi. Toha-hiifi-fard, -Jtb* Stmbingttn, trapping, "� :> r WiUiam Bryan, diltt, � ' ' Caft. Jticbard Cmhtadi*, dim, -~-\ Capt. Ami. Carl, ditto, 1 |>7 t8 $ c coo o 6.$ 175 * \7 I o If- i I : O t a a -6 I * AT the KIM ^�*s l VlKA^ HJK in thd /V ifay-Market, on Thurflsy neat, fcdla| the' 17th of March* will bs . An AS S E M B L Y. ? Ticket* wilt* be deliverM to SuMcrUen only, ea Wednetfay neat, St White's Chocolalt-houfe In St. J�me�'i-ftrttt. N.B. EvinyTkkrtwiH limit e!tliwo�Oentkmsn or rwol^un**,. ST the KING'S THEATRE in the Msy-Markct,' Tomorrow, htlng the *S*hr of March, will mi*-fcriorinVl an Or-aa a, ttU'il " P O LI F E M -. ', B/ bit MaJ�stvV Ctmmaad, ;^ No Perfpm to be admitted behind the Scenes. ' The Gallery will bo oprn'd at Three o'clock. Pit and Boxti'at f|�t> '> *i Garden, on WedMfify neat, htlng ths ��th of March, will bs fretfontfaV aa OaAToaio, call'd to D E B O R AH. Witb a new Cmtrtttn tbt Organ: Alfa tbt firfl Ctmtrtt htth  Oroteria ef Bftbtr. Pit and Boxes to be pit together, and 00 Pcrfcni to be sdmltted wkhoM Tickets, whkh will be deliver'd that Day, at the Office la Covent OirdsB' Theatre, at Half a Ouittea each. Firft Qslicry 41. Upper OaUtrf as. 6d. -!|: , �- . � ^_ By Hit Ma) * trr't Command. \ , WoPetibns whatever to U admlttedJKhlod.the Sccntt. For the Benefit of a Gentleman under Mhforiumr; By the Company of Comedians, _�>- A AT the Theatre Royal in Covcnt-Garden, this Day th� uth Inftant, wul be prrftntcd a Comedy* call'd The BUSY B O 0 Y. With tlccl Piecnof MuKck between the AOi, on the Vioha by  Youth of if Years of Age, who ne? cr pcrfbrmM In Publisk before, > Scholar of Signer Catanlo, ' , - And a Faroe of one Act, call'd. The TOY, S H O P. t With Entertainments of Dancing. BoxtV j 1, Pit 3 /. Firfl Gallery 11. ' " Tkkeu ilsea oat for Llnwla's-Ian-Fkids wilt hs taken it Corcat'fardeft*

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