Friday, March 19, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Friday, March 19, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 19, 1834, London, Middlesex SE-MATCHES already made, to be Run at NEWMARKET Apr i l� 1735. in XVJKEof AwailtT% Dufce ofD*voo(hi^ Dolce of BrkJgttotter' J J Lo:d LenfcJaleV aoJ LoriGowtr's, are to run Sweep Stakes of Portotore**, i Guineas each,, } (.fbrmcrlj call'd the Walifea Stakes) tlKw. Bttlw Porttnore*st3rey Colt, againft Lord Lonfdale's Bay Colty Ofcnv Mr. Nixon'* Roan Gdding. apinfUMr. Keyte's Black Gelding, ' * bake of Bridgewater's Sweet-Briar, againil the Earl of Port more'* Bay Colt * ' �" Duke of Bndgt water's Colt, againft the Earl of Portmote's Colt, give and take the hrgheft, -j V Doke of Bolton's Looby, againft Lord Lonfdale's Monkey, give and take the lowed, *' � " 'l o. Earl of Effex's Bay Colt, Earl ol Halifax's Chefnut Colt, Xord Middleton's Brown Filly,-* tod Sir Michael Newton's Bay Coir, are to run Sweep Stakes, 100 Guineas each, �> DiBi Duke ol Bridgewater's Chefnut Mare, 8 Stone, againft the Earl of Portmore'sEbony, ....�. V&. The Kina's Plate for Six Year old Horfes, � n � i-" m.. . <.'__. MHfr Duke of Bolton's Patriot, againlUhe Earl of Halifax's Trumpeter, .. �� .m-n - -. rTj The King** Pkuc fw F'Ve Year old Mares, -- ��...... n � � ... Mr. Tnting'tCinda-Wench, againil Mr. Boyes's Stilts, ^- ..... .miii. _ til Doke of Bridgewater'a Poker, againft the Earl of Portmore's Cbcfnot Colt, "si The Noblemen and Gentleintiis Contribution-Money of too Guineas each, - ' jul. Duke of Devonfttire'* Brown Filly, againft the Duke of Brklgewater's Grey Filly, �5 Lord Weymouth's (Srey Colt, 9 Stone, againft Mr. Vane's Shock, 2 O 1 5. V 9 4 600 8 7 4 iob 4 106 8 S 4 }00 8 to 4 too 8 4 JOO 8 4 400 8 5 4 200 ta 12 too to 4 200 10 4 too 10 6 $0 8 5 4- 300 8 7 4 Sop ? � / 2 too 10 4 2001 half half 200 half half pUy hall half half .200 half half Mantua* March 9. JENERAI, Stampa has made feveral new Regulations fihee his Arrival, to procure a^Plenty here, and at the fame time to turnflh means for filling his Military Cbeft. He^has hid a Scheme for bom tboufand Florins, and for levying other large Sums by a GnpiKuion Taxj but how he will luc-ceca by either Method, in a Country fo exoaufted, we cannot pretend to fpre-'it*' The Tax He has laid of four Pence on every Pound of -yfa*t Salt, and Oil, will raife thole Species of Provifion above ""she Resctt of tbe ordinary Inhabitants, fo that there will be |-Wrtahily greater Qaanrities for thofe who have Money to pay Jfatthtaa. He has oider'd the Streets to be dearM of the Dung fcfckh was laid there when a Siege was threaten'd by the Ene-gtt, and has given Orders for catalog Ckanlinefs among the ^SftUkry, the want of which was one probable Cauie ol the P&ropa* latrljLrife in this City. We have a Talk that 4 Qtaw. Wallis will return to Vienna, and that Count Kheven-^leJk* will have the Command under Count Konigfegg, who Ustre two Days ago from Vienna. 17. Wind N. E. His Majefty's Ship the ffjfijtiAefaa put back Yeflcrday Morning and remains, with his ^Mqtfty'* Ships Royal Oak and Portland. Pototnack, Shake-fbtar, � failed this1 Forenoon lor Maryland. Came down and kkd through without flopping, Queen of Portugal,, King, for XjJDODt Gibraltar, Mitchell, tor Leghorn ; Fanny, Vavafor, aeearCarOTinc, Harris, foTSt. chriAophcr's ; Elizabeth sal Dorothy, Reeves, and Difpatch, Moody, for Philadel-- fife r. Margaret and CriAun, Delafon, and Salifbuty, Smith, iotM&ga; John and Mary, Tate,-and William, Varrells, ftrVirgiaa; Loyal P ly deliver'd of a Son and l^ir, at his Lwdflu'p's Houfc in Albemarle^reet. The young Lord's Title .^i^Sum of 4000I. will be expended thuYear in repairing and Iwwtiryitw AS^ftminikr. Abbey. torn of 3500I. in repairing St.Margaret'i Church.and ifboUding the Steeple. yVt hear that his Grace the Duke of Buckingham has ob-tain'd his Majefiy's Leii*e to go to Italy for fome Months. Wer hear that fevcikl young Noblemen are preparing to go on board the Britannia, to ferve as Volunteers under Sir John Yeaerday died at his Houfe in the King's Metrfe, Charing-crofs, Philip Lloyd, Efq; Captain of � Troop of Dragoons, one of the Equerries to the King, and Member of Parliament for Leflwithiel in Cornwall. He was Son of the late Dean Lloyd, educated with; and a great Favourite of his Grace the late Duke of Wharton; twice chofen for the Borough of Ayltf-bury in Bucks, and vacating his Scat in Parliament apon accepting the Place of Equerry to his Majefty, he was tome time after chofen for Chriflchurch in Hampshire- ' He marry'd one of the Daughters and Coheirs of the late Dr. Cade, an eminent Phyfician of this City. On Monday laltdied fuddenlyi at his Houfe in St. MarsVs-flreet, Paul Docminique, Efqt one of the Lords Commimoners of Trade and Plantations,' and Member of Parliament tor Gat-ton in Surry, for which Place he had coriftamly fcrved since the beginning of the Reign of the late Qaecn.- He was very near 100 Years old. 'I is laid Mr. Docminique his Son will ftand for Gatton in his room. Thomas Moore, Efq; who died on Sunday at hu Seat at Polefdrn in Surry, was Pay mailer General of tbe Forces in the Reign of the late Quetn: lie has left his Eftate to his Nephew, William Moore, Efq; of Fetcham. - On Monday died after a fhbrt Ulnets, Matthew Martin, Efqi Member of Parliament for Colcbefler j and we hear that Mr. Du Cane and Mr. Brookibank will offer themfclm.Candidates for that his room. 'Tis remarktble, thai Mr. Rebow, the Member chofen with Mr. Martin, died but three Weeks ago, .and of a wort lllncfs likewife. * . . Ycftcr(day died at his Houfe at Stepney, John Ford, Efq; one of the Jufticcs of the Peace for the C^tyof Middjefexr -The Private Charity that lias been Tent to the Stewards of Lad Saturday the Rev. Mr. Thomas Robiafbn, of 3 in HmrordaW, L.L, B. was ptestntrd by the LotdTiStl of RocheScr to the Rectory ol Norton in the Dixew of' Omtetbury. a Living worth tc l^iperTAwettili." mT"" B A N K R 0 John DouUnd, of the Patifh of County of Surry, Lighterman. Samuel Kello, of l,ead Sea Irading Stock 8s 1 4th. OH^Annukiei 107 t half, 107 a 1 8th a t 4th, Books fhut. Ditto New Annuities 106 a t 8th. Three per Cent. Annaitjr 04. MiWon Bank 109. African aov Yotk-Buildmfi 4. Royal Afiurance 96 3 4ths. Lonfon AfTurance 13 t halt a 5 Sths. New Bank Circulation 61. to* Prero. South-Sea Bonds 3L 1 J*. Prcm. India ditto 4I 9s. a 1 o>. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto zl ioj. Prcm. Enghfh Copter th Wtlftt ditto Books fhut. Salt Tall�cs~3"W0rnt. PfeW. ~ Ta h S OLD, - By Order of the honourable CommifTioncn of h'ts Majdly's Cuftoms, TN the Long- Room at the Cttftvm-Houfey London* - Tmm�nwa\ tbt 20tb I*jld*i\ at thrtt iChck in the Cmvtrfiem tf tbe Ntrnxt 1 'jiidlLjtg.hM.aV the Vtftty tttm btAaging tttbtCbmrtb t^Sf.JBri^el^fiaiSt. Bride, im Firtt> ftrttt, Ttmtrmv, bet** the XOtb tnflant \ mpm v/bkb Occafim thtrt vxU bt a StTn*>� prta(b'J by tbt Revt Or Tbomat, RtHtr1' tfSt.Btnntt PmaVrWharf, aid Cbafta'm im Ordinary tt lit Majtpj. Prater* wilt btgim at bat/ a* Hm after tUvtm t* tbti the KING'S Hiy-Maricct, on SaturjUy next. THEATRE in the the asi tt March, will |* a new Ortiit, �U'4 A R T AX E R S E S. Fhuti Boxes to be pot together, and no Perfow to be a4mitf�l without Tickets, which will be defiver'd tlutOiy, at the Office is the K�y�Mar� ket, at Half a-Cuioea etch. Gallery 51. * Bt bit Ma j r stvV Cmmand, No Perfiuu ta be admitted behind the Sctaefi ' To btgim at Six t'Clut,----------------r- By His MJJESTt*s Command. 1 T the Theatre Royal in Covent>Gardcn9- thb Day, being tb� 19th of March, wilt be pwftam'd a�' OaAToaio, call'd . . . E S T HE R. With fivtrat mew Addiiitmt, both Ftcal and JnJlrmmtHtaJ.. Pit and Boxes to be put togtihcr, and 00 P�fcn� to be admilttd wlthoof Tieketf, �hjct� will be <JeQ��< this Djv, at tlteOftic* in Covent<l�nfca-Trxitre, at Half  Guinea each, rirft Gallery 41. Upper Oalbrf at. 64............ Bi His Maji iTt'i Ctmmarid, No IVrf�� whitKvcr to be admitted behin4 the Sceset, By particular JJeJire. AT the Great Room in ViUars-Strccr, Ybrkp ftTHELLO, Moor of Vbh ict. Oihrlb, Mr. Fmstnan; Dedeaxmi, Mift Stuart t btu, Mr.OfeJdrt CilUa, Mr. M^chra ; RodcHgo, Mr. Smith'} Emillii, MiUTuiejr/ *� Wish a new Prolugue prop* tcthe Play and Otcafwni^* ri*  To wbkli wiU Ur Julded * Farciull IVlUd-Opera �f one A�V The MOCK- LAW Y E " IVitb Enltrtainmtntt of Sintint. Stale, nni Biknnid j�. Pit a 9. GalirfV r To begin cxaOlf at Six o'clock.

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