Saturday, March 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Saturday, March 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 13, 1834, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifer. Deal, March n. *MAIN in the Downs, his Majesty's Ships- the Royal Oak, Portland; and Tarringtcn. Wind N. E. L c N D O N. Laft Tuefdjiy Nig?tt the Right Hon. the Earl of Guhfle came to ftis Hcufc .in St. James's Place from his Slat in the Country. . � Q> Frkby;U(l Sir James Hamilton, of Roferiaugb, Bart. insthofca KnigEt of the Shire for Lanerk in Nortri-Britaia, "�_�tae rocm'of the Right Hon. the Lord William Hamilton, dwastt VtiLrtday Meaning died- in I^ctrkr-rtcWs; of the Small-tbc Lady of Sir Edward Dccring, Bart. Knight of the Sa� fir^fce Ccanty of Kent. lofi Vr�fc4kd in Child-bed at Edinbnrgh, the Right Hon. fie Lad/ Riuh^, much regretted, being a Lady of great Vstwasd Merit. '^v.*. �. ''. ~ '.' Tax Lady of Sir Rowbnd Hill, Bart. Member of Parliv . Meat for JJufcfidd in StaCbrdfeke, lie* dangeroufly ill of the SMfi-Pox, at bis Hou�: in ShcYiatd-llrcet near Golden- nianTCrfifle titifinundi, a famous Sir WJ __- ,,. , . Wrerto. Mr. Engliih Gccdarian, died o&"'l uSftiajy. after a an|iiaigIflnrfs. She pcrfomfd in Mr. Handel's Operas for ' facial Winters with great Afplaufc, but did not ling this ScaSa co any Stage, on Account of her Indjfpontion. � �v�T� Mpafied tbat'Signor iarinellowlfbave the greateft Ajfeattace on Saturday that has been known. We hear that 1 Uttunnce will be nude to accommodatei 2006 People. H�- ttcyal Higlngft-the Prince of Wale* has been pleas'd to fpclmiooGtuacas, the SpaoiOi AmbaiTador too, the Em-poor's Anbafiador 50, his Grace the Duke; of Leeds 50, the Coaate&of Penmate 50, Lord Burlington 50, hii Grace the -MaOf Rifhrocfld ;o. the Hon. Col. Paget 30. I^dy Rjch THURSDAY; March 13, 1734- (hew the Senfe they entertain of Mr. Hippifley's Endeavours by all means to divert the Town,' and that his Labours have riot been in vain, I am, � \si r, ;�' �..� ��" Xhw mofi humble Strvdnt, � �� �......A. B\ This Evening will be perfbrm'd, At the French Thbatrb in the Hay-Mahkit, L�"F0LOE^AMOiJREUSES, Sec. At the I'll EATtt Royal in DtvtT -LaN a, VOLPONE. At the Theatre Royal in Co vent-Garden, MARIAMNE, with the Toy-Shop. At the New Theatre in GoodmanVFiei-dj, JULIUS OrESAR, with the Lover's Opera. High Water'at London-Bridge this Day, at 6- Minutes after 2 in the Morning; and 27 alter a in the Afternoon. at>, aaJ Ckod of the other Nobility 50, 30 or 20 Guinea* j each ; & that 'tis bcliev'd tu Benefit will be worth to him up-�ardiof 2000L. Lift Saturday the Affixes coded at Oxford, when -George Barret fcr Horte-Healing ind Hoafc-brcaking, and Edward' JcaaaoB fcr HoHeiU^ling, rcctiv'd Sentence of Death ; but . fcefm the jadge* tthtbe Iftvn, they rtptievd them for Tranf-pBktjon. Ceriflopher Edwards, lor licalyig fcvcral Goode at of a Konfc, was burnt in tbe Hand, and committed tp . bid Labenr far i z Months. Thomas Smith \vas found guilty 17' e? Btr�g!arjr, andTwas �^i^SarTi^fS&am: Fourteen -. ��re atq-jjued. luvBcajili^tfarib 7. On Wednefday laft \died Henry Kavbn, fciq; who had formerly been High Sheriff for the Xoaary of i\ortbumbc;lat>d. He was poil'e&'d of 6000b 1. - s^djrsgaBitcbclor, hw Ettitc dndves to Itis Brother-Mr. Itapsrin Rawlin, an Apothecary oftondon, ' ' Oa Toeiby Ufl begun the Races at Stdgefield, when the - SOGaiaets Puiie was won by 'Squire Jenniwn'i Bay Gelding Shut, Wedodiby the 10 Guineas Purie by Jofeph Wil-JoaWs Grey Elorfe ^uitt Cuddy, And on TiiurUlay the JoG^reasby Mr. Dui�iam's-Bay Mare Sptiiing.^aucy ' OaSmiJjj mrxl fts* Cbariti StrmBM will be prtaclfd at St. J|~dWBaJJ^bn-^, that in tbt Mormog by the Rev Dr. Ellii, nitbu in the /tftfn&sm by tbe Rc-v. Mr. HaxoJuns, for the &SgjftbhtjB^. T# the Author of tbe Daily Advertiser. SIR, THAT Man, in my Judgment, has a happy, as well as a J-J& way of Tninkin�. who nnprovts tm own Dili-gcaocaau Af&iahy in whatever^Art-or Prwfrflion he u ^4aiUr kto that of his OfTpiing ; and after having been ufeluPur ryrrtawiing in his own Generation, endeavours to raifc to / hnrfrlf ioatc additional Share of Mrrit from the Aciions o( ' Eaeis j which will pioyc a more4^itin^ Monument-of Glory, tfaa alTtEe high Enccnjiurej grav'J fc|i a Kkible Pillar couid ^^SMMm^,^^SiSi^i^nmn\iy Jcafe me to asquint JU<, �av*r.g u�er wiih luuie of Mr Hippilley's Bills lor ��Bcii�t cci-'i'u- ^iiV, wl.crcby 1 And bs intcntia his Daugh-ta.tuil m:-lig istr.E:a Appearance on tbe Staf�e. in the Cria-~ |*� ij as tiisi';.-!igein. 1 was indue'd by my Cuiiu-aty to cBieavc'.- si the SaiLfaction ol learning how well W&ti C� u-i for Lcii an Undertaking. J he Fathei*!. pafcaal in ;t.- t_way hcigiiicu'd Curi^lity, si csy Anjiikaoce v.k.i him tv.iilj procur'J me the delii'd faafffidica. Upon bca.-.-g i.i i.cJscaii'e, I own 1 r.ceiv'd a *�fider�^Ir Share of PieaU!.-, s.nd am fully penuiid.d. (t� .J^c-t!^e latsitiikn cf Uiui; :,n AF.-cl. of NoveltV, I miy be alfcwed to ufe tie W^J)" fie d�: 1. J\, Pt..:'lse. To "Writwber Praife, mi^h: p;cL. L'v w.hic mi, bv 1.uling the tapeaasie^uf che Audiracc too hi.�u 'a\ I Hull 2iffcA�. that j I greatly appLsaded hisbcfign. a-4 well r.s hii Ccwt in nnnex-*S tie F_Kjpo! tic i oy Uwp to l.iJ I'by ; w.itcn-lining ai:ca_y recca�*J tie Afpicbstion of the'I it iv.'ulJ appur u� rae 10 liaiich out in ili Praife. 1 flatter niyi. !�', ilr.t �eJ>Jg.-j 01 Hurcoar will be on my fide, when Hie iruil > aod riot the Appliutcs ol a crowded Audience will Yetterday Bank Stock was 14b 3 4ths.� India 149 r half. South Sea Trading Stock 82 1 4th a 1 8th. Old Annuttiel 107. Ditto New Annuities 105 3 4lhs a 7 8tbs.- Three per Cent! Annuity 03 1 half. Million Bank 109. African 26. York- Buildings 4. Koyal Affurarice 96 1 4th. London Affurance 12 1 half. New Bank Circulaucn 61. 7s.6d.aios. Prem. Squth^ea Bonds 3I. 16s. Prera. India ditto A 9s-Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 2I. 10s. Prem. Engltlh CoBpcr 2I. ^ Welfh ditto Books fliut. Salt Tallies 3 per Cent? Prem> x_______, x March 12, 1734. 'N Mond&y laft there v)(ts a Meeting of.tbe (httof the Fulbam Turnpike, purjkanl la a* anammm RtfekttihMifiJjb* preceding Meeting, toprtpoft a Clnk, tbat tbtrt jnight tie lime^ttK^rtquire into tbe wbo bad thut alter"d the time �f ElieHan, (tbddrevwnjBptnhfi than � Quarter of an Hour) btcaufi bad adjournV, andrtbu Jdjaurnmfnfwat made, netwitbJtaHdini tb$ Gentlemen <wbo difagretd infirm%i them tbey bad fmetbing /' offer to tbe Board; Andjbarfhirt andfurt Work might be trad* of this Affair, tbe Petition of John Bwgefs, a Man of unblame-able Characler, nuas rejected before tbe Adjournment, under tbt ~fote Pretence, that be cqitldnot be fund, without hearing the Ro~ commendations of the other Trvfteet who appeared en' hi $ Btbalf, and on mufjgm this very Man was then attending for tbat Pur-p�J�.  N, B. At the foregoing Board of the Trujleet now differing in Opinion, ivith ihoje who have taken tbefe extraordinary Steps to appoint a Clerk,1bere was^a large Majority, and'ibej'migfri ibeii (without breaking any Rules of Appointment) have ebofen a Clerk, but'did .mf think it confiflent with their Honour fo to di, ani t erefgrt proposed a Time to nominate, and a future Time to dmfe a Cleik, as abovf, which was unamminfl* agreed to. -Souch-Sca-Houfe, London, - ~ r '.� 2% Feb. 1734. ' T* H E Court of Direfiors of tbe Soutb-Sea- �*� Company give Notice, that on Wednefday the zbtb Day of March next, they will put up to Salt the follywing Ejlatxs, V17C. Two ^!?'�_i�J^*iJ9w^^.W�^^-^'4f'l "f lb yarly Jf�luc of 49 /. t/.'e other at Cbigwell, of the yearly falue of 24 /.-lute 0/ Rabert Knight, Ejq; late Cajbirt of tbe South Sea- Company. ' AiiEJlate at Wejl-Milton, in the Pariffj of Power-Slock, in tbt County of Dorfet. of the yearly Value of zol. late of Sir TU'jdote 'f'"fftn, one of the late Directors of the South Sen-Company. P,i/(i, ulars of wbicbEjlates will be deliver d at tie feidtfoufe fmmSdluidtiy the Sib of March next to the time of Sale. For the Benefit of Si^nor CARLO BROSCHI V AKIN E I,I.O. AT rhc KING'S TUKATRK in the Hiy-quikit, til S.ii.ii-i.y (lie ijili U.ilaut, will be ;*.-rt<-r.-c.U 4,1 Or** a, All'd" ' A^-Jji T A X K R S L S. ^JP^i'4^ "trl(b ffueral Alter at wnt ailf Adlttiom. PifcacdqBWtMni1 L"�lt atl.i V.icc* on (he Staje. iTfCW&vviil 11.. JJiin'J .'I ihc (ill', e tr.Jjy the 14th anJ bjrmJjy .iu- i-1' l.'.i.i. (JiH.v n. The CUllcr/ ��ul U u.-n J ( 'Mi. t '(.".'�� I< ; I'.t i/.i! B.�ti Fi�c. '�n brvtri at Six i(..i /�)� t'/-.i ti*s . :�-...' (, /itt,' 'I+Lcii un tUt Q...<j.,n. South-Sca-FIoufe, London. S Match, 1734-5. THE Court cfDiretiors of tbe Scutb-Sea-Cm* *- party give Nttice, that tbt"Trant/rr-Btsit of the Otf Sea dnmdtiet will be fhut on Twejdaj the 1 %tb fojlant, i*t*djir tube making out the It'artaHtifir thrHalf Vea^s Jbwtft Ze^-day next, which will be rt,jdt to be dtfiisrd andMaidh* �-.'� tbe Proprietors on Friday tbe 25//^ of Aprit; And ttmt At bid. Tranfer Booh will bt opesid again m TueJJay tbtzytboftknt Jam* Mvtib. � - .: ':' � -v.: � ,^fH � THE MaftersoftbeR%utarLo(irit of tbeAaftAt *� and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Majim, *hkb will btdeWd that M� |J�p�e� � C�^V***** Theatre, at HJf a Cuuw o^^Tlrft CaUery 4s. Ml** OMttf * Br JtVr M*j vstyV C$mnanJti - ^ u ' NoPettJoi w_>te�er tote afauttrft�U�4the%^ Not Ailed this Seafitt. - ( For the B b s b fit of Mr. Q_U; I Ki y^f by bift\fa]iftfs toMpafiftfWimdim; , AT the Thwcrc^oyiii in Mxy - Lane4 tbu Vtij the 11th Inftant, will toprefa�ttA�iC(trualy, caVc* ^ y O L P ON E : Or. life x* Written h Bur. Ion j� so . Vo!fo�. Mr. QIJIN J Cgwuw.J�B�j MSJ^miT. VWtV Clirc ;Mn. Botto j Corlwwb� Tblr. JofcuiWi.",, With feveral Entettainmeno of Pioong, patrieattrl/ * AMimutbrMr. Dawm �fid Un. WalOr/. . ,. i:; Amoctxn Swmin, �rr. by Mr. Inimtm, Mn. Walter �fetM16r4aaa� ^. And the Rottta S*Oir fcy M*� O^wytr ar*l other*, ^ P'jcei if^tt had atJ|gi^rV|drjwCh^liitte �ual Tkketsattn^Dbl (aJTItchtnatt^p} laTaylftock-row, CmsafM^i *��� 5�-^^l�.';. a^.r%|7ajfcrr^;;^jjw�allir# �� e^JfcSed before. tbe Cimponyijf^Fretteb Comedians^ AT the^Ne> Theave ttMbo Hay- Marked : tbisiDajr the iyh loftaat, will hfcprefe^tted a Comcd/ olTJ Lcs FOLLIES AMOUREUSES. To whkh �U1 be �Ucd, J ' Les Intrigues d'Arlequin : o a, � %- : Harlequin's Contrivances. -- NoPCTfcmtnbc�dmhtal into the Box� vritbo�Jt Tkkett, wbkbf triil-be delivcr'4 at the Sir of tbc Theatre at 5*. uttb. Pit 3c Calkry it. 6d. PUus for tbe Bok* may be mkxn at Mr. Frifcoorft, ft*eciaat of Rappee-Snuff, atjhe 6jd Thatrc^ _____ No Pcr&m to be admitted behind the Scenra, nor any Mcaey to be if tura'd afttr the Curtain u drawn up. ........." ....... To begin at Six o'Clock. And on Monday next a Comedy caWd Lc Feflin dc Pkmt i Or, TlKfJfxruoeDjdroy'd. At the Defire of feveral I*erfon$ ot Quality. For tbe Benefit of Mr. WALKER. AT the Theatre Royal in Covcnt-Gartfen, on Saturday tbe 15th loflant, will be tcviv'd a Pity, call'4 SOPHONISBA: o a, �-'.....-: _ - Hanni b a i.'s Overthrow.- HannJfeaJ by Mr. Stcvrru, being tb; fcft time uf bit apecanot la tbat C!uralter > M.rTiuitri, Mr. WALKER j Virio, Mr. Ryan ; S^bonuVt, Mn. Builixk j HuuL.'kJj, Mn. Buchanan j Mailiaa, Mf�. tecvem. With proper Decorations. ArJ Dniirtainmcntt of itsr.tfui; and O^rumf, by Mr.G!o�er, Mr.Lath/f arj ItfiiracB^iie-Salir;-----^-- T  ukl/cli will be addrJ, a Farce ut' one A/1, cail'J The T O Y - S H O P. By Command of bis ROYAL HIGHNESS. For tbe Benefit of Mr. Denoybk. AT the Theatre Royal in Dairy-Lane, ea Moixtay �at ttc 17th Inlljat, will be prcisntal 4 CiMOcdy, "The MOTHER - I Nt- LAW: ' The Dolor's the Difea�, - With frn-nl En'Htainmentt ol Duuin/ brtoan l\,c+ft/kr, fytSeahpfff di. Urt nw Cii'i-i Duii4 Mi. Uc;fc.).j. pti|'fl TJb* U^Of ai,v_>3-.. Pa j�. Jr'u;tCaU>) a., t'ftit^a^�y'*�

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