Thursday, February 18, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, February 18, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 18, 1834, London, Middlesex r inr. f �.-� < r..r vr -'-in � -n.....y-rr~--T ^Trritttraf arrfr'Jlix* M 4 S>h*P* laden with Provision* td tbe Ptinee JlalW"ti Governor of Meffina, at jieJent befirg'd by faia ^felcMajrfty's Arffly. but have made him Often likewise ^taYlSuocoor of Troop* as might any ways contribute to �Defence. fetaayameon tbaEWiioo of a Burgefs to fcrvein ih� SratnWnt for the Borough of AgoModelluun in tie � Btttkt* Hi the Room of Tnomas Lurwyehe, Etqi when Thomas Gdrr,! Efy recommended by tbe Usily, was unawmoufly elected fc* (to (aid Borough. ~ fcWrihddiy tea Mr. tWl, Son to the RcV. fir. Lovell, Mimed at & MatthewVChurcri, FrjeVfo**. to.Mifa ft||rtIngpWft�y. ��St. John'sfqusre.  6. 61 YefteteW Ba�atata em* tea $ 4dm. laafctefttdtk 5^�J^ Trading Set** Sam tm. OM tUantta 1*6 3 8thi. Ditto New Aaaaa to Cent. Annuity 9* $ ia*v �I� 46. Yotk-Biaiiay 4. Bona LoMk* Aflorence "t t Ada, z%. 6d. Pram Sontn-Scn aa* |L 17*. Baa. A. 8s. Prem. Tbtee a* Cc*2ao sL ft, fmm. EngWh Popper il WeMb dia7e*i� jet aw* Tawto f L_- HEkEAS on Monday tbe lOCb lAfUnt. MC, si anas �a � Oewk JansbojceaMail, write from BriOol, that �be Sarah ftom INm-Combe, n'n'hntow'the Holmes, but tbe Men are all laved. Gentlemen are com down to thst City, to iofpoft Jtitk proptt> in order to tbe detiati eElcoiaiv. e�gn, the Maid miakuwanOut> ef Murder, fo frighted them, inat they fled thraVtbc beck; m r-Ji'tbe Houfc and nude their Escape : one of to Romas ,| fcMWkx wa�en to emO d^jnTrJnvsniil-UtA enTnfc mmmSmdMone of bis MJb& tafe*. and �b Mia, �** #k a did not iay 19 pick up, and are now at tbe Council mis in their Examinations. That a certainClergy antebliged to refund 1500I. employ'd contrary to the r*sWilk Several other nonblc bifcoveriw have been Itad we hear that when they have gone thro' their En-� that City, they wilt make �thorough E^ination ie Moneys jh�ve been applied in all the Chaxuks inoiner ajnithin the Limit* of their Corflmiffion. ^Wtadiy Morning died In Lincoln's-Inn-Fickb, Mi�s m�^�oW� young Lady aj yean of Age, lole Mflhvef Edwa^Spooner, Efm fOlTburloay next will be held a General Court of the -**e�r� of Chriit's HofpimI, for the Elecuon of two Nurses ff*�n*Wards lately inilh'd, and other Buiincli. �ay Night left a Man came to the Houfe of Mrs. neat Greenwich, and perceiving tbc Footman to go hi eccafion, he open'd the Latch and went in, and _dtreflly lor the Room where the, Lady was, he pre-�^-Knifv', and demanded her Money, which {he are him, end the Villain made off uomoleKcd v * e Boat,*** faak it*vapcr�iih�C>VW, �v�t _ a in the Lit Haeasrwas a I__ a UMkt Cowtj a*t weat tn>wa� Miaatkif>.p. TkeC^aamladh ing �%�ecb, tt>� Maavrls nas*et�atl Smm kt with nrtUimMnJMr_______. ... . it. In withalooeftoiCtinileinlw*asasstnaeSat.ttMi wauh,ts*NMwleeaatt�n<asl�r i *4} m'-kmiOMf WosbwV OuMCaawj n s�tM< �M�tt'� hl Chafe* naaati iBttrea-eis  ffsllti laejiiali iaj� t�aa>joi�-rwiaaa�4giai h l  t CUtUmi-HcNife, JLtwdoo. i� Feb. Umaoa, 15 ft if SOLD* By Order of the Hotiounblc Cotnmiflioocrs of i hi* Majcfty^ Qiftom*. - f\N Tut/Jay tiatt, tilth Ja)fa*Y �f One Y w*.V�*wV��SnA; * *. Whi*H** Uvtj. StmbU in Stttbim-tntt mar fimtrfrttt. Stmt Umjts mmi Morn,'MthSmMi^itiA^ fie. hd^ fmfdta fk mm Good,. r_:'' - f_ Exc^c-Offia, Lrjyk�. (D T Order tf tb* H�m. Cemmffumers tf Exqfe, _______,-. - � A , , ....., - , , Ccrtfrnmi. litOU-J^y, (mtdn, e'Ctsol - ikJAr. Cepiaof fuckChitters, Record;, PapmaMBMks^aj^ ' - � tbeMentrr^^^^cfcoi^  �W/ A* Xylb mmi tl*hjL mttit Exci/t-OJitr, mad mt tit fTaittm^ii mar, " 9 f� it in lit M**hg, ami fmm Xtt 5 a lit Day of Saltfnm 9 A� 1Z n liv Mlankg. mnti tftht Particulannttit itS/mri at tit fail Oft* m Saturday tbt i\tb ImjUmt. York-BuUdin^s�-Houbr,Fcb.i7t 1734-5- ' T^HE Governor' *md Cetert ef Jfffiamt if Gmral Court tf tit fiii Cmiifmj est aV*V at fktir ttktk n Blmhjtr/brti. mt Vmttm mm. At *Oii Jag. mtbmiCkct ia cii F^taam. m^tol Afcirs, �*e- all * Pnfagaiim*/tbt Gt/fd ia Jmrdga Tart,, mtitftttUat tit FtfirfMam eV%naj * s*?*W tfU. Man k Bay> ia Proposals for Pam-fino by Stt 1 sc m riibM, The historv of the othman EMPIRE, , *K ^ . VMttn, erarmnA re Lefra, w DEMETRIUS CANTEMttt, : *\ ^t^'-mKtjf-'-a^sr'^- Trs^bHrftotafc^tahrfb�>A>awl;0t'�o�W -' e9�e4r> S.ia, War AWTtriCHUs t ��Miseirfie�iierUsjee^ a Nii^TMrN d a La m; Ah 'kartfQrmWahta* inE, M�vdir 1 ~TUfti sihfttlrs^ tie* delete. This wore htvsabfMiftat fiat a me fteft, �iilfcit�� � nsnabWb** �sn**e� J &� ni > Ht*e iwoa tnA MtsaMmet tMtjttee>Stehnnr. ft*toiai��erc >aWm by Jtsnei, JeheaSiiaWlUaiMee, mt tba> Cawn h>Inleaie llreei. * . V�v "teV^.!-.  n:b> it* timmkri a* it Ji�t tt/kc* Geetfmeat aensjli a ere 9i(Mft4ttjimimthirSsm*i. ' jiV;'n,'"-"'"' ., � h';^.: j^^-s>^|C|lttj|r|�. ..1734.5. t \^7HEREAS it having been confyltcd and V V agrere on bv unvif V^oalkr* abd otaen �M trt to tba ror-*Ci% to rtiituwitorettiaawatforinltvi, aei,fatkioeska. viae bat* ,k*V at 34 Placet lr� aae aoaut ibit City, ami treat Gatt kadi been utw toelveNotke to���r p�r�kgUrVWo�kr*Hbfe %htW* of MoetHuv to flan t.*:h VntUion j ��t omwithWnltel ' aaey tneeftnif who ptt �o that AO, no nwVtbs* ba�a G|nM� e�c�cr Heesler of siuthafe tbMttht propet cqtftfili ill fwlh�� Ftufti eke twcwiibiumdnft ih* great lt,pts�* ihef ban � iMtafignnltlit fmm Petirioa, eaTpsia One &MlUa� T_.. . -trete�iba Chary**, to take tbek Mceey ait*.�AljM|i Orivr �f ins aw Wrulfl*, promif* lopvT* 7bjk�*lllai al ttaatr.  �  i/v.HEREAS two Maid Servants telonginK IfV � Mr. Akia^ttMn letyio r^ e JjkSiAiy Night two Gentlemen going cross Covent-Gar-fta*ea eleven and twelve o* Clock, were attack'd by a, who took from,them a Silver-hiked Sword, a Silver .jbae, and 17 s. in Money t the Fellows being dofrly j*MO Long-Acre, dropt the Swwd, but made off uudil- #ErJaj ccllefled at the Door of the Choir fwlMis, at the RchearfsJ of the Mufick PjMeattof the Sons of the Clergy, was t* Two Guineas feni afterwards by an SHand, is included in the above Sum. nsTCoUeiltd at the Door of the Choir ;ff*f "e�fl-D�y, was ^ ^JliSum colleftcd at the Fealt at Merchant .*f�s-H�iJ, was d. o 114 15 4 _amJ 551 3 6 C ,......... Total 967 1 1 o TV Stewards dtfjie Dr. Greene, and the Gentlemen Per-2<r�. both Vocal ane Inftrumcntal, ro accept of thefc their jjjwjlt Thanks, lor their gnat Service in promoting ibis j|j*Jfcfterday's Paper, in the AdJrefs from the Convocation, n*2f*P'1 2� 'cad, thai Lutntioujnifi in Priuciplt undPratlue, aiub prevail*; n-A only, &c. ^ Thi� Evewinjj will be pcrform'd, Kt 1* c**-T� un a in the Hay-Mar k it, JNew Opbra of POL1PEMO. 1*1.''* F�*nch Thiatre in the HAY-MAaaeT, *PJREUX NAUFRAGE, &c. #.tfce TutATaa Roy a l in Divir-L*Nt, CORNFUL LADY, with JbtOldMan taught H'ijnm. ^a Tmiatre Koyal in Co-viht - GaaotN, ULE, with PtRiiUi and Andromepa J^e Ntw Thsatrb in GooDMAH's-Fietos, BATCHtLOR, with JufiTaa and lo, Mwkb rUttrml'Jtt, or lUt%'ag tutor than Mar- ' .m �' � 1 r'fV'leliiH Hay-MMkcr. taw V*r. hew* ta� **** Pvibo> w^sntvrr tm he nimtmri bthwi By tbe C�mj>aaj cf French Comedians* ~ AT the New Theatre in the Bay-Market, ** t) wcr�n> Vn mU. SVwwJfi^ _ By their Majjlies Ctnumand, For the Benefit of Mr. Fsiascisqjue. By tbe Company of French Camedians, AT the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's - Inn - Arlcqoin Aftrologue, Statue, Enfant, Ramo-neur, Negre *V SkeUette. Harlequin always Harlequin. Witb JevneJ LmUrtatMmtaU *f D a * c 1 y c. Pit and Boxes to be put together at 5 *. Firi GaUery 3 s. UpjKT GaJanry 1 %� 6dL ptsres (at thefiae* br ?�iaa_cSat g/A, HElTEAS Samud~Bokcr, Efq, fomc lime j1 he U>id>c-T(a�tee, #e*warc*^ �� a�| Seek kva^iet: ia ii o*i: a Stof lb tiace 4*4 ot sac Vat! Pj* w bv^Cf ��. f^amer* �& avf U. UaviDgkr: (c�er t 4o�� �n ta,c titr� SiA|:*i b> tiathf crat; d io bate Fricxf, r-'aaj, ia torodawy n/ta aatf Mot t4t� boea i�-f^iro'd vf ti� fictttft : Alk mCiuihesxaycflkMtux or caa artrwarr anj fuJiGtx^li,IT'pT1. Wiirioe* cmHufU. bckmtm^iaitc(kii Air. Bater. arc �irfiic4 tcftb�trb *� fnc turner Jbsnx* ta Taiotnai DtJImJ. Etij; it hi* ' Cr^r tjw-ai t'-mncL tar (be Bkasti: of ihc ReLi'ioa* or etc Cu* Dcceatut, w%* *>il daaJrSaif atfta^wloafc 'he fa�c.______ _^_ Elizabeth Stmtfau. MfC iiPM". recaera in Qprenftiuare �tor�(kid, Ihsli new Too, \A/HEllEXS on Saturday the 15th Inftanc, v, e *�rt�f we� Stat wfihativen Doica and a half of Vtocklaifa noai elo&xai't loa i.40 Holbore, otat new Turnmil*. and ha* 001 hjee' besrd �4Ttwos, il'ne'llnriag them to the ChtrnbtrUln at Blrwmft*.... iia�iaLm*>rcnce4�M. h� fc.UerwioooDsmue*. -lN&Vr^to n�wrr-o�' tells ptar (tapthem, and you ihsil.hsvt ri*e Guinea* Reward, ot praaottjoiiible for pan , o^lf already paww'4 offoleVyour Money *>tm. ; QTl&CN out of the Stable of Mr. Ifoac 0_Mtftbaatat Fulkia, intha psri&of Bdbanonln IbtCouory of < Santi. the soihliJIaor, a brawn Cart Hoifr, about 14 Heads hieb,'.' wap*, aiih aJuiia wt,i�# ja bit Forehead, formerly nreog a Utile ' ivca Notiaus -. - -------- - -,,.,____. . . n and Oeoife Hilb. taktasatn of Cattle, at (be Cr��hoan4 Woeaaa, my oafa Coejttlatioe, kw| NoU, a Star daeet Mr Rl|b� _ ^e-=.~7t7,- ^yktt4 ^omm^mm Jhgi��>, "cfoay lalf ahowOae tfOeef twaen tb. Hoanof �iawa and BIiIm at Nieht( fVat k^lroma 4r icjait� ocar Of mead* reet. Whoever hei 'httw� it, sad will wnh tbe Collar oearilM Withers on the Marti**, e�ard. , � LOST or dropt at SalKrl-Hall, at the Tbarfdty Uftora, a etoudad Can�, *ith aCowf-wt Mead and leabcr Top. Wboerer wiU brirg or M �� to rVtvTnoi Armllroof, * -, at tb, UoJ^ra and jrtr In *, oabcrt. Clcek o7sakai�.baU Mteiinfrhoaft, (ball have Vita SbttUet*, ateward. . . , , , HOUND on Thurfday Iaft at Merchant- TarloTS-Halt. a Cornelian Seal let in Gold. Whoever deftttbe* a^m_*__a ^it ^%L^m. ~f �Uia m\.tu0�*ltmmmmn. nftaa haiae* IF Elizabeth, the Grandiitghtcr Clapiiaai, Imuatut mt GeeyV V.W. dtc-i'J, Lie the Widow at ata a-wk-Urt, sm d to riia Owi�r, or anj Parfbo fcr them, gtelaf a ffopar Desteipuou of the CI ���. pa�w�e 'be Cliarae � e�n tbe pLaNbTAHlUn, a oe� Matiiina to ttpliloaad espos* to V*� the Mmiom. Mafoltudei and Uilianteii of tba Hctnnly Bodioe, and ail tba thcaoaseaaoi Ailruo. my, in  bctitr and truer manaer than bat e�cr yet been lb*�n by aor Michir* � Bj J- T- DESAGULIERS, L.L.D. F R.S. At In tiiuft in Cbunntl-Row, Wtfimlnjltr i Wbuc Caiak^Ki ot tbe Eiimuokqiv nwy be hid, tod Sub(uip(i��� �xc taken ia; elf > it Mr. Scoti'i, bi>)*f�lltf, %i iho Globe oppofiia St DmA*u� Cbmch. Flcet'tlrcci ; Mr. Kcnlei't, bi> Mijil},', O^li. "' " '�� ' -' Chqvet'i, Surgeon,  �i�o. OCM Aan'k LeKci'lcr 6e1d� Ctiutcb. Sabo; aod Ml. ia f[WR Y C LAR K E continucth to teach T~\ the Greek �id Latin l� tiUiar, co whole ftifioaiSwr loilioaiioo i��r nuke t: ooeefliry or *grtcab)j ioiefrif�e ibai Lrtming, obkh bf a Neglect of ee�e�l y�ir� Off m�v in a �re�i Meafur* i�ye loll, he (boo brine, tb i'4o � way of aukiug rbeir Heading a Weifure lo ihrm. thtyai. la*iaji tbeioklm o^ljr o� How a Off for rheir own prime Scojlai, �eiLetinileJrraiun<;ic� thta tremor* (ban(**� a Week for the tua. ll�u totwfpokc w�ih. 01 dirtOedto. at Mr.Cl.tke\ Bivkleller, ar "fee Oo*d�  Bt!) ia Uoct.larm near Liula-B*ii�io, si ibe iu<\ urfco-- - - 1 fcaoas btLiad tte Boynl fcitha�ui�. or n �ba Chancery Coffvab'ntc - - j***?. ICbAoeerf Uac. at catb <d �bitb PIk'.s �)i latlat, aodp'utAioo* aawanaHeajfii,,^, *fa^^t^jiojatcp-tf, andbtjeiUwait�o�i�J��*a

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