Sunday, February 14, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Sunday, February 14, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 14, 1834, London, Middlesex FRIDAY; tiBR u a r; y 14, v 1734. 1 12: the Dmtns, his Ma- tt Dw/, February - F. MAINS in_______, yRy'i Ship Loneflcff. Capt. Cottetrll. Carre <k�n lad Night, tlx Mercury, Ftiscklm, for Africa ) the VVjllianv iikcr, for Scuth Carolina. Moft of theXffiward-bound are tailed this Mom-irg. jFheEaA-India Ship and others arc preparing;to fail. Arrhr'd Yefttfday in itc Afs�rwcn,xthe Prince of Orange, G rocock, from Leghorn. Wind Eafl. L O N D b N, fjCtnlay a Periston relating to the Election of thVS-tteen p-s for Scotland �s prdomd to the Hotifc of Lords. ^\ ytfladay Morning lib Excellency the Spanilh ArnbafDdor flfcsca'd an extraordinary Cornier to his Coait, with the Rc-3"rf the (rvxral Conferences which he has lately held with - One of oor Corrtfpondena has communicated to us ttie fb!-lowing Copy of on a certain young Ufa by thtjhihr of a late �nd of fcveral P*/�W Works," who, -we hear, will ,. ___. 1 . % � � � �  .. M' rater- Tfce Cbococrfe of Nobility at his Excellency's on Wcdnef-fat Evening, was greater than ever ; there wai Dancing in (mil Rooms, and Pl�y in others, and all manner of Refreih-^abdiflriboed in great abtmdance. About 1 z o'Clock moil if the Company reur'd ; bat his Excellency derain'd about So V Sapper* atocogd whom were their Graces the Dukes of Gabon and Richmond, the' Dutcbcfc of Bedford, the Earls ol ffubeiOttgh. ChcfierBeld^&c, Tcftcrday the Rev. Dt. Lavington preach'd before the Sons fie Clergy at St. Paul's ; after which thole Gentlemen went fctgizni.t'rocefiicn to Mercfcant-Taylors-HaU to dine.  "Tbe Ccflrflioo Yeflerday for potting out the Children of Sr Clergymen Apprentices, was at the Choir 114I. and at Hattjsst 17 s 6�L The Whole, including the Lady's CA�tion on Todday, amounted to 94SL 8s. which was Ijat. xs. ffotetion was garixrd hft Year. ' George Murray. ESp is a Candidate for Narian and Cromer-''lieas Scotland;, in the room of John Campbell, Efijj who has ; naie lis Election for the County of Pembroke.  John Whkefkld and Thomas Gore, E %aJaA Pojxrrat Sakers HaU ; hts Subjrcl u-as-on Tranfub* ^MKBOJcn and Ccnimaruoo tn-cw Kind : The Text was in St. xljbe. chap. �2. ver. j 9th and 20th. -- Tbu it mj Body Mkb itjhftM far I'm i tlit da im RtmttsbroJtte of mt. Lite-' mfi^i^ittt Cx?afiir Szff.t, jJiirg, Tvii u tit Ncui Tefiamcat Ffa�|��&/. -uiub :: Jild J.r list A Jew Nighu wjjx. i-o-JkicT and Mr. Allen going in a Intto Graiein-i. in cider to cnibaik on board the 1 indal, �( htod lor Arajier^sni. were caft^away in Long-Reach, and 4e!e Grctlrtsfn hii-ing wi'b them a tof.l:(irrabk Quantity ol ,JMcary iu Sp*cir, it ii feai'd lcfif'^y lotL'd, and af-. vnnrds tfemwa itio tfic Ri\er. Seine Accounts lay, tiut a �Risk:parted, and that tiiry^ll l�nk dinclly. Teilerday came oa in tt.c Ccuttof Common Pleas, a Caufe "*ier�B a Masd-Sttvan: wss Pbiaiff, find a Gc-nileman her JitSor Dc-ciiJia: :-t|leTlfiTsa wai brought by the Plaimiff for .W* iiap;iiooxDtrt; The Attar was in this manner; Her . Htfer f^petime ucce iad&id hci at the (Did Baity, for at-,J�pdrg to gi-.-e fuss i'tiia wttea he w^as lick in Bed, vyhich JkJBg fcvi'erto at a faii rt.i sr^lscisus, A : ter lcJ:;tnirct, upon which (he brought ^ck>cn (or too 1. and a-c- hcar;ng Council on both lides, .i�Imy.tiTcaVcid^J�t^n�intifl"o< l. Damage, with , Yrncfday's Paper, for Sir Htrry Ilosigbtcm, as Candidate r Bcdfjrdthtre whtn^t Oppoi.:ko, plccr.- to rcwl Sir Koajer* 1 ifapync, the fbmscr being an acckkiaul Error. ImtJLrt txxt im the jtf:rrv*z tit f? To find the (htning Trophy out. # In vain, alas! are all his Pains ; In vain .he aflts the Nymphs and Swains 1 They nought had found, they nought had feen, . Nor knew they what the'Bopcou'd mean. . Goenlng, at laft, the (horteft way, Where dwells the Fairvf Njfmpb,. I pray* The Arthtr cry*d : They all agree, At once, that. lovely P-rr was (he. To her in halle thefroJ/w flies: Reflore, quoth he, my Mother's Prixt. P~et uond'ring fmird: CupiJ, amaz'J. In Silence ilood awhile, and eaz'd, Till thus -- Nay, good Mamma, no more. To me this Artifia is poor; ' * �', Wou'd yon deceive the God of Lavtf I Penui only know above I Difguifc yourfelf which way yoa will, * I know the^Mnof Bea*tj Aill. P-ce, laught -^Ljvlay, quoth the ptevilh Elf, _On your next Errand fly yourlelf. _ � . This livening wi!Tbe perlorm'd, At the Frxncii Thbatrb in the Hav Mabeet, ARLEQUIN BALOURD, tee. At the T it e a't. r e Roy ai The TEMPEST. '  ' At the T11 eatre Rovau' in Covbnt-Garden, The D OU BJ^jGJUjANTj_.jBbkJtei*ub-Jud il in Dt v *y-Lam b. At the New Th eataS in GooWi�V*-Fii'tn�, The FOND HUSBAND, with Jur-ma and lo.. Yellerday Dank Stocis was 139 1 4th. India 14c. aouth-Sea Trading Stock 81 3 4th*. Old Annuities 106 1 8th, a 1 4th, a 3 8ths. Ditto New Annuities 104 3 41b, a 7 8(bs, a 105. Three per Cent. Annuity gz j 8ths,  3 Aths. Million Bank 108. African 20, York-Buildings 4. Royal Affu-rance 95 1 half. London Alfurance. 1 a 1 4th. New Bank Circulation 61. Prcm. Sovth-Se* Bonds 31. 15s. a 165. Prem. India ditto 4I.* 3s. 'a ^j./Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 2I. 7j; Prem. finglilh Cooper Welflrditto Books (hut. Salt Tallica a 3 4th* per Cent. Prcm. Excrfe-Office, Lpnclon, 12 Feb. 1734. T> X Order of tber~Hon. CommiJJioners of Excife, on Tburfday tbe zatb lnjl. nmtL^t txpofd to Sale, /�their durt � Roomlm tbtOld-Jtwry, (attbrtt 0 Clack in tbe Afternoon ) ffueral Parcels of condemn'd Bobea ard Giein tt,a,JCi>jftt raw and rtafitd, CLoalaie, Brandt, Rum, Gtwva^tnd Ctrdial Waters. WHcb may he vievld tbt i$tb and 1 p% Infl. at tbe Exctje-Qjfiet, and at lb* IVartbwfts near the Cufim Houfe, ft am 9 to 12 in tbe Morningi and from 2 to $ in toe Afternoon, and on tbe Day of Salt from 9/912 in tbe Morning*. Printed Allotments of tbe Particulars will bt deliver'J at tbe faid Office on Saturdat tbe 1 $tb Infiant of ngufar l.&tjts of tbe /tntient and Honourable Satiety of Free and Accepted Ma/otts, ate defu'd to meet on'Mtndetj next, being tbe \ -jtb fijlanf, at Seven 0'Clock at Night, at Forre/Fi Coffeebouft near Cbaring-Crofs, upon a Committee for Diffoful of tie general Charily of tbt fuid Society and other Special Affairs, wLjreof all Ptrfms concern d an to take Notice. By the Grand Mailer's Command. J. JRcvii, Seer. Charitable - Corporation - Hoofc, Spring*, � Garden. 4 February', 1734* .v^^ y*// E Court of Commute Wwr gvvr AWnv, ** / tier wilt eomtimx pmyim ttttr Cftr Attn the trend P�p�r*.> (tf m Sbit&mf in tit PmtmiJ nttf Ant>�r�tw Maodlf atat* tlJrhMl y Chocolate-ao�<t,ia�t. JwB��VWr P O LI F E M O. fit and Botes to bt nit t al�irW ' withaat Tkactt. �hkh wi)l c* dtjrmM that Date at tbk OA* % the H*I-M�iVet. at hatl � Qobea et�h: Oslkry \\ - ---By bit Maj e sty's Cmmanlt,  Ko Pwfom �kiatttcr to bt'aJraittHl brftwa tJatttnta. . To begin ml Six o'clock. � .. By His MAJESTI's Command. AT. tjie Theatre Royal it Corent-Gardetn on Tfcora,T i�it|, tU aoa> of Cchrot bt PMaWd r new Opera. - v RIO D A N T E. Pit and Svfett ro bt pot iMctlnf, **i 00 frrtxM to bapdaihfel rithoot T*chti*>�chkh will be 4cli�tt'4 t>it Dttn at tba OnW*' in Covent Gardm ThWns, at Half aOtthofth. HtttClMHI 4� Uppet Cttitry at. �d. >v. ' , By Hit Mait.trr%t CtmmMmi, � � � Wa Pwfeat whaWmto bt^kakttd btU^thtSnwta. ' - * By Cammed tf bis ROYAlv HIGHNESS. 4 By the Company of French Co AT the New Theatre in the Hay^M�rket� ** tht� Dir. tbe u�h IM�t�ir, will be �fte*n Ctmtie, �aTd> AR L.EQJJ I N BALOUREK T�> which will bt adltJ,' rbe FRENCH CUCKOLD. To be perfom'd by the LI LLt FUTIA>f 6V With JcvyrmJ Emtertmimmentt off) a W C I It O. -: Nor^totubtaiagBkte�it� ibeB^wkhaa|tkl^ be �!�ti�tt*4l at the itt of tbe Tteair* �t 9*.ottw Ffr f�> <M. PlK^for the Boat* vm be uken at Mr. FrtboMfX limhf 1 it* Rtppee-SMC �t (belaid rbtttie. ill T� trpn ir Six JCitm. ForJbe Benefit of Mr. j oh w. R1 c h t i R. AT the Great Room in Villiers-Street, Yorfa \ ** Cniliirgt, thbDar. btssf. U* i\th laflant. will ba parfcrsm'4 � M If S 1 C K. T0 btp'm *t Sim iCktk. .  ) { Tickets had at the Door. This it to acquaint the Cturifn^- ------ That Yia-tbs Jem. mad jam, ntn� Enttrtasnmrnlimrtjo -Jtn ��m*^-Rn}at^Bxiiim^^ ift.\TEATES, jun. Irjlmitable Dettcriiy X of Htmel, who foe nil otrioat Tckk* by Cards, O1t.14.tb' Bi�<V, igjs. Money tad Mint, alio bis flitaiaf. a fatb 01 Ctri* <* fura*4iabit Way. , ^ ajty. Huouioatnwvkif n&mn rVoalftly 1 br|r Im Nft MtOtrs, katlsf feit abm 3 jo Figarti all in Mocw% and <}tiM dlff^tBt to any �r�� yeffltttra, t*ttwh m�ct bfClgck-wotir. iitrMlhtbitti 10 Vox, mmt WriUA 9 foot.~ All ibt while yoo arc titwM thh1 Cwiofry, it ditant you with f( vera] cwTMus Pieces of Uoficioa tbt Organ, tatapat'd by tbt ben Maltct*. . . adly, There is to bt Im that canaot Ua�h�K-Coat& nad Horfte cMt cex, eMk�� Jwr ObnAate, a*] fhe*k bcr PtiitKw. tbt Pa|e cUpou* tbt Door too ttteral T�aatt whiJa tbc'Lady tsoat ol ibcCoecb. 4'hl>. The Footcata coaate front be-hioj the Co*ch. waiiwg till ta� ladt gan im. ^ifcry. Tho-tady ra� taroi�g im Utti*. tic Pat* Amu* the Door, ted fee inu Lit Plata ba� hia^thejC.itrtniw. 4*\tfr Tat tewtatw jawpi ef bekM ibt Cotch, tht CotAtaia dritai Iba Hoifn. aad goes coat at irit, which Pm* of trotlitn^iototoaaS'diaaarope. ' ' 4th y, Hiifat*wtT�mWcr aai Poflani Maflcr. wbofi of bU nrfcuauco. u thoafhc to be the Woader of ai* �� Tbt Doon will to opea at Fi'C o'Cloti, bcf> at Sit. Bishr. , Pit is. 6 d. Middle Scab) 1 a. Upper Scatt U. a. Gcatksstra aerfladies msy tea tbe cutioM Pictarc, a� Coach aad H^tliu, attf Tisae teiwcra EWteo tad fit* o*C< (how to rwo or 1 hrc� a- � Titie � y r�rtot tUOsf; oreaL pirn* shew sf til the fahwoMaccf, Cttisf u tt^uh Kwiet)

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