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Publication: London Daily Advertiser February 7, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 7, 1834, London, Middlesex fe0day arrrd'd a Mail frm Fr**a. : U^?"'. PtjrrV, February ia.  . * HB* win frpn, Mr. tWt &elM� ^MflMMau arrivM there out tie 171k, teky*CarinJ�tfaBi\ w�d_i�t DayviewM At iafiOc �r�t.P� XefttsanKaei were difiriboted in a plentifol Manner to all ' Aboot ii^Chxkhj* Exodleacy enterttin'd withindeeintSapper. ; r  cMa^'sPiflm*, as large as Life, wit fit of State in one tat the Rooms. ��:>^ ^' ' i j Notice was iflii'd fiom tho>Lotd Chainl�erUin*i the Monraing ibr'the'Qneen^l haidioia to be an Snoday next, viz. the Lediesto wjearbjackSilk , co^onr*d liasbons. Pins and Tippets. Sf^^Mtttoo3�iiuieinBhtck, and to wcucoloar'd Swords ^fjSetdty his Grace ihe Doke of Richmond, Mafler of the Wetoih Majefiy, fit ont lor hit Scat at Goodwood in I'^tfeiair_lha^ hi Grac* tifclhilcerfPjmhmd has Idfi'd the X Cars Hand, on his being appointed  Gentleman of hn Ma> jm Bal-Chamber," in the room of hu Grace the Duke of f-:We hear that Charles Hwbury Williams, Ec�y of Derby. \ >y�teiday the Directors of the Bank appointed Mr Braxton ** hlr. Gregory to be* Clerks in the Cafliier'* Office. -Madftnoifette Salle, syho lately hurt her Leg io Dancing,. ' -�T^',,OBV'r'd� that fhe will pertonn again next Week. IiJ** ^iht HoD- the Eail of Rot has prrftntrd the Rev. .fp:Jrewn, to the Rcclory of BoUyxodiy in Ireland, void by **UcwhoftbcRcir. Mr. Evans. Oti tim&M Cartsnr,ht W-k Ei|� Mwnber �f Farhn�eat fcr Harwich, was ns^a^lheica eae of the Caj^Barfeflesef that ConaMtJon. feia^Motnioi died at his Lodebrt to Chark*-fc�et netaStJatnesV1clia�, ThorntonWiu�7fi%i � Criwlrpto ofra jpsaw^Pecttna, x . IM Night died, at the 9id Year of her Agt, in Greek � it^a^oWfiittii** Mn-Afltew, Reti& of Wflliam Alkew, of Barlbrd in Oxtordfiife, Eloi * ^ Laft Wednt^ George knbrey. of KermngW Gravel-Pitt, E^tdMiwJdenty it be &t . On Taejday Nhjht bft  Girl about ia Veart oht, Appren* tJceto^Gtover, a Ledger m a llrat^-Shop in Dnry-lane, wat faani ntniderVI in her MasVl Apatxtwjnt, I*** being JUbb'd in icW n*de>,ai to at* Atmaranovwidi a al&barnt with hetjrons, t^mtifAmjma Appenranoe win � ectK 1 Matter and Miftidt Mint AlmhSl ^wSi^ to^*hmtit ftt^t%1hiV�-SlWn^ns n Vcm** ;Dnl^e^lHhjFlnng^ Staaoir. � uut Monday XHtgnt v) AmAmSpntetT, a Gardener at Batterfea, tMe gotW ItMit witli  Candk Ittd Untharn, .hi, went too near the River, and iepftng nun n kofir Brick, he lcILii^th%Wa�tTandwniA Hit Body wat found the next Day wfch tba sVatKbotn ia hit Hand: He hu kfta Widow aodfottr fiaatt Onldrea. - On Wedntidtf 0;Might i Genthman ttaoiag frantk Tavtrn, the aottOaa of Garlichvhill, was auackM by two Strret-Robbert, woo took from* hira^a Gold Watch, three Goi-neas and tolibe'SitveiV �nd niacle off ajtfifcovet'd. - Yeiterday the Rev. Dr. Wright pmcVd^the Fifth Sermon againft Peptryj at Saltett>Hair} ha SabkabeiBg t* Saints Wrr^^.^HkTeM w^ninf/i^irw, chap.�. ver. 20. Prnri* ChmtetfAtomntZrilm i that >* ihrt�rni$m if tbt Rtv. Dr. lm�% Dum tfCkmttrfmrj, mmdtbat imjffttrmmhj hJ&t9> MrJGekmuah CuraH St. Bttthi Bj/hfJ^H i far & 120 CbmriffCitUrtm f7tvm>}Fmnl. r. j ~ ^ Ciii^mmvt itrnfrntj/fttntittt u Trmiti* '� ' $6 Bmt fm.ltJSHh8**+ht. . 67l OmI&W S'�be*i v"*riog Appsnd or other Goo�, 10 Mrs. Bool ion, of LmUQuccudfeet ioOtrW Hm4 acar Mariboroogb-Mcoir, lately �tre |b the Hay-Markct. hi. Day, bebg the ythirf Nbraaty, vDlbt |rjfinwjn* Farce of one a A, ttb^ ,  � \ Le MAR I AGE FORCE. Tt��h�hwaib��lJNaO�^ir.�1f4 /v Le MA LA D E IMA G I N AIR L $U Motber-in-Law. *k Both written by M O L IB R& s Wilb feotrat BaUttmvtmtatt 1/ Damc riitrf To begin at Six o* Clock. - -* "* - ^ No Ftffobs to 6� a~-*-= Placet toe tha nota�ia�y be taken at Mr. Fritooig's, MmhaetoC Rtppec-Souf, at theua-rhtstre. . �'....." > .' No Pert* ro be adasiend bshuni tht Scenes, oof ��y Mor�y to bf -A retora'dafierdieOmalaisJrawnap. - . .�-' *!- - Oa Mtadaj vail/ it fttfttsttd m Trati-Ctmdj,. tmsTd ' - ; SAM P SO N.* , ^ rjr/AEREAS the Shop of Thomas Ricbfocd, VV rMfohe-ankff, in sr. Uttienee-lsoe, Chcsffila. was bwha. > 00:0 oa Sunday Bnatag tbt ad luftanr, awl robbM or ftftral Ttriaft -t of Valaw,. via. a Qawtitr of* linma 1 grey Hair, ntin certV ttma -Otatoad Rme, coeufliaa of ktn Statm, ihrceo earn Side, ftt it a � Itimtnltr Mawacr, intfotiaS loaf two ot the (parks PP**e ' try oadi a*dtwo^UerSpoMi,on�ia�TlirdT.K^aodiheuthtrJ. fC. , Whotvsr�ill brinf thetWHair, Bmt, ad.Sp�or to iWrftllwr, "Ruhrard, flwll rtteiva one Caosa Reward for ite Iti'tf, aivd pnaprit. tionabtrtW tha Hair and Sara*, aadooOjicltkirit a�k"J; or wr���tr (-Boot tht fod Thirtki, taslf havethgatotetaid Reward. I LE E T in a Hackney Coach on Saturday the 351b of Jiwuty laTCthat took up two Ocnilcmra orar CW rant aarden, and carried theas to PiiSBSard Ibwr, and hath to XM4 Souiriaowtoo, Bail dbg*, a Can* �kh a lotftkli Htad. with the 'M Story of Harcalnar^Uat4iab shared on*:, : wsoe�|r bri�t> h taalr* - * *1 ar4Uh�tk*s, CoWlesMb, in Lomhwf fltw. fh*D iu^Tttte Oelntaa 1 Ward, b�ioghUs�,� bare hslfa Oehwa Bav/ard. tad to Ojjefltao* afc'd j iltab* pimaH or fold, pray llo? it. W� f team Ktp!iso i^ar Soba-%�ar*, Anomey at Law, ed to itte RlUeof tha ftid w flfarn Cbaite�ir. anfwthvMhtopay the Awe cohji Widow and AdmioiUratfis. oc to tbjt f�id air. HlljSv othai mih ihaf will b>t>cd. The Third and loft Night's Saliof rVH E entire Colledion of chelate Mr. Jere- oiub Mirtow, of AbdiuichliM,Js�atlcf aod AoAloTiecr t Albtbe&och in Trad*of tba ioscmcoi Mr; Jia^l^aeaaltf, of St. Martio'* Lanc^. Watcbmaker, lately d�c��'d � - . brgm ihi�Day iha7tii I..flMf. �t ilia tMta�oc^ tmiietr. �tit Will at tn*jr Mr. COCK'*, in the Gr�*t Puna. Co�mt-Oirdto, where Catabuta ijrbebad, aaJ theC01'�AImnej^jbtfetliMatglg^BfeiLJ^l" For Sale by the QAN^pLE, AT ,the Marine CofKrchoufe in1 Birchin-JLane, on Friday the ta-h toliaar, at bar o'Clock io tbt AfiCfoooa. tbt) fotlowipg Oood*. viz. / ' -------- �7- Hoft&eadt ofjaauica*od Aailjua flagar*. 60 CaxieUo/Tram Oil T~ r- Caratntoe* wi�/bs lioaeSy dcli�erM. by _ Samuel Tpfjtn, Sworn Bttktr, J A L L, MESH I From London* FJAS now taken the Red-Lion-Inn in New- 1 J P"*� in SttropQurc, latclf k�k by Mr*. Kaibeno*, what* ag p-.

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Publication: London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: February 7, 1734