Monday, January 25, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, January 25, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 25, 1834, London, Middlesex The t)aily Kurnt*. 1246. SATURDAY, "January a'5, if}*. arrived a Mailfrsm France, erd .;:::bcr J jr&m IMUtJ. U R L-tttn rem �-� parts of dim arcXird ; ^ llimzgn �. : by the l_:c Srcrm : Seve-2,'  i�,ve bern tirc/ie the i_'v "I he Rati* hate i�v.if . that ibry rare o*�-t!ow\i � Siiaks, and hid tie LVvetriK 1...j Water j Co that tni M-sr~iitr sec 1: r I i'ea&nt ci_JS_c cq_-U C^ji-r.;, of i Diurris- I TheF*in>* cf Tingri, lately Jtedn'J Xfi:f!�a? cf Frrtc. | Its talon the T cl<* cf hiat flol Vioqtstwoacy I iir twrg �i�s | yedoe'd theTittv of Mourning for the Qs^ra S u'disu. Irons " ft Weeks to three. In th; Daxde of i-jltr, a X'ati died Jutlr-agrd m- Th? Dutch Arr.batTwicr pw YrtJ-rJjy a Bill, at *hfch fifty Ladle* of the first Oj_els:y w .GiSts aamvVJ here frtta die Court of Spin, �i:h the Cfarsftrr ��* ZiailiiTi^or fcgnmdinary. and fcn already rrc:it*j ire CcsapJici-aa cf tbcrVcftdefl;. and other Lcids of the RegoRCf on ti-at Occsfen. iW� 7�a SS- AH the outward tescJ Ship uu*�l this Ifamntr Weliwj-d. No Ship to the Do*as. \ViadN.�. LONDON. \ �0_r private Letters frcra Pclatid rsetakss, thxt djeGrandtts it the I curt ft cf tr.e King StsnHLss *er* divided jtiBav-ga rtentehes, and Cat K:ng Acgutlta drew fro theme cnrji-ajoajle Htpes at s. lucky Ccnl-qaetsc; to biofelf: That & frw Nobkcicn wr�a prctcnt at Waxiw. tfctt Ox Stesna C^>-pkm vti* tc Jsfcir'J tJ! more arr.v*d: TJul ibr rrsbjed f Ptuii.a- c*d been &-eo'd ioas'l'imr, hsz co Ad�cci:e aj�- J �tu'd to fucad : Thji the Scarcity of Proriacas iouca'd to ] fctbi Degree, tla: th-y talk'd ct &odk^ Parr cf tic ^ason j Troop back to Dret'd.n : That Kag Aag^x^fcad pablifli'd j \ "Ott of Po!at:J, as fcon ast&eTicaUscere jjrpai'd. cx-f � cept � G^rps ot" 1200 Men fcr a Eodf-GosrJ : Ftal i^ey . fcottUebftrre in the mranTiinc ticKncirS Di";3p3inr. irA � ' * IkouH pay puufLuIIy for the Ncccfiirics t&ej wcte fap^iy'd | Hu MajeRjr, ta order to comply v;::b this liS Ankle, hss < Ud a Foil-Tax upon bis Sabjeds io Szsaay ; and'ta fajriangcci* tee tvuh wiac iUlcitr tbc& pear Pcc^ie givr l-p ttctt Fortunes, only to purciiai aa capcy Tiik f napc.uriL'J 1 If the Netghbcuf hcod of ue two A:s�o. chs! tx>t) Lave all  Omitted their Occtpusjio?, ar*I Uiloa tTxrs&Jres far St&ltzn. TfeeEttflcr of Htvaria his ci�kr*d a ccw Augrntr'.-iiwi of aii Forces. Abbot Strickbnd, vrho wm ht^ly here en 3 jsiv�s: Errand loa the JEtnpcror, ii Citd to he tow *t Pari;, dafpt^ig that C&rt fcr the in;ended Coogre&. r Tb p:iKTjJ *> Cfc^itBs io cericcury. to be war Prdocutor. y^tiUd-y th.y castins'd fwcarit^ the Hen Memhai cf the ~*of Cororectts; arid we hear tte Lirl wi!5 be gens tfcitw^a wy, jjjd wdi ecxn upjo ltc�sdi �a &ii.tJuy Thorfdjy the Right Hon. Joan Earl Pookit ^rrii-'d :n - Town, and Yeilenlay w*xud ca dcir Maj--&rs, ia� �aa Sracioo* Rtc �&e Maik Cctiai, R�l<t oi **lici�ard Ct�:i::, wto Jud At T�s�u'-i* in tlcrtWthirc 7-'- i'-J. Lirt ?.! t.Js* N:SLt tie UrrrrrcJ ���ri�G^i ur Dm-oei. l^.-j ilii /teidjy Ni^ : ; e VVil jn-r:^ a: ic .' '^TkeRigM K';r.. the Lord i -l�ft Sen lav �ii-4 .Alt* i^ys fsnce d:ed Hi.-t. �ir. Mesokr e Percjgr. c� V.'.i'.rJ. . MfoCatlt'-Ss C.'af.b tear tit ~\vu.*rr ly tit Feci. Dr. Thii Evcwing iviil be. perfbrmM, At the K 11� c's-Ti� batrb ia the Hav-Ma�.k it, The Ofe r a of ART AX ERSES. Ai tte The Atitt Roytsx ili D ITttrTUiL**, Ths PROVOK'D HUSBAND, with the Plot. At the THrATU HoTAt. in Covsnt-Gardbn, JANE SHORE, with the Ratb of PnosturiNS. At lite N fe w ThEat�6 in GoodmasVFibloi, The RiCRUITING OFFICER, with a new Entertain-niK; caird Jvrite a ami Co-^ and Afafcr Sliptati'tinfi. rtign Water at l^oadon-Bndge tais IMy, m Minutes after 11 at N'ooa._ Vdtcruay ttanK atUit was 137 3 atte, 138 3 8tl�. India 143 t 4th, without the Dnidtnd. booth Sea l'rading Stock Sz x half, for the Opening. Oh! Annuities 105, 104 7 8ths. Daio New Annuiuei 103 3 Aths a 5 8ths, without the Dividend. Three per Cent. Annuity 94 a 1 4th, tor th� Opening. Xldlion Back tog. African so. York-Buildings 4. Royal Afiuraoce 96, without the Dividend. London Affuranct 1 a t Sth. New Bank Circulation $1. los. Prem. South-Sea Bondf 31.9$. a toi. Prem. India ditto 3I. t6s. a 17s. Pretn. Thrrepcr Cent, ditto 2L Vtm. Eogliih Copper zl. Wellh dhto Baokr (hut. Salt Tallies a i half pet Cent. Prem. - Admiralty-Office, 24 Jan. 1734-5. regard Jiveral Men belonging to bis Majefty*s Sitfr ia Sta-Pay at tmi, have been frtvtnttd by bad Wtatbtr. wr ether ImptJimenls, m rtturting to tbtir Duty by tbt Tttzi Umitttdbf bis Majtfiyilatt Royal Pnelamalu*, tot Right Ha. tit Lards Commijjiawrs tf tbt Admiralty dt btrtby g*4* AVfi.-e, that if fucb Attn at art A abftnt iditf rtfair m btJtrd tbr$mift xeferert tkty Kipettivity Man*, by or befwt ibt ttntb Day cf tbt ntxt Manib, i>eiitg Ftbriiary, tbt B-t ivbhb mttftwbt litJt fut againfl tbtir Namej in tbt Booh of the /aid Slipi, ivill be taixa efi and tbej be cmtitaid in Wagtt i iut that fixb ef thtist es Stat return fa tbtir Duty by tbt time btfirt-mentitn'd, iriJ/iKtftJf farflit all tbtir T*%, but l>t frtjicuted as Dt/erftrt fivm bit ASejtJiy'i Sir vice, unit/tit pall be fiubhlta at ha>vt had, tr may bavt Leave from their Caf taint, or otbir Jitptriar QJficerj, in which tali they art to tait cart to repair to tbt Sbift tcbcietf the? belong %y tbt Itmts tbtir rtfptdbve Lcavtt /ball txfirt, under tbt Penalty btfirt-mtntiutd. By Command of their Lordftiips, J. BURCHETT. _ Haft-India-Houfe, 23 Jan.. i 734. *t*>7� Court of Direflors of the United Company cfMtrrf'amt of England trading to tbt Eajl-lndia^ inttnd-*s� ts ttcfi a large Pitt of Bmildiags for Wartbwfa in Ftncburcb-flrttt, dt hereby gi-vt Notice to fucb Workmen at art *vrilling to unLrtalt tbt Jant, that tbt Plant and Dfftgni of tbt faid Build' imyj, tcgttbtr itrilb tbt Particulars of ill Jiveral Works �5 be prfermd, may* be [ten at tbtir Secrttaty't Ojjict on Friday lit 31/ In/font t tend tbat a Cmmittu vdlt fit at tbt Eiill huiui-fisafi oaTburfday tbt totb of February, at \o o'C.hck in tbt Forenoon, to open fucb Profofals at Jball bt led^J tvitb tbt Secretary en or before that time._______ W* HEREAS great Quantities of Gold and SiUtr Late, Thread and tluuom, have been Ue\y imported infoihitXrojdcxn, whith �r� prohibited l�| tcvetaLAlti cf i'.rt,annul, �ih a Far!eiiurc of die laid tioodi ar.d one l.u�diea foondt Peo�H� or*'u 1 he Impjrifr. and rnaoi-'eft'.y tcadi lu difcourige (lie *r>, Ti.Jc spd yytitty of the Gold and Silver Wire-l�ra� �* jJot, a_d to fhc great J'fciudiCc of many IjikMlfjpdt of pout ftOFJle ��,-eit&op tfcclaTiT *rif;r*fm!eTre' ilverefore to cauti.n air Mcuhaon, � nrcigocr* a>dotbe-�, (or the future, fmiq imp �ting fuch ptohibutd Ooli and&Uci and liUKuat, tor tint they re (>tneeded _f�iu(! with the unri.'lt Severity of the Law, Icvcral *c zuco oi luch Lacr �nd Rumnit ha�i"g already beta n>ii make any tun her or other Oilcovcrics wUeie tilth pnihit'iied r�uU asd Sitter Lace. Thiead and Uuttcw, are or tan be foui d, or �tio fli>il tor iht loiorc inptrt inrotbii Kioiidirn fuch Lace, Thread ut feiHiam, fuch I'c ton or I'crliiru ihaU r�c *e at a Kcu/anl uponctcy ta�tul i�t<uic �nd Caodcraaatton'. tJic ium of 1'ivc PounJi (viCeat- or u tyop:*riion fa: * frcaier or Icflir Qviantity, 10 be paid diem by Mr. ecrtr&m WaUc, of fiificld-ftrtet io Mutton, Aemei-Ward'O ot' the f�id Campi'iy, immediateiy after CouJeronaiioo, c_._j_r_. Or iiLi-'y. CapVV__:i_i:d, B:c_I - Lead AT the KING'S THEATRE in the Hay-Maikct, tjiii par, being the 25th of January, will pc'iorai'd ao oi�era,- caM'd A R T A X E R S E & �i: and Itorc* to be put tnt�iher, _od no i'erlon* it) Jbf .dmitrcd wiih^m Twic:�, �bkh will tie delhcr'd ibis U'y, av the Oflj�c u> .be Haj-^iaiVet, arhatr a Guinea each. Gallery By ^/i_Ma j e stv'i Command, No PcrCiM vrharever to be admitttd bclvod ti>c Scenct. ___To begin at Six dClock._______ Not Acted thefe Sixteen Years. By the Company of French Comedians, AT the New Theatre in the Hay-Market, * rv. >.*on_a/ acsr, the 2^th ut Jtuuary, *iH be'p'et'cuicj � Co- ARLEQUIN Empereur de la Lune. IVitb Se'aiSetnesj Mae bin ft and Decorations, fj �hith wjil te preos'd a oe* Comedy in Tlrte a^�, ' e�er acted before, call d JL A FEMME JALOUSEi o a,, The Jealous lFife. Vitce* fat Vic Poxei miy tc nkcu at Mr. t�ibourg'�, Merchant of f. c->.-.ff. �i the faid rhc.:/'�. At the ORATO R Y, THE Corner of LincolnVInn-fields near * Cluo- >rtet. Tooaorr  Morning, alter the ^cbuliurn, aiil bo 1 ri�M..stH,MON 00 the FOUiirfcfcN JUUObi of u.e LAND, �*ol .ud �cly n.d p(oper Suhjcct.''-'Any C'.Uiola ! ir� [jci!,uc: Vklueicr cu.ifo;c� i>rci.ell�, a perpc/iul iilfer '-?u\ u ha. lor J'ciIjh* �hi* d'J ait lake ica(�, Hie i.opcniu inc. at * ��>> li� ta.-" ufual here, <be faint at i  ml ( hurdles. --Any fclai. way enf ag- or comrniud a Qiieliiun or iuf.j /t. II- id das fca.-.u-g at Su. �UcnljeComu�cai.r�, be a Lecluc, <- a t.fiUrr _�j n� .�c c lcte AnfWcr vt a Set nd Letter Ifum 40 trijc.a u� oj-H m Scripture, and  Muivt.w ot 1:," Lard, die t'ower of iHule Oliivei* io Ordiiiattui>, Cj i.i^ttimt, CO>f lltMA f tO\S j witi �n a_tuitiit o| il.e Conlir- a_i.ii :. irf it.fcr I--�a B-Cbu'ch, iti N* oie and Orit'iu-- t tc* � ataijc-ij m IU iLJC DlSPUTaTION by Mr- h-" Wbe- * ifcc ltu,: j_ i).c Ali_t-P'��s of the Oratory, a-d ou' tLnccliat �l the * t_."_aici p�i,'?" 0.4 Jaroair i'� )o<b, i<�f Thu/fday, wili be ao Oration, proper 10 |r l fcaitei t�< f; ��! taraaai Rifht Hoc thv Lady rrentS Hooat to Oalc-rrrtcr, * G�w�a� Wtwtrrf. _ . . OST between the 24th of November and ' the 15th cf iJeterubtr. in*, oa* ot CM Mbrmmt kwai Vtmm � huadred rN-antk No. }. payable to t>*h�m*lr>*+*mr,**. Ho- payable co Colfhr.xlra aad rwtlt. tel. p*|�Hiaa ataaW l)*unJu�jod, on the face ut'tbe N 7U- VfccKvctwitllMhg eaeaai w�Cviiraa �awava, aad ooQaeftiori a�IU _ . N.H. Ut looh Wieewifebeta�^'�^t��^.�4.s^W STQ LN out of the Grmuios of Mr. John Pratt of North-tnpton, oa Fr&T Kif> M thai l^bMlM, a bay r-sidn-f, abu�H ia H.ada aai a baV awaft, aaatv awtaV Mack UM nd tail, let hiaTkil l\i�h, vrfcrth oaieJi**. lava*tanaaaiviA ta� rear K.r h<<�-to�,�whtraiU�a^4a�aliil^ f hitNotlrilt, <n�t Footaai W tteti. aa^aboMtn. vVhiwm brlnt* the Ho*m ���.feat*% ivl----. Ma'pr TatM% in Sun t�rej; BaA;pf���e-ltr-et, OmQ haveTWa < Kewjir, �ttc>. . T ST on Wednefdiy Lilt* from *;l*df* Dc*>r in Great Queen ftrttt e�ar Linuaaa** In Ffcrjaa. a anta t King CbarkV* Dreed, for \hm nknXptttJa Ma*,t� H*H_> a white Be'.ly, and her tw tcwa, aarfwatai ta a cavtaa*^laAfwawaat ia Wfitinj}, <jat<d the til �t Fcbtoary, t?fo�. no* cum � sheas b*a*al wanted to prote the tail Wiiirir* v l� s'alwt&ara ��i B��U tataiMiy** tbewTioajwe. . L L Perfons that have any Goods, a� Plata, JcwcIk waatinf appaatl, *�. a^aW a ala SAajaiiwT Mr.D�*id Mot�i�, ar ihe rhrre ItowU m uaiaoa-lvwiv, aa _a�r*r4k ot Sr. Oejtge Ht,TO�tr (*>^�arf, #�d�fo'# t�fn*vasva ay*|a*ilJI ut Kbroaty rtcsit, cr tVy wili be fo�d bf ike �%><� �f UaC-atataf , fipo ofPaflUopt awarded agustttaak tha HswaVaa Cwaai � aa l^U. and Attetidacct given c?.iiiy� � ... MO N_E Y lent on Mortgages of Lands, Ho*(e bonaht �*:d fold ; By N a t h a si e l SflcrMij^ Of�MoTr&ii'Street.GmJmmttFuldj. v N.R. tatters (Pult paid) wi!tt�aaf�.a baa ireara  i�y Uar�o� SpatMb Wott, twiwf ike Gm>& o4*T&b* io-ccav'd. �,"al^ue� *Seirof will b� tifltrty Sifttt'd by John Montter, Broker* in Tower Rmf*l. w To be sold. TH E next Prefentation to a Living of between a or aoo (. p.T Afccns. in a See fcoaeay. the fapaataewe �bo�e 60. fciiquire ot Wr. Walter, at Now so ta GafUtfVtaai da Ground ChairVcu. To be l e t t, _ Fumi/lfd or Ursfttrmflfd, : - C 2?//.* 00/ /or .V/3 /^fn yirtrm 2i*_irj) .tt 5�!_/, Freehold, J AN exceeding well bttik Houfc in Albemarle- flteci, ihs CofMr ot StaCxd fhect, tbc lert Haaal taac ��f ila Way. ^Wftwttot' a harklCirna Hail, Ut� ScaaV-calV, Paa^saw. Vt*** ioji.raoai, Oitfljogro-at, Clnfetaaibacfctsaio, Oi ibs Hue*, a large Uin'ma-roum, eei-chteaber, UrclSaa^xocaa aaa CVtrc Qm (h� teemd Fluor are four Bedt&aiBt�a*�!t� C!�fct>, at t aaf*i riff furnilh d in a sett and eLf aw TaHe*~_rftf� Cnam Dum�n. Cmfjf ued>, Cbairt, Hangiaaa. \a>i�i>�--�rtaiaB, ft�. a_ataa tataa�~ ' oey-gbUta, S^.cca. oodall��her ofctnlfwo.ta�e.,uir� at tb� (_kj rjlov/c, or ot* air. Coca, aa the C-Otac Cgjici)�a�rdcn. __. � To be l ett, ..' . /: At Clapton near Hoc buy, floated av fuarter of ar 3��t from tim~ Cirnreb, Jn a fit* btaJtty elir amdosatUentPf^q, - - THREE very complete wcU-built Brick Hiufei r�fh*d, and *aoCiocitdt'^ea teai t> btxAowa, ble or t'oitlaod atoae Cht<encr-pwu* ana UarafcTiika to cad with a C jaUi-ooofr, stab*. ao4 a ( da (4�ialGaraVe� saeasa mmm9 i�ool ih�Oard r �f-nja b/ihe-Dwr alavll :.oor, . , --~ /� Uigbgale, late ia tbe PeJMtanef'Mr.fyl&~- World, ~------- A Very good and convenient Brick MciaUaUK, t \ four Kooaat on a floor, w�ta Ittf, OeSans. a f-^ift-t!^^ Stables, Brmrbcule, Osranw, a ftnVpoew, a�f aW acsta a)f SaAkaa Crotiod 1 > ioa bebt^-d tbo faid- Steal* aad artj aafc-f �a afeit ftya^t-W-,,^ and all otUr Cooesuicncea thereto ba1oaaa_a> I lain af Ms* saVaaaa Day, ar bia >i�ole io Hl>ward-linen, fictlUk fti.'tj%/, ax taw"r ^"tV'l etv At Lady - Day next, AN old and well-accuftom'd Slop - Sbop, beicg ihe Sign of tbe wtuta Liuo, as tbtCataatu ham laaaaa Tbumeillreet Hear ttilliff fa-ate, the r*s t> bcacaj, Lta_J> aleadL Kcqaiir af ih* faij Hzafc _ -To be Lett or soliX- K Houfc on the North Side of St. James's- - -^*\ fiju.rc. e qme ar Gj-rge"� fXSa-hmft, On *jf?t Bad of the Hay-innkei. >t> ~~STvflTH's Largg Cold-Bath, ^ ^f*/ r_-r Tuai'r Heao aawf Wool vac*. Baca so aa*;,. tX*wga:t - Street, ': - ' SUPPLY'D every Day with a quicker aui^ colder Cprinc ihaa oaf m the dry ot' iceJea, fcaawy; a fc_aaa_�aav Stieara ruuoi&a; ihc*nt>*'�; and to.- tits bcrxav fiaiavi 'a �g Gaata-aaaaa and Ladiea, there arc Mwaeoieet a sal datlaa* apartaaraay atadk  cotnoudious ralli|c at thai Turk** tfcat* jb lay-IaH waeaawr aaaaaf tear to, or baiojt yfaawed hy/ha ha< KajaaTw, as eat ? aiaai jpat 1 * """" -

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