Saturday, January 23, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Saturday, January 23, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 23, 1834, London, Middlesex 'iVi '* The Baity Adtrcrtifefc ftumh. 1244; T H LM? SDAY, jj a n u a * v *jy- 1734. j^irJaj arrived d Mail from Holland. Rente, January 8. EOPLE were thrown into a great Surprise here upon ?bc Receiptor1 News from Naples, that Prince Cotfini, the Pope's Nephew, who had been notni-i ruled for Regent or Naples during the ; A&fcnos of Don Carlos, was difmilVd from h� Expedauon^ and ordcr'd to fellow* the Court into Sicily. *Tis faid arrkwgft many other pretended Rcafons, , that his Hoiinefs continuing to rctufc U|,*__&fo�t Don Carlos for King of Naples, that Prince | awriaVy to fafprod the Execution ot tie Pope's Au-rtffl^f ht Naples; *�� that the Rigour deftgn'd again* the Coortof R��e. ��-** C0B1C rtro any_oiJitt Hand than fjbattckfcas prevaifdwith. King Auguftus to take3>otxk> n f�3 of all his Prettnfiom 00 that City ; and this ,'toordifcharg*a by foot Annual Payments. TheDe-gftittf dw &td City at Peterftorg have not bad th� Lice Sac-frjfe ^ r�rm� declares (he will admit of no Compofition ; frttat the Magittracy ha*� refbh^d to recall their Deputies, ltd t�*p*uat� a Loan 6? Money in Foreign Coontric?, in irter ropiy c!t her Cxniau Majerty's Prereafiom. The Scarcity rtPrcviuoas in this Ringdo.11 is extremely great, and thrCeoditicn of the p*w Inhabitants quite deplorable. We jb^ii^CoR^arnces,.l�touuK)tpnnre� tbwn, TheSm-�iifaia piny hasc large Magazines in the Mountains and other Jfaoe�.iajocr2iblc to the Saxons and Ruffians. , �". :'r#Saftai Jo*, ty- The Some bring aflembled for tfce Oaci of a new l>ogf, in the Room of hi^Serenity deccaVd ; ^Ctnilicr Pifcai, Procurator of Sfc Mark, will beonahi-�wfiy Ctofrn. �' tfyatntb, Jan. 19. Since my Lift came in the Sarin, of ail t^^VsntnosiK Gale, for the Port. Jail now came" in a PatchPtiggcr, which has been fix Weeks out of Amflet-it�i Sy t*s loll 1*0 Sets of Sails, and is bound to Bout-.tjeatt. ' B^Jatt. it. Moil'of the oarward-botmd Ships fiuTd Teterdsy. .Remains, the Rye Man of War ; alio Burford, Bc&on, Dofc*of Cumberland, Brauod, London, BooUe, Maugham Wonji, arid Onflow, Balcbcn, for Eaft-lndia; Royal OeAfr, Baiter, and Anne, Dale, for Cadiz. Came down aadfeTd, Prince of Orange, Ducket, for LUboo ; Mary, Nenibn, for Marieilla � Auguflus Cxlar, Hampton, for the StnMfct Prince of Orange, Coleman, for Cadiz. Wind fl-h/W. L O N D O N. They write From Mantra, that the Imperial Army being at pjefcntia an inconvenient Situation, General Waliis was dtter-aua'd to move their Quarters as (boo as the Weather will per-�nit; that he was drawing a Line from Olliano to the Elbow al tneOglio, wnich wenki eSeclually feenre the Mantuan from aSAacmpa ot die Enemy ; that he had a Veiw to Cazal-nagianytn cadcr to penetrate towards Parma 5 that the Couu-tn; ffjpca the Allies abandoo'd, had tufuiaVd him with confi-B^ahkt^muuiesof Bread, Fkib and Forage i and that he " o�ty for m Froft or fair Weather,to put fomc Defign in fan againfl the Enemy : That Mi^tnal Broglio Jccm'd abrtii'd, and appear'd valtly vigilant to prevent a fecond Si that the Mortality cpoiiou'tJ (a coaiidirntblc amougtt tatSoidien, that thirty at leatl died every Day, and that me �>Caaatibad lUs fole Confolason, thai tbcEnemy foft daily �tay. � The Scarcity of Prcvifico on the part of the Allies, is at frdcattOdtj to that of the imperialid*;' but feventy Stoic Snips ateanr tading in France, to mmfpoit a Supply to their Army ^tlewsy ot Genoa. ;-v-"Tie Iwpenilills have lately made feveralMotions, one of %hkh�s* towards Dczzoid, wacre tncy_ihrew a Bridge ciofs ttePo,^nj eniet'd the Cicmonrze ; Out the Allies attack'd than, and tcjci them from tbelr Pofts ; and endeavouring to ajflow tiera over the Budge, the Gcrruaos broke aw^y iu Saodwdi, Mixrcby zoo w�c drown'd. The ImpciialUU lott $ S-3 itc, zzA the Ailics about ute fame Number, jn the *9ofeo�iHc Action. -General Waliis Bavirig made Applcation to the Senate _o� \'r�keJor Leave to ptiichal'e Provtltons in their Dominions,, elkit tie might do it and welcome, Jlr rta4j ****t i acd % foxty of iiooo Venemas were immediately wifd to tht-Ficnacn, to Ice that he complies punctually ^-wMis Biigiic*. "'tit Era p-rcr is rrfolv'd to have an Army of Soooo Men ItfcV aest Camp^ia. from ;'c:crrlbaTg mention, that several enormous "�WBiass having arpt into the Rites of the lireck Church, �CttrdieJ in tne tm, jreot Ku&i, toe i-aJ conven'd Afianly of her Arc'.buhorn and Bubcj>, in mccx to reduce -�a>as primitive Pu�ir>'. t-A2Mr �'rifc: from Berlin, that his Pmffiin Majcfty is arriv'd �Wboa Pcocdam, and tui attjju'd is g;ea: a D^v.t of �~*W�h,jhat he rsdes every Day on liotlcuack lor t.'�-. A.r. fcaloaqrg letter toKu-g $u.-:.-Llj : * i*a�e riCCiv'u ivtth great l'i�iii!c. in year Lmcr of the ^ 19th sit. the new ?.!aj�i. c:' Lve.i.l:r.c? m-u iU . Itanncj tbcm in a Lit:.i ui-u.1.1, ilun uy *ilWiv> foaa-ctu-. tail I ipir; nc/:hi:g ta {.wiio:r tj;c Iui,it..i ot Crcun. 1 am .* i� yet m a Con-Jit on :o ^MaajBt j -M with che 4uccef. cl the Pam> I in-.c t-kci� 01 ^afifidei ; iiACy tf.i*^ c turs, Auoot Lauj^ni.- Dull ^PWUWTO. 1 brg tJ )Oj by alids a!l l''ii^aua.!* ; ^JttMhave ojiiy to cociin^s jo yew fait the NU-atarcs .yi j leck :o eccojragc jocr {ttisiul SLiiijcft of the Hon. Governor Lowther was fafcly dcliver'd of a Daughter at ha Houf<� in Bbomfbury-fqoare. Ycaerday died at his Hduft in Salter* Hall-Yard, Mr. Robert Henihaw, an eminent Attorney at Law. , _ _  The Prolperous, Capr. Friend, boaad �b Oporro* WMlatcIyT loft on the Cotll of Holland, and only one Mao Won. James Earl of Strathmore, much regretted. His Lord (hip ii fuccocdcd in his Eflatie and Honours by Bos Brother Thomas, now Earl of Strathmore. j " The London Pod was sear* twenty Hours Uter ia comlog in than ordinary, by rvafon of the bad Roads. This Evening Will be performed, At the Fremcm Tubat at in the H*r- Markct, La DOUBLEINCO>fSTANCE, At the T h a a t a e Roxal in Dibit-La�i, By their M.jeaio Command, Tbe FATALMAR^tAC,t. for the Benefit of Mia; Porter. At the Theatre Royai. fa Covemt-GaaoEs, The AMOROUS WIDOW, with the Rate of Proserpine. At the New Theatre in GoooMAxVFiEt-os, The MISTAKE, witn a new Entertainmentcall'd Jupiter and Io. and Metier Shiftm't if^Jb. _ . � - High Water at London-Bridge this Day, at 39 Minutes after 9 in the Morning, and at 19 after 10 at Night. Yefterday Banat Stock was 13d t 4th, a t naif. laata 143 3 8ths. a 143, it half, without the Dividend. South-Soa i'rading Stock 82 1 8tb, a 1 half, for the Opening. Old Annuities ttf. Ditto New Annuities io$ $ Sths, a 3 4th}, (or the Opening, Three per Gent. Annuity 94 t hall,, for the Opening. Million Bank 108, African za. York-Buildings 4. Royal AfToraace 96, without the Dividend. London Aftarance iz 1 8th. New Bank Circulation 5L ios. Prem. South-Sea Bonds 31.8s. Pretn. India ditto 3I. ijs. Prem. Three^cr Cent, oitto il. 18s. a 2L Prero. Engldh Copper tl WeUh. ditto Books (hut. Salt Tallies a t naif per Cent. Prem. _.. - . , / Trinicy-Hoyfe, London, 18 Jan. 1734. T*// E Mafter, Wardens and 4f}*M>te if the Trinity- Heuji givi Notice, that tb* Sfa. Mart i&ieb teat tread in 1706 at JJkejDm* i* tit Iff* �f �# tU mm of a MiUnxbicb flood there btfvt, ii lattlj hltfixn ivwp. Mine-Office, Winchefter-Strcct, December1 13, 17J4-T�// TS is to give Notice* that a General Court .of the Ggsgrnor akiCtmfartptf tb* Wat elihitnturrricf England, (btingent of tbe AnnualGeneral Court 1 frtflribd br the Ad cf Parliament (oncermngthe Affair* of the faid (^aafaif) is "afijoinied to be held at tit I Otflte on Friday tie 24*6 Oaf of January next, ot fiMclt't at Nttcn fiecifefy: Tint a Dividend ^is to be eonfider'd of at the Jafd Co*""* And that the Trantfer-Bosh viill_bt foul ffvm and after Tinrflay the iqtb Inftant, and cpeo'd again jm Friday the ^iJlLDay of January fit- IcTKV^. ______ AT the KING'S THEATRE in che^ HajkJtlaik*!. on Sjtoraay next, the 351b of Jiaiury, wait be pctfonn'd 10 Of BR A, call'd ART AX ERSES. 9\t a>\ Ketber, amt no Perlon* 10 be ad.-nir'cd witbant tukti*. �hwb will ne dcllm'd ibai a; ibe Oifitc ia Ute Haf-Matk-et, at bait a Coioca �ach. Ottitet ------- By bit MAJ e sty'* Command, No Petfbn* whatever to be admiued bch.nd the .Scenes. By His MAJESTIC Command. AT the Theatre Royal in Covcnt-Garden, on Wcdoefdsj Mat, the 39th of January, WiU b: pertoui'.! (be new Opera, call'd ARIODANTE. pit and B.>�� to tw put [Dgeiber, aid oo Vettaai to be aJmicied withoni T:<k�f�, which will fce dcli'cr'd thjt Uar. at � pet Oil.try irrwfc By Hit Ma1�tyV Command, *io Pci(. o> wht'ctei to f� admiiicd b:bi> J i!-c *a;rc* By the Company of French Ccmediantt, ATYhe New TheaiM ixt the Hay-Market, thit I>�|, bc�a tb* 3]l>ctf Jwittv, ��U be preicat*^ a Co- "lS j Mn. PORTER. With Kntcrtainoienii of*f>:���.mij.. P'f a i front Haiti ta, h i a. o, i Itjjjrc iO Mm^Cf i.'t, a ui.-�^C-(j� n i>� ^Ki^lli^ I> g. wrh * �;ti e Lreali; or,g H�tk, *-;4 0j�Lcg� hot, ci..: a - i.. > h� *c.�i a**r- � l>t*U vcr>^ I :> i B ' �>Lxivin i>'� H niVriii UiuA ttieu aiorc- Ul , , j <ja:.ta Rc*itd, aa^oO t^uctliAd aii'J. I OS Ton Thurfday the 16th Inftant, a I j pUin 0 M a'4'cb, ihe Niine Lo'C wi'h a rorplc htbWx', atiaduM vuh � Coat of .'in*. Whwmr has UmtJ �^<(aU wWl9*aa�in br Mt it w ihc Pt^tf Ho*fe iaCbafter-Uauft I PST the-aoth Inftant, two Silver Spoons, JL/ *��ath,ol vfck* i; castas at wifSb, Let-et^s Biii* Claw. i*uStreet. WborvertU(t_tibataia*.fetter rp*�a<s* H th*t (he Pint be onvidad (htmf, uW �^�R Pv� i.taiU�ui itataMHoate. ' ' LOST on Monday the 20th Inftant, a Pink-col.m rjKanV�40)'aaOsa)Stapr, l�ti�aGolj0ri�. Whaeacf bn�$* k t.� Mr. -rand* F^ toe Eagbaad Mail ia Duke Uwt, - � >i< < . ......11 " ", STOLN on Monday the 13th Inftant. out at .h� Stable of Mr. Thomas Saw, at Noitb-FarmbnVgv mhthi, a *:�k M�#, �k�.h Krisi* amssajdir. (ittotn itawis awl a h�l�' hfb, a (arte Head, a bar � her Forabtad, Qcoder Lt^s cornet taff Ycara this. Urafi. wh^cvet cp<�� ixt to Mr. ftioaaai Najfcafocftta, of to Mr.HtnrvNsOi in Kta� tttart, �boa*atf, Vowjoa, �f^^to *�* *bwa Ktrt kn u CbeunaWd, dull bifa Two Cttiucas &c�ar4aa4 Cnarfca. _ --3-:-;----- i. " r.j..-. 1 ii� STOLN out of the Grounds of Mr. John prau of N % o> Friiay Night Utt tie ijfib tetiaat.� bijr OtlS:*, aboat 14 Hinds nod a batt feUa, fhart Rati, Mack Mar* and T**l. <cs !u�rail hijh, �hi�h ttokk <<. tar#e tain and wide, tan rear hvfs�o#.�wh^e BlmdO�a�ta pate; $re*4� *i4aMwaida lib Noilrib. a fl it Riot and km Heel, and abc�t ei|bt TearsoJ*� Wh�ev Notihamptoo. or iu M�i * t*o>�*� in S Jt Oo hisPorafctsd, a: or Spat oo ttelitiifltoo of bi�TiiL *bocvcr *ill t �-�, ttif, at W�tn|e� Botr i^untofftSairfcoeta -Kr.kkhara Faimri'. Upbohtee/at tha it(a �(tn* Doll eear Fettw-l>ac �od ip Uoibata, Uuil haM TVS Gricca* H�wat4. . ' ___________N.J. Ucaaf�watoibcf��_a<!f Cartar. WsEREAS two Marts came iq ghiRe ije the *��ow Sebbaoa'slo Ifliofioo, ooaoo �h�58th of S�pt�o�-bte Jafl. th*o her a Fv�tnj t�, tisviaf r>me liifafs Ttox^ i� vyilfJna ro etrp f it'��Ifftaf anj MctUiaw nf osbnr twoar iar�a D*y� in a Wect.-inr pin o( every bay, ot.direft-a a Lice tat C. O- at Oi.gibv** C ffathou<c bchtad the btchaaf*,' ba ispoftaay �bo may lute 0*cafi<M. _ ^Sober Youth, naturally inclining to Writing Attempt*, that can be welj jeoaiiEC ue<j, i* wanted uu Appier ice 10 a Majicr w gojd tfobxf. fa� ite t-tfy w 1. ^jdati. Eonaiia ot �lr. Omnpian. �t tl.c Bmf Ju *a ior T�jd��, u.autr. <hvj.9CoatpuQ.UwQ. 9t!4 mM. ieioi#. in ibe Urne appxat d g* b (be tite ut the Ute ur. Cbatlc* Site)) 1 abb ie�cbes Si. r*u.'a S*toia� at Fle'waod Fiio� PraAtcal Ar;;haic�;c. tlx SuJni tatip�, coireAcd and nnxh en* liig'd ; eont�i-ii g �U i!.e Hulc. it wbule Niunbtn. ff*Uk�k Vulgar a>d Uccimal. EiiiajRiooof *i�*ts antf (b� F^cigoEschang!* adapted to me�nC^pitiiir.. P.|W bx>aJ4�- (Jd. Tba iupplcto.-ot Caglejta. Sotib/ t&� Aaihor Ja�r{4> Ctuio^sao, at bit H-u.- ab-te, aod iM Bofcfcilcri in f_ond;n. ^ *f L E TT^r SOLD, AHoufc on the North Side of St. James'g-C\nui. E que at George'* C-tT *c LETT, And entcrM upon immediately,-- In Hand-Court againfl tbt� Steel-Tard, �Homes-Street, AVery good Houfc in complete Repair,-wicH i*u Ultc d'y Waicbrn�l�f. 40 Foot in ttofciti and 3a us breadth, alfj Vaulu aoJCc^an, bei &t:-*U�� 0�*U�nt taotife of Mr. MargM, Cbiiii Metc*uar, �ha is itm >�'J to the C'rfJea Head ca L#4-Ca c niil, �ad cooriauesa-' fe^J-aD Ttu>�� loktstcd iothc UuUa way. To be SOLD ibis Day, can Houfc of Furniture, brought to the twfa Hoofc ia 4r t-gios-ttreer. Fitwdinjr. Xo&tti^t"of' Sil(c 6a* m.k, Nccctc�v;rk. Ouar�, aad fetcr�l WpriotcJ geifi Uaadioe, froaa i)t�> t>6rjj.high, Uj�9*ad Feather B>4i, ala^kaf, Qpillt acd Ccuo:eip<:.��, MTaiUat-tfcc �i<d Mah- /a*�i�a�d CbtfU fur Ck>�ih� td" t-�tiil Stancesa^ Oiiaiorf CLdsMta un'Jaadgiic Fr.met. fc� fciiiaod Turky Carpet*, tud krCralSNtof Tap*a>F H��wijf� , mt:b V�iKty i# ufcer Furciturf. � -,- in 1.....a> Lately Imported, And to le S'Jd at Carpenters - Hall near tittlt.jVIocrgate, r>-0-'^> rH I R T Y Bales of Turky, Smyri^^ Sc(Md>a Carpet* ux-MmU, of a tet.y area: V�t�etf 1 ' " " "* Patter.-* *..,i it^�uni^rcd, f;co> the VaSue oI 45*. to a* I iKt; mub im*o> Cau-tii<� ot <w�li C�rpeta tor witcca, ac Drcill^ XtwcBk. wtwili-<<r� of WixkaUiJhip. Icaatrt a�JP4t:c<c, cim � na� Carm t^icrYaid* to luce *4i ball broad, aad from three aadj YiMita/i *di ffeiui t*w D�>ff8. if ; with t�ot f^tXt> knieu Yati* a^l la aad a bait Jt�i�*d. Tba frit* each Caipct. AU lj:t* of Up*Mlt�y G-tld*. Cb���. C4*I& att-vm^. ftc, �ka�!ai>|a4ta Stiatot. at tjw.a>>0 raatt>a�U�l AC1

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