Monday, January 11, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, January 11, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 11, 1834, London, Middlesex Deed, Janawy 9. HERE is joS KHrarrifV!. Ptompey, GodSer, (torn Accigsa ; ike Tcwer, WiagbeJd, from Lrgbccs; the Da"-psscb, HiS, frcin the Camrics; the Ccecocd. SliaeuD, from \ Vskr. Pat hack tiste mr tbe Dostra. Lan-dt&fcf, for Oporto ; tie Martha. Haswocfc, ks Madeira. The Wind Wen. ON D O If. "TfceTtoxE' wfcic^t on TbcrOay from Deal was . . n Ta� oVfctk. en Wecesfisj, when all the Ships grit n rrrtfy g**1 Order ; tbe scraal Acodeau ssaia aca- �/ * /a* D�/. 7*� 9- pr. bar g� off" *Mat 1 a* did tbc Hcfter aeJ ELoi&ni, Anficy, tiom "fettnbm. for Morhix. Tbc WxrieB, W^gjam, fram *Dttaldik, fbrCxfe, ts&Q of Waatr; tifac Aaa and Han "ttfcjBabby tsaa iandnn, for Virgixa, �as oa tbeSpu, "b�gat off" agiia nop itet1&pmi+ 31A hex Cabtom - IiihwTih i'iiiii^, iT " P.S. Cipt. JLcadhrrhead, cf Raa%iK. wixb Wbeat, �*�B Ixodes, a kd tm ttc tiot&;asd Gap*. Wanca, *a�aii to Janata �ub Goads. �m k& at Soaai�-Sea f.&lk, bat the Goad, ot tie bacr U�d, tic Milter bang *�JTf I^gent. T&e Asa Sscw, Jpscitabaia, far Ja-  nuov was co Sbece, hiz got eS agtia i � did alia tbc "AwaadEIbabetk, Vooag. DufciaandJaauio- Hit " Majiftj'i. Ships the Bnsimia, tfatibtr, tbc Blnibcim fikl PriuteS Carnliar, bxmi Rates, tbe FtjawK *od  iSaBoIk. brake Con tbeir Wooia^." Estraa of a Lata frsa BtizJ, Jam. 8. * l^NMeaCiJcKBo'Ckck ani/d tbe f2aadfotd,WH&a.  k thirty itep iroa Mew-Ecs^31- ^ l^F %pc bave hid' �T]rbardGaksef \tn�d. 'fhaaaAr, l^gbBairg and Ram.  afckbb�cdone agfeatdrjd c2 Daaaaje-tascs xad m King-^ lorf one Ships arc caSisccr. bcz *tta bop'd tier viil ttoi >. W lad. put aao Tocbay, tac Yezouas aad Ssacb!:, ^rffcJLoodcn. AiSba, fseaa Asc^tn. bavkg bd her W�tfe i6t&�* Dec S&e 5t�t Aai3pa a�t;tiia}Od. ^SrWSiam Sakitlaod is zgjta nsEipM. a�d daogco&iljr. |^Jderdty died at baUooi: ca �fc*iff^-lue. WtiSam A&uifi, : W; Grandtba cf tbe bW Sir W P*nry Lord d&xyct of L^aiee. U.V&*aofJhasMs. Aajarda � Caifc Heai^ftKa as �Sra, �t�L> to Tbaaut Aiharfi, |y Ms Brother, a Sogit-feikn ; bss.te bavlca a luge 1*01:-��> Mifa ASwtfd, ejs �3t�� Dtuafiatt. iZf l>ar ^ Frafc^Tesii, Haaharoasli Mer-J*�t� � Bread- itaet, aad Segbea.* to Adacs M^*,"^, of ^GikVsChaJ.W, Buck*, it eeixraJ � Jtfiis Baa�rj of T�y-fta�, 2 y�iuc^ Lsiy ei" gteai Mea �ad a fwaat. eheartlu: the Trjt*re> cITd Grsai�i Vila, fodag the ?*7 titt^wus the Greac, Kifcj cc S�rics.) uticu *V aded at P^rii �Jth ^rea: Aje^ar, �* aa� in Rsbearial fat Ftcccb Cosaediaaa � tbe kS<* '!^-iz.r ia tie Hay-***et' �"d iba: tiry de&jc 10 =it tt-a Lc� Eaisvaur* to |^ t^tTowewebtfae itrjas^ECisaaa cf tss-i^c a iem t^Mkrocoro�. or tie WVui ia M.rar.:.-f, [�aah*d by 'ig^ttjjf. �S1 be igzx. tztsofc zs He txx^-Roxa at tic W^rbeauc iBtteliir-iUsLii. zza isA. 1 h�a�y Evenitg 4 K.ur bkfcc^j co i.'j. Da�i� iaSr was kt iij.uc 'ay � �.11- * sllilui ia LaaaalnV �f��b, wto robb'd tin cf ccc Giici i-J jb,<c *y* aga Pejfi�4Crsae to XEi- Wysi. at tie '** M� Akhiui ifcr Ccrcr <^ �1. iicWs in " aUat, aad di^t * Tit hid �11. j ft and Servant to the ' King. t ...... � .  ~ . * x. Truly and diligently to give bb Attendance in the Qua* * lity of one of his Majefty'i GentlenMtt Penfiooerl. � j. Not to as retained to any Perfaa rthatfoever, By livery, * Badge, Promire, orothcrwife, but to the Bong only. * 4. To difdoifc Tnsaibn, or any other thing that he fhall ' know of. that nay be hurtful to the King, * 5. Whenever requifd, to be provided with'three double ' Horfb, and Harnett tor himfelf and Servants, to ferVe the * Kang in time of Need, or othcrwife, at the King's Pleafure, ' at tbc Commandraeat of the Captain, Lieutenant, or Stand- * aid Bearer of the Band. * 6. Truly and diligently to keep all and every fuch Articles, ' Rules and Ordinances, that are or (hall bs let forth by the ' King, for the Government of the Band. * 7. To betobedient to theCaptain and other Officers of the * Band, and at all times toobferve and keep their Command- * ments in whatever concern^;he King's Service. * 8. Not to difclofe any Secrets they fliall bemtrafted with ' by the King, their Captain, or their other Officers. * 9, Diligently to give their Attendance upon theKitg, in ' fadi wile as tbey fhall be commanded by their Captain or ' other Officers. * 10. Not to depart from Court without Leave. * 11. To make their Mutters in fuch Harnefs, and other * Habiliments of War, and upon fuch Horfes, at (hall be their ' ohh proper Goods. 4 12. Not to Mufter with any other Man's Servants in lieu ' of his own, but with fuch only as flull be rctainM with him-' fclf to fcrvc the King. The Articles. Rules, amj Ordinances, made by King Henry VIII. King Charles I. King Claries II. and King James II. contain, 4 I. That the Band of Pensioners are the King's peareft * Guard, and are to have daily Acce& into his Profence- * Chamber. * II. That none be admitted into the Band but the Sons of Noblemen, Gentlemen'of fyood, and of the belt Families ' of the Kingdom ; or Perfonl who by their Valour and good * Conduit in tbe Wars have fillinguifli'd themielves as. Com-' miffion Officers in the Arm/, ana who (kail, for the"Term * of fix Mootas at the lcaft, nave ferved ar their own proper ' Cods* as Genikmcfl at Arms, or Penfioners Ejoraordinary * iatbeBaad. * HI. That none that is or flull Be a Servant, or retained * to any Pcrfon or Perfons whatfocver, by Oath,Badgc,Promilc, * or otberwiie, but to the Kirrgonly, (hill be of the Bind * IV. That the Gentlemen Penfioners in Ordinary, and the ' Gentlemen at Arms, Qt Pejifipncrs^rAflrdilhryoVtJieBanJ, 4 (bail be advanced to be Commiilion Officers in the'Army, 4 preferably to all other Perfons whatsoever. * V That fuch of the Gentlemen as fhall not be dffpenfcd * with.iball be in the King's Prefcncc-Cbamber every Holiday, 4 by Nine a-CJock in the Forenoon, and every other Day by ' Ten a-Clock, with their Axes ready, m know what (lull be * commanded them. * VI. In the King's Progrefs, or other Remove, or when he 4 rides, the Gentlemen (ball keep fuch Places as fhall be ap- * pointed for them. ' 4 VII. Tbey QuH at all times be obtdieni to their Officers, * and flull perform all fuch Services,: as well in the King's 4 Chamber, as in all odije? Places where it Hull be the King's 4 Pleasure to be ferved by them. 4 VIII. If any Gentleman Penfioner in Ordinary fail in his 4 Attendance, he fhall be Chequed for the firft Default, with 4 tbe lois of three Days Wages} for the fecond Default, with 4 the lois of fix Days Wages t and lor the third Default, with 4 tbe ids of fifteen Days Wages 4 IX. Every Gentleman Penfioner in Ordinary fhall have 4 his Axe born after him, by a fufficient Man, to the Place ' where he ought of Duty to bear it himiclf, under the King's * Difpleafurc, and Penalty of tbe Cheque. * X. Every Gentleman I'cafuma in Ordinary fhall, when-4 ever he is rcuuir'd, upon fourteen Days Notice to be given ' bim by the Captain or other commanding Officer of the Sand, 4 (idEacutly furuUh and provide himfelf with three grc^t Hot-4 ia, prcpex Anns and turoiiure for bioofelf and two Seryacjts j 4 and every Gentleman at Arms, or Penfioner Extraordinary, CuU and (mida $p|M H�tk'm gircftf Horfe, fiik rtii-noit. * KioglC HxTil * demanP * proper Arms acJ Fsirniarr, R> firve tie Kir$ wfcese**** W * dull be ccmmenif�b:. ers^sr the P� -t^ mj ^f�n�g�ra Day* ' Wages for the r#� Dt^ctt. a W.-|-� tt*t setenA ' DcUJt j and for tlw ihlri I>tfa�t. � hr taorlf csrpatied and 4 put out of the Pbce ottG 4 XI. The Captain ar�i-otfter t?��n �' a� fifaJ are always ^ * to lortfee; that there (bull ret fee a&KSC staasv ewe tiaw aboia � ' naif the Kind, and that tbe ctExt fciuf be ataS times ia ia*b * readincb. that when WamEcg &iH be f>va tbcat bf the* ' Officers, they do repair rc t&e Cdset, asc pte sstk Atteed- * *hce as fhari be reojir�''d c* tSea. .. * XII. The w&aie Busi arr t� tsasA it tie Saar ferttcspal ' Featts of the Year. vie. Ctriftuew* Ea*sr. VtUsSmsiat aol All-HolUttd. St. George's Fa� -ad rite Ajasredaiy ef the '"' ' Conxution, aaJCTPceal^rftteCbrc^at. -t. TI�4K�u1bHR''d^Oasa�ofeia2Me74^^ Petnloner at h�s AdaaTka k�t At. Basd. ' ' XIV. The Habits and Arms cf t^r tZmkmat &a3 bi ' fo "ii. At the Kipc*s TatATtt as tac Har-Slaaitr* The Ora�a of ARTAXERSES. , At the Thkatslk Rotas, ia Ceraarr-Gaaacsi. The Ofi�� of ARIODANTE. " At the Ttttmt Rotsl ia Da�ar-Lax�� The BUSV BODY, wita Cot-cssatssc Cwtrsii*. At the New Trstatue in Goeaaas's-Ftitoi, The OLD BATCH E LOR. �xa> tic CavMiCAt. Couwtlamrs._'_� Yefterday Bank Stock w� saov 139 3 .asfes. lama 149* for the Opening. South Sea Tsa&ag assent $4. a a 42k, tor the Opcflirrg. UU Anamoes sc6 s 4tk a t $fk. DaxeNcar Annuities 106 3 4thss 5 Stft*. fee t� Opescig. Tim par Cent. Annuuy 95, far the Opecarj. USbaa Baak ief. African 20. YorVb-BosIdiags 4. Rnsal Afiaraace . ' AT the KING'S THEATRE in tlie Hay Mariet, on Ttorfcty nest, twaa sac afaSs thm dk JiasisjL will he A B A L. JL Ticket* wiUbe ecUrct'd t� the \*i&rSivn so VvbeSOw orst, at AT the KING'S THEATRE io cbe May-Marker. tbi* tXy. the izJk *i patmj, *rii fat acr. A R T AX ERSES. Pic and Botes �i>be do* SHf.ra.ttai. vat t�W. �nf aa HorJaw sa btiajnl vithoot Tickets, whkb will be atfamTJ �S� B��. at i)(os5 to cowot-G*rJw>Tbcsree,at ifstf aOasrataaV. f*M<B*lkxf*+-UppcFCailery as. � � whAU�c> tte �SaMiaii �en/�'> d Jane*?, mii for ptdmasU � r^n^r'^�n�c aVisv �*>V.# _ .....~. * lv bourgeois gentilhomme. The Ouzos isrm'if'GfzgZmsx. Ifricez C) lit U 1 i t t. The titc tc Scoep^m If xm.VkMjSut, With tfis CcfeaBn�f be - lie. �r so. StSmsz'K saecctaaat cf R�ppce-Sr.utf, at tic Uel ftxizst. H'i i^rtooi la tw frou u tnf >CictVxrk�.rli,�ff 7tdt*j,iuc'imilt be ieKwr'iJ st 'he iitot OitTHms � if f�L SaL an. No f<rl t.> tws Acmi-'-l &A�t (i^c S�.ct, x^s **/ itout] to a* rcturu'd *fc�r ise Cunw i� Jsaw- ap>. ft io^i*. & Si* iCleL_ _ TaTHEREAS by the bcrdLrciijal Fire which V V bapov-'M 0* the 7 t'ri. UfJi^c � in- Kt�UBrutf*a fcjr sfcr Tv*er# (iveral f *����,�*�� teast'a r� tut a.-; a^ A tttiv* t�a*�* fa** c*�ie� 4a^as sai�f(�. tst a�t�*4 a� teoi ti.iir Chwi:/ ta tbc Mr. S.^6$ tx*. SfttdL 1 hob? tiotic a�^4 ful;y inriBt, ike poorer Jf i.ftawstf^ IsiSlfwc. *jS ataWdaf THE Truftees empowtr*d pui io Execu- ^ ujo Uiu-A tA* at ?*eU�M�cu !�.'-� .tfmtnf ��ert1ii.�jly�� (cventi fltctt thereui atuisa**^, ka2)�� t�w^t* a^^x Ci>arti>it�as ia) H M a\a>.. �dhaf^piCbafc �n sso AUiioocn pttwtdr, at t�> C^aic tV�vn. m�f*k&*m4ims* aa Hotbaio.

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