Wednesday, March 8, 1780

London Courant And Westminster Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Courant And Westminster Chronicle on Wednesday, March 8, 1780

London Courant And Westminster Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 8, 1780, London, Middlesex ÎH i - .71 Almon, Wleller, opiwfite Biulmgton-Houfe, in l',c..uiillv. Londo»^ ---- - • - ^^ ^ WEDNESDAY, MlARCH «, iySc. For the BBncgt ff^ Mr^ ▼ ^^ » O K. Bf H» lî^inf^'T» ___ Al the ON X«e«iy Mtf, ilKcli tJh 1 U V B fi* LOVE. ri^tle. Ifr. K>t«i FmcA; Sir Eíffi'-^.jsGSÍ^TSiSrtíS With bTtITIT'4 Î WrM I » T Su Cathcrtoe-ftWííf^ilitoíí »dof w^ftrortc» tte&ag. fti». ^ifcoi. pliit« fof thiiW»« «»«7 b® p«r th. W ^ -------- ^^ 9ég3tt March 14» 1780» will lie ur yu wiiiipii «llkd H» P & o V a WIFE. Sir jthn BMü, Mí. 'WirtiKim, <Mi« lib iiA ap^ tiearm 1« ilii^t» Ifr. Aidcin i Col, mfir {mm^ ■ fc^y ^iife mrnu^i teor» Mr. BnmClMii Luf4 Mii^tft'. IfcHiiin- nM^ CwOtoBt» Mr. WiMi^Mk^ I tá9,9mtlfui. Mm» Mmrnkt t Bt-imda» mmUmk.i TMW.»fti^him | latMCMMM «r JHMM^ After ^»¡^JfeMFMPMlOM ^iU neiir ^ wiiMhyGARftlCK loCteMMy«!: mkK^ Ibe A«B«id ChM'wm he kHMMltm trigiMllf perffliilii M Jiihtl«^.^ The^iil^by MMIMNUr! Morton, «id MtY. Keaof^T Tic JooA^ te opui» W»' * Ticktkttote Qtat niirtihigt Btaiukmiiti« auy be the City of lonie^ cvenr elcfvaKiOB, «Wj ils^, f^uare» aod eveij piattfc buiMinj» a«d every private )u>ufc, is pepnkate^ tritbthe grttfttit e^ffl—ft The ir.ofi ftrUdoK ohjf As dre aUo g^nCeaUd oa ieparMe. jlans, and OA a larger fcale. S. Grimanii the c<6ftni6er Ifw above nibdd, apixnils to thofe MohieMen» Gentlemen, and Ladies V ho iiave bonoond him with their eomf»^ at Ikme, Vienna,, and tfar .Hegi%.far.tha>truth-of this defioription. 1 lit: model is to hi fiMi every 49r (SnmUy excepted) ficm tw intlie morjii||f titf fiv« 19 the evening, at the lite Mr. Peril's AuQM» SUxu/9, ia,Qtm Hart-Street, f:ciug Howo&rett, QqyeaLSttrdca- Admittaace as. 6d. N. B. is properly atried iar Che reception ef company. VESUVIUS. Mr. dean rd^afully acquaints the No* bility aod Geal^that his Sxhihiti«« of Vefuvius viil be ope^ J^HlSfi^X, a«d| contifiue every day (Soodays excepted) at the hours of two and. ieven in die evening, admittance Two Shitiii^ and Six-pence tiih perfon. Childsen that C9ine with their parents or friends One Shi^Un^ eac^. The room is elegantly toed up, lit with wax Ugfc^s, and kept warm, and will be opened each day at-iioon, that thofe who receive pleafure iu viewing a large coUeition of tine drawings, may have leifuie to conlemplate previuu:i to the drawing up of the curtain. K. B. Seled comp^es may have a private Exhi-biCtoa, giving timely notice, at Two Guineas. Guji Hart-jltrtUj CivfKt-^^uvUit, tvo daori frm the Vlay Hmifi, essexcommittee. The Gentiemen of the Committee arc de-fired to meet at the Black Boy, in Chelmsford, on Monday the j|th inftant, at twelve o'clock, on Fnicular bufinefs. March 1780. KOB. SMYTH; Ghal^an. CAK L I S L t HOV SZ. KàT éepmMÊt of the ^demy callod , . die Scl«oul éf j^t hire the fbUowing QgtStiùa if the Mijeêt of debate T»-«orrDW evenint» «< WMdiér m a Piee tate, it be prlAiiable «ad eooliltet wilhibM Policy, W adMitCelikiei to a Am panteipatiqa ùf the fi«iici of the Mother Country *" Thetea fieiw will be opened at fix, tbe'freat rftom : u half paft f<mn, âod the Moderator will be ia die -chitr at eight. Thofe of the Kobility tad Geany who cwne in ehaht, , ftont door fa the Stiuare, the reft of the compiny at the door in Sutcoo-ftreet, An ap[^icatidrti on Atademi«Btt(lftefi» and forin-ftruâiaai in the principles and «nerciies of Eloquence, are to he madetothe i^rincipol, at No. 7, Meard-ftreet, Soho. HVNTQlGDOKSUiaE COMMITTK^, Afartb 4/6, 1780. Resolved, nut it i^ the opinion of tuu Committee, that it would tend greitly to the Independency of Parliament (the chief ohjeft of the <prefent Petitions) if the reprefentativei of the people were chofen freely and without expence ; and that tlie contrary, pradice is an infult to every uncorrupt and ' hpoeft.coailicoent. Refolved, That it be recommended to the Free-hf^den of.this County, not to1\ippoct or countenance the élèâioh of any Candidate to Parliament, who IhaQ not previoofly engage htslionoor that he will not 4ire£tty or indireéHy incur any other expenres in his r jcanuas' or olodbon, than the ufuat and neceflary ex-ponces of the Advertifements and Poll. Refolved f That the Chairman do communicate the >Ove nefçjiUio^ to the other afibciated Conunittees, I jnd rcuvek their concurrence. R. BERNARD, Chairman of the Committee. Thh àuy ère puìnijì td^ Ptye Otte Shilling. Letters on the utility nnd Polín* of empldying Machines tufltorten Labour ; occnVtnn-'ed by the late ^flurbances tú Lancaíhire To which $re added, feme Hints for the further extenfion and ' improvement of our WooUen Trade and Mr.n\ifaAures. Printed for T. Becket; comer of the Adelphi, Strand. At a Meeting of the tounty of Nottingham, held at the Moot-Hall, on the ¿8ih day of Fe-bruary, 17Í0, the fuüoat'ins refolutions were prop<>icd. SURREY C O M M I T T V. ÌL The Gentlemen of the Surrey C'ínmn.irrí p» are defirpd to ri'.'c^ at rhc St. A)'» Tavi-ni, ou Thurfday llie 9th ol M.u\.h inrt Jit, on ;) :! ucul.*; b.: fmefs. V/>/>; r;, ofv v.-^^ .f-rcit FR A N ^ 1S V i N ri. s T, M.irch I, ì-r'iì. v-'li 1 I ¡ To thr r.rvTLKMKN, Ct. rrc-., T r'Mra 5, and oí the Couniy I)! ITi^RKi O'? I) S it appears hy tlic anf.vcr of the Shcrift'<»r i(i%is ifáy is puhli/hcd^ price lOs, 6d, tltgantiy prifttd hy J. Ajlaov, Picc^dly^ for Luptatn Baíllie, Solemn Appeal to the Public, by Captain ^ Bailciei late Lieutenant-Governor of «•yri' hofpital for feamen at Greenwich, ,of a iefiet of evidence fwom before __TP—'t and other authentic proceedings in 4m» Miyefty't Court of King's-fiench, on fix profecnttons againft him, for publi(hing, as it was ^fely alledged, certain libels on the landmen (admitted contraiy to charter) in a naval iniUtution, in his printed cafe and memorial to the General Govcrvora; in behalf of dilTabled feamen, widows, and children ; with a copy of the faid memorial. The ^)eeches of the Counlel, and judgment of the Court, taken in fliort'hand by Mr. Bianchard.—Counfel for the defendant, Mr. Beareroft, Mr. Peckham, and the Hon. Mr. Erlkine. For the profecutors, Mr. Solicitor-General, Mr. Newnham, Mr. Macdonald, and Mr. Dunning. Abftrads of more than 30 voluntary affidavit» of officers, &c. fworn berore the judges, in confirmation of the facts fluted in the laid cafe and memorial, aotu ithilanding the law, in this unconllitutional mode of trial, does not lend its proceis to bring in truth by forci, id eil, by virtue of a fubpoenn, and that he was fuf-pended in his ofiice in terrorem, though the matter was pending in a court of law. A copy of the order from the Board of Admiralty, by which his fufpenfion was immediately turned into a removal from hb office, alter 40 ^cars* faithful ferv ce witlwut a fingle reproof, on the bare report of a committee of ieven Directors, parties whom he had accufed, fgned only by iwo members, viz. Mr. Peregrine Cuft and Mr. J. Barker ; it having been found impoifible to procure the verdu^t of a jury againft him to give a colour to remove him from his corporate offices of Lieutenant-Governor, Ge-neial-Govemor, and Director of tlie laid holpi-lal and uuanimoufly agteed to ^except one diifentuig voìcjJ Viz. ill. Refolved, That the petition now read to this * Meeting, addredfed to the Houfe of Cumniuns, re-quefting Chat oflbApal meafures may be taken by that Houfe to inquh-e into and coneA iIm; ^rofs abufci the expenditure of puUic money ; tu reduce all uxui-bitant emoluments of office ; tu refi-.ind r)r ubulitli ::11 fitrccure places and unmerited iienfuun, ii> approved by this Meeting. id. Rcfolred, a Committee be appointed for carrying into effcA, a< far as may be, all the refolvitions of this Meeting, and that fuch Committee lhall coufifl of the twenty three foklowittg gentlemen : Duke of Portland Mi. Pocklingto.i Lord Edward Bentinck Mr. Pockliugton, of Lord George Sutton Carlton Mr. George Sutton Rev. Jii!»n Edwards Mr. Thoir.;\s Sutton Mr. Huilh Mr. Charles Sutton Sir Gcors;e Savile Mr. HeWw'tt Mr. Athorpe Mr. Difney Ffytche Mr. Nevile Rev. Dr. D-.fney Mr. Mt .niuw s Mr. Acklom Rev. Kvlumnd C.\rt- Mr. Pondo!! wrig;.: Mr. J. Cartwright Mr. Gilbert Cooper Mr. Sikes 3d. Refolved, That this Committee Ih.-tll conftft of the forcnamed gentlemen, and that fevcn fliuU form u quorum, and that their aAs ihall be confidend m liie a¿ks of the Cummiitee. That the gentlemen of the Committee Ihoil be empowered to add tu (heir uunibcr wlie?i found neccirary. 41 h. Refcilved) Tlut Che Committee be deftreJ to meui tUis evening, at fevcu o'clock, and to iiuid their future meetings by tlieir own adjournments. 5ih. Refolved, That the faid Committee beinftrufled to torrefpowd with the Committee^ of otlier couùties, cities, and towns, in order to obtain in a legal and con- A ____ is cmimy to cmr re^uiritroít Tiudo} n'-gntion;' that he dc-clincs calilns yo'J t(»{;c-thtT A»» ti-.r j-ü: of ipetitionini; the Houfi- of Commons, 'till he LfuiJ c-il-left the fcntiments of thi '.eurlcnien uho fho'ilj rjtcr.J the enfuinR aflize. (uhiu- f -w rentlemftu .ittcuJ, hut fuch as the SJ>crill' thiak> fit to irtum to be- a Gr.-nJ fur>-> and which deby wuiil.! prohaMy of itfeif 2V..ike il.e mc.iúirs niu.Ati iy na a;.C(.ui;t of tlio .Kiv. ticed iUtc (if thi:. I'cilion oí !'.i! .iiid ouí ÍcIvcs niiiít rlculy i:<»n.Miw«-il tíiu: the prtMV:it l.Mj.itioii iif .iflairs c;!lls c.U'i'' l .ittcMtiori uf r^ilnnicnt to the cx- penditur'í of the public nxiru-v, and iKc r dilij^ent i u-iju ry \\hc;:her fuiccurcs, ;inJ fr^eiMl pl.ìcci m tl:c o.f-l»of;tl af the Cro'.vij or its Miuilleis, fhouM ir^t be .a'v . lifhed, and tlie f:il.-?r;e-. .«lid emolument", .lunoxcd 10 (Mlifrs coiifidcrably reduced ; wt- prelunie to reqiiclt a" mcc'ins; ¡jf I'nch of yciu uiCh us in th:i fen'.i-ni'Jiiif »21 t!ie T<<vv n-Hali, i.i tl.c city of Hcrcfui J, <»n S.i'r.rdjy the nth of iitNt i:vi:itli, at eleven of the cb,wk in'.¡1'! fill f iinoii, f(,i th'-'iMir,)()ie (^f prcp.trin;^ a pc-r.rioa to the !;');!(iUiMblc Houf/ uf Conini /Hs", {uavin;: t).'-''V cifrr^ual iiiterpofiti'Hi in tliefe poir.t*-, Aviiercbv, we :¡n-lirchend, the pn.riifi'«» of inncli puMir nv)i¡ev m.-iv Î e frev.-nfr,'l, ;«nl tl.'r fit '; c< :ilt;t-.iti'iri '.f t'u- îNijMtry J>-cuie from th« d ut; i»i:, iiifiiMU.c nf'.ic M :i::r;r;.»f t^.é Crown. An i ucthc nuui.; .iji>::i, :'!;. :i :ìu Ticioi.'. nttrndnnce nl v<>j oii i'. fot 01,1V ititutional manner the obie^t of tlie petition. 6th. RefoiveJ', Tl&t the Members of this counly he defired to prefent tliis petition ; and that the C<immit-tes be defired to write to the Members of Parliament reprefenting the borovighs in this county, to defire their fupport in Parli:>in)cnt to this petition. 7th. Re£[)lved, That the thanks of this Meeting be given to the gentlemen, who by public advertifement, requeued this Meeting. 8th. Refolved, That the tlianks of thifi Meeting be given to Lord Edward Bentinck and Charles Meadows, Efq. the Members of this county, for laving fupported Sir George Savile's motion, that all fubfìiting penfions be laid before Parliament. 9th. Refolved, That the thanks of this Meeting be given to thofe noblemen and gentlemen, who, in both Huufes of Parhament, have firenuoufly oppufcd the in-creafe of the public burthen, and uniformly endea-Vviured to fupport the indepeodenc« of the rejH'efentativcb of the people, by correcting thofe abufes of government, unfettled accounts, and unmerited penfions. loth. Refolved, That the thanks of this Meeting be given to the Duke of Portland fur liis attendance here this day. nth. Refolved, That the thanks of this Meeting be given to thofe gentlemen who this day fo ably fupponed the principle of the petition. 12th. Refolved, That the thanks of this Meeting be given to George Donilon, £fq. Chairman. 13th. Rffolved, That the faid Committee beiiefiied to ufc their efforts for promoting the object of the jieti-tion, by a due attrition to the proper means of euuntei -ac\ing sdl fuch attempts as may be made to mirreprefcnt thtf proceedings of this Meeting, or to deceive or mipofe upon the inhabitants of the county, by artful ha:.ti-bilU, ot any other means ; fo that the inhabitants be enabled to judge who are their fnends, and who arc not. 14th. Refolved, That the thanks ot this Meuting be given to the Dukss of Norfolk, Devonfhire^ ¿ud Rutland ; the ¿arls of Suilalk^ Stamford, >'t:rreri, and Fitzwilliam ; Lord George Sutton, Sir George Sivile, Mf. Meadows, Mr. Sutton, Mr. Hewetr, Mr: Plum-tree, Mr. Frederick Montagne, Mr. Thwoton, atid TV'V»'c>n may be for^Mi't'-i! v. / f .rht r ^ie! iv, I :ilio fr im nn .ipprol-.'.T.rmn '1 >'. vour fr.cncc m tv be c cit^t .IS your opi.iiuii tl: i* iv.^I. r-f. .-.•¡¡.•'¡or*-, art ua-u-îo-ilaiy. The RKQT'ISITIO.N to t!.- SHERIFF. To Ei-XL LLOVI), F.f'í. H>h Sl.enff of the Co-nty of llt:rci"'<rC. WHF.R!i.\S fcvcral reputai !r t:«nr!emon of tl.'s county approvinp^ of the j^etition infeii-icd to •-•e jn-'f^riu-ed to Parliament by the county of YorK, a-jd u ifhin-/ to have a fimilar ineeting of ih»; GenílcniM, Cier^y, ai.J ,Freeholders oif this cmmty, to concord fuch mcuùiresrs ftii^ht he proper to be tak'jii on tl-.l. « '.r.iiiou, ci 1 ¿ c-,qoel> John Sahvay, Efq. then Sheiitf of thii. cour.ry, rj appoint a dav for iuch inect-^ij^, whicli tiici'.u.l John h.i'-way complied with, and app¡.int'.-'l a tl.iy for futh meeting ; bot the fame has been prevented from takin-^ «ttu,^ by the appòintmer.r of a nrv.- Slici ill in the mean rime. \Ve, wlmfc nr.nie-. are undcrwrittin, do re-^ueit y u, the prefent SheilfT" of the f.tid couuty, tu apponit jr. early day for the i¡kc purpoíe. Tyrcuntiel Ahergaveiiriy J. Edward Fol.-y G. C'ornrwall ' U. Pricc lames \V'aluyn R. ?.i>ne Knight Thnmay Plullipps Fi.nnci . i.'ani;''ti>ll Kilinund ¡a .11 Thr»n»au Syniuwdi Powc'.l liihn Sahvcy T. Sal-Aey Frarcii T. BryJges J. Mot>ie Grt^n limeTi'oo'.ti Hupk:n Mf.TiÍLk Job fi.iur.!. F-ilinu-i 1 Lea \Villi;ini liaker John Skipp J(ihi\ Skip;), j'.r.rol' Henry Luribei*. I n mf.N Hereford Wh'.tn'.o.ff \Viiiia.M T;r.¡'»r Tiv'tn:.-. Gjnlith, 1'. Sli'.i(iun 1 ; rò.cwot iVl'.tuxi Ouéine Geo-ff The SHERIFF'. Anfiv-:. My Lords and Gentlrhie:;, I H.^.^'E the h!>ni)ui t'> rj. i*ive frmi Su Cfirn-rv-'all your ..pplicu'.ion ro me as Shei.if, lu cmI general meeting t!;e f'crrlerrcn, CleT^v, aiyi Frif holders of the cui4ity of Herf-rur.«, f^: t!-,- ¡n-.riMf? of prefentlng a petition to P.-.j !i i.tient fimila: to tliat nrt-fcnted from the county ot V»/rl:. The general rctpeél and duty from a perfon in my oflice,.!© which :iic c ïuutv át !ariy:is en; iiutu^cs me ?i> wifh tu know their fe:;le on fo a niat-tor, .n the niort open and public manner ; I theie:c:e the afTiZcs ii nlti-ady .ippo:;i: ;d to k ■ hrld un the i 'ith of nex'^ nt< n'h, whe.i the b.-fmcf«; of th¿ co.r.'.ty w;U the Rev. William Holmes^ whuthisdity comnriUft.caieJ J ^uCur -lly'.all-J j;entlemen tmcthei ) be:; y.jur IhJvU An elegant HOUSE is fitting up in Great Marlborough-ftreet, and wilt be opened for a variety of rational amufisments; which place the I'ro-pnetoFs, havli^c 'exieitddtbvrutniioft abilities to render coit\inodioos for the oiccafions, prefume will give uni-»erfal latisfaftipn. Notice of tbe time of opening will be given in a few days. --■ ■ ■ •": TUijtiy iijmhli^, piic«. 6d. (he actqpfcmf^ftioD of thofe who have already purchafedtiw lights «athe ,L% t r^ q£&na»vhp uts, Bfoi, to tlw-teifis «CJnftol on the affain •f Ameriaiu) ,. ' ADEPICATDMthe CQW^ECTIVE iOM ai ¿he I^PPL^ .^ EN'CyLAND > in [vflach the fipurco pi Pi^ By th^ N. . primed fprW. ^èkfou : fold by J. Al » PiceadìUy j J. Bew. in Patemofter-row ; m St. - -------------- Almon, «ooneUm. v >f .«n4Ji)r Ite echar ri bainf aiiinile- y , pi,I ipi^ifan—Aenaatmy, iMictOvif fUM m ik($ above Pvdi- caticitt. As alfo the evidence at large on the fubfequent enquiry at the bar of the Houfe of Lor/ls, in confequeiice of all the profecutions being dil-charg^, with cofts, to tne general joy of an indicant aodietice. The fpeech of hi» Grace the Duke of Richmond at the opraing and clofe of the evidence; abftraits of ottWr n<%le Lord*» arguments; authentic copies of letter»,&om Ci^>tain Baillie to the Secretaiy of the Admiralty, and his aniw ers thereto ; uith a collection ¿i' <uch original papt^s and other authaitic doaiments as are heceiiary to lay the matter fairly and circumftantially b^ore public; to the end that mankind may ioxm their own judgnient oh the chatader ai^d ewMt of Captain Failiic, and of .i;lie qthtf Governorf intru4>ed with the car^akdcoi^^^pf a eiiabiiih- "ment. ' . . ^ . ^ fijaj^flieets in folio, fize of tKe'&ateT^^, ilegantly printed on Sne paperaiid t^^'ijft^^ and fold for Cgpiaio , • M^ofite Burling- too'bpuii^ T^^Qmmt Jfi boaros. covtred with mar^ ^fàt^ ékê may I be had at the Capuiii^l ]oi§mpt No, 11 Üitton-ilreet, nolbom« 7, near their hearty concurrence ia the prayer of tiui t.c::r.o:x. 15tli. Refolved, That the proceeding > ul luit d.iy lie furthwith printed in the ¡ uhìic p.tpers. 16th. Refolved, fhat this Meer.wg be adjojn.'-d to Friday the 19th day ^ May next tuium^, then^i lit this place, at twelve o'clock m the f'>r?no*n. QEORGfi l>ONblOK, Chairman. C O M M 1 1 T E E. Siuai'I'tn, J.vea o'.y.'.i. fiirMJry l/feC» P R E S E N I, Duke of Portland Mr. Pouki ngtoii,^ of Mr. Charles Sutton tun IVfr. Gilbert Cooper The Rev. Dr. Dlfncy Mr. Difney Ffytche Mr. Sikes Mr. Pocklnigton Mr. John Cartwright .Mr. Ne vile ift. Refolved, That Mr. Wetham, the Rev. George Walker, Mr. WUliam. JDIi||ic»o ^tal, Mr. Ch-rles Caiiwnght, Mr. Frederick Moatagae, be added to the Connnittee. 2d. Refolved, Thtf the names of the .additional rRcmberf of lUii'CtfanulllW^ ' euutiiimj^tr» the irt^ reii>-lucionof this, be pubAiihed aloi^ wUh the other n^tmei of the members thereof. 3d. Refolved, That this Meeting ^e aidjvnirp..i to Mcnday the fixthilay of March nexi, cheu to he lie.J at eleven o'clock ia the foreuouit, at the tavern m Kcwark. PORTLAJiD, QU^i.iu*. r< f-! ii' be allowed oppoitcnay toreo^rive i:.e.r con n', ndv 1 h?.ve the honour to be, My Lorvl-. av.d Gc-..ticnisn, With the v!t:r.jft rcfpe^ft, W ur moil wlcdieai jii.l moft {. .imMc fervant, G.r-rc'PfM, BELL LLOVD, Shcnif. Tilruety 23, 17: The Anfvver to the SHERIFF'S Letter. THE only gentlemen then in town %vho figncd the I «quert tranfniitted to the Sheriff, fent .-m anfv. er to h.s letter of the a 3d inltant, AgnJying that they .ippre-hciided his poftponmg his determination to fo diilan: a time, uniounted to a refufal, and would, of itfcrlf, the pTvpoful m;.de to him ; for though the gentic-nen who (hauid attcjiJ the aftizes, ihmild concur, it wai probable (before the Freeh(,Iders could be tlicn convened; the quef^ion would h?.ve received a parhacT'iata-ry dccifion, and afterward» aoy petition m.ght be deemed lUgatory. Thf;y iherefore requefleJ ;hc Sheriff rnrcconfiJe: the and commuxutMe tu them th<? ref.i;t , rwhl rhcy a'^tm entreated him to fix on ineiinv c.iy fir tl.e meting, which they ihou-ht ought net to be dcicrraJ later ti, ii tlii I Ith of nfxt month. N. f. IwUci wa. lent to the Shcr.tT* ht.ufe the ; of Fibr lary, but m. ro.;!,! he re e.vtu from .u prvf-tf time, a; he thu day itt qwi for Ni.rrh W I.-. jr.f xpcwW.y, and to th; d:V.:p{,...n:mtut of the N vl^kx.c- 0«utiemeawha ^¿r.cdtiMikucf.