Sunday, December 8, 1833

London Commercialist And Weekly Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Commercialist And Weekly Advertiser on Sunday, December 8, 1833

Commercialist And Weekly Advertiser, The (Newspaper) - December 8, 1833, London, Middlesex THE COMMERCIALIST WEEKLY WEEKLY STATE OF Although the commercial markets are for the most part as is generally the case at this season hf the we are happy to state lhat there IR considerable activity in manufacturing The cotton manufacture week or two was but the lute sales of the raw material prove that it is now becoming active i for we kJiovr that manufacturers would not purchase at present prices if thoy were not compelled to do from Die orders that are flowing Ju upon them j as we have before bad occasion to it is a complete struggle between bujars and holders in this market and yet on Wednesday the sales at Liverpool exceeded We had intended this in accordance with our pro to have given a short history of the tallow specu but the following letters from Alexandria and Frankfort are so important on affairs of that we feel bound to give them the and postpone our romarks respecting tUo tallow market till next have now received all my reports from the East of as well as from the to a late and 1 cannot but think that commercial affairs look more favourable than when I wrote to you in Sep The abundant grape gathering in France has done much for mercantile and will enable that country to be a large of produce and manufactured goods MWL suph raw materials as she does not Wine is the staple and when that crop it U felt se verely the Entrepots of the j being commercially renders Eurupc gene rally and I think this line of coast will be good cus tomers to England this next year lor we are short of all goods that are exported chiefly from your I do not think the state of Spain will do check commercial intercourse if it does I think in most will be very The made a first payment of piastres to so that from that source there will be no have sel dom knowu Trade so brisk at this season of the and 1 think likely to for the stocks in all the great depots of the Continent are nearly cleared If this be the we may hope thai all the business doing is on a sound COTTON The cotton bandloom weavers at Oldham and other towns iu tba county have but their wages are most misera as tfte cannot get more on an average than Most of the cotton factories have begun to1 flirt but the itoaster spinners at Hoy ton have given thafron Monday morning they will reduce the price The silk weaving is very TUB are now not less than a artisans engaged throughout Scotland in the manufacture of shawls from or the Thibet The this purpose is at present obtained from letters from New York contain in telligence of importanceWouT The American Government has decided that not cotningiunder thehffui of are to pay of 60 per Id It Is supposed that the nlghtr duty wilronly upon those goods which are manufactured of warded apd that inorder to to have a certificate from pieces are made of eombed cloth business In Leeds js very doll AU of excapt in a very many of the merchants anticipation of of the Easjt India and China KBipvjMrTirrittie manufacturers in this neighbourhood have reducedthe wages for combing and weaving Many of thja operatives are out ol and those who are to obtain usual RmounVof tueir ScoVrsa condition of the grain nearly as deplorable in Scotland as ia A rich lauded proprietor in the east country hits eighteen farms A fawnof fine land in Mid the tenant was lately sold up for a reut of about yes hasbeen let at WEEKLY SUMMARY OF THE The sauttlug of those English whose Dividends are paid at had a considerable effect upon the Money Market ih the ealrly part of the weetcl It rendered money so scarce on Monday and that 6 per was freely for It and this circumstance Jed to the supposition anxiety lor Money would produce large trtmsactibna on the day of the shutting as many persons might be compelled to sell in order to secure them the Christ inas who were and as it was for the would also be Uowaver4 this was not the and to of every one on the Stock there vraa katiwely a bargidu xloing the1 whole day upon which these stocks time business since has been avery ttarrowscale in consols the price not varying s It is88j Money is now but at thisseason ell the year when Christmas Bills are be coraing duejIt is1 ntvti very as prudent men are desirous of husbanding their This stance materially limitsstock The dividends on the1 Portuguese old Stock have been paid They yearaand a and this payment has brought the old and new bonds to nearly the same as the former had nine half and the1latter only when these payments uponthem Spanifen bonds are firmer than tliey and considerable transactions nave occurred in notwithstanding positive assurances from Ma which we have nothing is known tliere aa to the Intention of the Government with regard to them1 There hasbeen frothing doing in Netherland or Russian stocks of SUMMARY P THE December remains in the same inanimate state j the salesby contract do not exceed 100 bales total importations into don are less about hhds and trs than to the same period last the stock exhibits an in crease of arises from the de prtased the TBb prices 61 Raw Sugar are however cbeap 5 the Refiners can resume their and consumption will thereby be in inquiries after the colory have became to common Lucias have been sold at com mon to and Vin to and good to per hundred The average price of Brown or Muscovado computed fcojoa made in the week end ing the of is per exclusive of duUtu Customs paid or payable thereon on the importation thfireoflnio Great remain without and West India have ueea sold again at to per those of have advanced lo vyhilst low unclean Dutch have declined per There has been a yery considerable falling off in ie unporUtions of Cpffee from all which accounts ior the great deficiency in the stocks of Plantation JEast India Companys quarterly fcaie commenced on Monday and the following are uie prices to lower LAST STATE OF THE The present improved form of our Commercialist renders the Monday Ediliont of other London Weekly Newspapers altogether THE CORN ORIGINAL CORN EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS Corn The low range that tin quotations of lit tlio Eng lish markets has latterly forcing down the aver ages to a lower point than they have obtained since the present law came into operation in has had the effect of depreciating the value of Wheat and Barley at all those foreign Northern which are usually accustomed to ship to this The depressed state likewise i j Dutch ami Delgian Corn trade has contri buted still further to lower the the conse quence of which that offers arc making to ship from fine weighing 60 to nt to per quarter free on board Mecklenburg ditto of 61 to to 2i per quarter Stettin ditto to Dautxic to at the latter rates fine high mixed qualities arc to be All speculative at pre sent seems to have audthough Wheat purchased with judgment offers a tempting investment for capital the opportunity appears to attract little attention Today the supply of Wheat by land samples from the Home Counties was and in addition to an accumulation of stock from last caused the nuan tity offering far to exceed the best descrip tions of our own growth were taken off but slowly at a depression of per quarter since this day and to effect sales of secondary and inferior the factors were compelled to submit to a decline of to and even at this valuation a clearance had not been effected at the close of the Wheat participated in the little enquiry existed for Bonded Wheat at low was in abundant and the maltsters only purchasing to a limited prices of even the best descriptions receded per The bought freely at a decline of and at this depressed currency a considerable clearance was descriptions were also full Is quarter was influenced by the state of ahe Barley and could only be disposed of at lower importation of Oatfi was parti cularly from and Irish qualities expe rienced a slow retail at a decline of to per though sustained little variation in thequotationsfromlast were in very mode rate and new qualities might have been pur chased at a reduction of per and Old were nearly Peas were very dull and the rates scarcely Grey andiMaplc must be noted to was dull sale but its value remains in very short and the quotations the Cloverseed trade continues in a very and as little or no demand exists at prices remain the same as we noted last has sustained no alteration in its Tares at to 5 good quality not realising more than per fine new Spring Tares were at and held nominally at meeting pur seed and rather being a top moves very slowly offhand large is held at aod small at seed firm at last weeks heavy tard seed difficult to at to and Brown to December The dull and uniform character of the trade throughout the week affords little room for The supplies of Wheat from Monday from Y Kent and Suffolk have been particularly since The few good therefore realised fully Mondays cur rency j but the coarse and ordinary descriptions met with little or no and were quite unless still lower terms were had anticipated that depression whichhas thus long continued to operate on the had arrived at its extremest and arguing from the wewere borne out in the supposition but as the dealing in Corn is a that sets at defiance all theoretical and depends alone on it is riot to be wondered at We have been deceived in our Wheat was extremely in Bonded we heard of no transactions taking Monday the receipts of Barley have not been and malting descriptions have moved off at the decline of that no checked in thenoperations owing to the limited demand for and likewise baiug in a state of uncertainty as to the event of the repeal of the Malt Duty being brought forward next Session of the question whether an allowance will be made for the stock on as weil as par eels were dull at Mondays Malt trade huus ex perienced little nrnl the article rules extremely the prices tt nil except the being nearly nominal in arrivals of Oatsat Wednesdays and todays market have been confined to nearly 3000 English and and a few car goes from A tolerably fair sale existed for the article at Mondays both old and were extremely and with difficulty maintained their previous Peas were also excessively and both Maple and the turn although in moderate remained difficult to dispose Townmade may be quoted at to being the actual not making any allowance per suck from the noted is the nominal ship marks scarcely maintain their late few parcelsof New Red English Cloversoed were of good at 05 to at there is not sufficient speculative interest to lead to In other articles no Exports during the Current Week ending 6th BUTCHERS Tim sale for both Beef and Mutton is rathar but there is no alteration in the prices of either since the top figures for each remaining at The quality of the former continues extremely there being scarcely a good beast in the market the supply of thvj though short in is of a tolerably good de Veal here ia much business but we have not noticed any advance in being about the average value of the best PoiK was In mode rate at To sink the per stono 10 to 3 6 to 0 3 19 4 6 4 6 3 4 0 a Head of Cattle this 2460 uo Head of Cattle on IUG English Irish Foreign Wheat 3890 800 j Barley 7580 Oats 3080 8370 120 970 Malt 1410 sacks 4220 Essex and Red 50 to 84 Old 65 New50 68 Old SO Suffolk and Norfolk RedNewanrtOld48 55 dy60 West Country Rcd50 63 55 Northumberland Scotch red 48 50 5i Iribh 45 48 Barley so as Distilling 28 27 60 Suffolk and Norfolk 50 S3 Ware 53 60 Hog and Grey 32 37 Maple 36 38 White Boilers 40 45 84 99 Harrow 31 30 Ticks 30 34 31 ENGLISH feed 16 II Short small is 22 Poland 12 17 SCOTCH 20 Potatoe 23 6 23 so IIUSH 19 to Potatoe 21 84 per quarter 9 fine 14 16 NKWOATK AND A U THK A i to 3 0 to a Veal to 3 8 to 4 8 3 0 3 81 Pork a s 8 4 4 GAME AT Grouse and Black Game very short no Pheasants aud Cartridges a and and and Golden from to and the mon Plover a very trom to aud at from to a couple no Home to u FOREIGN In Bond and 48 u 5924 a 34 and a 36 a Mecklenburg and 47 o 56 Zealand and Danish and i Haul 4ti a Spanish 44 soft 48 a fiSooO Tuscan and Red ffo a Hard 44 u Soft Red 50 o 6j White 14 a 36 a 9a33 8 a 33 Indian Red and Yellow 30 a TVhJte SO 34 BuaK Wheat so u 3n Saale and Bohemian 26 o and Russian 25 a Pomeranian and Mecklenburg 24 a 26 Holsteln and Danish 2i a 27 Tick 3u a email 3i n 3s Mediterranean 31 a 32 Non 32 4 37 Boilers 38 a 44 Dutch and Friealaud Brew 20 a 31 3tia43 Jf2a32 a 24 a26 ditto ditto Feed a 20 22 i8 036 10 a IB 12 a 14 9 a 10 feed 17 a 18 Mecklenburg and is a Holstein and is o FOREIfiN GRAIN AND FLOUR IMPORTED INTO the Clyde and for the Week ending the Wheat Barly Total Week 5801 Previously this yr 171627 Total thin Year 3910 S78C JJeans qrs 779 13122 Peasi Flour 4739 73635 THE LONDO1N GAZETTE OF WEEKLY REPORT of the NUMBER of and the AVERAGE PRICK of CORN and GRAIN sold in the several Counties of England and Wales com prising the One Hundred and Fifty Towns named in the Act of the oth which governs WEEK ENDED NOVEMBER chesta 4 large Congou packages Common Congous at to to to prices from flne norts are from ad to has oc worthy of I2d bags damaged damaged to per in1uire but holders nrfuse the present rh ch are ls 2MbelQW our for N een an extensive demand since Friday latt Valencia at28lj which are SH I t j London 7 Uxbridge 0 t 3 10 Cent 0 Sussex v 39 8 Bedford 8 Berkshire 3 Aylesbury 0 Oxford 3 3 7 Suffolk 359 8 Norfolk 10 Yorkshire 11 Durham 0 North Lancashire n Derby 8 4 6 Worcester 0 Warminster Carnarvon 8 9 Devon 6 Cornwall Dorset Hants v 0 W 6 81 eana eedr uty on KOREIUN COKN for the present iVheat Barley 16 jo ate is 3 18 3 16 9 TOCK of BONDED GRAIN and SEEDS IN for the Week ending 6th Aggregate Average of the last Six which regulates the wley ao o 19 10 34 8 35 6 eas 4j 3 Inspectors to os quarter 28s to Vug to 26s ieans to 42a 40s i2s Hye to sack of 280 Townmade 1st Couii try Marks 4S to SO West Country 49 44 Norfolk ami Stockton Yorkshire 38 40 4U 44 Ditto per barrel ol igG American 30 32 In 18 27 ao 32 ao 2S 3j New White 50 70 French 40 70 Dutch 48 72 Trefoil 24 28 per bushel to Linauvu pel 45 62 Town per 4ri Yellow Russia 48 0 White 6 Soay ditto o Melting 37 o Ditto Rough 21 o Yellow per ba o Mottled jo 0 7a o 14 o Good Dregs 6 0 Ot The price of good Store in the retail is as per Od Sixpence per dozen discount for LBATHEK 12 Hi 40 to 50 13 60 U Bull n English to 13 yi Dressing Hides jji j4 itt Calf so to 40 dozen 18 40 to 68 IB CO to 00 Small itt JEngUsh Horea U We had a good supply of with rather trade for Crops and Skins Prime stout and mostly found 17 in III 14 jj 171 ift Blanket i3d to id pfcr Cmbiug Market Hides per 3 Call bkius each 90 Horse Hiues 14 o i U 4f SHEEP od to 6s 34 28 6d to 5s Od to 3s v Fish 252 per Qreenlaud 1 Whale 22 9 to A o I Sperm tdtbto tt Portugal in coin D o Foreign in bars S t7 New Dollars 0 lit New without o 4 lul Silver In 4 Vil 16 e 0 per ton 10 ioa o 0 16 oj 0 0 Patent shot itos 18 0 o 0 6 to 19 0 0 0 or Minium 17 io e 0 iWiuteLead 23 0 0 Litharge 18 C 0 0 IronCCNDAdlH 0 In tier Ingots Blocks ton DXOQ 0 114 0 o lid n ihJBars 8 Rods 9 0 S3 o s 9 o o 0 Cargo Cardiff 7 o g IU Kent Pockets per Choice o EaatKeiit 7 e Choice it 10 9 Sussex Pockets b a 6 Superfine ditto 6 0 G Uine 111 to J31 LDitto 0 0 0 ib o to 6i 9 0 o 0 0 Hay 7o to 80 55 66 Clover 85 70 80 27 32 Old Meadow Hay bo 84 Inferior Hay 75 New Meadow Hay 75 yo Fine Upland Meadow and Hye grass Hay Clover Hay 84 95 Oat Wheat Straw 2S ai Clover 79 to 95 Now Hay 65 Nevr Wheat Straw 94 38 New FOETMAM Old Meadow Hay 66 tine Upland Meadow and Ryegrass Clover U New W Wheat Straw 30 British Raw to 0 u 9 to 40 to 68s Irish and Scotch Wine 54 per P Nf o a Gin 22 under 8 6 o Cognac 4 6 4 ind brandii 4 Bourdeaux 2 4 0 PRICE OF BARK Knglibh per load of 45 181 Foreign per ton 01 to per tou 91 to 111 Valunia per ton 0l to KlCtS OF TIMBER PER Quebec Oak jt6 Us Od 4Q Pinu Red 4 10 0 414 i Riga Fir fl 10 0 Q 0 DiuiUic Wid Mtmel 0 U 4

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