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Publication: London Centinel June 23, 1757

London Centinel (Newspaper) - June 23, 1757, London, Middlesex THE CE NT. I N-E.L. NUMB E R XXV. To be continued every Thursday. Thursday,, June the 23d, 1757. OMHP. IAIAA. To the G E NT I N E L, Sir, HOUGH it is thq duty of a cea-tinelto be 'alw^y^^^^^pE^f: fometimes receiver;tiHreJ^:^|^Jc^ intelligence '^o^rj^o^m^^^f^:. provided they are properly vifited ia their dreams .bj^I^C^|^iJ^;^Sr fides over the �'''iiftfu^fi^-I^^S^ pf fancy. Withput any further pre-amble I communicate the * paftfc^laVs of: a VllEon which lately-difturbed my repofe/"^rii^^^^^'^cii.^.,' had been indulging a melancholy. feries of ^cff^clions upon the fate of my. country. ,' " 1 , 'w, . . Methought I heard the wind.h0wl; and \t!fe hail clatter, and fhrunk with horror arthe-feverify or^e weather, I found myfelf oh the topof a Weak mil^jrottgh-ened with hillocks, and covered with fragments of ftones like the remains of an aneknt ccerrretery-: 1 esiQcjxSfeyis" Upon.a plain to.the fouthward, and beheld fufeh a fcene. ;

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Publication: London Centinel

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: June 23, 1757