London Centinel, May 11, 1757 : Front Page

Publication: London Centinel May 11, 1757

London Centinel (Newspaper) - May 11, 1757, London, Middlesex f H E, T I NUMB E R XXX. To be continued tverp T h u r s d ay, T h u r s d a y, $foy >A? r ith, 1757. $uam temere In nofmet legem fimcimus iniquam / H A T is become of the .bqafted liberty of this nation, when a fub-ordinate of the Centinel-general of* Great-Britain, is obliged to truckle to the infolence of arbitrary power ? The following petition I yelierday received from one of my deputies, who iifed to guard the temple of wit, under the great piazza, in Gosfent- Garden* / ' .7-" :V ':.-�. : .".-^v - . - - From. ;

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Publication: London Centinel

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 11, 1757