London Centinel, April 28, 1757 : Front Page

Publication: London Centinel April 28, 1757

London Centinel (Newspaper) - April 28, 1757, London, Middlesex it h; e C E I N-E L# N U MBER XVII. fTtf continued every Thurs d]a-y. Thursdat; -^r*7 ^& 28th, 175^. ; ; ' nil Non omnes arbufiajuvant) hiimilej^ue myzfca* �>:� QTHIN.6: ha^beqn (ooften ex-t plained' and yet fo litde underilood 55^ as",fimplicity in .writing; and toe jeafon of itX remaining much a my/Very, is our qwa want; of Una-plicity in manners. By^urp^e^nt mode of education, we are: forcibly v* warped from the byafs of nature,,' in mind as well as in body we are taught to difguife, diffoct and alter our fehtiments-until our thinking iacujty is rdt-verted' into^ari'u nnatural" channel$. ,and we. not ordy, re] in-quifti'and forget, butalfo become incapable of our original difppfi don s. -We are.tocallyfchan ged in to creatures of art and aff^dtatiori our perception is abufed, and eve}r our fenTesare perverted \ purmj/ids lole.tbejr natLire., .force and flavour 3 the imagination fweated," by artificial fir^, produces nought but vapid and ficlcly bloom ;lt!ie genius, -,-------. - ' * infl ~*' ;

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Publication: London Centinel

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: April 28, 1757