London Centinel, March 3, 1757 : Front Page

Publication: London Centinel March 3, 1757

London Centinel (Newspaper) - March 3, 1757, London, Middlesex T H E N U 3VJ B E BL IX, T h ur s d ay, March jbe 3d, 17.5,74 - 'ExCub'aty exercetque vices, quod cuique tuendum eft. virg. FTE.R having.exhibited]fomefpe-cimens of my mpFali^dantelld^wal ; faculties,, in divers fHttle�SeJ|^i(^i L different fu^e^s^ favourably received, by .the public*. cS^^I^^^^W,., I ihall now endeavour to entertain my readers with a variety of intelligence which I h^ye/ .either gathered from my own perception, or received .from my fubordinate Gentries, {rationed in different parts ,of this metropolis.  : ' " ; ' � - In ;

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Publication: London Centinel

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 3, 1757