London Centinel, February 3, 1757 : Front Page

Publication: London Centinel February 3, 1757

London Centinel (Newspaper) - February 3, 1757, London, Middlesex � - V- J To Utc6ntiti$^ 'Step . . . . - ' "T %-t^.v^eiafe^^ ^#i^^hem�@iifiddAtiDn. 'I ;ih3& tlaa^^ejsfellQWingii^^^^iiich is iwritten with i&bh^ an afe ofttml&and.fetidf^^s-cajjii^^fail to tGcqks&mA* i^om^xv^^^md,' qp|erit rcpK^ias^ ther fimgfej \yUling to vmafee^amend�iterjpafti errbrs?:by an tadkMm** and whj^ one, to prevent,the g�^-a%d mifoy of Micpf&d^�^- ?r To the C;-E4N T I'ST'E'Li ::'-.v:v..:^.. If, penitence can tey daim to pardon, and to confefs bur crimes is any kind of: atonement &f them, thefek-lowing'true narrative wyipleadin my behalf to art in-, jored ;

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Publication: London Centinel

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: February 3, 1757