Saturday, November 11, 1713

London British Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London British Mercury on Saturday, November 11, 1713

London British Mercury (Newspaper) - November 11, 1713, London, Middlesex THE Printed for the Company of the Sun-Flre-Office^ in Threadneedle-Street, behind the Royal Exchange, London \ where Policies in due Form are deliveredout fair injuring Houjes, moveable Goods, Furniture, and Wares, from Lofs and Damage by Fire in any *� Part of Great Britain, to the Value of 500I. each Policy, to any Perjbri who Jhall take tkem, paying the Stamp-Duty and the fir ft J%uartery,viz. ;  Tn^^ii/%i'^t^i^e^\Bridfli NIercury\ �r. fife of which htarteridges they are to pay within fifteen Daysofter every ufiial uarter'd*f the Tear. The reft of the Conditions-of the Infurance are contained In the Company's Brofo* falsr printed the qth of July 17 i 2, which are to be hoi gratis at tbeir fold ' Wednefday November 11. 1.7-13 The Hiftory of the World continued. ET it is doubtful, whether Gaivanor he Ermprefe Eiidoxia,St'JciiA were the greateft Pi? the Eafi : So v?reat was the Perficu-^^ tion, (he who goverri'd her Hufi>*nti,-' rais'd againft Joint. r That goMeri Tongue* tbat divine Oracle, the very Soul of St. Tp^g&a^aftftt Pauh that is,i (M^^mne^ wis- ^s^i^m ia^^^ j^t^p *'ttTI" ^^pl -to fynfianiinopU, th^the^Metropolis of the EmpireQi^^^l^ She Prince ^ElcKjuenee ; but he freely in^^in^again(lthe Vices; dj; w&^p^ and^paitieularfy df B^o^zj, a Woilian ot^ari unbeunded Ambition, fhe riifcifik -edy that a &tfb�?�t: fliould not be: fo fcbmi^e to her as the Emperor/ fig''i-^oa^i^fhe Affiftance of J%$fe*, Biihop-of Jlexandria^i wardaFeftor?d upon the RequeftVof the People^ a^d.riotlung abating^ but reproving Eudoxia for her Vices, lie was again baniuYd, and dy* \?M^h&^ EnAoxia dyjd .ja Aifcad&sy miferable Death, being big, and becoming.the Crave of her dead Child. ^r^^/a^ hirrifelf^ was p^ni*^ with E>eath for his Wife in the 6f his Age, and the 11 th of his, or other Perfon's Reign. : x . . knowing it, 'favourM his Deflgns ^ for rebelling againft Efrcrius, he made Way fat- SMcoy$ firft ViSory 5 iofpfchafc^ 'il^rmfes' dgaiilift/^:Bx^herC-^&^ and rfb letting ^aebthers together by the Ears, aftetGiido wa� defeated and kUi'd, had the ^ic^r privately-inurder'd,:-. fearing lea^iaiiy Man fiipUld be more wicked tfiaaW$$& His MMwaspuiFM up#ithi^ Italy vtith 7oooq(^ScytM^^^e^^mSk %iag eralpsdip freights ot &fu~ hmmlySttlico, ibffer^ Ste^ the Deftruaiori of his Army, either flain or^foi^^ ;Such was' the Slaughter,

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