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Publication: London American Gazette September 12, 1768

London American Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 1768, London, Middlesex THEAMERICAN GAZETTE. At a Meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, legally qualified and warned in public Town Meeting, aiiem-bled at Faneuil-Hall, on Monday the 12th of September, A. D. 1768, The Meeting was opened with Prayer by the Reverend Dr. COOPER. The Honourable JAMES OTIS, Efq; was unanlmoufly chofea Moderator. The Petition of a confiderable Number of the re-fpedlable Inhabitants to the Seledl-men, dated the 8th Inftant, praying that the Town might be forthwith legally convened, to enquire of his Excellency the Governor the Grounds and Reafons of fundry Declarations made by him, that three Regiments may be daily expedted, two of them to be quartered in this Town, and one at Caille William as alfo to coniider of the moil wife, conilitutional, loyal, and falutary Meafures to be adopted on fuch an Occafion, was read, whereupon the following Vote was paiTed. WHEREAS it has been reported in this Town Meetings that his Excellency the Governor has intimated his Apprehen-fions that one or more Regiments of his Majefty's Tioops arc daily to be expedted here: VOTED, That the Honourable Thomas Cuiliino;, Efq; Mr. Samuel Adams, Richard Dana, Efq; Benjamin Kenr, Efq; and Dr. Jofeph Warren, be a Committee to wait upon his Excellency, if in Town, humbling requefting that he would be pleafed to commur.icate to the Town the Groundij and Afl'urances he may have thereof. N^ III. T Upon ;

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Publication: London American Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: September 12, 1768