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Publication: London American Gazette February 11, 1768

London American Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1768, London, Middlesex C I ] THEAMERICAN GAZETTE. The following is a genuine Copy of the circulatory Letter which was i'ent from the Houfe of Reprefentatives of the Province of Maflachufett's-Bay, to the Speakers of the ref-peftive Houfes and Burgeffes on the Continent of North amerrca, Province of the Majfachufett's-Bay^ Feb. ii, 1768. SIR, ^ H E Houfe of Reprefentatives of this Province have taken ^ into their ferious Confideration the ^reac Difficulties that lEuft accrue to themfelves and their Conftituents, by the Operation of the feveral Aâs of Parliament impofing Duties and Taxes on the American Colonies. As it is a Subje£l in which every Colony is deeply intereft-cd, they have no Reafon to doubt but your Houfe is duly impreffed with its Importance ; and that fuch conftitutional Meafures will be come into as are proper. It Teems to be ne-ceiTary, that all poflible Care ihould be taken that the Repre-fentations of the feveral AiTemblies, upon fo delicate a Point, ihould harmonize with each other : The Houfe therefore hope that this Letter will be candidly confidered in no other Light than as expreffing a Difpofition fieely to communicate their Mind to a Sifter Colony, upon a commoii Concern, in the fame Manner as they would be glad to receive the Sentiments of your or any other Houfe of AlTembly on the Continent. The Houfe have humbly reprefented to the Miniftry their own Sentiments : That his Majerty's High Court of Parliament is the fupreme legiflative Power over the whole Empire : That in all free Sûtes the Conttitution is fixed : And as the fu- U preme ;

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Publication: London American Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: February 11, 1768