London American Gazette, February 1, 1768 : Front Page

Publication: London American Gazette February 1, 1768

London American Gazette (Newspaper) - February 1, 1768, London, Middlesex THEAMERICAN GAZETTE. BEING ACOLLECTION OF ALL THE AUTHENTIC ADDRESSES, MEMORIALS, PbTinONS, and other Papers, which have been publiihed from the Date of the Circular Letters, (fent from the Houfe of Affembly of Maflachufets-Bay, in Febuary 1768,) to the prefent Time. Including a JOURNAL of AMERICAN TRANSACTIONS. And theinteresting correspondence between Governor BERNARD, General GAGE, See. and THE MINISTRY. WITH Genuine Speeches and Papers by Lord N-, Lord C—, Lord Hillsborough ; the Hon, G-G-, the Hon. H_S-, Governor Sh arpe, Sir Henry Moore, IVBr» B_KEjMr. P-L, Mr. Dickenson, Mr. Bowdoin, Mr. B »LLAN, and feveral other Gentlemen ; befides a great number of Original Pieces, never before publiihed. The Whole calculated to exhibit animpartial review Of the Prefent unhappy Difputes betweenGREAT BRITAIN and her COLONIES, LONDON, Printed for G. IvEarsly, at No, 1. in Ludgate-Strwt. MDCCLXX, ;

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Publication: London American Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: February 1, 1768