Tuesday, December 4, 1753

London Adventurer

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Adventurer on Tuesday, December 4, 1753

London Adventurer (Newspaper) - December 4, 1753, London, Middlesex -THE A D V E NT U RE R NUMBER CXIII. To be~ continued ^Tuesdays and Saturdays. TUESDAY, December 4, 1753. Ad humum mcerore gravi deducit & angit. Hor. N E of the moll remarkable differences betwixt ancient and modern tragedy, arifes from the prevailing cuftom of defcribing only thofe diftrefles that are occalioned by the paflion of love; a paffion, doubtlefs, which, from the uniydtfality of its dominion, may juftly claim a large (hare in reprefentations of human lifej but which, by totally engrofling the theatre, hath contributed to degrade-that noble fchooi of virtue into an academy of effeminacy. When Racine perfuaded ^the celebrated Arnauld, to read his Phaedra, " Why," faid that fevere critic, to his friend, ^ have " you falfifled the manners of Hippolitus, and reprefentedhtiniin " love?" " Alafs!" replied the poet, u without that circumftance, " how would the ladies and the beaux have received my peice?" And it may well be imagined, that to gratify fo confiderabie and important a part of his audience, was the powerful motive that induced Corneille to enervate even the matchlefs and affecting VOL. II. * Xx "ftory

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