Friday, August 27, 1762

Lloyds Evening Post And British Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lloyds Evening Post And British Chronicle on Friday, August 27, 1762

Lloyd's Evening Post And British Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 27, 1762, London, Middlesex l l F r t r A 1 _ 1 r* f 4 , 1 . AN l F Vol . XI + - 4 * > \ From FRIDAY, Atf Q�s?; 27, tQc Mp.N E> A Y, August 30,;i^2. /, F 1. * L SATURDAY, August z�. Suhjlance of the Maniftfia, publijhed by Authority at j-'jeterib.urgh; July 7, Q. an- account of. att th* Motives which [ engagtd, the Evtfrcfs to afcendjbeThrcne of � m CAT HE JUNE, &c..&c. UR acceffion to the Impe-rkl'THl-e'ne'; of 'all't^ borne us fpcft for he?> cemented by the &PFed i to ;deftj#y; the (tyae t^^i^ hearts which3 aft^fiaeere- ,vly arid whlieo&d'lriteii-tions. ; neve^,Sad any. defign or, deiire to attain the Imperial power in the mkfiner in^ %hich the^'ii^fenfetra'bfe views/ofAt|iev:Al-mighty hVejpT^red us on t^^cOne of R^ifo, 0.u^;dea]r country, jmn?e4iftt^}y �ppn die cleath of^urdeir aunt, Eiii^betht.Petrow-nar of gbrious: metrtory, ill ltftie-patriots eftabli|hed-, for fo longv ^tinie i$ R,ttffia? for-faking th^Ifeufe of-0pdi v : ^n - ) ^ - * i a"> JlKdi^ithisvv^ant of 'fceaMfor God^iird this &on>^)fehis law.--------,-J T- ' ; - faiye-whom wq,4^ouId.hare in?Ba^iolfi& i of natural-. i fo�f wlft^i- -6cd;liat? "tor tHt our fajth^-^jr^' J.^-^g ItJs"^^tender.^molUpj of cpt*(itry^ placed their ohly confolationi in /Obeying-her:nephew^ :Whofit fte had named'heretic- , f ----^----:. . . ..... V. li i-L � - rI-  ri-* lnfiifficient to faD.o.or>> ^ ---...... pire^- h,^di%at^d the te.ferfderfeyIirf^efs ^a^W^^y^^^m^miH a part.of thdr-gratitude to jheir deceafed 'hwtfSl��perfcesV -Mter^Mdo^^^m, T - vereion. * ^ >Saria�^ eonttary^^fc ^But when abfolute power falls to the jRulSa. took an^' Wetfion ^b'the .pkiMir�4ri�n�y,^ inatare.^JSea*' umanity enough to confine it within ju'ft ounds, it beceriies a fruitful fourcd of the {hare of a Mpnsrch-'Who has not virtue'and bou jnoft fatal evils; this our country foon experienced, and wirh terror beheld, hcrfelf iub-jefted to a Prince, who, being enllaved to the Uioil dangerous paffions, thought only of ratifying them, without any' concern for the welfare of rhe .Empire. � In the time when he was Great D and heir of the Ruffian Throne, he freqnent- to fo m&vy parts, an&giviijgit6nke;tr:oojrf'jfo' to .x|g^,^-byjwgj, many different nsiforms,- tie'wavivittitf^;'fer' ^a^e.'' In <onferr^^jylifr<^^:^�ral make ttedoubt-^hetief thtiy fcll.^M' /fqleir^n oath h aunt ar; fed the hittcreft chagrin to his aug-,------r,. ,,...,---,f _ ,T; ^ ^. �. , �  u- �.....^ id Sovereirn, as' all our Court knows. Vawjjy .our 'life Aviis np dongffrcpnceaIed jiof' eroded the th.rpne wulv?u^effiifio� of .blood,-; Retrained, howewr, by fear, tn her-fight he flill kept, vip fome appearance of decency, but-in his heart ccgartied the afFeflion {he fr;ewed him as a relation only as &n infup- portable yoke. , il Scarce wag. he afTured that his aunt and bsnefa&rek drew near her end, when her�- folved in his her.rt to do difhonour to her ; and his incratiiude went, fo far, J to b^fi z&,. np^^EHag's M^I,eTEi^4,ahditwo fri^afc^, ' jp; are failed from^uIoattdj^Mi^^ m.-gnanimoos a Sovereign if.our. tewier re- j before he fent ustwo letter?', 0.0ainimeiiater r^arttsJ^&adisaL p�^iaprra.. f Pri c a X wo - n^g Halfgefta jli

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