Tuesday, May 23, 1679

History Of Popery

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of History Of Popery on Tuesday, May 23, 1679

History Of Popery (Newspaper) - May 23, 1679, London, Middlesex faid to have and i So that if on we were bound utterly to from then we mult refrain Fifh and no doubt of Fifh fo delicately and as commonly we iinde at in high is much more re pugnant fo the nature of a true than the moderate ufe of limply As for the of they pretend it fo be an Apo Tradition but are fo far making it that the contrary is plain enough from the of which we cited Uft week i which they have nothing to but a counterfeit of to the long fines exploded by the belt learned of their own And whereas they that it was in imitation of our Saviours miraculous the vanity thereof is mott If Chrift by his Example had fuch a Faft of then Chrift his and that were with him on would no doubt have it for cis not to be that would have his own or that his in his would have violated But that failed forty days than cs that his any fuch there is not the in in 2IfChrift in his Fart of forty days had an Example for us to then he would certainly have farted in fuch a manner as might have been imitated by Men but this he did not but j Ergo intended it not for our As to the farted forty and Eliot as to vindicate its Authority fo our Lord pleasd to faft the like for confirming his But as neither nor EliM was therein imitated by the fo no there is why having no hould pre fume to imitate this Miracle of our B b 2 O

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