Historical Register, January 1, 1723 : Front Page

Publication: Historical Register January 1, 1723

Historical Register (Newspaper) - January 1, 1723, London, Middlesex Containing An Impartial R elation of all Transactions, Foreign and Domftick. WITH a Chronological Riary � OF A.pL. -l Tfee wnwkaWc OccvRRErWCEs, via. Births, Marriages, D*4thufym*vaU9 Year: Iltfgetfer with the CT^tfifet^and Parentage of Perfons deceafed, <|i; eminent Rank. , V o l u it s VHL For die Year 17*^ LOND ON, L$nd*n Printed and fold by C AW, in die 074 Aof* near Iiwfg***, where com pleat Sets aad fiagle Pans may fee had. Kit. each ftefgfor. Sold aUb byT.Nbrr* at cfct iMftg-Gtysan ��x*n-ftt��, and fLGj&gMthtAfM� T

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Publication: Historical Register

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: January 1, 1723