Sunday, July 9, 1730

Grub Street Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Grub Street Journal on Sunday, July 9, 1730

Grub-Street Journal (Newspaper) - July 9, 1730, London, Middlesex fto fome enchanted Caftk is convey* Where gates impregnable and coercive charms In durance vile detain him. Phiiips's Splendid Shilling. To Mr. Bavius, Secretary to'the Grubcan Society. _ Worthy Sir. '- WAS not a little furprized with a paragraph I lately met yritb jo one of the Daily Papers, that" Mr, Woolston, thegreateft advocate for the truth cf the Chriftian Religion, as He fuqiJelf afiures us in his laft j&jftnce, mo^jgflfeet with no kinder treat-Jpi&^drH thr WVernrnent^nSra a clofer confinement in  '^:;l^^vJ^^^^^S^fr.ixce\ietit Difcoitrjh on the. $kncUs ft^fc^j^tmm^, no doubt, to the prejudice,"or^ in^^7-c>;\i^^egiflarure ; nor able to dif-cb*|i(!^�:a^^ Writer, or the favic^m&fcrieatiy done to "the {Jhrifti'an fcheme, by his learne<ftfp!f ttons of" if. I was mentioning the hard* Ihfp oF'^g3;:jJi(e to foma pttfpns at the Temple Coflee-houfe,' WfcHwere pleafcd to entertain the company with loud laugh i hearing me talk, in their opinion, with fo much weaknefs and fimplirityj gravely alluring me, that Mr. Woolston was no more a^prifoner in the King's-Bench, than I Was in Newgate. -A littleftartled at this merry way of confutation, I began to diflruft my me-moryrand was fearful I had only drcam'd of Mr.Wool-ton's misfortune, and not read it in the Papers. To fatisfy my felf, and convince the companyj if poflible, of the reality of the report, Ifentfor the Journal, which avouch'd the fact, juft as I had related it. Hut this, in-ftead of fatisfying the Gentlemen, produe'd only a louder and ftronger laugh againft me. Unable to penetrate Into the myftery of this merriment, one of the com- rVj Cniling, and with an air of deriiion, ask'd me, if _ was not a Chriftian ? To which queftion I modeftly reply'd, Yes. He told me then, with iomc feeming com-^aMoa fer'mf mirfortune, l^tjflt^.fuch blunders, and. .'^�^^^ur$^t�f�^ Tnuft (anavoiaaole fail, who would interpret Scriptures or News-papers in a literal fenfe th� unhappy caufe of to many mifchievous errors, in Religion, as well as Tolicy! 1 own, fays he, the Papers teem to mention a warrant from a Secretary that has deprived my worthy Friend of his freedom, and clofely confined him in a goal: but fure you are not fo unfortunate, or fo unthinking a flare to the letter, to imagine this account a Uriel: realitvjjkor Mr. Woolston a bsing really imprifoned. Journals,%r, mould be read like Re-Teiations, not a line of 'cm to be under flood in that fenfe they feem at firft ii^ht to import' Affure your felf, every fjilable in the commitment lias a hidden and my-IHcal meaning, which none but the modern Adepts in Divinity full/comprehend ; being ail type, fmdov, darkntfs and ulltgory, from ona end to the other. And ai I have fonse hopes of your quitting the abfurditie? of the pre-fent Belief, I {hall opsn to you the reafons of your mi-ftake. Secretary, Strgetnt, Warranty Commitment, Itnpri-fonmtnt^THrn kiy, fignify no mora the things they fecm to denote, than they do fo many feullera on the Thames, or fo many cancellations in the firmament: yet understood in the figurative and allegorical fenfe, have already, and may have again, their final accomplilhmcnt. Tha paragraph that has de)aded you, and perhaps many more inconflderate perfons, has this natural, tho1 myfiical, meaning couch'd under the letter of it a Secretary isplain-Iy intimated* a WeoUen-dru^er; by a Sergeant, a London 'Ttyhr 5 by a Warrant, his Mtafure. By Commitment and Imprifonment, a clofe dettnfion in a m^fuit ; and by a Turn-key, z. Slave too tightly iutten'd. So that all the noifeand uproar about Mt. Woolston's confinement at the bottom is �o more than this, That laft week Mr. Wool-tTON put on a new fuit of cloaths ; which, by the ua� kiifulnefs of his Taylor* was made fo very (trait and clofe, that it deprived him of his liberty; that is, he could not walk, write, or move with that freedom, cafe, and facility ht ufed to do, in his old coat. I have icen the very fuit, fays he, which has led the Town into fo many abfurd conjectures about Mr. Woolston's literal imprifonment} which being a figurative cxpreffjon only, and Co naturally explained, wiil, I hope, induce his enemies hereafter to be more tender of a Gentleman's reputation; and not throw him into a goal, every time Cjmr$fcap, jult 9-. 1730. be is fo very unfortunate, a* to have a new coar, waftecoat, and breeches. I heard the Orator all this whila. with a very ftrict attention, rather furprised, than convinced, by the odd-nefs of his affertionsj which being delivered with an outward fhew of gravity and ferioufnefs, did not a little perplex me, leaving me in doubt, if I was tt believe his explication a3 a truth, or rejeft it as a bant#r. After making fome reflections Upon it, 1 began to think that there could be no very great danger ;cf; running in debt, fpeaking trcafon, or blafpherhy it felrt if any of bis Majefty's fubjefts, by muchftudy acqu'u'd an art of explaining acriminal, convicted by a regular procefs of lawpmto a fhadow, or a phantom j and allegorising Pri-foncrs; in fpite of locks, irons, and ftone walls, out of Newgate, or the Kmg's.Bench. With thefe thoughts I left ta^CofTee-hdufe in a ftatc of uncertainty, refolved to b% an eye-witnefs of Mr. Woolston's literal freedom or ^confinement, before I returned i and Whether imprifbnrnent. in tie pubijek Papers, denoted his confinement in brick walls, or a broad cioath fuit, infilled on by his ^facetious friends necr the Temple. .'dTs, and contemplation) hisafpect fulJen, moroft, andduing; ha ving a mixtura in his looks of feriou/htfs and limplicif walking now with all the gravity of a philofopbut aj putting on tha next moment the airs of an antick anc a buffoon j reafoning, fwearinf, arguing, droliing, all in the fame breath. I could juft hear'him muttering to him-fclf the names of Collins, TrilDAL, and Jesus Christ; which laft he ntvar mentioned, but with a feeming contempt, or abhorrence. In fhorfj tome he fcem'd to wear the (hap?, and have all the actions of a real creature, with fomething very dark and httngingin his countenance; which made me very cautious, for fear of an infection, of approaching naarer to him. 1 mifs'd nothing of the man, but his new fuit, in which his friend* at the CofTee.houfe had lately defcrib'd him. And having fbmo fufpicion, that this might be a different perfon of the fame name, Idelired the Keeper to inform me, for what crimes that Gentleman fuf-fefd imprifonment 1 Crimes, {aid he, with fome paffior.! in my opinion, for none at ali. The Bifhops aod Clergy are the poor man's inveterata enemies, for printing a little profanenefs and blafphemy, and endeavouring to maintain himfelf in an honellway. What he has written hults neither Bifhops^ Lor<w;' nor Commons, nor any fubject in Great Britaio; and Vii very hard, a perfon is not to enjoy his opinion, f6f tear of profecutions: that he is obliged to be of the true Religion; when* for many years laft pall, more money has beea got by profeffing a falfe one. Mr. Woolston, no doubt, had weigh'd the inconveniences on both fides % and confbientlouGy determined, there was more wifdom in being a rich infidel, than a poor believer : and nothing can excufe the feve-rity and injuftice of thofc laws, which impiifou a Writer for thofe gainful opinions, that provide liiin with meat, drink, and cloatning, and prelcrve him at once from hdhger tad nakednefs, the very cafe o* that furler-ing, unfortunate Author. By this description and warm apology I fear'd I had been impo/ed upon at the Coffee-houfe, by the ftory of the Taylor, being now fenfibly convine'd, that it was r.o typical* myftical, allegorical WootsTox, that was coofin'd in the King's-Bench; but the very fame numerical, identical Woolston, who had in fix Difcourfes ridiculed tha Chriftian Religion, and blafphem'd Jeius Chrift. And I am of opinion, that thefe figures-, en-bicms, and (hadows will be of very little fervicc to h'un under his preftnc confinement ; fince, 'tis very probable, that while the allegorical Mr. Woolston is imprifon'd, tbs literal Mr. Woolston will hardly ba at liberty. I am, dear Sir, without a figure, Your moft fincexe humble fervant, N. T. To Mr.bavjus Secretary to the Society of Grub-ftrec!..v Learnsd Sir, THL f.lowiog Lriifatioo of the X!X IdyUittm of Theocritus having never yet been publilhed, I prcfumc it will be acceptable to many of your readers. E Theoerito cum lavi quadam femfAs immutationej f<* potius no's allulionij additamento, traductum. f^ellcos hjuflys f-tiens Cupido, Ceress cellas fpoliit dolefjs; It, redit : fed poft ittrata furta . Lxfus abiuat. Tunc maaus fufEans, p ies5 this curftdBce, 1iow it has wounded me, you fee. .^�H^v big the fwelling! yet the fting J Was Luc i little tiny thing. Qi-oth Venus, Precious Son of miney Juft fuch a ti:,y thing is thine; , And yet how muck 'twill make'em fweir, Ajr-.-r .'!o:'a fwects, tha Girls can te'l, C s mbrulgit June 14, 17 5 0. B"a7i JSi LONDON. �.P. The Evening PaJ}. S.J 2. Sl.Jamts'sEv.Poflx W. 'E. irhnehallEvin. Pojl, L E. C. Cofirmt. P. Vcft-Bcy. D.P. Dailf 7Ajt. D-J. D*ily Jturnai. Important Article* omittea in our laft. One Gunnel, a Butcher, fcii from bis horfa at Pim- licoe, and fractured his skull. S.J.E. W. E 2-5.--� Wtdn. latl, Mr. Waller or Lewes iu SufTex, was taken ill at dinner with Mr. Lobden, ecc, and dfed in 3 hours, C. z6- &.c--The Perfoii'^ name was Walter.--. A Child 3 or 4 years eld, miffing from the Parents, found dead in Towei-ditcii. boat A mafrer of a Mackrel boat fell overboard, and was fqueesed almoft ;q death st Biliingigate. F. a'.---A boy off a C-?rr, the whsel ei which want over hir.i; and he died in- ftintly. liid. -~- A hoy of 14 drowned in tha Thames. loid.->Oae Vincent, Apprentice to aTil* let-Paiatcr, drowned in a pond in White-conduit-fie \g, S.J.E. W� E..-'Mr. Jofhua Get's Wife died at Hi/.ip- ftcid. W. -- One Coventry committed to New* gate for flsaling 1 ulk handkerchiefs. ?. 29. -, & Dyer's Prentice dipt into a ballaSi hole, and was drovrn^ ed. C. 30. An elderly Woman found drowned iri the New River. D.J.---� A Jot ;-.--y-man fnoe-rnaker dropt down dead in Gray:s-ida--knt P.July 1. Thursday, July a. Yefterds? mora. 4 Street-robbers, xobbsd & Gsntleztitti, in his coach near Turnftiie, Holborn, of his watch $n& lings to a coniiderabis value. P. Laft fat.dkd at Mouftt Lee, atBgharh id 5e"rr�y/Frg'a-

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