Tuesday, October 1, 1771

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle on Tuesday, October 1, 1771

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - October 1, 1771, London, Middlesex I The Gentleman's Magazine: London Gazette Dail-y Advertifrr PiibiicAdvenifev Public Ledger Gizctteer StJimes'sChron London Chron. General Evening V/hiteha!i Even. London Evening Lloyd'sEvening, nefday, Friday. Oxford Cambridge Reiidiiig Northampton Birmingham a Bath 2 papers Coventry i Briftol 3 St. J O H N's Gate. d York 2 paper Dublin ^ Newcaftle a Lecdes 2 Edinburgh �Tsi^rf .Vbirrdeen Glalgow iplwich Nonvicb Exf.te'-Gioucefter ' Sal'.(bury Liverpool fihcrborn Worceller Stamford Nottingham Chtftrr ;vr;in . iK f T 1 a N-i-Di.''ercr.re between ancient and inode.'n Ailroncmiy 439 -On the Bucolic ?ocis 443 Bi;-,livi's Aocpiint of . .->ellilhcd v':\\ a Plan of the N a v t g arl e C a n a L froiii Birmingham in the County of War-v.ick, to the CanHl at Alri-rfley, in Stafibrdfliire ; alfo, an ek-gaut Print of the Stri,x Nyc-TzA, or Gx z.iT Wnii i Owl. BySrir^NUS URBAN, Gent. London, Printed for D. HENRY, at St. John's Gate.