Friday, February 1, 1771

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle on Friday, February 1, 1771

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - February 1, 1771, London, Middlesex The Gentlemqrfs Magazine: London Gzsette Daily Advertifrr Public Ad vemlfc-. Pphlic Ledger GarettecF StJames'sChron Loiulon ChroD. General Evening Whitehall Even, London Evening Lloyd'sEvening, MojiJaj^i Ifed. Oxford Cambridge Reading Northampton Birmingham a Bath � paper* Coventry a Briftol } St. JOHN'S Gate. York I paper Dublin i Kfevcaille x Leedesi , " Edinburgh r Aberdeen Glafgow ipfwich Norwich Exeter Gloucefter \ Salifbary Liverpool Sherbom Worcefter Stanfford. Nottingham GbsSitt Marichtltr Canterbury Chelmsfor � For FEBRU ARY, 1771 CONTAINING. mote (n QnandtB nfi vctexxt 0anetp tlratt 009 t&>ei.- of td; fiint) anb IMft. fnteretting idvicei from America 50 Debite* io a newly eflabliflied Society 51 -Oiixiuuation of Col. B-r--e'� fpeech agawft che motion for �n �ddrefi _ -\A. B r -ng n, in juftifcation of himfelf ib. -Mr. Ed..B-ke.- in anf*er to Ld. B- 55 -Ld. B-r-ng-nVieplicatioo J4 �xphn�ii')n of the number of the Beafi, in Rev. xiii. 18. andxrii. 5. 58 AdiantJgei of a nawgable Canal from Monkey Ifl�nd to Reading 56 Defcription of a JiWchine for ratfing Wtter 5 7 Inllruaionj to young Medalitfi, wifh a new Method of taking off Ctfts from Coins ib. Qur:ftion*aod PucA^cn oit (he Nadooat Debt 5!! Strange Appearance io the TranCi of Venus 7j}. Defcriptkjn of an antlent Um 49 CoJIeQion of curioua Adape* to. M.VoJuire'i AnfweMo M. MaribaujJ'j Trea- tile, eiititl�dThe SySem of Nature : 63 Ld. M-fi-d'l Speech in the Cafe of Uw City of Lowloa a^infl Dilfenteri 65' Defer iption of an uncommon Roman Coin 70 j Anecdote from the MSS of Sir Jamei Ware ib. Critical JUmvitt on fame pa2kget of Vol- tiire 71 Huetlana-pifetence between the learned and the tsnorant -Man, a pan of a who.p, and not a whole ib. -Whether a gr^t Gciiluj may be a great Mathematician ',4 -Difference between a great lad � cdmaioa Genius '75 - Reafqn* why every one is fawfi.<l vriib hi* own Geniu* . ib, -The dread of Thunder -6 Meteorol.ipcJl Diaiy of the Weidier 77 R'vrf'w of BoQKS-Pr. Grani'c Enquiry , "iato the nature, rife,aiidp"'PTef�ofFevers/i. -TrialofAlmon,forfeliinj;Juniii�'s Letters 80 -The Temple of Conyiaffion, a Poem 82 Epitome of the PhllofopUical Tfan&aions- Cafe in Suijery^ wherein the H�ad of the Os Humeri; w^pkca off--N*ta7al Paffir found at Conona �/ 84 Ca&lougeof NewPublicati<jo� *J Pof Ta y-Piolop. ard Kpilog. tt the Wf ft Indian-On the AWence of Celia-Carmen ab H, Wilde-In Sufannam Ruftbrooke 88 Historical CHuosictE-Proctftmng�re-iative 0) he PaiIiaoien;s of Paris-Trunfac-tioasin the S,)cictr in fupportof thii Bill of Rights-Account of the Maf4Ucrade at Mis. Comely^-Sheriifs for the prefcut Year; &c. Lina of Bhtht, Marriages, Deatlis, Pio-notioos, Binkrupti, iSec. Withinaccurate Map ofihsRi�er Thames, from Monkey Ifiaad to Readioj, exhiMringtwo Cut. of a WrigaWe Canil; alfo aQuano Plate of Mr. aarke'i Engine, which raifrt .^00 ton, lof Water jo an hour J an antient Ucn, and a curious Roman Com. _' 3f 8 r L r J N U S V ,R S AN, Gent. Los DON, .Printed for P. HENRY, at St. Johm'� Gate.