Monday, June 1, 1767

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle on Monday, June 1, 1767

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - June 1, 1767, London, Middlesex The Gentkmari^ Mamzme London Gazette DailiAdvertifer XondonEvening Gen; Evening Whitehall Ev. Gazetteer Public Adrtrt. London Chron. Stjanus'iChron Lloyd's Evening McrMy, md- Ttejdjy, Friday* Public Ledger CotatryNewu Coventry i Chelinjfo d Yoric 2 paper! Dublio, J Edinburgh Briftol i Lewes, Suffex o e St JOHN's GATE ; (^>f fi:--. -:' t ^ r -1.- *^j3 Norwich Exeter Worcefler Northampton Gloucefter Stamtord Noaingham Chefler Derby Jpfwith Reaaing Sj|-ft)ury Leeds Newcaflli 2 Cantijbury Shcrborn Eirir ^aghain ii'*diichc9er Bacii I Okford Liverpool C^-; br.dge Sheffifld. Glafgow Aberdeen For J U N E 1767. CUNTAilSlNG, ; j�ott InOitantitB anH gKBtttBaristp tijananj �SooR of tjjt SlinD anS JJrUf- A Kcnuine fpeechin parliament on the bill J The civil and military traniadions in ih; �j;5-/�i:<J, (roni Lord C//i;e"s lart there, impariiaily'narrated ~  300 A paflage in Virgil iliuftrated 507 An-acccar.t of ric-tu Pubiicationi,-An efiVy op original genius 3C9 - D/m_^j/e's metHod of in6culatin2 for lii-fmall-pox 31 - fViiuiw's tranflation of the Idylliums 7heticrittti 314 Hic'e's iranflation oi'Mft^Jlatin 31 5 Stern's advice to confumpiive people 316 - Addrefs to the people of lingUnd 317 - Remarks on the writings of iJoa^aa 318 - Lord Lytt.'etcn's life of K.. Henry il, 319 New fong let 10 n-.ulic 320 PoETR y. The birth-day ode-The Complaint-Epitaph 321 - Epifode trom Thescrirus-Elegy on a younq lady , jaj -Eleciac fong - Epitaphs - Receipt t< r for augmenting the half pay of the  lieutenants of the navy 2S3 Farther account of fpiders 285 Our eonneflions with Pcrfiga/confider'd li Abftraft of the a& forraifing 1,500,000 by annuities and a lottery 286 Humour of improving country-houfes ridiculed 2S7 A new Plak for ornamental plates 2SS A genuine account of the troubles in Letter (rom Mr jyHkes, afrcr hio duel with Lord T-- _ 2yi Letter from tlie Hon", B, JValpolc to his conliituents 293 Natural hiftory of Grtinlar.d 254 Dercription of a new-invented hygrome- merer 297 Remarks on Mr JVslket'i letter to the Duke of G-n 293 Plan for fettling the bounty on com 299 Mr Ludlam's remarks on Mr Currxing's ef- fay on clock-work 300 Remarks on fome paflagesin Vdiaire's age of LoiiJ XIV. -02 L'Eaade Vcnes to a friend 3^4 'HifonealChronicle. Surrender ot Caprain to the Corjicani 3-5 Price of'l^ocks ; and of corn at feveiai markets ' 33- With an elegartt CopfEf-Plate, exhibiting a Contraft ; being a fecond Plate of Specimens of the Mannrr of the moft celebrated Engravers, Alfo the Reprefen-tation of a new-invent*d Hygrom eter, for fJievyring the Degrees of Dryaeis^r Maifture in iha Air.. _' _ By S'r.L y1 NU S U R B J N, Gent. LO N D 0 K: P.inied by D. Henr-y at St John's Gate.