Monday, December 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle on Monday, December 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - December 1, 1766, London, Middlesex The Gentlemaffs Magazine LoiuJon Quette Crtftfman DailrAdvertifer Old London Spy I.oDdoaEvening Ci-n. Ereniog Whitehall Ev. Gazetteer Public Advert. London Cfaron. Lloyd'sETCKing : Monday, md- � nefdiy, Friday. Public Ledger � Univ. Chron. Monitor . North Bfiton Scnitjtor CcurJryNnat, Coventry a Colchefler Vorlc s paper* Dublin 3 Edin?burgh Bfiao] 2 Norwich a Exeter Wocceiter Northauiptoa GIsLTcfter St:im/ord Nottingham Chefter Derby Jpfvrich Rftding ^ (bury hi-it I'antcrbory Shrrhom Birmiagham Manchcfier Bath I Oxford Liverpool Ca-nfaridge Sheffield Glafjow For DjECEMBER 1766. <J O N T A jaott In <S!��ntitp anti fiteactr 0arietp I. Curioos pjrtitolirs reUtiTe ro the Nat.Hifl. of Bpiin, never before printed, II. Lift of Mineral Curiofities fent by the Di-reSor General of the mines in to Pf UT CplittnUn, Efq. III. Curiontiei found in a ^and JJlaud. IV. Msteriall of the grand palace at Madrid. V. Three Oriental Fablea tranflattd. VI. Pjfftge \nSandyiEiiropx Spaeluir. recommended to thfe aotlibrof Tiei'/f/Reg, Pale. VU. Addttfj to \he farmen in L<ictft^rfh Ssfc. VIII. A remarkable incident at a Rout. IX. Story of a difappointed Clergiiman. X Letter from M. de Fcltain to ,R<aiJpaa. XI. B, I aiCii:iio.iscr\fvirii Xn. The Mtttrrffuh'.fis illuftratcd. XllL Confiderationa on Trade and Finances. XlV.Defeript. of the famous cive i'Elffbanu XV. Abofet in pii�aie Madhaul'es expaled. XVI. Virtues of the Coiumbo root. XVII. EfitQtatciih�Piii)fafb,Trarf�iiiei:t. XVJIL -on the feitt of piaati.. XIX. -� fe^uel of�a taoceroni cafe,in wh^ch er;ea beminck had been tried. XX.- effcfliof llBhlening ic Panbnkc Oil!. i N i N G, tfiaa ftnp Sooli of tijt StinO anb pri�. XXI The Phsnomena of fpidcrs explain'd. XXII.The Jand-tAx unal-er^ble js the (locks. XXriI, Accounts of the Gar^isa Stranger, XXIV. Anecdotes of the late Geo.D'Vir.rr.ond XXV, Story of QH-vtr Croiz'uitll & K Ci. JI. XXVr. Letter ftotn Mtmikcs to the D. of G. XXVil. Carious clocks for the Emp. of China XXVUI. Improvement in read'n^ the W.-w?.- XXIX. PosTKY. Tht Kyte iniKti^biijtga'c. -TlieQ;i�ndary - The Guinea - To the Mem of Mr Wtn Elmy -Prologue and Epi-loeue to the E ot iyar'w'.ck,&c. XXX. Li^ of Bmh tcith Rcmarki.- Leftures ��n the polite Arts, hj Cofmnii-Ntctrr Nothing - Kolly fVbitc - Accotnphfh'a Maid - Lttt^r to H. Waholt, Er >t j �n<l from Lincohi to Bojui, commencing a^ Suf/^'d. Ee'rrg the nth of the Siriet, whirh.wiil be cotitUued occafianalW. ' By.,.5 r L y A N U S , V R B AN, Gftat. O'H DO V: Printed by D. Kenry, at St" John's Gats,