Wednesday, October 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle on Wednesday, October 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - October 1, 1766, London, Middlesex - - �- ----- " �------ - � ii- The Gentleman'% Magazine London Onette Craftfman Daily AdTcrtife; Oid London Spy LoDdonEvening Gen. Evening Whitehall Et. Gaxtrtttr Public Advert, London Chrcn. Lloyd's Evening Monday, ff'd-ntjday, Friday. Public Ledger Univ. Chron. Monitor North Briton Scrutator CountryUeat, Coventry i Colchcdtr York s paptrt Dublin 5 Ediogburgh Briftol 3 Norwich a Ereier Worccfier North amptOQ Gluucefter Stamford Nottioghaia Cheaer Derby Ipfwich Reading Salfibury Leeds � Newcaflle a Canterbury Shcrborn Binninghanj Manchtaer Bath a Oxford Liverpool Canibridge ..heffield Gla%oW For OCTOBER 1766. CONTAINING, iSort iniSaantitp an6 at�ai" cariap tljan aaj Sooh of tjjt Siina anb !5n�. XX 3. On ihe advantages of dividing farms. XXL 4. On the prcfltjacy of the poor. XXil. J. On the nejlea in aot prohjbitLog the eipoiialiun of bailfy. \. A eenrral view of the commerce of ibe Kah-hdia company, n. Diftrefsful liiuation of their tea trade. IH. Remarkable letier to the dircflocs. IV. Errors in Mr Cur.vnr.gz eltmentl cf clock and watch worlc. V Addrefs to the Great, on the prefent Ctua-tioo of afTairi, VI A defcription cf the RheOM PaLMa-TOM.ortrue rhubard plant. Vll. Remarkable cure of a confumption. VIIL The charter rf the Eaji Imi'ki company IX. Ep'tonu cf Ihc PhUiJ:pklci! TrurJaSliiii. X. - M'ttcheU'trnzitfji of fuiveyiiig narbouii XI - iVcoicomWt account of a lock'd jaw. X(f. - Experiments on the buoyancy of coik XIII. - Dr Hthcfdtnt obfervitn/ns for fettling the heights ot mountjins. XIV.-Cuic for a fuppoftd hydrophnbia. XV. Tale of the Dcub'.t'MiJiak:. conrmus^ XVI Con/jderationj on Traae a-.d Kin � c;!. XVI I. Letc.-rs on the high price of pro�ifiuns. XVIII. I. In favour of cipptiaiion and Uie Ijrmtrf, XIX. 2. Great and lit'.Ie farracrs confidered. XXnI. 6. An adaiefi to tte rich fsr a fub-Icription for the poor, XXIV. A thiid Jeicer on original (in. XXV. Obfer�a;ions on the conuoverfy between Mr Tate and ttie author of tbe letter to the Anno atais of tht; bibie, XXVI. PojTRV. Vcrfiis on reading Mifs Carter') puems.-The CoiS-finches.-The general court in TireadneedJe free!.-The mole in a lady's bofom.-The c&aiins ot novelty Epitaphs, &c. XXV n. Liji cfBMki, viUb Rcmarh. Sierfi letters Irum/r<i/^'i praCtual ciTay ou cju-ceis j I guide to taylor's ; account of �ap Horida ; conCderatioDS on the trade and finances of this kingdom j fermuDJ to young women, &c. XXVlll Hijiuri.-it CitanUU. City peStion ; addrefs ; Mr.ieCietary Csr.'aey'i lc�:ers j f.JiniiS  f "he poor j earthquakes, tTf. XXIX.L11.S ti ulual. With a new and srruraie Map of the RoatI trom tcr.dsn tn Cornet, cctnmcnciBgat Parlf.on Bridie, in the Cbejiir RoaJ ; alfo the Road Ci.r'ijlf io Being tie Tenth of the Se�i �s, which will be coutioucd occai.uoally inl all [he principal Roads throug'  our ^r/jf/dn^/a'c fOTip'ca fd. _ _ By S r L y A N U S U R B J N, Gent. LONDON: Printed by D. Hehkv, at St jOH��. Gate.