Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle, September 1, 1766 : Front Page

Publication: Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle September 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - September 1, 1766, London, Middlesex The Gentkmarfs Magazine LoDiJon Gatette Craftfman DjiljrAdvtrliftr Old London Spy LondonEvining Ocn, Er^ning WhilehiU E*. Gizencct Public Advert. Loniion Cbrcn. Lloyd's ETcning Mmciay, fVui. rtfday, FtiJey. Public Ledger Univ. Chron. Monitor North Briton Scrutator CcunfryNncs. Coventry z Colchencr YorJc a paper! Dublin 3 Et!in,;bi;rgjj BriAo) 1 Norwich a Exeter Worcefter NerthamptOD Glouctfter Stamford Nottingham Chefler Derby Jpfwich Reading Sal'/bury LeedJ Ntwcaftle 2 Canterbury SherjSorn Birm-ngham Manchefter Bath 2 Oiford Liverpool "ambridge .htfi5eld Glafgow For SEPTEMBER 8766. CONTAINING, Matt in Ouantitp anD greater cariet? tbM en? �gSoo}i of t^t Btn6 anB Pti�- I FlouriAing (lite of the E. Udin compsiy. n. Letter from the merchanti of LosJon to theirfrienifj at Bo/lm. IJI Law to limit the price of proTifioni. IV Prielamation for the ecnbargo oa all com V. Prohibition to the diftillery, V[. Remiik on 'he improvement of tillage. Vn. Anfwer to Mr CuiKm'-r.g'i charge agamft the e.litor�. Viil Rii.r, [l.c^t bower rei.rred to. )X, Aft acaitifl eiig'cffioii of farms. XI. D-Pjrf^n't acc junt of '.be S'bilai Cmiiti XW Din/er of drinking fea.�i:er ia highlj fcOfbutic CAfes, Xni F.rDcrini:nt�on77ietaltanited withglift X'V Extran'Obj body forced into (lie Jungi. XV D: Pa::'% account of a white neeroe. XVI Mt flor.' by fire at Bridgttcron. XXXJI. Remarks nn the pretended privilege of 0 ^t Printed by D., ai St Johu's Gate. ;

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Publication: Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: September 1, 1766