Tuesday, April 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle on Tuesday, April 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - April 1, 1766, London, Middlesex The Gentleman's Magazine 9 London Garette Craftfmsii DailrAdvertifer Old London Spy LondonEvenipg Cen, Evening Whitehall Ev. Gaietteer Public Adrert. JLoijdon CJiron. Lloyd's Evening Monday, IP^td-tltjdoj, Fr/Jfy. Public Ledger UoiT. Chion. Monitor North Britoa Scrutator CcurJryf!ewi, CoTcntry i ColchjRer Vork 2 paper* Dublin 3 Bdingbqr^ Bn&ol t Norwich % Eieter Worcef?er Nortbamptoa Glourefter Stamford NottiDghasJ Cheftei ' Derby Ipfwich Reading Silifijurjr Ltedi NewcaftJe s Canterbury Shefbarn Birmingbaip Maijciiefitr Bath i Oxford Liverpool Cambridge Sheffield GJafgou For APRIL 1766. CONTAINING, jaott in ^aantltj anB Sttattr pafi�p ttjan aay '98oo& of tjr SinB aijtJ Pritf  dry, wjth fecretj that remain to be difcjos'd Xyi. Rev. Mr LanrV? letter on the culture of Burnet-Grafj. XVII.Letterf(omfi�;<'/�<iontbefanie fubJeiS XVIII. Aft for fecoring tlie depeodance of I. Debates on the ^imirican &imp-i&. l\. Letter'frbm the Rt Hon. Mr Secretary Cortzaay, to Gov. Benarij, in. Foul faU, iti fertility as a manure. IV. A lift of the curious paintings at Hfugi-fsa-bdl, iaKorfsH, for the ufe of travellers. V. Metbi)d of taking equal altitudes at hi, for afcertaining longitude. VI. Extraordinary aids aa4 illuioiaariQni from above, exjroi/ied, -yil. A journey into Scatland. in which the manners of {he people, their inns, chj^f � feats, and towns, itt defcribed. V\\l..HaJfelqutft"i travels to the Eaft condud. IX; - Raritiers fliewn at ferufaUm. X. The ftate of the Ranijb religion in IreU'fd - The pilgrimages of the papiftj, and their murderous drfigns. ^IJ. Letter to the Bp of Kildart, on the virtues 0/ the Wild-Carrot in di/Llving the ftone. 'XJII. His Lordfl)i?*s teltimonial of the relief he received froni it. XIV, Rcripeformafcipg Wild Carrot drink. 'XV. Some curious imptovtments in huiban- the colonies. XIX. And thjt for repealing the flamp-afl, XX. Authentic icct. of the UiiIndian war, XJCI. Fatal difeafcs of horfes, with the cure. XXII, /Ipritfgil-probable conjeflures concerning the rife of that ejcpreflion. XJCIIJ. (^tricji reUtipg to the gazne-afi, wirh the anfwers, XXIV. PpETRT- The three warnings j - E. of D-rt farewell to the maids of h-r ; the Rofe and BattetSr ;-Content, a pa-floral, feff. XXV. Lifi cf Both, whli rm*rh.-VeaU, or the ifie of Wight. - the Curate.- Morning 4mufeinent|3.-.A difquifition on the medicines for 'diffolving the ftone.- Letter frosj Mohairs to Rouffeau, fSc. XXyi. U'ft. Cbron- Lord Cj-i/r's difpatches fiom Irdia, &c. New treaty with .Stos-'diis. Riot at Madrid, Sfc. Lilit as ufual. With an jccurattMAf of the Road from iont/o". to Harwich, meafured from the Royal-Exchange : a Map of the Road to Si ^dmund't Bury, commencing at Cbtlasfird; and a � Mip of the Road to Tamoulh commencing at CoUbtJicr : Thefe Maps will occafionalf j be continued till the principal Roads throughout Engidr.d are all delineated. By SrLFANUS U J N, Gent. to N D O t/t Printje4 by D.Hen.iy, at St JoJiN's Gate.