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Publication: Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle March 1, 1766

Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 1, 1766, London, Middlesex The Gentleman's Magazine London Gazette CraftTmaa DailyAdvertifer Old London Spy LoodonETCniDg Gtn. Evening Whitehall Et. Gazetteer Public Adrert. London Chron. Lloyd's Erening Mmday, fVid-ntOiay-, Friday, Public Ledger Univ. Ch:on. Monitor North Briton Scrutator OiuntryNrail, Coventry x Colcheftar York 2 p�per� Dublin 3 Edingburgh Briftol s Norwich i Exeter Worcefter Northampton Glourcfter Stamford Nottingham Che/ler Derby Ipfwich Reading Siliftury Leeds Ncwc.iftle i Canrejbury Sherborn Birmingham Manchefier Bath 1 Oxford Liverpool Cambridge Sheffield Glafgow For MARCH 1766. CONTAINING, jBBott In Qttantitj anB gnattt carittp tjjan enj "SBoo* of tDt ftinO an�j Ptlte- r. A fummary of the arguments againft repealing the American Stamp-Aft. n. An account of the temper and ^nius of the American IrJ'wni. III. Difcovery of a plant that diet a beautiful pink colour IV. Surcefsful ftrafagem todraw the Nabob's forces to afilion in the Eili Ir.din. V. A curlouj bottnicil table, being an ana-lyfij of Ray's Botany judicioufly difpofcd. VI.An enquiry. Whether the morals of mankind have bten better'd by Chriftiaoity^ Vli. Plain inOruiftions for inoculating for the fmall-pox, with rules for being certain when the inoculation takes cffe�l.- VIII Remarks upon the -account given of fdtaire'l DLIicnairc Pi: cjapbijue. IX. Curious acco\int of Briiijh antiquities, by the Ja'e O'-StuUliy, from his \IS. X. Dr HaJJttquip'i travels into the Eaft continued. XI. The ftory of the new comedy of the ClaTiitJl'ir.t M'i''''"'Z'' "^th remwkj. XII. Cheap method of making watch coat for ibidiert and f.tiloti. XIU. Succefsful method of cultivating Lucerne, approved by the Society of Arti. XIV. Remarks on M. Maxrani account of the Chintfi Chrcr.cUgy, &c. XV. Life of the late Mr S^^in, with /ome fpecimeni of his humour. XVI. Authentic account of an infoneftion of the negroei in Jamiica. XVII. General Irvjin't defctiption of the late dreadful ftorm at Gibraltar, XVIII. Ufeful improvements in the con-ttruflion of water-wheels. XIX. poetky. Content, a fable. - fianti-jc car.tra AiyB'ive. - The Wcrld t-jrn'd upjidi down.-laland navigation, fife. XX. Lijl oj Ecsis wirb Rtmarh. \ir Ltch's obfervaiions on the growth and culture of vines. juji fuhlijhtd. - The Ocean. - Tarico to /ni/f.--Humaflitv.-Pride. - the-Perils of Poetry.-Life of King Cha. II.- Debates in the H. faf Communs, \Sc. XXI. Hijiirical ChronicU. Conniuing all the remarkable Events of the Month. XXII. Lift of births, marriages, (^c. With exaft Reprefentationi of the 5r; of the Front and Profile of a newly improved Water-Wheel, of great Ufe to Mechanics, with the Defcriptton. By SYLVJNUS URBAN, Gent. L O N D O Nt Printed by D. Henry, at St John's Gate, ;

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Publication: Gentlemans Magazine And Historical Chronicle

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 1, 1766