Thursday, December 23, 1790

General Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Evening Post (Newspaper) - December 23, 1790, London, Middlesex Price Four Pence. From TM VK SDAY, Dec! 23, to SATURDAY, Dec. 25, 1790, 8930 FRIDAY, Dec. 24. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. - . Constantinople, Oct. 6. HE Captain Pacha and his fqaadron arrived here the 4th inllant, and foon after his arrival watted oh his Highnefc, who, after he bad given him an audience, doatbed him with \ a rich pelifie, and prc-{ented him with a turban, ornamented with a plume �n of diamond's. The Vice-Admiral and Rear-Ad rniral alfo received a |$lden plume, and a prefers of 3006 piaftres ; and the other Captains and Officers were rewarded according to their rank. His Highnefe has alfo gi**en penfions to the widows and children of thofe who died on board his fleet in the Black Sea, and has diHributed a confidera-ble fum amongft the reft of the foldiers and Tailors. The Porte's Drugoman, or interpreter, waited lately ori the Engliih and Dutch AsrbafTadors, to invite them on the part cf his Highnefs to be pre-fent at the Congrefs which is to be held at Siftovia, and to requelt them to ufe their mediation 10 accorfcplifh, as foon as poffible, the bufi-_j nefs for which the conferences are to be carried en. Paris, Dec. 17. The Archbiftrop of Rheims has. fled to Luxembourg, and carried with him the Sainte dt3ijwk> or holy vial, ufed in anointing the Kings of France, and faid to have been brought from Heaven, for that purpofe, by a dove. Count Artois and the Prince de Qonde feem to wait only for money, which they have in vain applied for at Turin and Naples, and are now fo-liciting at Berlin. Meanwhile the King fubmits entirely to the new constitution, and even appears to rejoice in its eftabiiftimerrrt. In the "Cabinet, indeed, he is faid to fubmit as implicitly to his Minifters, and in the palace to the Queen, now called his fpoufe. Najfaii, Mov. 5. The dimate of the Bahama* has generally been looked upon as itemarkably dry; we have, however, lately experienced a woeful reverfe; for during the lail three months we have had inceilant tains, and have fcarcely ! enjoyed a fingie day without more or lefs. 1 y Bojkm, QB-. 10. The fbip Columbia, Capt. Gray, is again failed on a circumnavigatory voyage to the North Weil coaft of America ; this is the fecond voyage the Columbia has made to that coaft. The native of Owhyhee, who came hither in the Columbia, is returned in her to the place of his nativity. "~*C O .U N T R V - N E .W S. Wclvtrhamptou, Dec. 22. A few days ago one of*the furnaces at the iron-works at Ketley, Shropshire, unfortunately hurft juft at the time the metal was at its heat for running into pigs j four of the men were coming to it for that purpofe, and by this fudden difafter two of them were inftandy fcalded to death, another died.the next day, and the lif - of the ether is defpaired of. The poor men have left wives and families to bemoan their lofs.. Leeds, Dec. 20. At one o'clock on Saturday morning a terrible fire broke out in the (hops of a cloth - dreficr, in this town, which raged with fuch fury as to deftroy not only the building, but a large quantity of broad woollen cloth depofited therein. SHIP-NEWS. Dcd, bee. 12. Arrived, and failev! for the River, the Peggy, Archibald, from Virginia, and BonTta, Hayes,, from Oporto. Remain in th^ Downs the Boyne man of war ; a lArrch Eaft-Iruliamaji : Phcnix, Stimpfon, and Withywood, Evers, far Jamaica j Mary and Ann, Loten, for Madeira j Berfey, Donald, foi Africa ; Mary, T\acey, for Ancona ; Friends, Deake, for Gibraltar j PrioCe of Afturias, Mac Carchy, for Cadi* ; Providence, Toees, for Dublin; Su-l'r.nnrf, Parker, for Liverpool ; London, Johnfon, the B�w lev, johnfon, and Sincerity, Badcock, for Portfmouth an'd abou: 50 Cjark-rs. Wind W. S. W. Crevij'endi Dec. zz. PafleJ by the Marcury, Gilefpie, from New Providence ; Thomas and-Sally, Bridger, from Lifbon j Columbine, Sumpter j Ducbefs of Cumberland, Brown j and.Hope, fiopkijis, from-Oporto j and Alexander, Spears, from Jamaica. L O N D. ON. ?CVe"<3ttefday morning her Majtrfty, and all the Frificefles, paid a villi to thx.-hoijfe iately purchased by the Queen, at'Frcgrnore, Windfor, and gaffed the .whole morning- there, in various do-aieitic amufemenis. About two the RoyaWarty retamedjw.the-Queen's, and Lower Lodges, in coaches. Her .Maj^ity -is much improving the garden grounds at Frogmore^ near Windfor, on the fcorc of utility, more than ornament; a very fpa-cious forcing howfe is ere ung, under the direction f Mr, Aiton, his Majefty's Gardener at Kevv. and feveral other rfiaterial akerations are in great fbwardneft, to render It a fcrviceable appendage to the Queen's Lodge, Windfor, Yeilerday afternoon his Royal Highnefs the Duke of York fet ofrfrom York Houfe, Whitehall, on ri viiit to the Duke of Bedford, at Wooburn-Abbey, Bsdfordfliire, where his Royal Highnefs will fpend the Chriftnaas Feftival. Yeflerday Count Ogii^iki, Ambaflador from ifee King of Poland to tl�e United Provinces, was introduced Co Mr. Pitt, at his houfe, in Down-' ing-ftrcet, by the Chevalier de Bnkaty, jthe Polifh Envoy at this Court. Yelterday a depotetion ftcto the body of Weft-India merchants .had a meeting at the Minifler's houfe, in Downing-ftreet, and held a confutation with him refpecting the intended additional duties on fugarfi and rums. A Committee of Rectifiers of Spirits alfo waited on the Mimfter relative to the tax on fpirituoos liquors. The ikying to the Revenue, by preventing the ewfioB of tile Coantry Bankers, is calculated to amount to nearly 37,0001. per anaam. Colonel Lowther, who was chofen for the coan:y of Weftmorland, and for Haflemere, in Surrey, lias taken his feat for the former. Jn confequence, the eleaibn for a new Member for Haflemere came oh laft Monday,' when Governor Penn was chofen without oppofuion. The Purfer of the Alfred, bound to Madras and China, yeflerday received his final dif-patches from the Eaft-India Houfe. The Woodford's voyage has- been changed, in confequence of the late accident, to Bencoolen and China, and the Lord Hawkefbury touches at Sr. Helenai Yefterday the Lord Chancellor finifhed the Bu-fineis at Lincoln's-Inn Hall, and adjourned the Court till after Chriftmas. The Grand Sultan is about to fend a very grand embaffy, compofed of 15 perfons, to the Court of Berlin. In order to accommodate them in their journey, the Pruflian Miniftex at Vienna has requested the Emperor's permjffion that they may pafs through Auftria, and be exempted/from performing quarantine, which requeils have been granted. Irish State Lottery, 1790* The following Numbers were drawn Prices above 15I. the thirty-fecond day. No. 24,974, 100I.-No. 20,743, col. The tremendous, ftorm of thunder and light-, ning, accompanied with a very high wind and rain, mentioned in our laft, has done very con-fiderable mifchief. The following particulars are already come to our knowledge. The copper roof of the new buildings in Lincoln's Inn, ner.t the gatdens, after being rolled up like a fheet of paper, was carried over the Six Clerks Office into Chancery-lane ; feveral windows and their frames were entirely deilroyed ; 13 trees in the gardens were torn up by the roots; ard the maid-fervant of Mr. Graham, the Counfel, loft her life by the fall of a flack of chimneys. In Long-Alley, Moorhelds, two houfes were blown down y feven trees in the quarters were torn up by the roots; and the letter-foundry of Meff. Fry, in Type ftreet, fuAered considerably by the fall of two large ftacks of chimneys; a itack of chimneys was blown down next the New London Tavern, in Cueapfide. In King's Bench Walks, in the Temple, a tree was fplit, and part of it driven with fuch violence againft the windows of the oppofite chambers as to break them to pieces; and in the fame place a great number of fparrows were picked up that had been kilted by the lightning. The workfhops of Mr. Chapman, chair-maker, in Peter-ltreet, Saftron-hi'U, were blown down. Oae of the long ltages having flopped at the George and Blue Boar, High-Holborn, to take in parcels, and the coachman having gong into the houfe for the purpofe of fetching them, the horfes took fright at a clap of thunder, and fet off with great fpe'ed through St. Giles's, Oxford-ftreet, Tyburn - turnpike (which was open), and on to that at Kilburn, where they were flopped by the keeper thereof, the paflengers (who had received no hurt) being ignorant they were without a driver. The damage upon the River, amongft the fmall craft, mull have been very confiderable, no lefs than ten coal-laden lighters naving been funk at Windle's wharf, the bottom of Milford-lane, and feveral driven on fhore at Scotland-yard. -Several trees in St. James's Park were blown down, the ropfs of Lord Porchefter's and Lord Sefton's houfes were ftripped of theirleai. The flating was torn ofF the Humraums in Co-Co vent-Garden. Yefterday morning, during the tremendous ftorm of thunder and lightning, a ftack of chim-nies fell through the roof of a fett of chambers in Furnival's Inn, Holborn, upon the bed where two fervants flept; the gentleman being much alarmed, went into the fervants room, and found them both severed with bricks and ruUbifh, but they were foen releafed from their difagreeabie fjtuatlon, and happily received no hurt. The church of Beckenham, in Kent, was ftruck by lightning, during the ftorm of yefterday, and was on fire at fix o'clock in the morning. During the florm yefterday morning, the barometer flood at 29, 8 inches, and the thermometer at 45 degrees. We f�ar that much damage was done in the country from the lightning, as the florm feems to hav_e bee: very general. Immenfe damage was done by the wind to the (hips in the river, near 50 of which broke from their mporings and ran on fhore, the rigging being totally deftroyed. It was very providential that this ftorm did not happen in the day time, for moll probably in that cafe many lives would hjpre been loft by the failing OFFICE for SICK and HURT SEAMEN, lilt Dec. 1790; THE Commiffioners for taking care of Sick - and Hurt'Seamen hereby give Notice, that they wtt|! be ready on Friday the. 31ft Inftxr.t, at one o'Cjock, atthei^ cflSce, .Somerfet'P-lace, to receive filled Tenders* and fell to. t&t higheft Bidder, between tlurce and four Too �f FAT* and a Quantity--�f BONESy -produced" from the making of PortableSoup) which may1 he-viSwcdJtay.Day- till the Tim� of Sale, by applying tojMn.Woodhoaiei at his Majefty't Soup-Houfe, RadcnfliCrofa. * - Fted^P^^^^a^kffljWMwnati^UOficw. [pjl' BISHOPS^ATE WAfcfc. \ Refttved, " � THAT the Thanks of this Wardmote be given ,to,SiriqCflARrM,-ARR GLYNN, KoijK Alder* man of the (aid War1** for his impartiat Conduit during th* whole Time of Ats Wajflmote for" the Eje"Sion of Commoa Council Men for the Year enforng 5- and it was aninimonflf .agreed that this Refolutionbe published in the public News-. Papers, a�dfignedby^eWard-Clerk. * [3141 WILLIAM SIMS. To PARE-NTS atid GUARDIANS. EANTED a YOUTH, of genteel Addrefs ana'BdMatloB, as an APPRENTICE to an APO-^RY an* MANMIDWIFZ, ir� aa ord eftablifljed-Houfe, in the genteeieft Part of St, fames's, where he wUi* ivt*i uun-3j 1 ^ lib rail tre'ted fcr Port_Glafgowj_(the.rame veffel 1 " e y M** \ pren�um is expefled. Particulars, by Inquiry, or-Lineaddrefied to A. B. M!r. Batt's, Druggift, Bartkfs-Buildings, Holborn. [313J" of the bricks and tiles* from the chiamies and tops of the houfes in almofl every iireet-in London.^ Accounts frem thofe whofe avotations obliged them to be expofed to the ftorm of yefte/day morhmg, on the Northampton, Bedford, Storiey Stratibrd, Huntingdon, Newmarket, and Col-cheftef roads, fay, it was terrible beyond any thing they had ever experienced. The than-? der fet in inftantly after the lightning (b Toud and fudden, as frequently to make the' horfes jnmp from the ground ; others turned round, and fame were fa frighted at the K^htnmg, as to becomfi immor^'aiiB*. Duringifep h^jjjht cf the.above florm ibiae nir-farioos vilbkrs made aa attempt to break into the ^houfe of Mr filbert, poulterer, in Whitecrdfs-ftreet; they had got down one of. the fh�tter�. of the fhop, but hearing people fUrringin the houfe, they immediately decamped, taking the fhutter along with them. " � . A letter from Liverpool, plated Dec 20, has the following account: " Oa"Wednefday, about four o'clock in the aftecnooni the fhip Newburn, Captain John Scott, from Newburn, North Carolina, with about, ezo barrels, naval ftores ftaves, &c which Capt. Gillis fpake off Tufcar on Sunday the 12th inil.) irruck upon the N. W. Spit of Hoyle Bartl�r. foon after which they cut away the mails, the fea breaking violently over the ihip j -in half aft hour after, the people were obliged to lalh themfelves faft t� the rails, to prevent their being wafhed 6verboard; in three hours the Captain loft his reafon, and about eight o'clock fame evening fell dead over the rope with which he was fattened ; about eleven o'clock at night Mr. James Davidi'on, a pafTeoger, and many^yeaW mafter of a vefTel from Port Grt'fg"ow, j alfo died in the fame fituationj and about four .1 o'clock next morning, Jacob White, the cook of the veflel, died whilft lafhed to the rails. The following day the weather having moderated a little, the people on board made4':gnals of diftrefi**] which bab^ oijferved by ifeBr^^eeds and. --'-Hlckfon, two men who keep a fitting-boat m Hoy-lake, they, at the extreme'hazard of their own lives, ventured out to the affiftance �f !thfe unfortunate crew, and about two o'clock they reached the vefTel, and took them all (viz.' the rMtean3 ten men, one of whom was a paflen^er) into their boat, and landed them fafe in Hoylake. " Many of'them,' at the time of their being taken.overboard, had loft the ufe of their limbs, whidh Come of them have not yet recovered. They were behaved to with the utmoft kindnefs by the fiftver-men, after they got fafe to fhore. The bodies of the three unfortunate fuftercr3 have been finee found." The Perfis, Weeds, of Yarmouth, is loft on the Yorkihire coaft. The fnow in the neighbourhood of Beverley, and in other places in Yorkshire, has, within tbil fortnight paft, been uncommonly deep. The Lord Bifhop of Peterborough has appointed the Rev. Benjamin Barnard Chancellor of that Diocefe, in the room of the Rev. Dr. Backhoufe, deceafed. MARRIED.] Yefterday, Jacob Yallowley, Efq; of CJapham, to Mifs Urwick, of the fame place.-Same day, at Hornfey, Middlefex, Mr. Reynolds, of Barbican, to Mrs. Thorpe, of the Borough. DIED.] On Saturday, at Arlfcott, War-wickfhire, Dr. George Thicknefle, late High Matter of St. Paul's School.-Yefterday, Mr. Jofhua Wilkinfon, of Highgate-hill To the CLERGY. WANTED to EXCHANGE a LIVING in MIDDLESEX tor'one at a greater Diftancc from the Metropolis. A Letter, addrefled to A. B. at Mr. Flexney's, Book-feller, No. 319, Holborn, will be attended to. None but Principals will be treated with. [S1^ � a � " � ��'..... � � -- BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. HIS Majefly having been pleafedto create the Right Hon. William Wyndham Grenviile a Peer of this Realm, by the Tide of Baron Grenviile, of Wotton-under-Bernewood, in the County of Buckingham} whereby his Scat as one of the Reprcfentatives of the fame County in Parliament Is become vacant; and I, having received .tha. King's Writ for the Election of a Knight oi this Shire, i* his Lonlfhip's Stead, do, in obedience thereto, and j;hr�' Statute in fuch Cafes lately made and. provided^ hereby; proclaim and notify, that a Special County Court ^jiS be held for this County, in the Shire-Hall, at. the Tawa. of Ayleftmry, on Monday the zjth Day of* December inftant, at the Hour of Eleven, in the Fore�oon, for-the Purpofe of fuch Election only ; ind that I fliall then and t'iere pr�ce�d itt tha due Execution of th* faid Writ e*-, oordingly. # JOHN HICKS, Efq. Sheriff. Bradgnhani, Dec. 16, J790. To the Gentlemen, Clergy", and Freeholders of the County of BUCKINGHAM. Gentlemen, HAVING been induced, by the Encouragement of many of my Friends, to offer myfelf on the piefent Vacancy as a Candidate far the COUNTY of BUCKINGHAM, I take the Liberty to folicit the Horiour of your Support, and to exprefs my Hope that my public Conduct and Character'h�ve been fuch, as may render you not disinclined to continue ts trie tha -fame Partjality, which you have often kindly ihe-wa to a Family fa long known ta you. I hive the Honour to be, With the greatcft Refpe/t, Gentlemen, X�br moftob-dient hurnbl? Sprvant, JAMES GRESVJLLE. Nov. s6, 173a. [,,1^. DAVENTRY WHIP MANUFACTCRYv MRS". BARRETT, Widow, of Mr.; the fate Mr. P�lnaer.-j /who will ia r*cure[ cany on the faid Tfide^ under the firm oT Marfeli, Jonei,, and Palmer, . -.' . '", [3'34 � ; NOTTCS-to CREDITORS. '* ' NOTICE, is hereby given, that a DIV{-DBND ari�fig from the ESTATE and EjFFECTS .THOMAS COLS.ON5, Ute.ol the.Tpwa of.BEDFORD,. rCpra^on-C^rier, ;wil) he paid by the" Trufrtw,'*68 Friifey' the 3t5 Day cf IfceeinbeTj i7:o, at eleven o'Clock in thev forenoon, Nshe JDbiphin, .in the fai# Town of BedfimL tt* fuch of h'.*-c5rsd�oi* yAo. chafe fo �rten the. feme in full plliharge;,ot their re^ective Ddwi, and' execute a.Releale thereof to the f�jd Thomas Colfoa ; And fuch of the Creditors wh� haw not delivered in an Account-v of their refpsctive Demands on the faid Thomas Coifon,. in. 1 defircd f^nwith'tb ddwesr the- fame to Mu Thee4 Pearfe, ofBrdfbrd, '4-J��mey at taw, otherwife they will be excluded the Beriefirofrthe'faiit)ivUted. * ' {3081 .- . .'j.. � ..'...i-.i, td m  REDRUTHv CORNWALL^  , . ; � * Nov. 30, 1790. RICHARD, and - CATHARINE KNIGHT (who during\he last" 14. "Years kept the Oxford Inn) have-now. taken the LONDON INN, in this Town, Iztt'f Mrs. Phifip Trevena. They beg Lea\e to acquaint the Public, that they ha?�. fitted up1 this Inn in a bandfjme Manner, that the princip* Part of their Furnjtur* .and Bedding alt quite new, and that, their Stock of Winds and ether Lifjuass are of the befk Quality. Good Stall and other Stabling for a confiderable Number of Horfes. They refpeftfully promife their urmofr Endeavours for th�, fatisfadtory Accommodation of their Friends and Caft::rners� and hope, by Aflidaity and Attention, to merit the Favouaa whickmay .be confeixedon them. f 3010 " HORLEY-GREEN SPA. THIS MINERAL WATER, which has been recently difcovered near HALIFAX, in Yorkshire, h the ftrongeft Chalybeate &bown. containing (befides a Portion of Iron held in Solution by fixt Air) a conlidcrablt Quantity of that Metal, diflblvtd by the vitriolic Acid, in the Form of Salmartes. It a!fj contains a Quantity of Alum. Thef; powerful Ingredients, all of the tonic Oafs, render it a valuable Ra-'medy in Difeafes where the Syftem is rel*xt and Conftitu* tjon weakened. Several Cafes of ^Oiabets have been cuied by it) .and it has aifo afforded great Relief to Perfons ifftictca with the Stjne. ; It may be', had at Mr. Owen's Mineral Water Warehoufe* 'No. ir, "near Temple-Bar, Fleet-ftreet, ' London, will be fent to any Part of the Kingdom, upon Application to Mr, Drake, of Horley-Groen, near Halifax, Yorkihire. - . Dr. Garhett's Analy'fis of the. above Water, with Directions how to-ufe it, is fold by T. Knott, No. 47, Lombard-Street. "': , ' � [3C42 To the Gentlemen, Clergy.^and .Freeholders o^ ; >"the 'Cqnnty of GLAMORGAN. THE Clerk of the Pe'a'cirf- having omitted t� publlih the foMewing Orders of the laft Michaclmaa Quarter Seflions, it Meomes my P.ufy to fubmit:them toyou ; . that, I trufti will �ea,fuil Apoidgy for this feeming Intrulion. . . Your vpr-y obedient Servant, 4 Penderry,' Dec. 17, "1750^ �� THOMAS MORGAN. ..^ "Sh^Warrant tp fommon j[h? next.Epiphany QuafterSeffioVi V�ai" ns holden witli more ' Convenience S�-th�~Inhabitants of the County at larger and of thereby re* nnving their juft Caufe ef Complaint at the prefect Sitiiatio* of holding ihem. S;gned, by Order of the Court, THOMAS MORGAN, Chairman. ' Ordered, That the Cle.-k of the Peace � do communicati the above Refolutioii to George Har�iin�er andjAbei Mbyfry, Efqnives, the Jaftieis bf the Gre.i: Seiiions, a�4 rej^l^ft thek Arnftinceand Co-operation in a Meafure of Aich Importance and Utility to the County. Ordered, That th* Requifition of a County^Mseting bs inferted in the. Hereford, Glouceiter, Briftol, St. JanuesV Chronicle, and General Evening Poll Papers, At proper inter-fa'*, unttl the Qj^ .'ter  , L-3ii& 'fiIW!� MORGAN, Chairman

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