Thursday, December 2, 1790

General Evening Post

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General Evening Post (Newspaper) - December 2, 1790, London, Middlesex Dec. i-CPUNTRY NEWS," tiling raWc fituaiJo��' wfacn tbefoflowing awtJie^M;- wmas bvtotakei n*a*y ^�^galc wind; the Jtornr j-aged with redouDled violence ctithe followiagday, when,'about two o'clock .A, M."vafea\ftruck the venel on-the Jtajrboard4)QKr, by which her head and Cut-water were carried a^ay; the fliip lay on her' beam-ends; and her cargo finned. In this filuatioh the lay near hallF an hour,- white the.cfew, on a forlorn hope, were endeavouring to cut away the iniZen-maAj happily this they with much labour at length aeeompliflied, and tJh* flrip veered tothe Wind. 1 The Other mails and bowfprk Were foon, by the unceafing violence of the Storm, carried after the mizeri-maft; when {he laid on the water a lheer hulk. .The wind abating, and. thefcafnb-fiding, the crew riggedjur^-mafts, with.which they brought the fhjp into thir port. � Captain Duncan, in the Robert and Mary, TaiUd.frdnj thiaport a fiiprt time fince. About &c miles to the Eaftward of the Skerries, his veflcl ftruck on a rock, and foundered; himfelf and the crew took to their boau, and at length were taken t>n board, a veflel from Youghall to this port. 'The unprecedented cruelty of the Captain of this Veflel is ,fucb, as we cannot refrain from noticing: On Captain Duncan's relating his misfortones, the above mandedared he took them for pildia H^un they came on board, or that they (honld net |�ye-et�cr�J In* &ip. He not only'negtefted' to meYthett anf fafienance the 4$ hoars tW^ffieifc on board/ bttt ofed his endeavoors to pre^t the|r getting any j nor would they have had any, had ndf a tiofy. unknown to hia crael matter* |�ven them wee bifeuitsi They a&ed him to aflift them to Agaro that property the wreck they taight with eafe nave coth* at; this he peremp> ' � , ,� Mill ' 11 II ->--�-� Further fobferiptioftt are entering-ihto in V�* riousparta of the kingdom,;for defraying the eitr ponces atteoding the application to Parifiaient for . .Theremube very few PirliameHtagrjPetjtidhs indeed, ;ee^p)aimng of ondbe feturha at the laft General' Elettion>  This. may be principally attaribnSed to .that vvffe amendment of Mr. GrenvWe'a B*B> whkh to petition, be voted frivolous and vexatious." Sir Robert Ainflie, oor Ambaffador at Con-ftantiqople, is obliged, from bad health, td leave the ?orte; -where, it is faid, he. is to be fucceeded by Mr--Vernon, a gentleman known at effery Court, and who has pafled zo years of hia life in travelling over the four quarters of the globe. Wednefday a Court of Directors of the Eaft India Company, was held at their houfe Leadenhall-ftreet, when the Directors took up four more' ihips into their fervkei which are go out this (eafon. Orders are iflued from the War-office for all the Independent Companies that are compleated to be embarked for the Eaft-Indies, there to be incorporated into the feveral King's regiments 0 n .that fervicc - Mr. Reid, of Bedford-fquare, in conjunction with foroe other opulent Afiatici, is aboattb'eftab-Hfh an Baft-India Bankin�-Hoirie. The capital to 1 be advanced by each fobferiber is 50,0001. 1 : The Aerolbit Blanchard is gone to Prefboutg, where he has folictted pernuffion to affift at the diverfions of the Coronation, by afcending in a balloon. Laft night Mr. Munden, an a�lor of ranch estimation in various provincial theatres, made his firtt appearance on the London ftage, at Covent-Garden, in the characters of Sir t rancis Gripe and Jemmy Jumps; when the plaudits beftowed upon him fully ratiified the judgment of his moil fanguine country admirers. He is certainly a performer of considerable merit in the Comic line. . ,.:.S H I P - N E W S... " . WJfaj?****. a Sutch lift-ftaiamau,- and n. ". - ' � t O � N U *i" -~' ... THva�c*y, Pee. 2. ,] kir. Speaker enme down about two o*clock; When  Mr. Ryder, Comptroller of the HotrfWd, came to the bar>-;and/.Jm�Dr^ie4'V''ibe Houfe thav bis Majefrjf;-had oeen waited upon, and was gra-cioufly pleafed to appoint thit day (ycfterdayj. at" three o'cteck; for receiving ti�e Add refs from that honourable Houfe.-One or two private pe-titipns were pjtefented^ after which,. 1 , Tie Sfealtrrt&Athe King's Speech, and moved, as ufual* that it betaken into consideration now. Mr. Steeb ijhen moved, that the Houfe do meet To-morrow (this day) and refolve itfelf into a Committee of the whole Houfe to grant'a fuppfy to hit Majefty. At three o'clock the Houfe adjourned, and attended the Speaker to fit. James's, to prefcnt their Addrefs* Yefterday, foon after one o'clock* their Ma-jefties and their Royal Highneflei the Princeffes Royal, Augufta, and Elizabeth, came from Bucking ham-houfe to St. James's, where the Queen held a Drawing-room, which commenced at two o'clock, �andbjjpjte up at a quarter paft tJirea. After the DjP*ing-room t>roke up, the King retired to the grand Audience Chamber, where his Majefty received the Addrefs of i hanks front the Honourable the Houfe of Commons, for his jnoft giacjoss Speech on opening the new Parlia-. lOeut on Friday laft; the Addrefs Was carried up to the King by Mr. Maiuwaring and Mr.<3a#e**,. attenrfef by the Speaker, Advocate-General, Marquis of LVn, Vifcounts Belgrave and Aplley, lord Paget,-Mr. Giftert, and Colonel Phippi; after which the King g*v* audiences to Mr. Pitt and the Spanifh Ambaflyor,. till half paft four o*clock, When their," Maje^A and the three Pnn-ceflea returned to Buckiagham-houfe to dinner. . Veilerday evening the :Mrs�,:RawliBg, wife of Mr. John Rawling.^Green's-row, Cheifta.-~ Lately, at Li(bont aged 70, Mr. William Artni-tagev formerly of Leeds, arid well known in the mercantile wjorld.-A few days fince, after5 a few hours illnefs^ at- tiaafenne UTSwitzerland, Robert Grimftoiue^ of Nefw>ck, in the Eaft-Riding of Yorkmire^The-^of^jrft. aged ic$* Hannah Wilkinfon^ die had been a widow abojit jo^years, ftnd �nddiltfhe well remenibered the Revolution^ aeed tetained all her facultti^s tilf'abcuit a year ago * ' ' v To tfie> Gentlemen, Clergy, an4 Freeholders of . the County of BUCKINGHAM. _ . HIS Majefly having been pleafed to call me to the Houfe bf Lordaf) I tan no longer continue to ferve you in thit Situation, in which. I have had die Satisfaction of being repcafedly placed by your Choice. ButJ fhould be extremely wanting to toy own Feelings if in taking Leave of the County ofBuckkigham, I were ]to omit exprefling to you my Family, wham -eve* you haye. fo much honoured by your Partiality. T feall retain thp. AmnwO- C.�r ' ..- 1 ^ . .  _ you, and fhall be annous to avaH myftlf of everv-Occafi; on to . The members of the Anacreontic Society held their third meeting on Wednefiiay niglttV the Concert was conduced in a mafterly wanner, and gave great iatisfaclion to a munerous and g�nteel aRemhJy. The Corporations of London and Liverpool r^^d^^nV^^ertrK: carry on any trade within the borough of the latter without controul. A very confiderable revolution has taken place iff.^the CuftomyhoUfe, at Yarrnputh, in cotnfe-qnence of fome clarideftine practices of a very alarming nature lately difcovered at that port. IRISH STATE LOTTERY, 179% ,7 THIRTEE.NTH DAY-, , The'following Nambers were ".drawn'' FrtarsH above' .ic-1.-�No, 22,024, 9I. and as firibdrawn entitled to jppT.-<No. 33,772, 20,0001.-No. 11,050, tool.--And Nos. 10,332, 27,623, 50I. FOTjaTBENTH DAT. The following IsNWbers were drawn Prizes above 15I.-No# 3,562, i.oool-No� 15,600, 500I.-No. 3^1,292, iool.-And Nos. 623,. -r5,S2i. 24,292, 37,071, 50I. The Iris, Carr, from Charente to London, is on .fliore off the Ifle of Wight. - " - ' The Elizabeth, Hunt, from Opprto, is on fltore near Saltfteet, at the mouth of the Homber. The Wailfifh, Tittrow, from Rugenwalda to Copenhagen, is loft. Yefterday, about one o'clock at noon, a very daring attempt was made to plunder a houfe in Sackvifte-ftreet. Two men, very genteelly at-Ltired, called,. in a chariot, and requested to fee the lodgings; when they had procured admittance, they locked the dooi, and attempted to bind the fervant-maid, who having made fome refinance, the ruffians beat her in a mocking manner, and knocked out her front teeth. The woman's fhtieks hating alarmed the neighbonhood, the door was broken open, and the poor fervant found defper rately bruifed. One of the ruffians was taken, Hm coittily|4 , Wolrce^i^a^i^^^igh^'lBjii-Sariicen's-"Head, Glafgow, :Lord Moira.^-Suniay ^anight, ae- he* hOufe ^flrout - Bootham � Bari^Y^Aflitir, ^ged' 90, Mn. jBa�bara SIingfoy,^'a,�aidt.n lady, f ajunt to . 5U' ThaoMis ;Turner,SItngi>yv Bart*-r-Monday, at�B�l*^ WB^m$t�bt^�^^Wo^ {S5ef'to'th>late..ah4jpcle ttfthe prefent* BaH'pfl^S prove tbe Gratitude, with which I have the Honour to be,-Gentlemen/ Your m.ift'oUiaed, And faithful humble Servant, GRENVILLE. St. James's Square, Nov. 25, 1790. [Z9�S � ii ........1 1 '1 1 1 n m 11. r........* To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and .Freeholders of the County of BIKJKINGHAM.-Gentieihen, - '� r �� . ' HAVING been induced, by the Encouragement of many of my Friendi, to o&er myfelf on the prefenc Vacancy as a Candidate for the COVNTY of BUCKINGHAM, I take the liberty to folicit the Honour of yoitr SupfJor,\ and to exprefs my Hope that my public Conduft and Charodfr have been 6ich, as nvty render you not difincl'ined jp'toitnaup tome the time Partiality, which you have often kindly &e.wn to a Family fo lohg known to you. I have th� Honour to be, "With the greateft Refpecl, Gentlemen, Your moft obedient humble Semnt, JAMES GRENVIU.E. Nov. a$, 1790* [*9o6 hpHE Creditors of the Reverend THOMAS A COOKE, of CHELSWORtHY, in Suffolk, w� TCMtfted ta fend as Account of their Demands upon him, with the Nature of their. Securidej, tfii Melirs. W. and J. Lyttit OriyVlnn ;' or to Mr. S<juire,of Jpfwich. [*910 CHURCH LIVINGS. e* Annum. Alfo th� ADrOWSON to & LIVING of nett Incamc frato 300I, to 6oot. a Year, tioffl muft be immediate. Apjft^to.Mr. Harrifon, at Joe'a Ceffee-houfe, Mitre- -nT~ Tte Reiigmi- court, Pleet-ftreet. irn q ��1 p t��K* Cornwall. ubscriptumo fo. bljild. Annual - - - His Royal Highnefs the t Prince W Jcs, Patron to the Inftitution, Other Subfcriptiohs to this Date, 1. s. of i. 381 500 2,978 t. 17 10 3.478 13 Subscriptions continue to be received by Meff. Glynn and Co. Bankers, Birchin-lane ; Me<T. Forftsr and Co. Bankers, MoafioB-hodfe-ftreet; Sir J.Duntze, BarU^mi Co. Bankers, Exeter. . _ ., ; [a9�4 TURKEY CARPEtS. LAIDLER'S TURKEY CARPET and SPONGE WAREHOUSE, Princes-ftreet, opjofite the Wall of St. Ann'* Church, Soho� t , THIS Warehoufe contains a greater Choice of Turkey Carpets than any Wajehoufe in England. The Dimenfions and loweft Price are marked on each Carpet^ from which no Abatement can be made. N. B. None but Turkey Carpets are fold at this Ware-houfe. *m* Sponges Whokfalc and Retail. A Lift may be had, -confining the frparatc Dimenfions of each Carpet. [a933 %* The whole B�Rnef6 tranfac^ed for ready Mon-^y. FOUN'i'AlN LNN,.BlGGLEsWADEi BEDFORDSHIRE. ^T^HE Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general, X, having lately experienced much Inconvenience for Want of^nother Inn at the above Place to accommodate them in the Buftiflg-Line j J. SCARBOROUGH, BUTLER to the late DUKE of CHANDOS, b?g* Leave to inform them thit he has opened a n^w Houfe, delightfully fituated at the South End of the Town ; whole he hi�. laid in a Stock of the very beft Wines and Liquors, � and refpeftfully folicits their Patronage ; he has provided new and cemmodious Poft-Chaifcs, with good and able Horfes and careiul Drives. N. B. The greateft Attention will be paid to Gentlemen Travellers.__[2909 ' BRUCE'* TRAVELS, with Copper-Plates. This Day ivtre publijbed, Price $s.feived, (EmbftUifhed with the following Copper-Plates, via. r. A Portrait of Mr. Bruce. 2. Mr. Bruce's Intiodu&ion to-the King at Gondar. 3. His Interview with Shum, Prieil of the Nile. 4. HisViiit to the King's Ladies at Sennaar. 5. A Reprefentation of a bloody Banquet in Abyffinia. And 6. An Abyflinian Church), ^interefting NARRATIVE of the TR;A- __VELS of JAMES BRUCE, Efq; into AB vssin1a, ft^difcowpr t*e SOURCE of the NILE. Abridged ftotrt the etiginal Woxki ^ By SAMUEL SHAW, Efq. The THIRD EDITION, with Copper-Plates. Printed ftaii% D. Syrnonda, N(J. 20, Paternofter-Rew. N^B. The great Quandty of Bunectflary Matter con-Stinedin Mr. Bruce's five Volumes, rendered an Abridgment highlydsfirable 5 and it muft bp confeflKL that Mr. Shaw has vesy ably extradett the Eflsice of tfaii very expenfive Publi- be the different Monthly Reviews. STAMP-OFFlfefi," SO#|RSfiT-pTjek  �5r*o�f-'*' ........_____H^�� of/Tea and Twelve iix tic . Forenpon, acconjing to the Q&jAs la the Statement uad�o-mennoaed, end^^to pa# tits tune up' at the Sams vbced ajt* pofxfe to each, for the Term of Thne Years from the SjfcUay " of February next, to.fuch Perftas at maybe willing to. cob-� ttaft f >r the fame.' -.Ail Peribns intending t^ fata thi (aid Duties are to; deliver in their Propifels � us at the.Stamp-Office in SomerfiriPJace, at leaft Tbjpe*; &ays previoti� to the lfaid- 4th DaV of January next, flgned with their NxnS�% ftatiflg the Places of their Abode, and fpecifying the Difirift for which they ifttead ta bid, or their PropoMs canflotbe pt�* "proCeede.d on, as direcied by the faid A&, No Perfons licenfed to let Horfes-for the Purpttfe of travelling Poft, nor any Perfen* for their Ufe, �aa be admitted to contract fn the (aid Duties. jA Statement of Diftricb for farmTng out the Poft^Horfet Sect �' * Duties-; >uuesi DISTRICTS. No. 1. North-"Brit�n 2. Northumberland --Cumberland - - . Weftmorland t." . -� . Durham . - 3. York/hire- " - '- 4.' Lancafeire Chelhire . , � � .� Stafford jhire - . 5. Lincolnihire - - ' '� Nottihghamftire s_ -  Leiceiterlhire - ; *- . 6. Nortliampton(hire - Rutlandaite . Wanv't<3dhire - � Ozfordlhire �- �-  . 8. Norfolk' . - Eae* . CambrHgihire - - . 9. Bftjifiwdfiiiie - -� .:. � Backinghatnflj'ire -  HuntiqgdonflUre -� H�t�mtfiure - - MUWlefeX, including Londtfn and Weft- tninftw -.'�* Prod lice. 5^7* 8,086 10. �3- Ke/it Saftex Haropfhire Berkihirc Dorfetfliire - Devon/hire r% Cornwall - Somerfetfhire - - 26^ Notth Wales, vif. Angiefea - Carnajton&ire - FlintSJre' �- Merioacthfliire, and Montgomerylhire, with Shropihire - Soufli Wales, rj*. Brecknockmire - Carmarthen fli ire - Cardiganfltire - Qlamorganfliire Radnorshire, and . Pembroke&ire, with Herefordlhare, and MonmouthJhire - B. Thr 'AoVs Sums are 17 N \ . ... - � - the.gnrfi Amounts of tK# Juty arifmg,-within each Diftrift refpeaivelv^fir^K. v ' nding on the ift of Auguil, ,7S7. pe<Xiyel^ fe *e ^�� ^1 T� BINDLEY. W. BAILLIE. R. TICKELL. J. BYNG. X. FAWKNER. T In O&t^ttj* Day was puklifotd, Of whom mii^ \ER--The fecond Edition of the two fork** Strand. in Boards. *�*��. - � �J�c- Pnce 12s. In tbe Prrfi, To be publiflid with convenient Expedition, "* 11 In Four or more Volumei, Oclavo, with Plates* HE NATURAL HISTORY of BIRDS; Tranflated from the French of M. LE COMTE DE BUFFON. Printed for A. Strahan ; T. Cadell, in the Strand ; and J. Murray, No. 32, Fleet-:treet. . *## It is intended to introduce the Tranflatiori wich a general Account of the various Syfteins which have been pro-pofed -fir the Clarification of Birds, and a View of die Nata;<-, Structure, and Phyfiology of Birds, ,&c. < In the Account of each Bird the proper Engliih f'aine it be firft given, then thole of the ancient and modern La -lunges, and occallonal, explanatory, and expietivc Note? will ' be added. [3845 fl ii � -' ii - 11 111 1 1 n' .[ � This Day c land, and formerly PTofe'flbr of Moral Philofophy h-. c-ji Univerfity of Glafgow. ' * Printed for A. Strahan, and T. Cadell, 'Vi the Srr.vrdi Cf whom may be had, die following valuable Woi'ci: 1. A political Survey of Britain being a Series of Rcflec* rions on the Situation, Larvis, Inhabitant3j Revenu�, Coty-nies and Commerce of this liland. By John Campbell,Xi~D* x Vols. 40. il. t$$. bound. 2. An Inquiry, into the Principles of PoiiBoa) .Oecohomy, tec &c. By Sir James Sceuarc, Bartt 2 Vol*. 410. si. ioj. bound. 3. The Parliamentary, or Conft:tution�lH�ftorYof England, from t&� earlhft Titn*s to the Rctforation of Kmg*Cfiarlc> II. colleftei from the Records, Rolls of Parliament, Journals of bothHoufcs, iec. With an Index j *4Vals. 8vu. 7I. 7s. bound. 4. Grey's D^b-.t^s, being a Continuation of the,, above to the x6:>4 j 10 Vols. 3I. bound. [1918 5. The Hiliary #f the Public Ke�viue,of the British 2m� ~pve�.�roai the catlitJl Accounts to. Michaelmar lj%t. By tit John, Sijictibr, B^ru ; a V*s. 410. 1:. ifc. boynd.

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