Thursday, November 11, 1790

General Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Evening Post on Thursday, November 11, 1790

General Evening Post (Newspaper) - November 11, 1790, London, Middlesex itl.D A3f, Nov. ijji -ARON de Kreytineyet, Chancellor of Bavaria, 4ihd/Minifter oT Sane, died iierfe ^teftefday^ -in the 85th year of his age. �i*gt,Qa.z6.t The an-Aver of the Li^gots to the conditions of the .,..,,,, Ele&Oral College confifts f a j^ecie* of oath tafcto in temAon by the Captains, Officers, Citifceps, Soldiers of the town, diibri&s, and fnfaorbs, which repeats in the'face of Heaven and Earth ta* oatk df Fide&y to the i�awa of jA^ConBtryj and die ancrefif Conftitutionre-eftafeRfl^d by tM ReVolmion, 1789 ; and that they do not i-efiife to acknowledge* the ties which attach then) to the Holy Empire, but that the Tribuna's owe juftke and prote&ion to all its members ; that they can-tiot pretend to receive pardon ; that all they with. for is juflice j that they have ftyorn to live-free ; a^d that they are difpofed to be buried under the rtijns of their country, rather than change this fattiment, fipanifort, 03. jq. The Landgrave of Hefle Ca&l has at laft manifefled his defire of be-1 Cbaiing'an Ele&b'r,' by addreffing a Memoire to the Eletloral College, requefting their Tecom-ihendation ta the Emperor for his obtaining this dignity. THe Liegois are difpofed to make the greateft Sacrifices, upon condition that they are redrefled in their grievances, and freed from their late Prince Bilhop; but his admiffion it is thought will �only be fubmitttd to by force-of arms. \T ,; �� where his. i&c�lencyjtfie Hanoverian Mhufter tranfefted bunfiefewidi his Ma-jefty in the afternoon. * ".  The report that his Mafelty would" review the fleet be/ore the fhips are paid off, is without foundation. The fSafbn of the year is, among other, reafonij againil it. .. Ye^erday his Royal Htghtrfifs the jDuke of Vorfe din�d with their Majefties, and the fix !*rihfceffes, at Windfdr Lodge. v Yefterday the Dfcke and Ducnife.oF Marlbo-tough, accompanied by Lady CaroHne Spencer, arrived at Maiiborough Houfe, Pafl-maD, from Sionttill. ,. The'g^htfemeri who were" principally concerned in tht trade to Nootkaj and whofe ihips were cap-taredJbji the Spaniards* have delivered in an at* telled aecoont of-their loifes, whteh is now under the examination of GbVeJrritfie*at j and as fbon as it is teady it will be ferrt 6�if to Spain by a Mef-fengferi And the indemnification inoriey be demanded � Aft e*tr*& of a letter from taoli to the Cor* 6eans i�- handed about in the following effeftv *� It is not from pride that I refufe the generous, offer you have made me^ I have fome little fortune, Tufflcient to live as a fimple citizen, and confecrate to you my fefyices. I refufe the ftatoe you propofe to ereft to me, and recommend it to yoa not ;to be prodigal of your praifes of itatUes to any citizen, till yoa iee the end of his career." The UniveHtty of Paris has given notice, through its Rector, that ail the youth are henceforward to be carefofly tn^Qded In the principles of the new Corifthation. The Cherokee Chiefs are not to be presented at Court. After feeing every thing of notoriety in London, and other parts of the kingdom, they will return to America in the fpring. The Eaft-fnHia Company, in confequehce of the Confeikion for fettling, ihp differences with j Spain, will take up four more.(hips for the prefent feafon ; but they will not'.be. engage^, till after ChriUmas. , i' Orders are fent dqwn to Falmouth for his Ma-jefty^ packet the Antelope, with the mails of the firft Wedoefday in this month, for Jamaica .and the Leeward 1 (lands,, not. to fail, until Govern-iiient difpatches-are fent ^own. The ApaUo^,-^, from Peterfburgh, is loft in Robin Hood*s Bay. The. Lord Chancellor has appointed John Stranger, Efq^ of Chancery-lane, a Mafter in v Chancery, in tlte room of John Hett, Efif. re-�gned; and yeilerday he was fworn into office at his JLordih^'s hoofe in Great crmonrl-itieet* . National AssEMSit. , Satut'tlttft Nvv, 6. ii.Mtrlm, rep^Jrtef of;tkerEccfeu^i<^;Ct�n-mittee^ flated that a courier *ara�r<linary had Wriyed from the Comnuffioners ajppointed by the "^ng, to feal np th^ moveable effedr of the late Chapter of Cambray, with intelligence, that the Chapter had entered a proteft agalnft that tnea- aFrear,. Which woald be in the courfe of fhe following week; but the Affembly, after fome difcufljod, pa:fTed the .firft article of the decree. It enacts, That from the 800 millions of affignats, created by a decree of the 29th of September, there fhall be deducted 20CJ m^ions, which fhall lie in referve, and be applied fey the Affembly according as the exigencies of affairs . a Deputation was received from the Electoral Body of the Ifland of Corfica.-The Speaker in? formed the Affembly, that he and; hiscompa-j triots w^re commiffioned by the people of; Corfica to -ren,ew their oaths, and give proofs of their gtatitudie^He highly applauded the. conduft of twtfof'fom}$$gpa^ hj^ afted froav noble and patriotic ^pi*^fe�> ;o�*!*H to the two-osiers, M, .Bii^eaco arid Peretti, they-(here he Was" interrupted by the members^on th.e Ariftocraidc fide, who demanded that thotCorfican Deputies mould be driven out of the halJi.for fpeaking difrefpe&fully of the mem-, bers oftife Affembly)-The patriotic fide, on the contrary, caDe-ltofliemp go on.-After feveral members had fpoke, M Salicetti, one.of the Ccrr-fajan DSpnties,. rofe and obferved, that his com-pa^riotA' na4\no intention to infult the Aflembry, but.t'6 complain of two of their Reprefentatives, who were certainly very culpable:--He^faidJxe r would read a letter written by the Abbe Peretti,. one of thefe Deputies, which would prove his aflertion to be well-founded. M^Mirabeau then rofe and fald, that the letter allujded to, now in his hands, would fully juiUfy the refentment of the people of Corfica. >. . He then read the letter, -which begins thus :- " Religion is in danger.-The Lord .willido�bt-" lefs keep the promifes he has madtf^to his " Church, never'to abandon it:-The efforts of " the wicked able to prevail againft ** his will.-I cannot remain fileht, when all the " new laws have a tendency to deftroy faith, " piety and religion.-The ruling party of the j " National Affembly think they ought to fet no " bourtds to their powef and fufficiency."-The remainder of the letter is in a fimilar ftrain, The AbbePttetti then rofe, and acknowledged the tetter.-He faid, he confefled himfelf blame-able, but It was written to a friend, and riot.intended for. the public eyei-*-He concluded with expreffing his aftonilhtneht that it mould have fallen into the hands of M. Salicetti, his colleague. The Speaker of the Corfican Deputies was at laft, after much notfe and interruption^ 'fnffered to fini(h his fpeech, and the Deputies were then admitted to �e honour of" fitriji? in the interior part' of the kali daring the rtnfiurider of the f^Qg* ! ^new ^aH#>^!ttti^#^mbij� pemrmed; for We^rft thn*^ to "a �ery crowdel \ no�i> $^scSt^ ' man, No. 62; NeyBw&ibj^ Price �&>'^ .' ' v "  r- '"�> v .''�- ': BV.. Nclae al* geh�ine bfit what haveAt^�U;VrtHh* paftedon eachBotfleandBdx^  - . � <: �fkt1f$ Only y , A*fterIrift State tottery begins DrAwirigUa' dividedmt/y ;Ha1fT----' ~-r � ______ - probable, from the ftrucrore and managefaent of theira&ie. It is fo. crafcUy involved,; in^ thlt unitiesV at th^e faii^i rime, fo;j^gpronfty nfeinuined, th^t it feems v5% proceed direftly from:the indufhy ariddifcipline of die German School 5 the translator too has ftiewn a nice regard to the manners ari0 fpirit of his original, for it moves on, in its Engliib garb, with all i^at h'ig^EloOded <^tew^ for mirth, whU^Js f mi � ^ D to the jfeng. Mr. Nkho!^ sthe legttunate character of the country ..tha^gaw.l B^^^yi2^^^ii^i^fie^fy^h^Ui�A^mi it Hrth.r-Thoagh ^jdoes^not pobtnT^oafe-1^&$Sajfe'?^-* - - ' into the mifr^ftitJody ft is by jw� means deeftittite �f atWScHflir **i ioteire^rsTbe tfety 0/ tlw plot^ i^, good, l^id :^he 4^o�nt off J$r*QJBfck is a^pfeerof adi^srw^' acting. In-deedftrre performance of the Comedy throughout did high iredit to the Theatre, and particularly in the persons of ^ Mrs. Pope and Mrs. fclattocks.s Mr. Quick, Mr. Aickin, Mr.'Wilf/n, and Mr. Farren. . There.was none of that trimantane, of which we have fuch frequent occafion to complain v , LITERATURE.- , The lovfirs of Greek Literature and of Science will be glad to learn that a new and compfeat edition of the Works and Fragments of Ari^ sf OTtE is now printing- at the Bijfintini Prefs.* The Editor is John Gottlieb Buble, Profeflpr of Philofofophy in the Uniyeffity. of Goet'tingen. The-text*of Ariftode is/ to ie".wafof .^aw/, but corre&ed'in a great number of places". ThjS Latin, verfion will, for the rcoft part, be entirely riewr.' The firft voltune?'is in the prjrfs,  and 'will contain Mr. Gottlieb's^/e/ifi&aj of the mariufcripts arid printed editions of Ariftotle, with a large account of bisi interpreters and commentators, whethet Greek or Antbie.-A Life of Ariftotle, by the fame, digeftiai into annals. The Lives of jri^  ftptle by J^|igenes Laertius,' Dionyfias of Half-" � carnafl^s, Sa^das, &;c.-^Aod two Differta^oni*�^ Ji/cria&fe^ibrorupii'4f^'BteUs exotericorum et acroamatitorum ; and, the other, -Di' Librorum Ari-Jtotelzs Jerie itnexiu r .The Amedes Limarii 0/ Helraftadt are to be t refnmed next January, iri a new form, and in L Gej^an^ onder the direction of their late Editor, . By an extract o^.a letter from-Jamaica we learn the fbllc*ringr; firigulafe&rl :^The Captain and' crew of the brig Exu ma, which arrived.there fome ; Yeft^fday the Lord Chanceliot fat at Weft-mmftej'-eHatt, rrbst whieh he w5** presented' -the tutetigtcMing daysTby a cbld^ajhwT ^f^ht touch of rae go�t In his feet. ^t {\- for mjuiif yearSj-is that now given by ihe prefent, Lord-Mayor. It is a deep Royal purple,' very richly learned with gpld> \vlth large gold epaulets'.' '.'"'[. ; - '-; . The flreets now begin to look like the coat which Jacob ^tifw.^eph, of, wariy eolonrs- Of ffce Ladles' drefa, we remarks that the hereof the'fHpe is^mofttotalry exterminated; the hats, are very final!, -fimple, and flat; fames are vety little worn, , very linatl ear-rifigSi and oottung abottrth�ncjck. eoal|W^'-pm%e:-ra1^;m^^ iner,-Captain Ayiward af^ed the Captain of1 tfte'^Schooner to ;accorjMnodate- him with, fotrie" nails, which' he politely did, at the fame time begging bis acceptance of fome baracoptas caughtt th^t morning. Captain Aylward and lnV.crew having: Alined off them the fame day, they -were, iihmediately.feized wi(h;,yio]^:'4fie^fr/-'coBVni^ five fits, and other dangerous fymptotns. The_i Captain judging that the fifh they had eaten* were of a poifonpds naturif,1conceived that fait watei-might be of fervice., He immediately made the experiment on himfelf, and found himfelf nrbch relieved. He applied the fame remedy t� his crew, which, was attended with equal good effefts. When this unfortunate accident happened, it was luckily a dead calm. If the weather had been tempettudus; it is more than probable the lhipWd crew would have been loft, as, during their fkk-nefe, there was not a man ablfe to ftand By the helm. ^ -The improvements of this age deffcend to the mmriteft objeds :-A perfoxir who has lately obtained a patent for a new-invented'candle, informs the public that his candles give a better light. " with lefs fmoak than any others; look neat, " and burn pleafant, not being able to fparkle, " gutter or flare !" . On Wedriefday two Scotch drovers quarrelling at a public-houfe-at Brother ton, near Ferrybridge, one of them ftabbed the other with his dirk, and he died'the fame evening. MARRIED.] On Tuefday laft, at St. George's, Hanbyer-fquare, John Glynri, Efq.- of Glynn^ in the cocnty of Cernwall, fon of the late' Mr. Serjeant Glynn, to Mifs Worfley, eldeft. daughtet'ofEdward Meux Worfley, Efq; late of Gatcomb, in the Ifle of Wight.^-Thurfday, at I^roifTe, Lifeut. Jones, of the 14th regiment of foot, to Mifs Edgell, eldeft daughter of Chafferii ^dgell, Efq. of Keyford-houfe, nearFrome.-- Lately, WilUam Wifeman ^larke, Efq. pf Ard-irigton, in Berkihire, to M�f?\Joxe, of !Buckl?-' bury;^Yefterday, at KenfTngtoti, Henry LQfcuS: Hodfon, Efq. to Mifs Barbara Miller, of Bromp-ton-row*.' . ' . -'  - <�'"T'- DI^D.] On Tuefday,.the Lady -$f ^eriry Creed, Efq. of Hampftead.^Y l FORGERIES. A" CAUTION* to1he*fiUBHGi 6Y a IaMDeciflon of the Judg5? at ffie hft"Seffions*he'.i at the Old Bailey, Jtwas anadinjdafly detei^nin^d by thevhole Court in'the Cafe of 3TYLER the noted Swindler, "that any ; fler^nputtiaga.nclitious-Narne on the.Backqta Bill, or at .theTSot of.any Inftrumentt'on Agrceinent,151 "w"ASGUILTY OF AFQRQ�RYV . . ; : . .; ' v The nhltceftfed Lottery. Shops art aJV opened in .FICTITIOUS NAMES, 'and their {tECJ^PT^i^^AfillEE-MENTS are- all figned in their fiftlfious. Npujes, and'as fuck are ALL FORG1UUES.. . . '. _' ,': ,: .And aoj one farthing of any; Priie c^n. ttiey fat, raad* to pay, Bsing'decbirea by Law to be,null ap,djvpid>', Oft^Jthe contrary, thofe who buyrc'al "Sharas pfOpefly^iyiiijge^j'afe cer- wruch-willrarnpiy^^p"ay any Pf)ze> that may -arife 'thereto j ad their^ are 6" many; re'fpectable Citiisns -toifQ .k*�F ItctrfjA ^fficpi, and ^o at:M-Tunes may be iein-, that-every " Perfori pOfleflSd of the finalleft Difcernment Cannot fee at a Lofs where to lay out theirMon^y onre�\Security. fi7ii ', :;-!'m 11 - ; . " 7 - . / IRISH TICKER., . A ferfe and.'fcandalouj Advertifemeftt has been in'ferteJ in fiJveral of the Pape*^. cdntainftiga &r$?( 4ftackon the Grej�jof Geveffajnent, aid tiie Faith o/'&b Natkm, fokmnly' . pledged 'to Ok Public hy din A?t of ParUanrent pafled in the :w Sjjffiftn c#^ie Parliament of irelahd.'; . ' .InfliS-IiSiMrt it is afler&d, . ahd hadpromikd T^wbtes^ffitmtt^be ignouacaw* ^e^Ti^i ^'T)cJ^i?and^taie in Trutff fftUitreaf^alue of the Pri*es, wis not more thanftur-firths ^r*of%e ^ainpaiuiffefcripdoKrf t^ ; T.he Fate v BtoMfe, die-, priricipai Proprietor of whichixari the Power and Iniuilry of; u�e Infpeftor, appointed by government, was laft . Year uflaMe to drag from his lurking .Place. Such is the Cafe, however, and thei Ticket Holders who madean honourable* Purchafe-ofthe Lottery at a Price whick put a very iarge Sum into the public Exchequer, have .iubmiUad it to hjp; Majefty's Mlniftere,, that proper Meafiiris may be taken W"bring the Pqrfons who have publiihed, and thereby circulated," the Chwge>t� Condign Punifliment. The Ticket-Holder* are fcnfible that their Fellcw-Citize.ns wilt revolt Mm this Outrage. The Honour and Credifof the BritiOi and IrUh Opverninettt have never, till this daring Moment, been called in<JueAion. And they know that die, Scheme of tine- inK Lottery makes an^effential Part of the Statute.wfhieh gives it Being.-�In that Acli, tie King, Lord* and Commons, are boun^. P* pay every ^;one of the 12^636 Prizes in full Money at the Exchequer of the Nation* \vkh-out any Diicount, Deduction, Perquffite, Fee, or R^ferv* whateyer, and that upon' the ift. Day of j^ine next. [2715 A CAUTION Againft the WEARING of BUTTONS ILLEGALLY COVERED. THAT Perfons may not be taken unawares, the Manufa&tfrers of Buttons (who proceed in thi� Matter from a Hegard to the induftrious Poor employed by them) give this PUBLIC NOTICE of their Intentions ta enforce the Laws in this Refpcft egainft-Ofrenders. By an A6t in the Eighth Year of Queen Anne, '* Any TAYLOR, or other Perfon* convieted or covering, or fctting on to a Gartnedt, any Buttons covered with Cloth, &c. &c. or other StoHy of which Garments are made, mall forfeit FIVE POUNDS for every. Dozen of fuch Buttons, or in Proportion for a leifer Quantity." And by an'Adl of the Seventh Year of George the Firft, " Any WEARER of fuqh unjawrul .Buttons, is liable to the Penalty of-FORTY' SHILLINGS per Dozen, or in Proportion fjr any .ldfler Quantity.'" [2.676 , BLtJNDSTaNE's HOTEL, FALMOUTH. "0 BLUNDS I'ONE begs Xeave to acquaint iV� the Nobility, Gentry, and others, that th;: above HOTEL is now entirely csmpleated, and furniflied in art' elegant Stile ; confiffiing of a commodious Bail-Room, feven Dining and one Coffee-Room, a Billiard-Room, andwenty-feven Bed-Rooms j Wines-of the very beft. Qualicy, and every Accomrnoiiation that can be wifhes! for. R. BLUNDSTONE is truly fenfiblc of,the Favours and Support he has already experienced, and with Gradtade ap-  knowledges the rrm*y01iiigations he feels hiorfelf under tcr the Gentlemen, Tiavelters-, afcd-ochers, for their great Kind- " nefs in fabrhittiiig to th-; man/ Inconveniencias .they muft have experienced while the Kotu'l v/as building. He now folicit. the Continuance of their Support, and en-1 gages to do every Thing in his Power that may be likely to eftablim a Brtrt *a�d permanent Rcpusation to the: above Hotel j and he Tentari;s to hope1,' that the Attention which . will be i&ewn to all Perfons who may-honour him wj%,their Cufto'rn, will ba the beft Grsunds upon which-he may rea*'-fonabfy Increafc of real, and fubitantial FriendJjo his Hpufe* i The aoove Horelis fituatcd in the Centre of the Town, and upon' a rifipg Ground, commanding tie Harbour <jf  FalmoUth. N. B. Very fpacibus Statl-Stahle, neat P�ft-Chaifes, and a Coach to fro.Ti Exeter three Days a Week. "Falmouth, *.ft.*i5, 1790. [H*?

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