Saturday, May 15, 1790

General Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Evening Post (Newspaper) - May 15, 1790, London, Middlesex Price Three-Pence Halfpenny. Froc SATURDAY, May 15, MO N DAY, May 17. LONDON. GAZETTE. Copenhagen, May 4. NTELLIGENCE has been received that the Swedifti fleet, coniifting thiiteen, fhips of the and eighteen fri gates, put to Tea - on the 30th ult. and has fince been feen near the Ifle of Bornholm. � Corn Exchange, London. RETURNS of cor.n �nd GRAIN. From May 3 to May 8, 1790. Barley - Ikcani - Mart m^ Oats - tWe - Rye - Rape Seed Wheat - I Quarters. Price. Ave.age Price per Quarter 1. d- 1. 1. d. 54C9 7086 2 t 1 6 z IJiJ 1649 t6 s f 4 >� 4*45 8375 �9 3 I 16 10 6360 55*3 �3 2 . 0 17 4 a48 3*9 �9 4 1 5 9 39 58 to 0 I 10 0 355' 100S0 11 5 * 16 9 War-Office, May 15-, 1790 Royal regiment of Horfa Guard,, Captain-Lieutenant Thoma$ Hull i� appointed to be Captain of a Troop, by purchaf'*' . vice fofeph Darby, who retires. Dicta, Lieutenant John Dorrien to be Captain-Lieistenan vice Thomas Hull. Ditto, Comet Charles Armand Dafljwood to be Lieutenant,'' vice John Doirien. ColdHreacn regiment of Foot Guards, Captain Chules Gouli to be Captain of a Company, by purchase, vice Lieutenant- Colonel Char'ea lrelawney, who retire*.  Ditto, Enfign Roger Morris to be Lieutenant, vice Captain , Charles Gould. Ditto, Heary Chefter, Gent, to be Enfign, vice Roger Morris. 33d regiment of Font, Enfign Francis Vyvyan to he Lieuie-nanr, by purchife, vice John Fox, wh6 retires. Joth regiment of Foot, Lieutenant William Eerie, from the Half pas �f the: 67th regiment, to be Lieutenant, vice George Duke of Maoehcfter, who retires. . War-Ojfice, May 15, 1790. ill {or Royal) regiment of Diamount, Cornet William-D�- vidfon is appointed to be Lieutenant, by purctufr, vice William Hunt Grulb, who retires. Ditto* Richard Stsinfouh, Gent, to be Cornet, vice Wm. Davidfon. fcith regiment of Light Dragons, Henry John Cummlng, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchafe, vice James Stirling, promoted. 44 battalion of the Royals, Lieutenant Archibald Campbell to be Captain of ii Company, by purchafe, vice Duncan Campbell, jun� who retires. Citto, Enfign Robeit Campbell to be Lieutenant, vjee Archl-baid Campbell. Ditto, Thomas Stibbert, Gent, to be Enfign, vice Robert Campbell. irth regiment of Foot, Enfign Samuel Blake Devetell, from the 47th regiment, to be Enfign, vice John Douglas, who exchanges. *" ^ad-regiment front the 39th regiment, to be Lieutenant, by purchafe, vice Robert Jones, who retires. 49ih regiment of Foo% Enfign |ohn Webb to be Lieutenant, by purcuafr, vice Henry Buckfton. who retires. 6td regiment of Foot, Clements George Maffey, Gent, to be Enfign, without purchafe, vice 1'eter Garden, "promoted in the J3J regiment. 6Sth regiment of Foot, Robeit Young, Gent, to he Enfign, ba/ purchafe, v;ce S. Meredith, whO'retires. 73d (Highland) regiment of Font, Efifign. Peter Garden, Vrnm the 6*4 Te^iment, to be Lieutenant, without pur* chafe. CommtJJion in the Devonshire Militia, Jigned by the Lardp- Lieutenant. Ealern regiment, Conks Bidgoo'j Efq; to be Captain, vice ' � � Shepherd, Ei"q; reCgneJ. Dated April 27, 1790. CotnmiJt6ns in r�w Ddrfetftrire Militia* Jigned By the Lord-Lieutenant. The Hon. George Pitt to 1>e Major, viee Therm Bower, ifq; deceafed. Dated April 25, 1790. Wal'er Parry Hodpit, EAj; to be Cnprain, vie* tie Hon- Ge-.irge Pit', promotedi D�ted Apiil z6, w9�-James Lane Fox, Efq; to be Lieutenant vice Walter Parry Hodges, promoted, bated May 5, i 790. Li wis Dymock Grofvwior Tregonwall, Ef^i to he Lieute*- nant, vice Jacques Brightman, Gent, deceafed. Dated May 6, 1790. ComtniJJiom in the Middlefex Militia, Jigned by the Gommiffitncrs appointed by his Majejly to a<3 during tfie Vacancy of a Lieutenant of and in the County of Middlefex. Wettern regiment, John Peter Eligie, Efq; to be Captain 0/ a~ Company, vice Charles Wood, refigncd. Dated Apnl *9, �79�' Stephen Metcalfe, Efq; to he Captain Lieutenant, viee John Petee EjLigie, promoted. Date.i fame day. A'thihali 'f/KfittJii/Ctin. to ^e^-eutermrt,- Vice-Stephen jlfietcalfe, promoted. Dated feme day. f:haiJe.< Bf)dg�s Woodcock, Efq; to be Lieutenant, vice -x- Mabetly, reugoed. Da led April 30, 1790. Weftmiftfter .regiment, Thomas* Davis, Efqj to be Captain by Brevet. Dated the fame day. Cammi]jions in the Weft-York Militia, Jigned by the L ord-Lieutenant, Firft regiment, John Wombweil, Efqv to be Lieutenant. Dated Apili. z6, 1790. Edward $hifhard Lay, Gent, to be Enfign. Dated April 16, 1790. Second Regimen*, Edward Vavafour, Efq; to be Captain-Lieutenant. Dated October jo, 1789. Riehard gurtoo, jua. to be LieutenaoU Dated the fame tfay. Anthony Surtees, Efq; to be Major, vice � el wood Hewett, E(q| deceased. Bated Apdl 16, 1790. , � John Dawfon, jjo. EK^ to be Lieutenant. Dated April x6t 1 1790. I William Hervey, Efq; to be Enfign. bated April 16, 1790. -- Pawlett, Gent, to te Enfign. Dated April 17, 1790. CommiJJion Jigned by his Majejiy for the Army in \ Ireland. Dated February 23, 1790. | 58th regiment of Foot, Enfign Thomas Coftelloe, from the 48th Fo .-Wakcman Long, in Upton upon Severn, Worcefierihire, or Mr. George, Quality.court, Chancery-lane, London. John Penn, of Stourbridge, Worceile.fhire, timber-merchant ; to furrender -May 28, at three, 29, aoJ June 26, it ten, at the Crown Inn, in Stourbridge, Attornies, Meff. Hodglou and Hardczftle, Symond's-inr, Chai.cery lane, London, or Mr. Robins, in StourbriHge, John Fenneil, late.of Highbury, place, in the parilh of St. arv, JJV.ngton, Middle.'ei, and of Luton, Bedforc/hire, bVt now of the King's-Bench prifon, tanner; to furrender May 19, at eleven, June 5, at fix, and 26, at tweive, at Guildhall, London. A torney, Mr. Hcllond, Ho. 12, Coney-court, Gray's i'in. Richard Wood, of Eroughton, L'ncolnfhlrr, beal-jobber ; to fjrrender June 2, 3, and 26, at ten, at the Angel, in Glamfjrd Uriggs, l^pcolnfhire. Attorney, Mr. Richard Nichulf'ju, in Glamford Briggs, or Mr. Claridge, Ciavedo itreet, Strand, London. Dividends to be made. Chrifropher Moor, of Staithes, Yotkihire, draper; June 8, at ten, at the Black lion, in Stockton, Durham. Samuel Shaw, of the town of Haverfotd*eft, cotton-manufacturer, (furviving partner of 1 homas Shaw, deceafed j) June 15, at eleven, at Guildhall, London. Final DU. John Chriftian Nafh, of Brewer-flreet, Golden-fquare, in the parilh of St. James, Weftminftet, Middlefei, cabinet-malier and upholfterer; June 12, at rive, at Guildhall, London. Thomas Stamp, of BiftosJwearmouth, Duiha-n, dealer and chapman; June 5, at eleven, at the White-lion,in Sunderland near the Sea, Final Dividend. John Clark, late of Mumford'a.court, Milk-ftreet, London, .holier; July 8, at ten, at Guildhall. Henry Ride, late of Guildford, Surry, vintner; June ri, at five, at Guil.ihaU, London, final Dividend." William*Gates, now or latp of St. Martin's lane, 10 the parilh of St. Martin rtr^inje Fields, Middlefex, cabinet maker; June 10, at elcvfri, at Guildiall, London. Final Dividend. Charles Nicoll, of the Haymarket, in the city ofWeft-minfter, Middlefex, hatter; June J, at five, at Guildhall, Lojidon. � Samuel Hodgfon Jna" ]afn Lmfay, late of Earrholnmpw-clofe, London, fifh-makefs and copartners; June 22, at ten, at Guildhall, L^mdun^. * , Dividends adjourned. John Dixie, of St. Jufin's-flreet, MidJKfex, dealer and cLapm.n; Jun* 26, at^ten,,a'Guildhill, Londsn. GeoVger'ptin Monro/ ef Priaces-ft eet, London, infu-rance-broker; July 27, at tin, at Guillhall, London. ; John Spatemajt and Jbh� Hotbam, of Canuon-ftreet, in the city of Lor don, groce/tand copartners; May 19, at eleven, at Guildhall, London. William Farry, Jnc�t.( f Hereford, cornfa&or ; July � at ^ejeven, at the Bulh Tavcm, in Corn-nreet, Briiltl. Final ptv'idend. 4T �  * � Edward Thorp, latf of Lombard-ftreet, London, watchmaker; July 7, atftcn, at Guildh�l!.. Thomas Bownefs and George Pad mora, of the parilh of Wimbledon, Surry, callico-printers and partners; May 17, at ten, at Guildhall^ London. * . tSertifcatu to be granted. John Thrupp/V Colthefter, Effex, fliopkeeper ; on or before June 5* Margaret wilkinfon, late of Surry ftreet, Strand, Middlefex, dealer and chapwoman; on or before June-5. ': James Monkfield, of Grove-ftreet, Hfekney, Middlefex, dealer and chapman ;' on or befoie J u0f </ William Hafell, of Wrington, Somerfetfljire, money-fcrivener; orAr before ]dw - J\CorjmiJJion fuperfeded. Richard Garrett, now or late of Fifh-ltreeftBTll; London, flnen-draper. j J * li-s-�- Bremeh; Ga[ John and M Pieters, and Groningen. U E S DiA Y, May ifgo. Roberts, frorh Riga ; the ohrfpn, the Vrow Anna, Lambert, Boards, ttoitf IT C O U NT R Y-N E W Oxford, May 15. On Monday laft tfite Annual Election of King's Scholars commenced at Weft-minlter School, when  the following Gentlemen were chofen off':-t-Students of Chrift Church, in this Univerfity,,MeiT. 3arnes, Goodenough, Win^-tle, Horne, and Taylor; Scholars of Trinity Colleger Camb/idge, MeiTrs. Pol hill, Clifton, .Greville, and Warfen. Epigrams were, as ufual, fpoken on Tuefday in the College Hall; and the Meeting was .attended by a numerous and very refpe&able AiTerablage of Old Weibninfters.  H" IP- N E W* S. Deal, May 14. Wind N. E. Remain in'the Downs the Cockatrice cutter, Worcefter Eaft- Indiaman, and Sea Nymph, Donnifon, for Stockholm. Deal, May .15. Sailed the Worcefter, Hall, for Indja. Yefterday failed his Majefty's fhip Chichelier. Remain in the Downs the Cockatrice cutter, Diligence pilot, and Sea Nymph, Donnifon, for Stddcnolm. Grave/endt May 15. Palled by the Andreas, Bidderwold, from Norway ; Hazard, Jantzen, from Dantziek; Friends Adventure, Cowel, froi^ L ON DO N. Yefterday, at one o'clock, there was a Cabihek Council at the Duke of Leeds's office, Whitehall, which was attended by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Privy Seal, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Duke of Richmond, two- Secretaries of State, i'iril Lord of the Admiralty, and Lord Hawkelbury, Sec' At four o'clock the Council broke up, when the Duke of Leeds difpatched one of his Meffengers in waiting with letters to Madrid. . The,24th being the earlieft day on which it is calculated that the meflenger from Spain, with his Catholic Majefty's anfwer to the remonftrances of the Britiih Miniitry, can arrive, nothing certain relative to our prefent difpute with the Spaniards can be pronounced.^ Yellerday morning died, at his houfe in St. JameVs-fquare, the Rigin Hon. Philip Yoike, Ea/I of Hardwicke, Vifcount Rpyfton, and Lord Hardwicke, one of the Tellers of bis Majefty's Exchequer, Lord Lieutenant and Cuftos Rotulo-ruriS ��f the County of Cambridge, and Hign Steward of that TJmverfity, a Traftee of the'Britiih Mufeum, LL. D. F. R. S. and F. S. A. of Scotland. His. Lordlhip is fucceeded in title and eftate by his ^ephew^ Philip Yorke, Efq^eWeft fon of the late. Chancellor, and Reprefentative in Parliament! for Cambridgefhire. The late Earl of Hardt/icke was married to Jemima CampbelH in her own right Marchione De Grey, and whofe eldeft fon (if her LadyiHp' had had male iflue) woxrid have enjo/fd the tide of Duke of Kent. His Lordlhip was born the 20th of December 1720, and fucceeded his father the late L6r& Chancellor Hardwicke in March 1764. Lord Vifcount Ajifley is to be appointed Teller of his Majei^s Exchequer, in the room of the j^Jate Earl of Hardwicke. - The Duke of Clarence arrived at Plymouth on Monday, about two o'clock, attended by* Captain' "Macbride and Captain Poole. He was received with the beft^honours that a military man can enjoy-the hearty rejoicings of the people. He immediately fent and invited all the Captains to dinner ac the Fountain. His Ship, the Valiant, had been p.ut into comroiiTion the day before by Lieutenant Roberts, and at the fame time the. Melampus, Captain Poole, hoifted her pendant. The Cumberland and Orion, as they only waited for a wind, are by this time in the Sound. , The King, on Saturday rooming, with his ufual hunting retinue, went to Afcot Heath^ where -a deer was turned put �ear the new bbeHik, which afforded very good fport, and after a ruo of four hours was taken near Wokingham; from the warmth of the weather, there were not lb maay fpertfmen inaheiehlas laft week. . 1 Another Revolution, favourable to the liberties of human natute, has taken place in Germany ; the inhabitants of the country of Malmedy afid Stavelot have not only driven away their Prince Abbe and all his Counfellors, but alfo the Elector of Cologne's troops fent to keep the peace; all of whom have-been obliged to take the "route to Cologne. Advices arflsWaid to have been received from Gibraltar of the death.of^he Emperor of Morocco, and that all his fons conteft the fuccefTorihip. Lord Howe, the Commander in Chief, has received inftru&ions aflemble at Spithead a fleet of 20 (hips of the line, with frigates, firefhips, &c. as foon as the men of war can polfibly be equipped for the purpofe. Accouats are faid to be received by Minifters from France, ftating, that on Tuefday night laft, an addrefs was voted by the National AiTembly to the King, exprefling their refolution that the nation ftiould not be.involved in any foreign War* and praying his Majefty to ufe his influence to preferve peace between England and Spain. Extrail of aJLtttitftom Amflerdam, Mity 4 " The face -of things here have taken;a very fadden change, and bear all the appearance" <*f war. The workmen are bufily employed in our Dock-yards in getting a fleet ready for fea, and the fame buftle pervades our .military departments. Thefe unexpected appearances are in coiifequences of fome recent difpatches from the Court of London, with whom the report is, *we are fhortly to unite in a war againft Spain. By a-letter from Coske, we are informed of the following particulars : Mr. Richard Newen-ham and his brother, Devonfhire Newenham, two gentleman of family and fortune, in the county of Corke, were out hunting on the Sthvinft. and their way lying through a potatoe ground, they refolved to pafs it. The poor peafarjt, to whom it belonged, entreated theirl to deflft, rjtherwife he ihould be ruined. This fo irritated them, that, after calling him fcveral abufive names, they ftruck him repeatedly whfy the butt ends of their whips, till they fractured his fcull. lie died foon after, leaving a wife arid fix Children. The Coroner's tnqueft have l*t on the body, and brought in theiryerdicl wilful itnlrder. A. clergyman was on fpot at the t^�ne, who repeatedly, but in vain, defired them to'de lift. A very large mcufafain, near Medina, in, Sicil/, lately fell into the foa; f _ x Areet, which fopntornmunicatedto the back* ware--*-oufes of. Mxj-GUding> a."very coniicierabte ca? * bin'et-maker ill Alder%ate-/lrcet.: Tne wootLbj;-ing impregnated with oily preparations, the Are :.? ilicreafed rapidly^ and burnt.wuh prodijiaiis fury .> for nine hours, cjpnfiiming about tweiity hoafg� ^ and outhoufes, together with property of thecoith-^ puted value of 50,000!. ar leaft.-f-SJxhou^ we� ^ burnt down in-the front of Alderfgate-ftreet;*vi�. :\ Mr. Andrews's, the corner of ho^Ascas' � th* * Nag's-Head public-houfe; Mr. Taj*8rr!�i, ��Wh- 4. maker; Mr. Turtle's, pawnbrxakef; ,iVJri Giid- * ing's, cabinetlinakcr; .and Mr.. ,Hayeiks, dyer. ^ Other houfes ar^t damaged, aod^t>me burnt dpwn. ;\ in Long-lane. The fire raged with iiich onjcotn- ' mon fiercenefs, that few goods were.fayed: JB)^ " what accident it was occafioned, b-yet mtkoown. We have not heafd of any live^beuig iofL .'Jfapfr fome mne before water could be ptociiredt a The Rev. JohnRUand, A. M. Lecturer M�ry*st Birmingham, is indeed into tory of Sutton Coldfield, in WarwickCbif^i� \ The Rev. Thomas ElUfon, M. A. King's College, Cambridge, is* pr$feS\te4 to the Reftory of Hadifcoe, with Toft MOflfcf* mHor-folk. MARRIED.] On Saturday,,-at Sti Martin** in the Fields, Dr. Thomas Clerk, Ph^tti#*�* his Majefty's forces, to Mifc Firraia> of Eaft* BerghoTt, m Sun^olK^Thttriaay tsft)'-�t Win*-7 chefter, the Rev. Harry Lee, Fellow of Win^ chefter College, to Mifs Phillippa Blackftone, youngeft daughter of the late Sir William Black-ftone. DIED.] On Saturday, after klingertng illnefs, Mr. William Child, of Chaiicery4ane, robe-makef. . . '1 ; -:--.  ,- . -" ; . To GOVERNESSES df ACA08t�^S. WANTED by a young LAflttf,. a Sitdadoit:' as ENGLISH TEACHER w fome genteel AC^^ DEMY; who podeues a thorough ftnwv|edge �f rtfe'v*^i}-onabte Works, as weil as the fdbb^inata^s^nchea^^i^Oe Education, having, for fome Time, fu$etiami4ed a ScliwI io? the Vicinity of Londont . ;  ' Undeniable Satisfaftion to the taoft fcrvpulosti JLtOpniH -concerning Charafter and Drfpofirjon,:'may Bfl:^�cejjred,;bj Application (Perfonal or by Letter) at Mr.r ^ Paternofter-Row. JAMES e ^ I P S ONi BULLOCKj $.AlLfJ> M OST refpeftfully fe%ins\l��9?|Fri^6^ Monday and Friday, tcM^^^^^^l^^^i^^^^^J' ; will be taken and BilU pi^Wjfi&rik' IV^M^!!^. Buirs-Hea.V We(t-Smi^^ '|y^tJSf^ This Day teas pubi&ed, Pfi AIR, formerly M. P. let. ftc. W th aDedicrtiOfn to Philip Thicknefft, CenfoY G-Mral of Great-Britain, aud Rap.1, Nodrum. and Murtfsr'Moiifty to the St. James's Chronicle. To which is added STJramaJc Da'ogue. PublUbed fM the Benrfi( of the Tin-Minexi in Cornwall, by Banjsmin Goof-quiil aud Peter t^wa.-rtph. Sold by P. Bateman, No. ii, Devon&:re-r.reet, Queen's iqoare. Of whorfi alfo may be had, 1st Jy pihlifhtc!, by the fame Author, Price ea. TJMAtfSWSRABLE AR0?M�NTS agturft th� Abolition of the SlaVsTradr, with Regjlitions ror�heM�nsg�m�r of S�av.�, tending to iB^ia. �ti*m taitbiu!, &ti\*nx a;M h*pF7- - C'U^

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